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On-Line in time to prepare for the March 9, 2013, Test Day


We have online SAT essay writing classes to prepare students for the on-the-spot essay. These 4-week classes, which precede the October and March test administrations, use the same interactive format that has been so successful in our Advanced Placement test preparation classes. Students write, get feedback, and then revise up to five different typical SAT exam essays as they sharpen their writing skills in preparation for the exam. If you register now, you will be signing up for a class which begins on Monday Feb. 4, 2013, and finishes in time to prepare students for the March 9, 2013, exam or later exams.


You should also buy the College Board's test-preparation book for the new exam, The Official SAT Study Guide, Second Edition which is available from most large bookstores as well as from our online store if you click on "Test Prep" then "SAT I and SAT II guides from the College Board." (If you order the book from us, please place your order at least one week before the start of class so that we will have time to get it to you.) To register, pay your $130 tuition here in our online store by midnight, January 30, 2013.


Tech needs: Full Internet access.


Class Tuition Fee: $130. Text: The Official SAT Study Guide, Second Edition, available from the online store at for just $21.99. It is essential that students have the text on the first day of class. If you register within one week of the start of class, please purchase the book at a local bookstore, so that your student will have it to start the class.

Interactive Rating: There will be interactions between the teacher and student as well as between the students as both teacher and fellow students respond to student writing. Because of the fast pace of this class, students should plan to check the web site and email at least twice a day during the week. The workload is heaviest during the first week and then tapers off towards the end.

Class Description: This is the sixth year, this class has been offered. Over the years I have observed that many homeschoolers had never written a timed essay. Many more had never written an essay in which they were asked to defend a clear position in writing.  In fact the idea seemed foreign to them. This class is designed to introduce students to that important style of writing.

The primary purpose of this Four-Week Course is to enable the students to organize and hand-write a competent 25-minute Timed Essay that will address an issue assigned by the College Board. These essays will measure the student's skill in developing a point of view on a variety of topics. According to the College Board, "students must first think critically about the issue presented in the essay assignment forming their own individual perspective on the topic given; developing that point of view, using reasoning and evidence based on their own experiences, readings or observations to support their ideas." This skill will not only be essential for the SAT Exam, but will be valuable in the future as students are required to write timed essays in a variety of settings

Students will write, get feedback, and then revise three different typical SAT exam essays (one each the first three weeks). During the fourth week, they will write two more essays for response but without revisions, as they sharpen their writing skills in preparation for the exam.

Students who have already scored well on the SAT Writing test or students who scored well on a writing based AP Exam, such as English or History, may not benefit as much from this class. Although in some cases, such students may benefit from practicing writing essays in the shorter time period of twenty-five minutes. Our goal is not to strive for a perfect score of six on an essay, but to improve specific skills.

Teacher: Karen Boyd


Instructor Qualifications: Although, I received my B.S. in Secondary Education in Biology from the Millersville State College, my teaching experience has always included instruction in writing both in traditional school settings and at home. After leaving the formal classroom, I homeschooled for twelve years until my children went to college.

As a homeschool more, I led book discussion groups and writing groups in my home for several years. I also taught literature at a family school called Creative Homeschoolers Support Services. Many years ago, I edited a literary journal and recently, I served as a content editor for several books including One Day at a Time and God Stories from Lancaster County. I was an evaluator for twenty-one years and read many student essays every year.

Here are a few parent comments about my class.

“John* said he would have been doomed without the course. Thank you very much...It was a great learning experience.”


“I want to compliment you on this SAT prep class. Matt* says that he has found it to be tremendously helpful and he found the way you have the class set up to be very motivating.” 

“This class has been such a blessing for Mary* and me.  She enjoyed the challenge the class provided and the positive interaction with the other students.”

*Student names changed for privacy.

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