Comments from previous (college) students about Mrs. Hawkins

(Note – while I can’t forward private email messages sent to me, I can send send samples of my actual “Student Opinion Polls” if you request, so you can check their veracity.  In fact, if you want, you can name the quarter (season and year) and I’ll send you what I have, so you can see if my selections reproduced below are typical or out of the ordinary.  I will tell you up front that I do receive occasional negative comments from students, but these are almost always involve complaints about too much work.  To be honest with you, if I don’t receive the occasional complaint about the workload, I reevaluate the course! 

Email messages from US History and Western humanities students:

Professor Hawkins,


I think you are one history professor I could sit and learn from forever - I appreciate the way you say things, your heart, your passion, your knowledge, and I am so much the better for it after your class. Eight weeks ago, I would never have imagined saying that a history course could be my favorite course of all time, but now, I can say it without hesitation. I LEARNED a great deal under your tutelage and it has indeed caused me to view life - news - society - myself - in a different way, and for that alone, I am extremely grateful…


Tracy R




I am not sure if you did this on purpose but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the way that you graded my first paper. Most professors spend a considerable amount of time letting me know what I did wrong on the paper and include a quick comment on what I did right and how I should be thankful that I did not fail.


You on the other hand let me know what I did wrong in very specific areas, and then you spent just as much time on what I did right. You have no idea how truly helpful that is. I feel very encouraged and excited about writing my next paper, because I know that you are going to help "teach" me how to become a better student of history.


I thank you and wanted to let you know that I appreciate your grading style.


God bless,

Kevin R



     I enjoyed your class very much.. The lectures you added were very informative and helped me to transition to online classes. I am so happy you were my first online teacher because you were proficient and engaging. You convey your love for the topic through all your extra work which helps to draw the student in to the class...Thank you.

      Cynthia M



I want to thank you for an enjoyable semester.  Your first lecture had 
me doubtful on how you could make learning the history fun.  You more 
than succeeded!  I found myself looking forward to your lectures and 
was disappointed in the weeks when one was not provided.  You have a 
true gift at keeping it interesting and people interested.  I do hope 
that our paths cross again.  Thank you again.

Heather L


Professor Hawkins,


I am on vacation in San Antonio, TX, full of history. We have been able to see some of the missions

with the artwork. I have taken a special interest in them and appreciated them in a different way.

Also, we were able to see a Shakespeare in the Park production of Romeo and Juliet. It was very hot,

but very worth while.


Just wanted you to know that your class has really made a difference in my life and my appreciation

of the arts and history.


Thank you,

Ruby S



(in response to an email I sent him about his online comments…)

Professor Hawkins-  Thank you.  I did put some thought into my response, and after dinner tonight with my wife have more to say!  We'll see how the class takes my ideas!

This has been quite a class, honestly I was dreading it!  And you've made history real!





Hi Professor Hawkins,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that the experience I have
had in week 1 of this class is surprisingly refreshing. I absolutely
love your style of how learning should be. I get so frustrated listening
to all the cookie-cutter monotonous audio lecture files that could have
easily been recreated with a computer generated voice. There's no
passion or conviction in those lectures, and in the end I forget them as
soon as I hear them. When I listen to your custom lecture audio files, I
can hear how much you love it. It makes me want to know what you are
talking about. For a moment, I almost thought I was actually in a
classroom with you in front of me. You are only the second Professor
that I have been fortunate enough to come across in the past 2 years
that honestly love what your class is about, and has taken the time to
create a learning experience that will most likely enrich your students,
not just for the class, but for a lifetime.

So, for what I have experienced so far in Week 1, and what I am about to
experience in the following 10 weeks, I thank you. I really do. And I
hope I am fortunate enough to have you as a Professor in my future
online classes.

Best regards,
Cliffton C



Student Opinion Poll Results, Summer 2010: Student Comments

Course: HUM100024016, Introduction to Art, Music & Literature

Region: Strayer Online Campus: Strayer Online

Instructor: HAWKINS, LISA A

Do you have any additional comments regarding the instructor?

