AP Class Reviews

Chemisty taught by Peter Moskaluk

by Students and Parents

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posted by Libby on July 12 2012 at 20:34:12

Absolutely!  I went into the exam feeling very well-prepared and very relaxed.  By the end of this class, I had completed every FRQ and every MCQ every published at least once, many of them twice.  I got a 5 on the exam, so all of those problems definitely paid off!

I put in about 2 hours per day, on average.  Some weeks were easier for me, and on those weeks I would still put in about 2 hours each day, but I would finish with all my assignments by about Wednesday or Thursday.  Many students, however, would probably need less time, since I had never had any chemistry coming into the class.  The flexibility here was especially helpful as I was juggling 3 other AP courses which also ate up a lot of time.  I finished my assignments by the due date every time except twice this year (and those times were because of illness or a family vacation).  This is definitely not a course in which procrastination will work, though!  Especially in the heavier weeks, you need to get an early start, in case you have a question (or four or five) for Mr. Moskaluk or the TAs.  They usually respond very promptly (the record for me was 7 minutes), but they are human and they have 52 students, so it may take a little while, and if you have 3 hours in which to finish, you are in big trouble!  As long as you get right on the assignments, though, the timing generally works out very well.

I found the Webassigns to be fantastic in this course!  One of my favorite features about the class was that you got 4 chances to get the Webassign questions correct, so it really forced you to figure out how to do the problem.  Also, much of the time, the first 1 or 2 problems in the assignment would be mostly completed for you, so they were mosty example problems to read through before you had to do the real thing on your own.  There were no particular assignments that I found especially valuable, but there was not a single topic that, come the AP exam, I did not understand, so I believe that adequately testifies as to the efficacy of the assignments!

Absolutely!  I came into this course with very little interest in chemistry, and I exited it making geeky chemistry jokes to my family and teaching my little brother about intermolecular forces during the Christmas Eve service in church (no joke!). 

Yes!!!  One of the things that most impressed me about the class was that Mr. Moskaluk would take time out of his schedule to research chemistry questions that were outside of the subject matter in class.  Over Thanksgiving break (I think, although it might have been Christmas) someone wrote in to the study group to inquire about his bag of "carbon-free" sugar, which, as we had all learned has a chemical formula of C12H22O11.  Mr. Moskaluk promptly wrote back to tell us that, based on his research, this referred not to the sugar itself but to the manufacturing process, which I found very interesting.  It was also helpful to see the questions that other students posted, since I had many of the same problems myself and I could find the answers very quickly via the emails going around.

Any student with an interest in science who is willing to put the time into the class will excel in this course! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking for an online AP science class.  This was my favorite course I have ever taken and I hope that many more students will come to join in the joy that is AP Chem!

AP Chemistry (Mr. Moskaluk) posted by Daniel G. on June 02 2012 at 23:56:47

Out of all the AP courses I have taken, I am able to confidently say that this is the best experience I have had.  Mr. Moskaluk is a consumate chemistry teacher.  Because of his vast experience teaching this subject, he knows every trick in the book (and a few that aren't in the book).  Mr. Moskaluk is always willing to spend as much time as it takes to get you up to speed; even at odd hours or during holidays if necessary.  
This course contains a bottomless repository of preperation material.    It seems that Mr. Moskaluk has every test or FRQ that CollegeBoard has ever released, and he spares no pains to help you to get the most out of this resource.  His extensive, succinct (and here's the important part) eminently useful outlines make a powerful combination which is the best preparation for an AP test I have ever had.
The labs in this course are certainly college-preparatory.  The ubiquitous baking-soda and vinegar was a thing of the past, and instead we were able to complete interesting experiments which are applied in college labs every day (e.g. titrations).  Mr. Moskaluk also made sure that we knew how to use professional lab equipment which is not available in high-school (and even some college) labs, such as the spectrophotometer.  Coincedentally taking UV-Vis spectra was one of my very first jobs when I started volunteering at a university chem lab.  This course doesn't just prepare you for the AP test; it also prepars you for Real Life.
After taking this course, I certainly became more interested in chemistry.  In high school chemistry, one mostly learns the basics of solving chemistry-related math problems (e.g. stoichiometry).  In Mr. Moskaluk's AP course; however, one learns not only how to solve problems, but why chemistry happens the way it does.  This knowledge is invaluable and greatly increased my interest in and respect for chemistry (previously I thought of it mostly as the subject before physics).
The AP Chem study group, which most of the students participated in, was a helpful resource while doing the problem sets.  It turns out that some of us think alike and have similar problems.  Often if I had a question I would find it already answered on the Study Group.
This course is a fair amount of work (on the upper end of the typical 10-15 hour AP commitment), but it is well worth it.  It's important to remember that this course's reward is directly prortional to the amount of work you put into it.  In other words,
R = k/W
(where R is reward, W is work, and k is the AP constant).
I sometimes found myself finishing up problem sets a few hours before they were due.  This is not an advisable practice because if you run into a mistake, you don't have enough time to ask Mr. Moskaluk/the hive mind on the study group (and thus miss out on one of the most valuable aspects of the course.
This couse is highly recommended.

Fabulous AP Chem course--highly recommend!! posted by Katie Anderson on May 29 2012 at 21:01:21

I took the PA Homeschoolers AP Chemistry class with Mr. Moskaluk this past year (2011-2012), and found it to be an incredible course! First off, our instructor is top-notch! He is so involved in every assignment, giving help and interacting with the students. He also challenges you to think, helping you find your way through a tough problem and then challenging you to do the last stint on your own. In addition, you might be receiving help on a certain topic, and he expands it even more to explore the implications or other subtleties of the concept. His knowledge of Chemistry is mind-boggling!--he really knows what he's doing.
I would be very remiss not to mention the fabulous TA's for this course! They are so helpful answering questions and spend a great deal of time explaining each question thoroughly so that by the end of reading their response, you feel like you understand Chemistry itself so much better! Besides their incredible enthusiasm for the subject and love of helping you learn, they are very encouraging and so approachable through email. I must give a pitch to say that one of the TA's from my year is staying on to TA again this coming year, and you don't want to miss her or her great help! :)
The course is laid out in a very logical, easy to follow manner. I found it very manageable to see what assignments I needed to have complete when, and from there I could see how to structure my time. As to the material taught, you will find it fascinating, no matter if you like the subject (as in my case ;) or not! Mr. Moskaluk gives detailed outlines for each chapter, and in these he highlights the really important material necessary for the AP, allowing you to streamline your studies and have an excellent resource to look back over in preparation for the AP test. As to time I spent on the course, it will take all the time you can give it. Early in the year I would estimate I spent a good couple hours per day on it. Towards the end of the course, it took more than that :) I will say, this is a very challenging course. Undoubtedly this was the hardest course I have ever taken, but it also was the most rewarding!!
Communication is another great part of this course. There is a Study Group for students, where we all can talk about Chem stuff, and help each other out with questions. I found it invaluable. Not only could I receive help, but I could also give help to other students and in the process cement that knowledge firmly in my mind. The TA's and Mr. Moskaluk also help answer questions and post to the class on the forum. I even have made some really great friends from the student body through the study group.
To do well in this course, I would say, takes a willingness to work hard and a love of learning. There is a lot of material to be covered, but Mr. Moskaluk understands this and sees you gradually through it all. In the process, I learned a whole new way to think about learning in general...not just Chem. While I think this course will make you love Chem even more (it's so intricate and amazing!!), even if you don't, know that you will take a fabulous course, with top-notch instructors, and you will come out a better seasoned student!! I can not recommend this course highly enough! All I can say is, if you're willing to work hard and do your best, take it and see for yourself what an awesome, thrilling, chemistry-fun-filled ride it is!! :)

AP Chemistry was challenging but fulfilling! posted by Jack Novack on May 29 2012 at 17:08:14

- The course definetly prepared me for the AP exam. To be honest, at this point in my studies, it is a bit difficult for me to self-motivate myself to study really well. However, despite this, the class's built in practices and webassign worksheets helped me focus and study the way I needed to. Also, whenever I was lost and needed help, I would get very quick responses from Mr. Moskaluk and his well-chosen TAs, giving me very precise and detailed answers. 

- I worked anywhere from 10-20 hours a week on this course. I am a freshman this year, and as a result I made several planning mistakes before the year had started. (I.E. planning a spring break that coincided with some classes and not with others.) All in all, I would say that this course has a very fair workload. If you focus and work hard, it's about 10 hours a week. If you make mistakes in your planning, and ask for extensions, resulting in double workload for several weeks, you will end up working way more than you should... about 20 hours. The time spent on this class, for me, came down to focus. If I focused well for a few weeks, it was 10-15 hours. If I didn't, or I was still working off extensions, it was 20. 

