AP Art History 

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Teacher: Mary Lanctot  (mgutilan@yahoo.com)

Why Art History?  Art is one of the most primal and, yet, one of the most sophisticated means that human beings use to communicate their experience, ideas, and emotions.  This course traverses the entire history of civilization; weaving visual communication into history, politics, literature, religion, and social culture.  A study of art history not only affords a broad understanding of world history; it fine-tunes critical thinking and academic writing skills, and it offers an empowered understanding of the visual world that surrounds all of us.  All of the activities of this course are specifically designed to help prepare students for the AP art history exam.  By class end, students will be fluent in the identification of and have contextual knowledge for over 300 works of art, as well as have an understanding of the general chronology of world history as manifested in art.

Who Should Apply: This class is open to committed 10th, 11th and 12th grade students with a strong interest in learning the history of art.  The class is a rigorous one; the AP art history exam mandates that an extensive amount of material be covered.  Students are expected to spend a minimum of 8-12 hours weekly on the class.  This time commitment includes reading, writing, and studying images, as well as some interactive web activities. 

The artistic expression of many varied cultures with diverse religious beliefs will be covered, and students should be comfortable exploring these traditions in view of their own faith traditions.  Please note that art history necessarily involves the study of nude images.

Course Description:  This course covers art history from prehistoric times through the modern era.  We look at painting, sculpture, architecture, and other media representative of the cultures that create it.  The primary focus is on western art; however, several independent research projects that explore non-western traditions are required as well.  Students are responsible for up to 40 pages of reading and several writing assignments weekly and daily multiple choice questions.  Exams are administered at the completion of each unit, as well as at midyear.  An actual AP exam will be assigned as a final exam.  A summer reading project is also required.

Text: Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 12th edition by Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J. Mamiya and Richard G. Tansey.  Also required to purchase 2009 AP Art History exam ($5.00 through PA Homeschoolers).

Tech needs: Full Internet access, high speed connection recommended (due to image downloads); Adobe Acrobat Reader and either MS PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer (Reader and Viewer are free Internet shareware)

Class Tuition Fee:  $600

Instructor Qualifications:  I have a B.A. in studio art from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an M.A. in art history from Rutgers University.  I have taught art history at the high school and college levels; worked as a Research Assistant at the Art Institute of Chicago, as an Architectural Historian  for  the  states of Wisconsin and New Hampshire, and have lectured as a tour guide for the ‘Chicago Architecture Foundation’ and ‘Boston by Foot.’  I am a certified middle and secondary Art and English instructor and I presently serve as an adjunct professor, teaching art history survey courses, at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts.  Most importantly, I have raised three homeschooled children (now college age and beyond); each of whom has utilized PA Homeschoolers AP Prep courses extensively!  This is my 7th year leading this course. 

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