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The teacher was great, the material was interesting, challenging, and helpful for the exam. The videos that we watched provided extra information on many political topics. The discussions with the other students were thought-provoking and a good exercise in expressing opinions on political matters.


AP European History, Mrs. Meghan Paher


Bulletin Board Timeline by Vanessa Felso

Students learn history most effectively when they understand the “big picture.”

To accomplish this and help grasp the context of historical events, students in AP European History create their own “big picture” timelines.  Students choose from a wide range of formats and styles, and are encouraged to incorporate their timelines into their studies throughout the year.

Below are timelines past students made for this course. 





Vertical Timeline by Jessica Olson




Horizontal Timeline by Emily Pritt




Whole room timeline by Bryce Fromenthal!



Vertical Timeline by Leah DePiero




Wall Timeline by Tim Hegberg





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