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Mrs. S was prompt, considerate, and organized, and went over and above duty on many occasions to spark our interest, keep us on track, and help us grow as writers. The coursework was thorough and challenging, but I never felt fact, I had a lot of fun! Mrs. Serbicki's course prepared me very well for the AP Lit exam.

AP Class Reviews

AP Music Theory taught by Hannah Jackson

by Students and Parents

A brilliant class and a wonderful teacher! posted by Elizabeth Marlin on June 16 2018 at 11:40:42

What an extraordinary teacher and an extraordinary class! I have always felt complete joy and utter relief after coming out of an AP exam, but Music Theory was the only exam where I actually felt sadness afterwards. Miss Jackson ignited such a love of music in me I never knew I had. I was absolutely terrified coming into this class - my brother had struck a goodly amount of holy fear into me of sight-singing and dictation, but Miss Jackson encouraged us and led us through those scary things with us barely knowing we were doing them! Although Miss Jackson left the exam prep till the very end of the year, I found that this independence helped me personalize my own review and focus on what I needed to practice. There was not a single aspect of this course I didn't enjoy - Miss Jackson's lectures were clear and entertaining, the homework (though plentiful) reinforced the concepts learned, and the weekly lab sessions offered an invaluable opportunity to meet my fellow classmates and learn from them and alongside them. You will not regret signing up for this class!

Wonderful Class and Teacher! posted by Ava Turner on June 12 2018 at 24:52:05

I am a sophmore with no AP experience, and I was surprised at how fun this class was! I learned so much, and I was able to understand everything. The homework was challenging but doable, and it was a good opportunity for me to learn how to plan my time well. Miss Jackson was an expert teacher, who made the class enjoyable and instructive. She left most of the scheduling for the students to figure out, which I liked because it helped us to become more responsible with our time, and it gave us more flexibility if we had other priorities. She was always ready to answer our questions, and she was careful in her responses to our posts on the discussion board. 

I put about 4 hours per week into the course, but sometimes more on exam weeks. The work was challenging, but I love a challenge! I think I had the most trouble with harmonic dictation exercises, so I think those were particularly valuable for me, especially because they were good practice for the exam. I learned so much about music theory, and the class made me love and appreciate music even more than I already did! I loved how it exposed us to many different styles and time periods of music. I definitely recommend this course to those who play an instrument, and those who are especially interested in the form and structure of music. 

Great Course posted by Josh Hendershot on June 11 2018 at 14:58:59

This was a great class. I entered this class as a sophomore with some AP experience, so I was prepared with what to expect. This class prepared me very well for the AP exam, both with sight-singing and written theory. I had very little singing experience when I started, and now I can sight-sing many melodies with decent pitch accuracy. I did have a strong piano background when I started which gave me a head start with melodic and harmonic dictation. Throughout this course, you'll learn a lot about how music works, and if you're like me and are interested in creating your own music, this is a great place to start.

As far as the workload is concerned, it was a lot more than I expected. The hours I put into this course is easily 10-12 hours a week, sometimes more. If you're taking other AP courses in addition to this one, be prepared for long days and weeks of hard work.

If you are interested in majoring or minoring in music in college, I strongly recommend this course. If you just want to know more about music and how it works, this would still be a great course to take, and you would have to be ready to make the time commitment.

Anyways, at the end of the school year, I'm glad I took this course. Miss Jackson is a very good teacher and she finds a way to help each student with any trouble their having. I now know more about music than I ever thought possible! Literally! There are topics that we learned about that I didn't even know existed! :) This is a great course.

Positive Parent Review posted by Dr. Catharine M. Jackson on June 08 2018 at 19:57:59

I am so thankful that my daughter was able to take the AP Music Theory class with Hannah Jackson.  While the class prepared her very well for the AP exam, it also gave her a much richer understanding of the beautiful inner workings of music theory. 

Amazing Class posted by Rachel O. on June 07 2018 at 15:16:54

I had a great experience in this class. I went into this class as a sophomore with no AP experience (though I do have a good music background), and I didn't really know what to expect. But the class was great! The homework was challenging, but not overwhelming. Ms. Jackson did a great job explaining the concepts in her lectures, and the live aspect of the labs was extremely helpful for AP practice (dictation, sight-singing, interval recognition, etc.). We spent the last few weeks solely preparing for the AP exam, and I felt very prepared for the test. Ms. Jackson is also a great communicator, and she is very clear in her emails and instructions. You can also tell she is very invested in the class and her students and wants everyone to do well. I would definitely suggest this class for other students interested in music theory because I had an excellent time. 

Great Class posted by Aidan on May 31 2018 at 11:45:15

I felt that this class prepared me very well for the exam, with a minimal (at least compared to most horror stories I've heard about AP classes) amount of homework.  Ms. Jackson did a great job teaching, and was excellent at remaining in the middle ground of being flexible and not too flexible.  The lectures were all very helpful, as were the worksheets.  I also enjoyed Office Hours a lot.  Most of the problems I had with the class were with the textbook, so there isn't too much to improve, other than maybe using more of her own worksheets (as she started to do towards the end).  Overall, I truly enjoyed this class, and felt that it enriched my musical knowledge to a great extent.

Great Experience posted by Michelle Chapman on May 26 2018 at 01:30:24

As a freshman, this was my son's first AP class.  Since he is very interested in and focused on music I figured that Music Theory would be a good first AP experience.  I was right!  This was a perfect intro for my son.  Ms. Jackson clearly laid out the expectations and assignments.  She was amazingly accessible and gave thorough feedback on the homework.  The workload was manageable.  My son spent about 8-10 hours per week, including lecture time, music lab, homework, office hours, aural skills, review and study prep.  Ms. Jackson was flexible with her timeline if warranted, but firm if her generosity was taken for granted.  My son enjoyed the class and learned an incredible amount of music theory.  He felt prepared for the AP exam and feels he did well.  More importantly, he practiced study skills and time management that will help him break down college classes or other outside classes.  One thing that I appreciated was Ms. Jackson's availability for office hours.  My son didn't often have specific questions, but he did "attend" sessions when he was available.  For me, this was critical because I wanted him to feel comfortable chatting with a "professor" and discussing the material so that he is more inclined to do so in college.  He enjoyed the casual nature of the office hours and the supportive enivronment and I know that he will remember this when he goes off to college and not be intimidated by office hours.  

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