- To be honest, I liked multiple choice tests the most. They were very well presented, and required full focus and honesty. You were given a PDF, and you had to fill out your answers in an electronic answer sheet. That was it. I liked this the most because I got to study for a day or two, put my effort and focus into the test, and then see how I did when it was graded a day or two later. I also liked the format of the FRQs assigned throughout the year. You were given a PDF, but instead of an answer sheet, you got a Webassign electronic version of the FRQ to study from once you were finished. You inputed all your answers, and the ones that you made mistakes on you got to correct based off of the hints that popped up when you made a mistake in the electronic FRQ. I found both of these methods very useful to me, as they really helped me keep my focus and learn the information. 

- I can't say anything about my future career yet, but I certainly am more interested in the subject. I'm still a freshman and I have very little idea as to where my interests lie. However, I can say that I started AP Chemistry very badly, struggling on all of the tests, not understanding any of the information, and filling up teacher's inboxes with help requests. I had taken chemistry before, but the way the year started, I might have well have just picked it up. However, by the end of the year, Chemistry had become one of my favorite subjects, because I understood the basic... flow of how it worked. I knew how to study it, and I was very familiar with how to solve problems I did not know the answer to. Would I consider a career in Chemistry? I don't know, but I certainly would consider it, based off of my experiences this year. 

- The way we communicated on this class was through a "google groups" program. I did find this form of communications valueable because, instead of having a website forum that is very easy to forget, not visit, or ignore, you were sent emails every time someone posted in the google group. So, if I was wondering how the heck I was supposed to solve some problem about electrochemistry, I could just look at my email, and bam there was some question from some student that at least related to electrochemistry. Even if it wasn't about the same problem, I would still read it, and then already be on the google groups page to post my own question. Overall it was very useful and convenient. 

- I would say that anyone who is resilient can pass this class. If you are willing to take hits to your pride (what you thought you knew of Chemistry), your time (even 10 hours a week is a decent bit of time), and your patience (I'm a very cool person, but I became very regularly frustrated throughout this course), you can be successful in this class. Also, you have to be willing to ask questions. I don't care how good you think you are in Chemistry, but unless you've gone through college chemistry already, you are going to run into questions you simply have no idea how to answer. Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs were very encouraging and helpful, I would have spontaneously combusted without their help. So, to conclude, I would encourage anyone willing to be resilient and ask questions to take this class. Even though I struggled through it, it taught me a LOT of things, and left me much more aware of how focused I should be when working, versus how much time I need to spend working. 


Just to end my review, I'd like to thank Mr. Moskaluk and all of the TAs for their help this year. I made many mistakes throughout the year, in both study habits and planning, but they showed me a lot of consideration and were genuinely helpful to me, even when the problem I couldn't solve was an easy solution that I was obviously overthinking. If you're going to take this class, be ready for a firestorm of difficulty in the beginning, but remember that Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs are there to help you, and you can most certainly do it, if you are willing to slog through it. Eventually the sea of mud turns to a paved road, if I could pull this year off, anybody could. 

Parent Review- CHEM ADVANTAGE posted by Moira Novack on May 29 2012 at 17:01:06

As a homeschoooling parent I have used 9 different online providers. I am very careful when choosing online courses and do quite a bit of research before commiting to one. I read a lot about Chem Advantage but none of what I read or heard about this course prepared me for the most shocking part about it. On top of providing a truly complete, rigorous, and interesting currciulum Mr. Moskaluk and his team are literally willing to assist students nearly 24 hours a day. My son found this class particularily challenging. He had many questions and needed quite a bit of extra help. He could ask a question at 11 pm on a week night or 8 am on a Sunday or anytime in between and I can't recall a single time he waited more than an hour for a detailed, helpful, response.  Often the responses were nearly immediate. The dedication and sincerity of Mr. Moskaluk and his team of assistant teachers served these students beyond any reasonable expectation. I could not laud their effort in higher terms. They were great, beyond great!

The work load is immense but countered by the fact that it is organized perfectly, builds systematically and manages to be engaging. There is no busy or passive work assignments and no wasted time. Every single week was a challenge but the curriculum, the efficiency of the computer programs and the team manages to help the student not get overwhelmed or too frustrated. Every tool is readily available to the student who is willing to work hard. I have not seen the AP test result yet and although they matter to me and my student nothing will change the fact that he learned a tremendous amount. He has never learned so much from one class.

The course will demand at least 10 hours a week (for us it was much more). The entire course is so fined tuned that I would have to rank every important factor with the highest possible rating. I have never done that before! I expected Mr. Moskaluk to provide a good course based on my research but I was absolutely shocked by his sincere dedication to the success of the student. He and his team do every single thing in their power to help the students succeed. This is by far the most dedicated teaching team available. The materials provided are organized, complete and easy to use. If you have a student willing work hard (dedicating not just time but real focused effort). This is not a course for the lackluster student!  I recommend and endorse this course and this team with the most enthusiasm and encouragement possible. You will end the year very proud knowing your student did an incredibly amount of learning. Best of luck!

AP Chemistry Review posted by Anatole Wiering on May 26 2012 at 17:45:44

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, I felt quite prepared. The assignments, practices, and multiple choice tests really helped out on the multiple choice section on the exam. Even more important, Mr. Moskaluk had more than 30 FRQ assignments for us to work on in the course. Those were especially helpful to me on the FRQ section.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I usually spent about 1.5-2 hours a day, around 12-14 hours a week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The Labs were one of my favorite, especially the ones involving reactions. As I mentioned before, Mr. Moskaluk had a lot of FRQ practice questions and quizzes. Those were especially valuable to me. Without those I would've done terrible on the FRQ section. I also liked the fact that he has so many practice questions, it really drills the material into you. Without those practice questions I probably wouldn't have gone very far. I tried the Chemistry book before I started the class, and it made no sense to me. With Mr. Moskaluk's outlines, the material became a lot clearer and easy to understand.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

No, it hasn't enhanced my intresest, but it has satisified the curiosities I had about chemistry. One of the fun things to do is taking an everyday process and seeing how chemistry applies to it.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Mr. Moskaluk has a email study group set up for the students, where students can ask questions and talk about subjects with other students, the T.A.s, and Mr. Moskaluk. It was very helpful, and just reading questions that I understood already was interesting, to see what other students do to solve the problem.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

The course is definitely not easy. It's time consuming, but those who are curious about chemistry or like learning about science should take this course. If you aren't willing to work hard, I wouldn't take the course. I loved the course and learning about chemistry.

AP Chemistry review posted by Michael Thompson on May 24 2012 at 19:09:57

This is a great course! Mr. Moskaluk quickly answered all of my questions and was very patient with me if I didn't understand something the first time. The assignments, quizzes, and tests were all extremely applicable to the AP exam and they really prepared me for the exam. The class is challenging enough to make chemistry interesting, but not frustrating. The amount of time I put into the course varied a lot, but it would probably average out to about 7-8 hours a week. We finished the textbook fairly early which gave us a lot of time to do practice AP tests. Overall, this is a great class which will prepare you really well for the AP test. 

AP Chemistry Class Review posted by Abby Bray on May 24 2012 at 13:58:38

Dear Prospective AP Chem students, 

Mr. Moskaluk's class is awesome! It is certainly not easy, but the challenge is well worth it. Mr. Moskaluk is great at answering questions, explaining difficult concepts, and giving helpful tips. He has obviously done an incredible amount of research on the AP Chem Exam, and the advice and preparation he gave was invaluable. We were practicing for the exam within the first month of class!

There is a fair bit of flexiblilty with the schedule, but it works well for homeschoolers. I never worked more than 2 or 3 hours per day for this class, but I did have to work on the weekends somewhat.

We had an amazing google stude group, where we could ask questions and share advice. I really felt like I got to know other students in the class this way, and also found a lot of help with tricky concepts.

I am interested in medicine, and this course has encouraged me in pursuing that career. The at-home labs, while sometimes time-consuming, were interesting and helpful for understanding the more theoretical concepts in a physical manner. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the sciences and looking for a challenging, enjoyable course. 

AP Chemistry Review posted by Megan Meyer on May 24 2012 at 01:23:20

Did you feel the course prepared you for AP exam?

Yes, the WedAssigns and Mr. Moskaluk's handouts were extremely helpful. They were the best form of memorization for me. Whenever I finished the WebAssign Assignments for the following week I knew I had a clearer understanding of the present concept. I could tell the knowledge was being ingrained in my mind rather than just being memorized for a short period. Also, the MC questions were very helpful! They were asked in the same format as the AP exam so it helped me become familiar with the different ways the exam addressed each concept. It made me feel more confident about being able to answer most of the questions within the time limit. :)

How many hours per week did you generally put into the course?

I usually put about 12 hrs a week into this course. The labs took more time for me to complete. But they were worth the time. I espically enjoyed the labs relating to electrolysis and titration.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! Before I took this class I had taken a general chemistry course. This course was more indepth and it explained the reasoning behind the concepts which made memorization easier. I am considering taking advanced science courses in college, and I am certain this course has well prepared me for that.  

What sort of students would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students(if they are willing to work hard)?

I would recommend this course. :) I definitely leared a lot from it and feel confident that it gave me a solid chemistry foundation.  Anyone who does not put things off to the last minute and can pace themselves will probably do well in this course. All of the assignments for the week are posted at the same time, and it is up to the student to pace themselves accordingly.

