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This is a great class, and Ms. Olsson is always very helpful and her feedback is great. As she always says in her emails at the beginning of each unit, PACE YOURSELF. This helped ease my course load a lot, because I was usually not cramming, and when I did cram one time, it was much harder than it needed to be.

A Sample Unit Lesson Plan

AP Environmental Science, Molly Olsson


A solar cooker made from 'found' objects

Lesson 1: Nonrenewable Energy Resources (11/26-12/5)

Nonrenewable energy resources (fossil fuels) account for most of our energy use.

1. Read Ch. 12 p. 314-339

2. Complete Reading Checkpoints Ch. 12 p. 314-339.

3. Complete Assignment #1: Do the Math Your Turn p. 321

4. Complete Assignment #2: CAFE Standards

5. Complete Assignment #3: Caldwell Power Plant

6. Complete Assignment #4: Coal

7. Complete Assignment #5: Oil and Natural Gas

8. Complete Assignment #6: Fracking Part 1

9. Complete Assignment #7: Fracking Part 2

10. Complete Assignment #8: Tar Sands

11. Complete Assignment #9: Nuclear Energy: Chernobyl

12. Complete Assignment #10: Nuclear Energy: Population Density and Plate Tectonics

13. Complete Assignment #11: Do the Math Your Turn p. 336

14. Complete Reading Quiz Ch. 12 p. 314-339

15. Participate in Forum 1: Preparing for the AP Exam p. 339-340

Lesson 2: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources (12/6-12/17)

Improving energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy resources are necessary to transition to a more sustainable energy future.

1. Read Ch. 13 p. 342-372

2. Complete Reading Checkpoints Ch. 13 p. 342-372

3. Complete Assignment #12: Energy Use Calculations

4. Participate in Assignment #13: Released AP Test Questions-Energy Efficiency

5. Complete Assignment #14: Do the Math Your Turn p. 348

6. Complete Assignment #15: Biomass

7. Complete Assignment #16: Producing Electricity from the Water Cycle

8. Complete Assignment #17: Saved by the Sun

9. Complete Assignment #18: Build a Solar Cooker

10. Complete Assignment #19: Geothermal Energy

11. Complete Assignment #20: Wind Energy

12. Complete Assignment #21: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

13. Complete Reading Quiz Ch. 13 p. 342-372

14. Participate in Forum 2: Preparing for the AP Exam p. 373-375

Unit Review (12/18-12/20)

1. Participate in Assignment #22: FRQs

2. Complete Geology, Natural Resources, Nonrenewable, and Renewable Energy Resources Unit Quiz (Pre-test)

Test (12/21)

1. Complete the Multiple Choice Test

2. Complete the FRQ Test



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