AP Spanish Language


Online for 2012-2013 School Year


Teacher: Ray Leven


Email: rayleven27@gmail.com


Required texts:  REPASO (Glencoe/McGraw Hill)   ISBN 0-07-846050-6

                         El Coronel no Tiene Quien le Escriba  (Gabriel García Márquez).  Any edition of the

                                                original will be fine.

                        Cuentos de Ana Maria Matute. You may find the following stories by Matute on line or

                              in anthologies.  El Arbol de Oro, Los Chicos, Caminos, La Rama Seca, El Rey, La

                             Conciencia, Los Pájaros, Bernardino  (Some can be found in Historias de Artamila)


Tuition: $700


Time requirements:  Spanish AP students usually devote at least one hour per day to this class.   The course will start right after Labor Day and extend into April, with a week off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Technical Requirements:  Reliable internet, email, SKYPE 5.0


Course description: Advanced Spanish Seminar is a challenging course in which students will be exposed to read and analyze various works of important authors in their original Spanish.  Classes will offer speaking practice, require voice emails and frequent written work utilizing rich language continually integrating idioms and newly acquired lexical items.   Students will be required to produce a project on a famous Spanish artist, musician, or author and present and analyze several of his/her works in light of his life and times.  We will use literary analysis for comparing the novels and the other works we will read.  Quizzes and tests will be administered and will serve as excellent preparation for the Spanish AP language test. Students in my class traditionally receive feedback in a very short time.


Class schedule: Class will meet once a week (time to be determined by consensus)


Who can apply: Students who have studied at least three years of Spanish (though preferably four), who have superior skills in at least three of the four areas of foreign language learning: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. These students should be highly motivated, be able to do research, and ready to devote time and their best effort to keep up with the rigors of this course.  Native Spanish speakers are invited to participate, provided that their writing skills are developed.


Instructor qualifications:  I have taught all levels of Spanish in public, private, and home school environments.  I have been a teacher of AP Spanish for ten of the last 18 years, having initiated the course at Cheltenham H.S.  I possess and B.A. and M Ed. with a major in Spanish from Temple University (as well as two other degrees). I have spent much time abroad, especially in Mexico, Argentina, and Spain.  I wrote curriculum for the classroom for Univision (2001) and was recognized as AP teacher in Spanish for the NE region (2002). I enjoy crafting new language drills to enhance and personalize the classroom experience.


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