AP Chemistry Review posted by Julia C on May 23 2012 at 23:20:52

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, definitely!  Mr. Moskaluk had us do many MC tests and Free Response Questions throughout the year as we learned each different topic.  When we started review, I was really worried that I would have to go back and relearn everything from the beginning of the year, but I discovered that most of the concepts were very solidly in my head already.  Of course, I did have to review some things in depth and make sure I remembered details.  But it was not the painful process I had envisioned.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Probably about 8-10.  It was a lot of work, especially reading through the chapters.  Definitely keep Mr. Moskaluk's outlines with you as you read.  He highlights the details, points out things you don't need to read, and often explains concepts more clearly than Chang (at least in my opinion).  He often includes helpful flowcharts and diagrams, and offers helpful tips for remembering confusing but important facts.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Not in particular, although I did find that I really enjoy organic chemistry.  Overall, I really found every assignment to be valuable.  Many times I would read through the chapter and outline and only understand things about halfway.  Then I work through the assignment and, by the end, understand what I was doing much more thoroughly.  When you make an error in an assignment, he usually shows you immediately and allows you to redo it, which is very helpful: not only do you know you are doing something wrong, but you can figure out the right way with a little trial and error!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I had some ups and downs.  I loved high school Chemistry in 10th grade.  This course was much harder and, at times, I didn't feel like doing it.  *However!* By the end, I really did love it.  And, although I was glad to have the exam behind me, I felt a bit of a let down when I realized that meant no more frantic Chemistry studying. :)  I have chosen a major in college that will definitely include Chemistry, and this course solidified that I will enjoy the Chem classes my future holds in store for me.  I feel well-prepared and excited for more Chemistry!

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes!  My one regret about this course is that I did not make further use of the Chemistry study group we had on Google Groups.  I wish that I had taken a little more time to involve myself in that.  Whenever I had a question, students, TAs, and Mr. Moskaluk raced to give me the answers I needed - and I always fully understood my problem after hearing what they had to say!  If you are taking this course, please do use the study group a lot: both asking and answering questions.  It will help you along in your understanding and you will have more camaraderie, instead of feeling you are doing the class on your own.

What sort of student would do well in this course?  Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would definitely recommend this to a student ready to take on the challenge!  You have to be independent enough that you can spread a week's assignments out.  If you procrastinate, you will have a very crazy, Chem-y weekend.  You should be ready to do a lot of reading and working on your own.  But the setup of the class is very good, and you will have easy access to help when you need it.  I felt well-prepared for the test without having to do a lot of outside test-prep.  Mr. Moskaluk prepared us all very well through the assignments he gave us.  I don't have my AP score yet, but I felt very good about the test.  I hope you will consider taking this course!  I highly doubt you would regret it. :)

Review--AP Chemistry posted by Michelle Kim on June 04 2011 at 19:52:04

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, completely. By the end of the course, I had truly learned the concepts, not just memorized patterns.


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 8-10 hours per week maximum.


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

No, I don't have any favorite assignments. However, each assingment was important. Usually I would be a little confused after reading the chapter, but each assignment helped to clarify the concepts learned. There is no busy work -- I kept learning as I completed the assignment.


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes. I disliked chemistry before taking this course. It seemed to be random rules that didn't make much sense. Mr. Moskaluk has taught us the logic behind chemistry and I enjoyed learning it!


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes, immensely. Since it is an online course, the online correspondance proved to be priceless; often other students had similar questions.


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

You don't have to love chemistry to do well -- and learn a ton -- in this course. If you are willing to work hard, think, and learn, I would whole-heartedly recommend it. It is rare to find such an amazing teacher as Mr. Moskaluk.

A (long) review for a flat-out amazing course posted by Georgia Murray on May 28 2011 at 16:00:30

Hey prospective AP Chemers!  Okay, this is yet another review for Mr. Moskaluk's awesome class....

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I’m a freshman and this was my first AP, so I was pretty nervous.  I could not have been more prepared.  Period.  We took past MC's and FRQ's like our lives depended on it, and we did a couple of full tests too to build stamina.  I consistently scored secure fives on the practice exams, and while I don't know what I got on the actual exam, I'm not worried.  Although geared to the AP, the focus of the class is understanding, and Mr. Moskaluk also prepared us for the SAT 2 and the Chemistry Olympiad (for those of us who were interested).  I just learned that I got an 800 on the SAT 2.  I also took the Olympiad, which really helped me when the AP came around.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Hmm, I'm not really sure...Maybe 10 hours a week, counting labs.  Probably less in the beginning but about that toward the end.  In March/April I was also studying for the Chemistry Olympiad, so that was another reason I spent more time with chem.  The assignments *never* contain busy work, but they are time consuming and the text is really dense.  I would suggest spending a decent amount of time with each text reading to make sure that you understand the topic and aren't just plugging in equations. Also, READ THE CHAPTERS WITH MR. MOSKALUK’S OUTLINES IN HAND!!!  They are MUCH easier to understand than Chang (the text), and are a nice, condensed version of the material.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Not in particular; all the homework helped a lot with understanding.  Sometimes after reading Chang (our text), I would be ridiculously confused.  But I’d trudge through the homework and by the end, I didn’t usually have any questions at all.  The lectures by Chem Guy (his actual name was Rod Lederer, I think…) were hysterical and helpful, and really made the class fun.  The labs are not wimpy or uninteresting at all.  We did precipitation, titration, calorimetry, and (my personal favorite) electrolysis, among others.  But be warned, the labs take a lot of time!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Well, I was already pretty interested in chemistry coming into this course, but yes, this course did increase my interest.  I hope to do something with chemistry in college (maybe chemical engineering), and regardless of what I take for science next year, I plan to keep doing a little chemistry on the side at least.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Absolutely!  This year we used a Google Group, and that might have been the single most helpful part of the course, excluding Mr. Moskaluk’s outlines.  Besides getting quick and thorough responses both from other students and from Mr. Moskaluk, answering other students’ questions really helped me to grasp the concepts more completely.  I would definitely suggest a lot of participation in the group.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student who is willing to work hard will do well in this course.  Some previous knowledge of chemistry might be helpful, but I only had one year of middle-school chemistry coming into this course and did just fine.  Some of the concepts are pretty abstract, but Mr. Moskaluk provided handouts and outlines of the chapters that were really helpful and explained things in concrete terms.

So…my final advice would be just to read the text and the handouts, work the problems, and ask any questions you may have.  If you do that, Mr. Moskaluk will steer you to a great year; I promise.  Oh, and about a week or two before the AP, start reading through the outlines again.  That helped me a lot as a quick, easy review.

Have fun!

I loved this class! posted by Stephina Didde on May 21 2011 at 23:14:51

Hello, prospective AP Chem students! :-)

     Here's a little about the course itself. AP Chemistry is a very difficult course; all the laws and little exceptions may be a bit hard to grasp at first, though once you have them down, everything becomes easier to understand. One thing's for sure: you do NOT want to take this course without having taken highschool chemistry first. As it is, the material is pretty tough, and you would have to have some background in the subject before you start. Also, I would not suggest this course if it'll be your first AP course. The workload can be overwhelming. But if you're willing to work really hard and have taken highschool chemistry, then go for it!

    I really enjoyed working through AP Chem with Mr. Moskaluk. His method is always thorough and AP-exam-targeted. Never did we cover a subject without learning its significance with relation to the AP Exam. As to the workload, it was heavy at times, but the constant drilling and practice proved invaluable on the real exam. By test time, I felt quite well-prepared.

   As to Mr. Moskaluk himself, he is a very patient and dedicated teacher, always ready to clear doubts and answer questions. I remember one Saturday when I sent him a question. Mr. Moskaluk had spent all day composing handouts for the coming week, but he still took the time to respond immediately.

   I guess I could go on and tell you about all the fun labs, the invaluable practice exams, WebAssign, and all the other little treats about this course -- but perhaps it would be best to let you discover them for yourself! I hope you'll enjoy it all as much as I did!

If you want a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam... posted by Allyson Lim on May 18 2011 at 22:24:48

...You should take this course!  I felt that this class really equipped me well for the AP Chemistry exam.  Generally speaking, I spent roughly 5-8 hours a week on the assignments (depending on how well I understood the particular concept that was being taught that week).  However, if I didn’t understand something, Mr. Moskaluk was very helpful in answering any question I had about chemistry and would guide me through problems that I had no idea how to answer.  I really liked and appreciated the outlines that Mr. Moskaluk prepared for each chapter of the chem book.  These outlines were extremely helpful in summarizing the topics in each chapter, highlighting what was or was not important for the AP exam, and explaining the concepts a little deeper.  Also, Mr. Moskaluk gave us many practice FRQs and MCQs to do as assignments.  Doing these FRQs and MCQs gave me an idea of how well I understood the various chemistry concepts and was extremely valuable in preparation for the AP exam.  I also liked the chemistry cartoons periodically posted on the chem site.  The cartoons probably didn’t contribute much to my chemistry knowledge, but I did get some good laughs out of some of them. :D

If you’re thinking about taking this course, don’t be afraid to ask Mr. Moskaluk and your fellow classmates for help.  The help you get from others will only benefit you and help you understand chemistry better.  Overall, this was an extremely valuable course, and if you take it, I’m sure you’ll do great on the AP Chemistry exam. =)  

The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 13:34:49

Let me start by saying that this is the best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple of months in AP Chemistry that I learned in a whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level. Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responed very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give great instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for different programs that I applied to. Mr. Moskaluk really cares about his students, and that care shows in his instruction.

