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I was very pleased with this course and surprised at the personal level of communication and involvement i had with my teacher and classmates. I was shocked to enjoy an online class so much. Great class!

AP European History

On-Line for the 2014-2015 School Year

Teacher: Mrs. Meghan Paher

Email: paherhistory (at) gmail (dot) com


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Tuition Fees

Audit Option:  $150.  Audit application and additional information in link below.

Required Texts: 

Total cost of textbooks may be about $150, depending on which editions you get and whether they are new or used.

Tech Needs: Reliable internet access, printer, and scanner or digital camera.

Course Objectives:

Class Description:  This course prepares students for the AP European History exam given in May.  It covers the social, economic, cultural, intellectual, political, and diplomatic history of Europe from the Renaissance to the present.  Additional reading, primary source documents, internet research, and articles supplement the main textbooks.  Students are encouraged to use literature, documentaries and videos, historic sites, and hands-on projects to enhance their learning experience.  The course uses an interactive website where students post assignments and take quizzes/tests, participate in discussions, and respond to each other’s work.  This class also incorporates hands-on learning through creative projects—an excellent course for visual and kinesthetic learners! 

Parents are encouraged to be involved.  I send weekly assignment emails and midyear/final progress reports to parents, which include a letter grade based on the student’s course work.  After taking the exam, the student will receive an AP score, which, if high enough, will give them college credit.  The progress reports and grades are very useful for evaluations, portfolios, and college applications.

Who should apply: Highly motivated homeschooled students in grades 10 to 12.  Students must be strong readers and writers with a love of learning and keen interest in history.  They need to enjoy an academic challenge, be self-motivated, and be willing to work hard!   As with all history classes, AP European History requires large amounts of reading and writing; students must have advanced reading and writing skills and must be prepared to spend 10-12 hours minimum per week on this course. Enjoyment of creative projects is a plus, as this class incorporates visual and hands-on learning.  Students with a creative or artistic bent are encouraged to apply, as are students considering a college major or minor in history. I offer guidance counseling for students considering the history field.

Class Schedule:  The class will begin Monday, August 25, 2014 and end with the AP European History Exam on May 8, 2015.  It includes a Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break with minimal work.  The class does not “meet” at a certain time, but assignments are due each Friday. 

Registration:  Click the link to access the application for this class.  Please email me with any questions, or if you cannot access the application.  Class size is limited to 10 students and there are summer reading assignments, so sign up early!

Instructor Qualifications:  

In addition to holding two degrees in history, I have taught history at Lone Star College and led numerous history education programs for both high school and college students.  I have also served as a private tutor at the college level, and have worked at a number of historical institutions, including Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens, Conner Prairie Living History Museum, the Indiana Historical Society, the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, and the Shriver House Museum of Gettysburg, among others.

Class Philosophy:  "For young students, history comes alive when we concentrate on the end of the word: hiSTORY," Jane Yolen, author of young adult historical fiction, once said in an interview.  I agree with Yolen, and history as a great story has been my teaching philosophy with students ages kindergarten through retirement.  I believe history should be fun.  My course includes hands-on projects and interactive assignments, and I encourage students to pursue their personal interests in their exploration of the past.  My goal is to make this class a fun, memorable experience for students.

In spite of the fun, however, this is a difficult, fast-paced, college-level course.  I expect students to work very hard and invest a large amount time and energy in their studies—a minimum of 10-12 hours per week.  If you are not willing work hard and go above and beyond, please do not apply.  


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