AP Class Reviews

English Language taught by Lili Serbicki

by Students and Parents

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Thank you! posted by Josh Butts on June 02 2012 at 22:59:54

I think that the course was a good preparation for the exam.  I generally spent about four hours per week on the work - however this depended upon the week's specific assignment.  The timed essays which we regularly completed were perhaps my favorite part of the class. I think that they prepared me not only for the exam, but also improved my other schoolwork and helped me with the SAT.  I have grown to enjoy writing more as a result of taking this course, and I believe that writing comes easier for me now that I have completed it.  I enjoyed conversations with other students on the webboard, although I didn't take full advantage of the skype chats.  I would definitely recommend this course to friends who enjoy reading and discussing literature.

Thank you! posted by Josh Butts on June 02 2012 at 22:55:06

AP Language and Compisition posted by Arielle Labiner on May 21 2012 at 01:22:00

I am in 10th grade and just finished the AP Language and Compisition course. My writing skills have improved greatly and I was well prepared for the AP exam! This course was challenging but not impossible. The teacher, Mrs. Serbicki, was extremely helpful and willing to discuss and answer any question that I had. Her feedback was specific and in depth. I can't wait to take another AP course next year!

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Rock! posted by Hannah Swan on May 19 2012 at 01:31:04

This AP course was the first one I took and it left a wonderful impression on me. I am not scared to continue taking AP courses in the future due to the fantastic teacher, helpful feedback, and rewarding accomplishments. Throughout the course I was constantly challenged and required to work hard, however in the end I grew tremendously in my writing abilities. Also, we did many timed essays to practice for the final exam as well as many weeks of vocabulary/literary devices review. All of this, in addition to my teacher Mrs. Serbicki, helped me feel calm and confident when I took the exam. Thank you Pennsylvania Homeschoolers and thank you Mrs. Serbicki!