Do I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?

How many hours of work per day or per week did I generally put into the course?

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that I found especially valuable?

Did the course enhance my interest in the subject?

Did I find my communication with the other students to be interesting or valuable?

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would I recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 12:35:38

Let me start by saying that this best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple months of AP Chemistry than I learned in the whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level.  Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responded very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give great instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for summer programs that I applied to attend.  Mr. Moskaluk really cares about his students, and that care shows in his instruction.


Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 01:21:44

Let me start by saying that this best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple months of AP Chemistry than I learned in the whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level.  Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responded very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give invaluable instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for programs that I applied to attend.  He really cares about the students in his class, and that care really shows in his instruction.


Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?



Take AP Chemistry! posted by Constance Chan on May 13 2011 at 01:03:27

-Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

-Yes, I felt pretty confident the day of the exam. Thanks to this course, I was much more prepared than some of the public school friends I know!

-Hiow many hours of work per day did you generally put into the course?

-I usually put in 2 hours a day, but I would put in more studying time the month before the exam.

-Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

-Doing the practice AP tests were extremely valuable assignments- they really gave me a feel for what was coming up in the actual exam. Lab work was very interesting as well.

-Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

-YES. I initially took this course just to get credit, but in the end I realized that it had made me so much more interested in science than I had been. I'm a very poetry-and-fine-arts minded person, so science doesn't usually appeal to me. By the end of the year, however, I was making geeky chemistry jokes and having fun with it.

-Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

-Yes, the study group was extremely helpful.

-What sort of student would do well in this course?

-To do well, you would have to work hard at finishing assignments on time, as well as trying to get your mind around some difficult concepts. At first, I had some difficulty in understanding concepts such as acids and bases, quantum numbers, and complexes, but if you really try to do your best, you'll be fine.


I really recommend this course to other students. Mr. Moskaluk is such a great teacher, and even if you're not interested in science right now, you will be! ;]

Mr. Moskaluk's Outstanding AP Chemistry Course posted by Philip Bonneville on May 12 2011 at 18:14:02

Definitely!  I have taken three other AP courses up to this point, but none of their exam preparations even compared to this course’s.  Mr. Moskaluk assigned nearly 100 free response questions and more than 1000 multiple choice questions.  With this sort of preparation, nearly ever AP Chemistry alumnus should be able to score of 5 on the exam (or even a 6 if a new category were added at the top).

Additionally, Mr. Moskaluk is very familiar with the sort of information tested on the exam.  For each section of the textbook we studied, Mr. Moskaluk provided several pages of studying tips to allow students to better focus on material that would most likely be covered on the exam.


Excluding labs, I generally spent 3-6 hours a week for this course (with the higher end later in the year when there were more timed assignments in preparation for the AP exam).  Each lab (there were twenty, high-quality ones in total) took me between 90 and 120 minutes.  However, I have heard that some students spent much more time on this course; the time required really depends on the amount of previous familiarity you have with the material and the rate at which you grasp new concepts.


Just about all the assignments were extremely valuable.  Personally, I found the numerous Free Response Questions very useful, as I have trouble hand-writing quickly.  These practice assignments forced me to make up for that struggle with an extensive and flexible knowledge of the material.


Probably not.  However, that is not at all Mr. Moskaluk’s fault.  I went into the course enjoying chemistry less than mathematics and came out the same way.  But that fact is entirely attributable to my extreme love of mathematics.  If anything would have made chemistry my favorite subject, it would probably have been Mr. Moskaluk’s fantastic course.


From what I have read of reviews from previous years, Mr. Moskaluk keeps increasing and improving student-student interactions.  He set up a Google study group for answering chemistry questions.  Very often, after a student posted a question, a fellow student would answer it before Mr. Moskaluk could, and he would write something like, “I was starting to respond to your question, but ____ gave an explanation I couldn’t improve on.  Very good analysis ____.”  Of course, Mr. Moskaluk was also very approachable and willing to answer any question directly asked him.


With Mr. Moskaluks excellent explanations, as well as the lectures by another instructor he gives students access to, any student willing to put in the necessary work would do well in this course.   I would definitely recommend this outstanding course.

Amazing Course! posted by Matthew Nyhus on May 12 2011 at 18:00:45

This was my first AP course, and I have to say, I was a little nervous at first.  However, the experience was totally worth it!

Firstly, the course was very well organized, with little to no bugs on the website.  (I find that to be really important for online courses.)  Also, Mr. Moskaluk was very understanding with due dates, giving me time to catch up because I started the course late.  That being said, it was still a difficult course, requiring hours and hours of time a week and lots of dedication.

Overall, the course definitely succeeded in preparing me for the AP chem test, and in the process was fascinating and engaging.  It was an amazing course, and would definetely recommend this course to anyone willing to put in the time to learn a difficult subject.

Great class! posted by Hannah Huynh on May 12 2011 at 15:31:33

I really liked AP chem with Mr. Moskaluk.  The class moved at a moderate pace, so it was easy to keep up!  The work load was not overbearing, and Mr. Moskaluk was always ready to help when I had any questions.

I was very prepared for the exam for I had conquered every previous FRQ and answered hundreds of MCQs.  However, I do want to say that chemistry is one of my favorite subjects, so it came very easily to me.

I spent around five hours a week during the year, and around six hours when the exams got near.  I honestly did not feel like I put that much time into the class, but that is mostly because I picked up on the chemistry concepts rather fast.

The assignments I found most valuable were the practice MCQs and FRQs that Mr. Moskaluk gave us when we neared the exam.  This really gave me a perspective on how the exam will be and what I will approximately score.

This course did enhance my interest in chemistry, for I realized that this subject is one of my strongest.

I liked the communication system Mr. Moskaluk set up for the students.  When we had a problem, we would just post it on a board, and another one of our classmates could help us out.  It definitely helps when another student explains it to you because he/she tends to use easier, more comprehendable words in comparison to the textbook.


Honestly, I believe this course was rather easy to me because I am so strong in chemistry.  But, I still believe any student can conquerer this course, he/she just needs the initiative to ask Mr. Moskaluk or his/her classmates for help.  There is nothing in this course that would prohibit someone for excelling.  I would recommend this course for all students, especially science whizs like me.  :)

Awesome class!!!!! posted by Hannah Pawelczyk on May 25 2010 at 24:01:39

Hi Propspective AP Chem students,

I couldn't recommend this class more.  Mr. Moskaluk is a fantastic teacher that is always available to answer questions or explain difficult concepts.  His class is very well organized, and I really liked the set-up online.  Also, the website WebAssign where you do your chemistry homework is easy to use.

I definitely felt very well prepared for the AP exam.  In fact, I don't think that there is any other class around that would prepare you better (given that you do the work).

I really enjoyed taking AP Chem, and it is both a rewarding and very challenging course.  I put about 10 - 12+ hours a week into the course. 

If you are dedicated and willing to work hard, you will do well in this class and be happy that you took it.  I highly recommend this class!


A tough but absolutely fabulous course posted by Elisha Keenan on May 23 2010 at 04:38:28

I should start out by saying that I took this course last school year (2008-2009).  For some reason I forgot to write a review then, so I am now making up for lost time.

One word of warning:  If this is your first AP course you will be amazed by the workload, and you will also be spoiled rotten by the end of the course and think other AP classes are quite unimpressive.

So this course is tough -- really tough.  I spent 2-3 (usually 3) hours a day 5-6 days a week on it not counting labs and occasionally getting stuck on something.   But it is absolutely, totally and completely worth it.  By the time you complete the course, you understand chemistry at a level that is simply amazing.  Even a good high school chem course really just teaches you how to work chemistry related math problems.  This course teaches you the why and the how and that’s when chemistry gets fun. 

Another thing about this course is the teacher.  One time I sent Mr. Moskaluk a question on Christmas day.  Despite the fact that Mr. Moskaluk was away from home visiting and didn't have access to his usual student inquiry response accounts, he still answered my question the same day.  I don't know of any other teacher who would even check if a student had sent them a question on Christmas day.  Mr. Moskaluk on the other hand, went online, found a website that had a video explaining the answer to my question and then sent me the link and a detailed email telling me how to go about solving the problem.  You just aren’t going to find a better teacher than Mr. Moskaluk.  Now Mr. Moskaluk does have a tendency to work his students pretty hard, and I for one was tempted to complain about it.  But when I sat down to the test I realized that there was a reason why the workload was so heavy – an “easy” AP chem course will get you a flunking grade on the exam.

