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I honestly loved interviewing my grandparents for the November History Interview assignment. They were both so excited to tell me about their childhoods during the Great Depression and WWII, and I literally would have never known so many things about their lives.

AP Micro-Economics

On-Line for the 2017-2018 School Year

Teacher: Daniel Burns


Application: click here

Welcome to AP Microeconomics! This class is the study of how the economy functions from the perspective of how businesses and consumers make decisions. We will consider topics such as the basics of supply and demand in a free market, how businesses operate when faced with different forms of marketplace competition, how companies make decisions about how much labor to hire, the benefits of international trade, and the proper role of government in the economy. If you are interested in business or government, or just want a good foundation in economic principles, this will be a great course for you.



Full-year or one-semester options: This course will offer two sections, one that runs for the whole school year (September to May) and the other that runs just for the second semester (February to May):

Who should apply: Homeschooled students in grades 9-12 for the 2017-2018 school year are welcome. Economics emphasizes analytical reasoning, so those who are strong in math will probably grasp the material more quickly. Students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day on this course in the full-year version and 90-120 in the semester version. There are no prerequisites. Younger students who are good in math may find the full-year course a good starter course in the AP program.

Course description: The primary goal for this course is preparation for the AP exam in Microeconomics. We will pursue a rigorous course of study using college-level materials. The main textbook will be supplemented with outside readings, videos from Hillsdale College and the Khan Academy, and interactive activities. An important part of the class will be assignments drawn from previous AP exams. Students will be expected to look for “economics in the news” articles and participate regularly on the discussion board. There are also a few games involved, including a business simulation game, a stock market game, and an oligopoly simulation (see class showcase).

Along the way, the course will emphasize understanding of and appreciation for the principles of a free-market economy. My perspective and training is one that emphasizes limited government intervention, and I teach this perspective in our discussions, additional readings, and videos such as those from Hillsdale College. At the same time, we will explore the concepts of market failure and public goods and what is the proper role of government.

Note that there is *not* a specific time when the class meets in a live setting. Students are expected to check the website daily and participate regularly, but not at any particular time of day. Other than certain optional activities, everything is available around the clock to accommodate different schedules and even students living around the world.

Previous results: Since I started offering this course in 2014-2015, students have done remarkably well on the AP exam. The large majority have scored 5s with average scores of 4.4 and 4.7 in the last two years. In 2016, one student correctly answered every single question on the test (and got a special commendation letter from the College Board for this rare achievement!) and only one student in the full year class got less than a 5.

Technical requirements: High speed internet access, Microsoft Word or Open Office, scanner for posting hand-drawn graphs (very helpful but not required).

Audit option: Email me if you are interested in a version of the course that gives you access to class materials but without instructor feedback or participation in interactive activities. 

Instructor Qualifications: This will be my seventh year teaching economics to high school students and the third I have taught AP Microeconomics. I love economics and the related fields of politics, history, and culture. I have also been a classroom teacher and currently serve as administrator for Puebla Christian School in Puebla, Mexico. I am a PHAA graduate, my bachelor’s degree is in Government from Patrick Henry College, and my master's degree is in Business Administration from Regent University. In July 2017 I will celebrate my seventh anniversary with my wonderful wife Florina. We have a little girl named Azrielle who was born in December 2013 and another daughter named Avianna born in July 2016.

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