§ Professor Hawkins was an outstanding professor and made the class worth taking. I learned alot

and appreciate all of her efforts.

§ It was a joy, honor, and privilege to have Professor Hawkins as my instructor. She is one the best

instructors I have ever had both at Strayer and previous institutions. She is knowledgeable and

provides clear directions on what is expected each week. Her passion for her work shines through

and she presents the information in a way that is lively and engaging. This is an important quality

when teaching a class others may find dull. I love classical music and enjoyed this class, thanks in

large part to Prof. Hawkins.

§ This professor has a real love of this subject which she conveys effectively to her students.

Do you have any additional comments regarding the course?

§ I enjoyed this class.

§ I would definitely recommend this instructor to my fellow students.


Student Opinion Poll Results, Summer 2010: Student Comments

Course: HUM100047016, Introduction to Art, Music & Literature

Region: Strayer Online Campus: Strayer Online

Instructor: HAWKINS, LISA A

Do you have any additional comments regarding the instructor?

§ She is very enthusiastic about the subject. She is so passionate about the subject that is sure to

have a lot of converts just based on her love alone for the subject matter. She is very respectful and

understanding. I 've never spoken to her by telephone, only contact was through email. Just from

listening to her voice on some of the lectures lets me know that she is someone whom everybody

would like her. I enjoyed being a part of her class.

§ There should be other instructors of this caliber on your staff, instead of some of the shrewd, and

unwilling people that Strayer University do employ.

§ She is a lot of fun to listen to for the lectures. She seems very enthusiastic about this subject and it

become contagious.

Do you have any additional comments regarding the course?

§ Even though I've never been crazy about literature, the art and music part of the course was very

interesting. I discovered


Do you have any additional comments regarding the instructor?

§ Great experience for my first class on- line.

§ Keep up the great work

§ Our teach was very passionate about the subject material and she had a desire to really get us

engaged with the arts. That means a lot in the world today.

§ Professor Hawkins has made history tolerable. She should teach more. If we all had history

porfessors like her perhaps there would be a greater love of history

§ She was a great instructor. She knew the material very well and was available anytime for


§ The instructor is a brilliant and persuasive writer in her own right. It's certainly not her fault that I am

an Art, Music, and Literature dunce. This is one course where I would most appreciate a *normal*

classroom setting as I rarely meet people of her intelligence level.

Do you have any additional comments regarding the course?

§ Great book, a good synopsis.

§ While I understand the *breadth* requirements, this is one sector where I don't care to be

*broadened*. Because I don't *feel* the emotion ascribed to an artist while I view/listen to the work

indicated, it is difficult not to dismiss the entire concept as hogwash. However, Ms Hawkins

probably has a better chance of *selling* this Eskimo a refrigerator than most others. I go now to

attempt what, for me, is the impossible. listening classical music and critically viewing paintings in a

(probably) vain exercise in deriving insight and understanding of the artists. Once again, I take this

course ONLY because it is required. It is this type of *non-essential* course


Do you have any additional comments regarding the instructor?

§ This instructor is very passionate about what she is teaching and has given all of us a opportunity to

look at art in a different light.

§ Professor Hawkins has shown her love for this subject and for teaching by the way she presented

the course it was more of a journey than just taking a class. I do appreciate the amount of time and

effort she has spent preparing for this course her personal touch is definitely obvious. Her teaching

style should serve as a model for other instructors.

§ Thank you for your understanding and consideration

§ This Course and Professor has enriched my cultural experience about history and has created a

quest for further knowledge in this area.

§ Professor Hawkins is an awesome instructor. Although this was an online course it was presented

and taught extremely well. This has been the most challenging and rewarding class I have taken up

to this point at Strayer. I feel that I have learned so much more about history and I am excited to

take what I have learned and apply it in the future whether visiting a museum and looking at art and

sculptures or reading more history.

Do you have any additional comments regarding the course?

§ I have to say bravo for coming up with the final paper it is new but it is refreshing.