And then the labs.  They were simply great.  Quite a few home school science programs really don't cut it when it comes to labs.  The lab component of this course, however, had us doing real labs.  No “add food coloring to water and watch it spread.”  Instead we actually did college level labs at home.  Furthermore, Mr. Moskaluk was willing to work with individual students who wanted to expand to other more complex experiments.  I personally took great advantage of this and kept asking Mr. Moskaluk questions about ideas I had for experiments long after the course was over.  In fact, I will probably continue to do so through college.  The great thing is that Mr. Moskaluk doesn’t just dump you after May 12th.  He’s still more than happy to help you figure out questions even though he is teaching a new batch of AP chem students.  Dedicated is an understatement.

Finally, the AP prep component of this course was simply without a par.  By the time you sat down to take the test you had done so much practice that it was almost impossible for there to be any surprises.  Without meaning any offence to my classmates, if you didn’t get a five you could rest assured that it was entirely your fault.

By now you probably think that I am a somewhat romantic AP Chem alumni who is nostalgic about my favorite AP course.  Regardless of whether that is the case, what I say really is true – if you doubt me sign up and see for yourself!

If you're wondering what AP Chemistry course to take, TAKE THIS ONE!!! posted by Ruth-Anne McLendon on May 17 2010 at 11:46:36

I have always loved science, but this course went above and beyond my other courses for several reasons:

- Our wonderful teacher Mr. Moskaluk: My previous experiences with online teachers haven't been that great - they were hard to get in contact with, they didn't put out a great effort in grading, and they didn't really answer my questions. I wasn't sure what to expect this year, especially since it is a science class with labs, but I was really impressed! Mr. Moskaluk is a great teacher - he will make sure that you understand everything, and answer your all questions (even if you are like me and send him gazillions of questions). He wrote outlines to go with the textbook chapters that are very helpful - they clarify/prioritize/explain the topics in the chapters. And he puts a ton of effort into grading free response questions and other problems so that you understand what you need to improve. 

- WebAssign: WebAssign is the website where all the assignments are completed - it's really nice because it's set up in a way that you submit answers to exercise questions individually, and it grades them automatically. If you didn't get it correct the first time, you have several more chances to try again. I found this very helpful because it allowed me to keep working on a problem until I got it right. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I think it really prepared me for the AP test, partially because of the depth and breadth of material covered in the course, and partially because of the tons and tons and tons and tons (okay, you get the picture) of free response questions and multiple choices questions that we did in preparation for the test. As well as several full-length AP tests from previous years. It's not easy - I spent between 1 and 3 hours per day working on the material - but if you take it, you are not going to be struggling through it without help. 

So, as I said before, if you are wondering what AP Chemistry course to take, TAKE THIS ONE!!!!!

BEST AP CHEMISTRY PREPARATION YOU ARE GOING TO GET PERIOD posted by Nathaniel Pawelczyk on May 17 2010 at 09:04:15

There are AP Courses.  And then there are AP Courses Taught By Mr. Moskaluk To Ensure That You Do Awesomely On The AP Test Period.  I would totally recommend this class!  I really enjoyed it.


I feel that this course 100000000% prepared me for the AP exam. We did tons of MC and FRQ tests that gave us great practice.
About 2 hours per day.
Some labs were interesting, and the course material was generally intriguing.
Yes, sometimes I did chemistry experiments for fun!
If you want to get a great AP Chemistry score but are willing to work for it, take this class!  It is totally worth the work.

A.P. Chem Review posted by Dorrit Zeigler on May 14 2010 at 10:16:14

My experience with A.P. Chem was one of those love-hate relationships you always see between people in those cheesy romance movies. :P I have always been the type to be able to get straight A's without even trying. So going into this course, I thought it would be easy. I will warn you now, it wasn't easy. For a while, because of that my grades in this course suffered. But once I learned that you have to try harder in order to challenge yourself, and not just get a good grade, they started to go back up again. A grade is just a letter or number. Sure it does mean something, but what you actually learn is more valuable than that. This course taught me to do my best even if my best was better than an A or B.

Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher. If I were him, I would have probably dropped myself from the course around mid-November (haha). Mr. Moskaluk never gave up on me and encouraged me to do better. Therefore, if you are a drama queen/king who loves student/teacher rivalry there will be none. So sad for you. :D

So around mid-April, I had about a million of makeup assignments to do. And it was only 3-4 weeks from the exam. With Mr. Moskaluk's help and pulling a dozen all-nighters, the day of the exam came. And you know what? I actually felt prepared. I don't know if I got a 5. Chances are, I didn't. But that's my fault.

So, if you're thinking of taking this course, go ahead, take it. But know it's not all roses, cookies, cake, etc. It's going to require a lot of hard work. You have to be willing to give it.

AP Chemistry rocks! posted by Mark Heimann on May 13 2010 at 14:20:40

Although I've pretty much tended to do well in "mathy" subjects throughout school, I admit I was somewhat nervous about taking on AP Chemistry in my junior year.  First, I never really considered myself an experimental sciences sort of person--my first-year chemistry and physics courses as a sophomore had done a little to overcome my aversion to them, but still, we're not talking overflowing love here.  Which was sort of odd since I liked math, but there you have it.  The other thing is, I had heard some horror stories about the AP exam from friends of mine who had taken it at a local homeschool co-op. Plus, I wasn't sure how a purely online course, without any lectures or class labs or anything, would work.  On the bright side, I had read some of Mr. Moskaluk's credentials, and they were impressive, both as a chemist and as a teacher.  

And, I would say that having taken the class I can see why Mr. Moskaluk earned all the credentials that he did.  Although there were no lectures, the class outlines were great--thorough enough to actually be helpful, not too detail-packed so as to be practically a rewrite of the textbook.  There were enough problems to help students become comfortable with the concept, but not so many that they became just busy work (which is good because I don't like busy work, as I'm sure most students don't).  If I asked a question about an assignment or concept using the "Ask Your Teacher" button, Mr. Moskaluk would always get back to me with a helpful response amazingly quickly.  (The record time was 12 minutes after I asked the question!)  Just in general, he really went above and beyond with student help.  Once, we scanned in answers to some free response questions that dealt with the material we were covering.  For each student, Mr. Moskaluk made a video of him grading the FRQ and explaining his thought-process through--why he took off points where he did, etc.  My dad, who is himself a teaching-award-winning professor at a Tier 1 university (so I have exposure to good teachers!), was quite impressed with this, I must say.  

Moreover, not only did the outlines and assignments help me learn the material, but they also helped me study effectively for the exam.  I liked reading stuff like, "Every exam in the past 15 years has asked about ___, so know it!" or "Don't bother with ___; they haven't tested students on it since 1991", and many more test-taking tips.  Five full-length tests meant that I felt comfortable that I knew what was coming when I actually took the test.  I took five AP exams this year.  Ironically, I feel more comfortable about my performance on AP Chemistry than on either AP Calc BC or AP Statistics, which I also took.  (Not that I'm necessarily going to become a chemist instead of an economist or a statistician--although who knows?--but as far as test prep is concerned, I think that this course made all the difference.)  I don't know if I got a 5, although I'm at least feeling fairly optimistic.  If I didn't, however, I have absolutely no one to blame but myself!  (I told this to my mom a few months before the exam, actually.)  

The other great thing was, I didn't have to wreck my schedule by spending several hours a day cramming for the exam.  I don't have hard numbers, unfortunately, but I would estimate (I'm not the greatest estimator, but hopefully it'll be fairly accurate) that I probably spent five to seven hours a week total reading the textbook and outlines, doing labs, and completing assignments.  Your mileage may vary, of course, and someone else will probably post on how he/she got A+'s working two hours a week, and another person saying how he/she had to bring the textbook to the movie theater to get some studying in.  Again, I think an efficient course helps quite a bit in prepping adequately (or, actually, far more than adequately in this case) while keeping the workload manageable.  

So, if you haven't guessed, I would highly recommend this course to most people.  If someone absolutely can't stand chemistry, then maybe he/she shouldn't take this or any other AP Chemistry course.  Then again, I didn't exactly love chemistry, and still wouldn't say it's my altogether favorite subject (sorry Mr. Moskaluk!), but I enjoyed the course and even the subject matter far more than I had thought I would.  Also, with no live lectures, students have to pace themselves somewhat more than in a traditional classroom.  I will say I sometimes ended up doing all my due-Monday assignments on Thursday, Friday, or even later, and that's one thing I would not recommend.  :D  With all that said, if neither of these are a concern for a potential student, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this course. I'm not an exactly effervescent person if you know what I mean, but if you could say I have ever raved about a class I've taken, this one would be it.  Now I have to work at convincing some of my friends to drop out of public school so that they can take this course (I mean, they'll thank me later...)

If you're a student, your reading this far probably means you are interested in chemistry and are fairly motivated about your education (at least, enough that you've suffered through my rambling writing), so do yourself a huge favor and go sign up!  

