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Viewing the world through the comparative framework is something that has already brought me great benefit just in reading news articles and keeping up with current events. Mrs. Reed was an excellent teacher. She was very helpful and engaged in the class, and she is also very passionate about what she is teaching.  

A Sample Week

AP European History, Mrs. Meghan Paher


Historical T-Shirt by Vanessa Felso


Prospective students and parents often wonder what AP European History is like and what students do each week.

Each Friday I send out a “Weekly Assignments” email that lists all the assignments for the next week.  All assignments are due on the following Friday, but students are welcome to work at their own pace and around their own schedule.

Below is a sample “Weekly Assignments” list.




Week 14 Assignments

French Revolution & Napoleon

1.  Reading

 2.  Essay

 3.  Timelines

 4.  Think-it-Through MCQ

 5.  IDs

6.  Quiz

 7. Creative Project/MCQs



All weekly assignments are due on Friday.

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