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I would highly recommend this course and Mrs. Walker! Her assignments were interesting and varied, she always answered quickly and graciously, and grading was prompt and helpful.  Her feedback on my writing was a perfect mix of encouragement, corrections, and suggestions. 

We offer AP courses to homeschooled students worldwide. (Our classes are not available to public or private brick-and-mortar school students.) Our 2016-2017 school year courses are currently in progress.   To learn more about our classes, please browse our course descriptions and the reviews from past students and their parents. Reviews are linked at the end of each course description. 

We will have fully updated information on our 2017-2018 AP Online classes in very early FEBRUARY 2017. We anticipate being able to offer a very similar listing of courses.

Hope you've found a course here that matches your student's interests and abilities! 
FLASH!!! We just got word of this blog article, reviewing AP courses available online, from the PrepScholar blog site-- this is NOT a site just for homeschoolers. Guess which online program gets TOP BILLING??? Yep, Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP Online!!! 

NEW COURSES THIS YEAR-- We are very pleased that we now have a terrific additional AP Physics teacher! Jack Kernion will be offering *both* AP Physics 1 & 2 (the non-calculus physics courses), as well as second-sections of AP Physics C. Check out his course descriptions!

NCAA--YESSS!!! We have completed the process to have our AP courses approved as *core courses* for the NCAA eligibility requirements for student athletes seeking to play Division I and II sports in college. (The only AP courses we offer not considered as 'core courses' are AP Art History, AP Studio Art, and AP Music Theory) We can now submit our Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP Online transcripts for our students athletes who are registered with the NCAA. Hooray!!!

During the 2016-2017 school year we approximately 735 students involved in our classes, and many of these students were taking two, three, and even four classes through our program. We hope that your students will be able to join us next schooly year! We are proud of the academic community that has developed as homeschooled high school students connect with their bright, motivated classmates from all across our nation and even around the world. 

Find out...

Our classes develop a community of scholars who interact through class postings, games and discussions. Check out our new Class Showcase postings by teachers to get a feel for their classes in action. 

See statistics from the College Board showing that more than three quarters of our students earn top grades of 4 or 5 on the AP exams, and learn how word of mouth has helped our courses grow without a marketing campaign or corporate backing.

In short, find out what makes hundreds of homeschooled students return to our courses year after year. We hope you join our class community! Learn more...

Our AP Online classes for the 2016-2017 school year are *in progress* and no new students will be accepted, unless under some very special circumstance. We do offer several *spring* half-year classes-- mostly *continuations* from 1st semester courses.