Great Class posted by Randall Kidd on June 02 2009 at 11:27:26

I think the thousands(6,000+, seriously) of AP questions we did in this course speaks volumes for how challenging it was and how well-prepared we were for the AP exam. Despite all the attention to the exam, Mr. Moskaluk made sure the focus was on understanding the subject.

A great AP Chem course posted by Richard Clark on May 30 2009 at 02:57:33

I really enjoyed this chemistry course. While it was very challenging, it was compregensive, beautifully put together, and prepared me excelently for the AP exam. There were no surprises in the exam, and no topics that hadn't been covered. I feel that I have grown a great deal academically, and the knowledge I have gained gives me new insight and appreciation for what's behind the many seemingly ordinary things that occur around me daily. I think that any student who is willing to work hard and keep pushing him/her self will find this course highly rewarding. I highly recommend it.

Great Class for Hard Workers! posted by Katherine Leclair on May 28 2009 at 11:43:36

Overall I think the course is excellent and very challenging. I think students if interested in taking the class should be prepared to devote a decent amount of time to studying; it's not a class one can do the night the stuff is due. I tried to spend about two hours per day on the class. I particularly enjoyed performing the labs, Mr. Moskaluk provided a complete lab kit for each student and it provided invaluable experience. Mr. Moskaluk's love for chemistry was infectious, while I went into the class unsure about how interested I was in the subject, I left the class planning on taking chemistry again in college. I enjoyed talking to several other people in class, but chemistry is not a very cooperative driven course. I would definitely recommend this class to any students who are willing to work hard, and devote time to a challenging subject.

Highly Recommended posted by Sarah Piraino on May 27 2009 at 20:47:36

This course covers the concepts you need for the exam thoroughly and clearly. It is challenging at times, but Mr. Moskaluk replies to questions quickly with great explanations. He is a witty and helpful teacher. The concepts covered in the textbook, the practice questions, the reviewing, and practice exams gave me confidence walking into the exam.

This course is for a student who is willing to work hard and can dedicate 2-3 hours per day. Even if your passion is not for the sciences, this course will give you a new appreciation for that field which will come in handy for college. It definitely spurred an interest in me. The labs were fun; working with actual chemicals and lab instruments was a great experience. My siblings still call me ‘Frankensteina’ as a result of my chemistry work in our kitchen! I am considering a major in something chemistry related as a result of my experience in this course. I truly enjoyed the course and would like to give a big 'thank you' to Mr. Moskaluk for giving me an appreciation for Chemistry!

So this is what the best feels like posted by Robert Switala on May 25 2009 at 21:07:50

This course was an amazing experience! Out of all my courses this year, this was by far the most fun and engaging class.

On average I spent 2-3 hours per day on the reading and assignments, not including the Labs. The Labs I usually reserved for the weekends, and they took about 3 hours. While at times this seemed like a heavy load, the wit and guidance from Mr. Moskaluk gave me confidence throughout the course, and the hours I spent were swallowed up very quickly.

The assignments themselves are very good and prepared me very well for the APChem Test. On the normal assignments you have multiple submissions, so if you miss a question you can check your work and understand why you made that mistake. On the tests and quizzes, you usually have limited submissions, but the preparation from the other assignments is more than enough to tackle these tougher ones. I was one of the lucky students who got to take the Late Test, which by popular opinion is considered much harder than the normal test date. Even then, I found I was prepared for most of the questions.

The Labs serve to solidify the knowledge learned in the textbook, as well as learn lab techniques that sometimes appear on the AP Test. These labs were really entertaining. Since this is an online course, we have to work off of written guidelines from Mr. Moskaluk, but they are so clearly written that this didn't pose any problem. A memorable lab was Le Chatelier's Bloody Hand, in which we used a indicator-infused paper that turns red when it reacts. I will forever cherish the look on my sister's face as I surprised her with this experiment! :)

I have never had a teacher so dedicated or passionate as Mr. Moskaluk. I am very lucky to have studied under such an incredible teacher. He puts in an immense amount of work into the course, writing Lab guidelines, chapter outlines, and answering questions. Whenever I had a question I would usually get an answer within the hour, and he would make me truly understand the solution. Mr. Moskaluk also keeps the course enjoyable through his humor. I loved the variety of comics that he would take the time to edit to include chemistry jokes. :) The Calvin and Hobbes were my favorites!

I felt that I thrived in this course because I analytical and detail oriented. However I think any student will be able to do well in this course. If you are even considering any branch of science, I heavily recommend Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry course. Thanks so much, Mr. Moskaluk!

Robbie Switala

Great Class!!! posted by Nathan Huynh on May 25 2009 at 01:34:31

The AP Chemistry class is definitely a challenging but rewarding class. I personally spent at least 2-3 hours a day studying and an additional 3-5 hours doing the labs. Although the class seemed nearly impossible at times, I felt at the end of the year that I had learned and achieved a lot. Some minor details that make the class superb: 1) Excellent chapter outlines! These outlines really, really helped me as I was studying and preparing for the AP Exam. 2) The extensive Web Assignments and AP questions. Mr. Moskaluk provides you every AP multiple choice question and most of the FRQs that were released in the past to give you the maximum amount of practice. 3) His use of comics. There are comics ranging from Calvin and Hobbies to Foxtrot. Although they serve little educational purpose, they allow you a brief laugh before you continue on with you work. Nathan H.

AP Chemistry posted by Melissa Ciandella on July 30 2008 at 24:51:14

I'd have to say that this course was one of the best that I've ever taken, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering the AP Chemistry exam. While the material itself is definitely challenging, Mr. Moskaluk is VERY helpful and will walk you through any tough areas. He also gives very quick feedback; I usually received an answer to whatever question I had within the hour!

However, this class is certainly a considerable time committment. I usually spent about 2-3 hours a day reading through the textbook, and working on the online problems. This makes it difficult to catch up once you fall behind. Having a dangerously overloaded schedule myself (due to some unexpected situations mid-year), I faced frequent days of cramming before deadlines, and several times realized that I needed extra help finishing an assignment...just hours before it was due! If you do decide to take this course, do yourself a favor and put aside 2-3 hours per day for this class. You'll get SO much more out of this class if you give yourself ample time to read through the chapter, and complete the assignments. As long as you keep that in mind throughout the year, you can look forward to a challenging, rewarding experience. The labs that Mr. Moskaluk assigns are fun and interesting, and daily quizzes posted on the site check your comprehension as you work through each section of the chapter. Anyone willing to spend a sufficient amount of time on this course will do well in it, and enjoy it too!

Superb prep for the exam! posted by Thomas Atmer on July 30 2008 at 16:06:13

This is one hefty course. Don't take AP Chem if you don't want to work hard. It is serious college stuff, but if you want to do it, I can't think of a better way to prepare for the exam than taking this course. Dr. Moskaluk even makes it fun, with cartoons and cool comments. I made the mistake of falling behind from time to time, don't do that. You end up having a ton to do if you don't do everything on time. Also, if you are stuck, shoot an email to Dr. Moskaluk, he is very accessible and helpful. I probably put in 6 hours/week, but I had more chem going into the course than probably most, so budget 10 hours/week or more. I am thinking of chem as major in college, so yes, it did enhance my interest. (I got a 5 on the exam) The course wasn't set up with communications with other students, it was very well structured assignments and truly helpful feedback on all questions from the teacher.

AP Chemistry Review posted by Meg Robertson on May 20 2008 at 16:21:18

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! I don't think I could have been any more prepared. We practiced multiple choice tests and free response questions from past tests all throughout the year. The AP test was just like any other we had taken and I feel very confident about my score.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Usually around 12 hours each week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The labs were very good and really helped me understand the material. The WebAssignments were also wonderful! I can't imagine a better way to work chemistry problems out.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes. I'm much more interested in chemistry, and science in general, now.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

There was very little discussion but I don't feel it hindered the course.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants an excellent advanced chemistry class! The workload is very heavy so you need to be organized and responsible about committing time to each assignment. You also need to be conscientious when doing the labs which often involve working with delicate equipment or hazardous chemicals. Finally, it’s very important to ask for help when you need it. Mr. Moskaluk was a wonderful teacher and he not only answered my questions within a day or two but he also explained his answers in detail to ensure I understood the material.

AP Chem with Mr. Moskaluk posted by Carla Atwi on May 19 2008 at 15:35:04

Dear Prospective AP Chemistry Students,

I highly recommend Mr. Moskaluk's class - it is the most thorough online AP Chemistry prep course you can find! Mr. Moskaluk is an excellent teacher. His course is well-organized, and he responds quickly to questions. I really enjoyed performing some of the labs, especially the Alkaline Earth Reactions lab. This is a difficult course, but if you are willing to work hard, and certainly if you have a passion for the sciences, go for this course!

