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My favorite assignment was constructing a brain website to aid myself and the other students in reviewing this part of the body. This course definitely enhanced my interest in the subject particularly because Mrs. G's love for psychology was so apparent and consequently contagious!

Creative Projects

AP European History, Mrs. Meghan Paher


Historical Head by Eva Marie Quinones

History isn’t just about sitting down with a book.  And it’s not just about writing essays, either!

In this AP European History course, students have the opportunity to use and develop their creativity through a number of projects, helping them learn history in unique and effective ways.

I encourage students to use their creativity to learn about the past as much as possible.  This includes art work and creative writing, among others things.  Students who like art and music enjoy creating their own “Historical CDs” and designing “Historical T-Shirts,” as well as watching historical music videos! 

Students also complete a “Postcard from the Past,” in which they choose a dramatic photo or painting from European history and imagine they were there, writing first-person account of the event in a short letter to a friend.  For a creative writing project, one student researched her family’s history and wrote a short play based on the real events of her family’s immigration from Russia to America.

Below are some of the creative projects students do in this AP European History course.




 Historical Bumper Sticker by Madison Frame



Historical T-Shirt by Eva Marie Quinones



Postcard from the Past by Jesse Olson



Historical CD Cover by Venessa Felso



Historical Cereal Box by Madison Frame

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