Carla Atwi

A Excellent Class! posted by Madeline Dowling on May 18 2008 at 19:47:32

The AP Chemistry Course by Mr. Moskaluk is excellent. Mr. Moskaluk is an awesome teacher who is very helpful with any questions that I ask, and usually answers questions within the day. The Webassigns are my favorite part of the course. They always contain pictures that relate to the questions, and Mr. Moskaluk usually adds something funny or cool to make them more interesting. This class has definitely enhanced my interest in chemistry. I'm going to minor or major in it now; before it wasn't even on my top ten school subjects list! While my class didn't communicate with each other too frequently, the classroom situation was a new and very good experience to have, and I knew that I could discuss the assignments with very intelligent classmates if I needed to. It was also motivating to me to be working in a class with such bright and accomplished students. A student will do well in this course if he is prepared to work hard, to study hard, and to like chemistry. I would DEFINITELY recommend this class to other students. It has been the best class that I ever took.

Time consuming, but extremely good posted by Ian Sturdy on June 21 2007 at 21:27:15

The course took me the most time of any of my PA homeschoolers classes, but not sizeably more than stated. I would estimate 2-3 hours a day, but it varied strongly based on the assignment for the week.

Most of the work was done through online assignments that could be completed at leisure, often open book, and often with multiple submissions. I found this an ideal way to learn the material as you learned by doing, rather than trying to memorize procedures and then test your memory on quizzes. Backing this up were many quizzes, mostly sections from past AP exams. Consequently, when I got to the AP exam I had seen all of the question formats and topic areas many times before.

Labs were also very well done--even though this is a home course, Mr. Moskaluk managed to get some very interesting labs into it, without stressing the availability of space or using unusual materials or equipment not included with the course. Even though we were working with dangerous chemicals, I felt that the safety instructions given where sufficient to avoid danger if followed properly.

There was little off-topic communication with other students, but I did not feel that this hindered the course as a whole.

I would recommend this course to all students, especially if they prefer to memorize by doing. There is a lot of memorization to AP Chemistry, but little of it will need to be memorized strictly by memorizing it off a page.

Excellent Class posted by David Bales on June 16 2007 at 02:06:28

Mr. Moskaluk’s AP Chemistry course was exceptional. I found the work challenging, though not frustratingly difficult, and spent about 1-2 hours per day reading, writing notes, and doing assignments. The assignments were structured very well, and because most homework was graded instantly I was able to learn from my mistakes easily. Mr. Moskaluk responded very quickly to my questions, and always gave detailed explanations. I feel that this course prepared me for this exam very well, as I had covered all the topics on the test. And also, though not a purely academic note, Mr. Moskaluk always tried to bring humor and other interesting facts into the lessons, which was a nice break when doing problems. I would advise any student who is willing to work hard to take this course.

My experience in AP Chemistry posted by Alexander Knecht on June 05 2007 at 23:14:59

This year, my sophomore year, I took AP Chemistry from PA Homeschoolers. I felt very well prepared by the end of this course, which I was not at all at the beginning. The AP exam was objectively pretty difficult, but I did quite well on it.

The students in the class were very bright, and we got to know each other on the online forum. It was quite active throughout the whole year, and we discussed various things, the majority of which were chemistry-related. We also asked the teacher questions on the forum, and in private, through a feature in the website. He was very good about answering our questions.

At the beginning of the year, we worked very hard to cover the basic concepts, and did a ton of problems on stoichiometry, gas laws, and basic calorimetry (Hess's Law). I spent over 15 hours a week.

Then we covered atomic and molecular structure, bonding, and hybridization. That was the foundation of everything we studied, and it was good to get a basic understanding of why the rest of the things we learned in the course were true. That was not as labor intensive, but it still took about 15 hours a week.

We also covered freezing and boiling point changes in solutions (road salt), vapor pressure, and some similar things in the first semester.

There was a break for Thanksgiving during the first semester, and a longer one for Christmas. After Christmas, we studied reaction rates and then reviewed for the semester exam (mostly on our own, of course).

The rest of the course from then on was mostly about chemical equilibrium (most of our work on acids and bases was just an application of this). This could be tedious at times, but at least we covered it thoroughly. There are always lots of questions on it in the AP exam.

I probably spent at least 12 hours a week in this part of the course, not counting the lab experiments, which took several hours per week. However, towards the end of the course the workload got lighter and lighter. I'm a very slow, thorough, and thoughtful worker, so I'm sure I took longer than most people to get through everything. It probably only took most people about 12 hours a week, as an estimate.

At the end, we covered some basic stuff about electrochemistry (gold plating, for example). It was only early April when we finished, and we had a month until the exam. By then, the work was essentially over, and it was just a few simple lab experiments and some review. We were thoroughly prepared for the AP exam. The AP exam on May 15 was objectively pretty hard, but I sailed through it.

There was a huge amount of work. We did lots and lots of problems on everything, and at times the work could seem endless, especially on chemical equilibrium, stoichiometry, and gas laws. There may have been some overkill, although all the problems did help to solidify things. The web program where we did most of our assignments could be a pain sometimes, since it would mark some answers as wrong with small rounding errors or when an answer was case-sensitive. It also had two little bugs that sometimes erased the answers I was trying to submit. However, it was simple and efficient, and usually worked pretty well.

The teacher was helpful, and always answered questions, although occasionally the style of his explanations was a little different than what I was looking for. The teacher was helpful, but since this is an online course, the ability to teach oneself was very important. I actually learned most of the stuff in the course from the textbook, rather than from the outlines he gave us for everything.

After we had covered some basic material, we got our lab equipment kits mailed to us later in the first semester. We did lots of interesting lab experiments. Some were tedious, but they were all fun, and it was a valuable part of the course. Some of them were things that I had done before as homeschool science projects, but it was all real chemistry. It wasn't safety-paranoid, baking-soda-and-vinegar chemistry for kids. We did a lot of real, quantitative experiments.

The most elaborate one was where we decomposed hydrogen peroxide and collected the oxygen gas from it to measure the rate of reaction. Then we laboriously analyzed the data to determine the rate constant, and even the activation energy. We worked with a lot of toxic or unhealthful substances, and used strong acids and bases extensively. In another experiment we collected gas from a cigarette lighter (I bought it, since I don't smoke), determined its molecular formula, and burned it in a spectacular explosion. It was actually quite safe, but still fun.

In summary, it was a very comprehensive course that covered everything thoroughly in a timely manner and prepared me well for the AP exam. The teacher was quite competent and experienced, and the students were bright. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get college credit for General Chemistry, is a self-learner, and is a hard worker.

This is an absolutely fabulous course! posted by Natalie Webb on June 04 2007 at 18:53:24

The class was very thorough and I felt very well prepared for the exam without any outside material. It is a very challenging course that makes the exam feel like a breeze. It was also very helpful that Mr. Moskaluk included lots of practice tests so I was very comfortable with both the multiple choice section and the free-response section. Mr. Moskaluk was extremely helpful in answering my many questions, often getting back to me within the hour. Once he even made a spreadsheet to help me on one of the assignments! He has a very funny sense of humor, often including chemistry poems, cartoons, and pictures in the weekly assignments. The lab component was great! Mr. Moskaluk sent us huge boxes of all sorts of lab equipment and chemicals. He gave us very detailed instructions on how to use the lab equipment accurately (or was that precisely?) and was careful to give us advice in using the chemicals safely. It is such fun to look back in my lab notebook and see how much we did. One day when I was working on a lab, my dad picked up my lab notebook and was glancing through it. He said it was so much better than anything he ever had in college. He got good grades in chemistry because he could remember things for the test, but he was always lost in labs! Mr. Moskaluk's labs always made perfect sense after I had "chewed" on them for awhile, and they illustrated well the material we were learning in the textbook. All in all, if you're willing to work hard, this is a really fun course! Natalie Webb, Junior, Oklahoma

Excellent class! (lots of work) posted by Brittani Russell on June 04 2007 at 18:33:46

I really enjoyed the AP Chemistry class taught by Peter Moskaluk. I learned far more chemistry than I ever thought possible in one year, and felt very prepared for the AP test weeks in advance. The material was presented in an interesting way. Most of the assignments were online, so you can know immediate whethere or not you were doing the problems correctly and have a chance to find the holes in your knowledge of the material and correct them. Also, everything was assigned well in advance, so I always could fit the work into my busy life of college visits, work, and other activities.

The class was definitely intence, there were many days when I spent three or four hours on this class. However, if you are ready for this and feel confident that you can grasp the material after reading a textbook I strongly recommend the course! (I have always taught myself science, so this was not much different than usual, but it definitely is a must!!!) Peter Moskaluk is an excellent teacher; he really knows what he is talking about. He responds extremely quickly to any questions you might have on any of the assignments, no matter what time of day. This class not only prepared me well for the AP test, but also for any other chemistry classes I might be taking in college.

ooeey gooey goodness posted by Lillian Johnson on June 03 2007 at 23:47:03

This class is excellent. I have a couple of special praises, a caveat, and one displeasing thing to report. I felt that it was very easy to get help from Mr Moskaluk despite the online format, which was a little surprising for me. He explained things very clearly and the online assignments were usually just enough practice without becoming too long; it seemed like some of the AP-exclusive topics really weren't too difficult after we covered the topics in this class. A warning: it is easy to get behind in this class, and the coarse-load can very to the extremes from week to week, so be aware that slacking off any one week will come back to haunt you later on. And, my one problem with the class... it seems like we waited too long to start on the labs (several months) and had to crunch some of them in at the end. Also, several of the experiments are quite tricky to figure out without a teacher physically in the room. Overall, I highly recommend this class and feel that it is good for AP preparation.

Exceptional Teacher and Course posted by Michael Dowling on June 03 2007 at 23:40:11

* Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely. I felt like I received a VERY thorough knowledge of Chemistry. Mr. Moskaluk uses actual AP tests from previous years to prepare you for the AP, and I feel very confident that I scored very well on the AP exam. * How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Typically 12-14 hours per week depending on the difficulty of the week's assignments. (Labs for me took anywhere from 2-4 hours apiece, and there was approximately one lab per week.) * Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I loved the labs. They really worked, and I was able to learn many fundamental lab techniques, having fun at the same time. * Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Absolutely yes. I had previously been only interested in the Physics/Engineering side of science, but now, I am seriously considering Chemistry or Chemical Engineering (or double majoring). I absolutely loved this course! * Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Interesting, yes. Valuable, no. However, since my main communication was with my fantastic teacher (Mr. Moskaluk), this was not a drawback whatsoever. * What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who:

1. Wants one-on-one personal attention and a teacher who genuinely wants to see them succeed. 2. Wants the best lab situation I believe is currently available in home-school chemistry. 3. Wants to learn chemistry out of a very well written and interesting textbook supplemented by very fun, interesting exercises provided by an excellent teacher, Mr. Moskaluk.

Anyone who does not take Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry has really missed out on one of the best courses available anywhere. I know that you will enjoy it!

Outstanding course posted by Jenny R. on June 03 2007 at 20:31:04

* Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

YES. And at the same time I was prepared to ace the AP Chemistry exam, I received an excellent college-level chemistry education.

* How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? 10.

* Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? All the Webassigns (online worksheets!) were absolutely invaluable, and especially the Free Response Questions from past AP exams. Also, this course has a LIVE lab component, instead of "virtual" labs that many other online Chemistry courses use. Mr. Moskaluk provides students with the chemicals and equipment (which is returned at the end of the school year) to perform the labs that I might not have been able to obtain working on my own.

* Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? Absolutely. I went in expecting boring lessons about atoms and electrons... and while I DID learn about these things, there was so much more!

* Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? Yes. While I did not communicate directly with the other students, I frequently browsed the class forum when I had a question about an assignment. Often another student had asked the same question and I was able to learn from the responses.

* What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)? You must be willing to stick with it even when the going gets tough and put in the time for daily study and memorization. I highly recommend this course to any student who wishes to take an AP Chemistry course.

Finally, Mr. Moskaluk is an excellent teacher who always responded promptly and thoroughly to my many (and sometimes kind of blonde) questions.

Parent Review AP Chemistry posted by David Campbell on July 03 2006 at 14:30:42

Peter Moskaluk did an excellent job preparing his students for the AP Chemistry exam. They worked hard, but were very well prepared for the exam. What made this class most exciting was that Mr. Moskaluk included many applications of the concepts in the class to real world applications. For a subject like Chemistry it is difficult to make the subject matter fun, but he was able to include some "chemistry" cartons, poems, and fun facts. I would highly recommend this class to college bound high schoolers.

Parent Review AP Chemistry posted by David Campbell on July 03 2006 at 14:30:06

Peter Moskaluk did an excellent job preparing his students for the AP Chemistry exam. They worked hard, but were very well prepared for the exam. What made this class most exciting was that Mr. Moskaluk included many applications of the concepts in the class to real world applications. For a subject like Chemistry it is difficult to make the subject matter fun, but he was able to include some "chemistry" cartons, poems, a fun facts. I would highly recommend this class to college bound high schoolers.

Great preparation! posted by Joann Boston on June 09 2006 at 16:12:39

This was my toughest course all year, yet one of the best. I highly recommend that interested students have a good basic chemistry course first, and good math skills. I had to spend about the recommended amount of time for the course each week, and students should plan accordingly.

That being said, this course is perfectly suited to the AP exam. Throughout the entire year, Mr. Moskaluk distributed old exams, practice questions similar to the exam, and even two full actual AP Chemistry exams. By the time May arrived, I knew exactly what I was doing and felt confident that I would receive a good score. Sometimes you may feel as if you have no idea where you're going or how something is applicable, but if you have the courage to keep going, everything eventually falls into place and you will gain a good understanding.

Even if you are having trouble, Mr. Moskaluk is always willing to help and accommodate your needs. Whenever I had a question, it would almost always be answered within the same day.

In addition to the AP preparation, I found the lab parts of the course very valuable, especially for homeschooled students with limited resources to equipment. Though it's not exactly a real lab, you receive some basic tools and equipment and get a good idea of how they work and how to perform good experiments.

All in all, this course definitely got me ready for the exam, and though it was hard at times, it could also be enjoyable and interesting. If you feel ready to take on the challenge, this course will be perfect for you!

AP Chem posted by James Pang on May 28 2006 at 19:10:14

Mr. Moskaluk was a fine teacher, and the course and his teaching definitely helped me to feel prepared for the exam. There is, however, a lot of work involved, and it takes alot of organization in order to take the course itself, let alone prepare for the test. In the beginning of the year, I had quite a hard time with handing in work on time because I did not organize the workload during the week. But as the class went on, the course became much easier, just because I organized better.

As mentioned before, the type of student that should take this course is one who enjoys chemistry and organizes schoolwork well. He/she must be willing to work really hard, because this is one of the harder AP courses I've taken.

Excellent Course! posted by Elizabeth K on May 28 2006 at 17:51:47

This class was a great look at advanced chemistry. Even though a lot of people think of chemistry as a dull subject, Mr. Moskaluk made the class very fun and actually kept us laughing enough to absorb all of the information we needed for the test. Mr. Moskaluk always responded to my questions quickly and the Web Assign portion of the assignments worked very well. I want to study chemistry in college, so I enjoyed the subject already, but this class was thoroughly enjoyable and very rigorous. I self studied one other advanced chemistry course last year, and this one was far more in depth. Great explanations, lots of laughs, and excellent assignments--I can't imagine a better chemistry course.

Excellent Course posted by Elizabeth K on May 28 2006 at 17:48:01

posted by Jessica LeClair on May 24 2006 at 12:35:09

Dear Brave Souls,

(The length of my comments is a reflection of my deep attachment to this course.)

I embarked on my AP Chemistry adventure with trepidation. However, my concerns were unfounded. While I admit the material was challenging, I found a very supportive and helpful guide in Mr. Moskaluk (and his lovely wife). Mr. Moskaluk always made himself available to answer my countless questions and often went above and beyond his normal responsibilities as teacher. One morning I asked him how he would recommend making flash cards for a particular subject and he answered that afternoon with a complete set of flashcards he had created himself. His enthusiasm and quirky personality made the class (which could have been pure drudgery, as I learned from my previous chemistry class) one of my favorite courses. I was actually excited in the morning to wake up and tackle my problem set for chemistry.

That isn’t to say you won’t have to work hard. AP Chemistry requires a serious commitment of time and energy. The material is difficult and often the concepts are hard to grasp. To really get the most out of the course, you have to be willing to pursue other sources beyond your textbook and keep working problems until you really understand the material.

Although one student and I worked together on occasion on homework assignments via AIM, I had little other contact with the students in the course. While there was a message board on the site, rarely was a forum open where we could discuss problems or just chat. It was disappointing to know so little of my fellow students tackling the course alongside me. In Mr. Moskaluk’s defense, this was the first time he had offered this course. So, some of the kinks were still being worked out. Though, I was impressed at how few kinks there were given the circumstances. Also, in numerous other AP courses, I have also been disappointed by the lack of interaction between students.

Finally, on the topic of course preparation, I think the course prepared me well for the exam. Mr. Moskaluk thoughtfully concluded much of our course work several weeks before the test, giving us extra time to review. His insistence on doing countless practice tests, while a pain, in the end proved helpful. The strength of this course is in its excellent preparation for the FRQ (Free Response Question) section of the test. In this section, you are required to work various problems and show your work. The majority of our homework assignments were structured this way and we were further exposed to the format through the many, many, many practice tests we took. I didn’t feel as well prepared for the multiple-choice section. The multiple-choice questions require you to understand a concept and apply it to a new situation. Again, in Mr. Moskaluk’s defense, applying concepts has always been a difficult area for me.

Overall, the course is excellent. You will have to work hard, but Mr. Moskaluk is always there to encourage, support, and guide you. As a previously chemistry-phobic individual, I can speak to all of those who might shy away from this course. If you are willing to apply yourself and take advantage of Mr. Moskaluk’s expertise, this course is nothing to be afraid of!

Jessy LeClair