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Psychology Class by Bonnie Gonzalez

by Students and Parents

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Fun, educational class! posted by Priya Stepp on May 17 2012 at 18:14:11

AP Psychology is a great course!! It was never boring and I learned so much. One thing I loved about the course is that I can apply so much of it to my own life. A lot of people think about schoolwork, “But I’m never going to use it in REAL LIFE! It’s just not applicable!” but this course is a break from that. So here’s my “real” review…

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Oh goodness yes, it definitely did! I’m the kind of person who is always nervous over huge tests and will spend the last 15 minutes before it reviewing random concepts haha, but for this AP exam I was only a little apprehensive. The two-week (SUPER INTENSIVE!) review Mrs. G led was so valuable (though be prepared to spend at least four hours a day on Psych) for the exam, and the bi-weekly essays we wrote were very similar in style to the AP exam’s FRQs. We also had weekly quizzes that kept us on top of our work. ;)

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? I usually spent about an hour and forty-five minutes on Psychology per day. That probably sounds like a lot, but I reviewed as I went and took my time reading since there’s a lot stuffed into each chapter. That also includes a weekly assignment which varied each week and weekly psychology chats. Also, that time includes studying for the quizzes/tests that we had each week. I did psychology on weekends too to get everything done and understood well, but for probably only half an hour both days.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? My favorite assignment would definitely be the research project. We had to design our own scientific study to investigate some aspect of psychology and create, carry out, gather data, and write a scientific report about it. Not only was it very interesting (and time-consuming), but it also taught me a lot about what to do – and what not to do – in designing a study and it felt pretty neat doing a semi-professional writeup at the end. :)

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? Haha yes it did – before this course I didn’t know anything about psychology principles except reverse psychology (which we didn’t even study haha). While I’m not going into psychology, I absolutely loved learning about it – it was NEVER boring, there was always something new and interesting – and I enjoy applying psychological principles to my family’s behavior now – and making my little siblings crack up when I say they’re showing the foot-in-the-door phenomen or the door-in-the-face phenomenon (and yes, those are actual things haha). It’s really quite fun. :P

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of classmate interaction in this class. Those of us who came to the weekly chats interacted and had a good time, but there wasn’t a lot in the class overall. We would post on the class wwwboard and hold little discussions but I can’t say that I know my classmates well. However, one of my other APs was AP English with Mrs. Inspektor and by the very nature of the class it’s SO interactive, so perhaps I’m comparing it to that!

What sort of student would do well in the course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they’re willing to work hard)? I would definitely recommend it. I learned so much, and Mrs G is an amazing teacher. She really cares, will respond to any questions – whether they’re about a concept or an assignment – usually fairly quickly. Oh, and while I spent a lot of time per week on the class (probably 12 hours, and about 28 per week for the 2 weeks before the exam) you definitely don’t need to spend that much time on it. You could probably do quite well with just an hour a day or so. The only thing I’d say about the class is that toward the beginning I was a little confused about what I needed to do and Mrs. G seemed a little disorganized, but that faded quickly as I realized what was expected and as the first month wore on. And of course, when I wasn’t sure about things, I wouldn’t hesitate to email Mrs. G and she’d patiently answer my questions.

GREAT class! :)

A Great Psychology Overview posted by Andrew Rock on May 14 2012 at 19:45:33

Overall, this is an excellent class. I was very ready for the exam, and learned so much over the course of the year. If you decide to take it, be aware that Psychology does take lots of time-expect to spend at least an hour a day on the work, not counting extras such as the Web Board and chats, along with random assignments. If you are a student who enjoys reading, and can learn well from this medium, you are a good fit for this class. Should you find that you do better with face-to-face interaction, obviously an online class such as this one is not for you.

Mrs. Gonzalez has, overall, been a very good teacher. She will reply promptly to any questions you have, and help you work through any difficulties you encounter. Her lectures are interesting and informative. However, at the beginning of the year, the class was not organized or consistent. It was very frustrating trying to figure out what to expect, and the assignments would sometimes change without warning. This did not last however, the class became more organized, and you will learn to enjoy it.

All in all, if you are interested in Psychology, this is a great opportunity to learn it in an fascinating way.

Inside the Human Mind posted by Laura Gagliano on May 17 2010 at 14:46:48

  • Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? - Definately, it was easy to remember key concepts and the chats were especially helpful.
  • How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? - It depends, in a normal week maybe 4-5 hours, but towards the end of the course when the test was around the corner I was studying maybe 7 hours a day!
  • Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? - Definately, it's amazing to learn these things and realized that it explains phenomena and every day occurances you would never even have thought to question.
  • Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? - The essays are very very helpful so you go in knowing that you don't need to focus on a well-thought out intro and conclusion and literary flourishes, that the graders are more interested in straight psychological knowledge and application of said knowledge in practical life.
  • Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? - Yes, it was good to collaborate and challenge other students during the chats.
  • What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?  - Someone who has an interest in the way things work or how we think would love this class, and yes, I'd definately recommend it to someone who has their goal in mind and has an internal locus of control. You'll learn what that means if you take the class ;).
  • Enjoy AP Psych!

    AP Psych is a great class! posted by Nina Lanctot on May 14 2010 at 11:44:23

    AP Psychology is a great class.  Mrs. Gonzales is a very committed teacher who cares a lot about each of her students.  She is easily available to answer questions, offer encouragement or clarify material.  She also is great about scheduling weekly chats that highlight supporting websites and concepts.  The text book used for the class is excellent.  It is one of the more readable texts I have ever been assigned and I always really enjoyed reading it.  The work is nicely managed—I didn’t ever feel overwhelmed by the work load, although at times, it did seem there was quite a bit of memorization.  I enjoyed the subject a lot and I learned many practical applications that I have constantly seem to use in everyday experience.  Mrs. G. also provides almost daily lectures to supplement the reading.  Sometimes I did find it difficult to keep up with those and maybe wish they could be condensed to more of a weekly guide than daily; however, the content of these lectures were always pertinent.  I would recommend this class to everyone!  Psychology should be a required course for all high school students as the material it covers can be beneficial in developing healthy relationships with others, as well as with yourself!  =)

    Mrs. G's AP Psychology posted by Noemi Hormann on May 11 2010 at 17:52:12

    Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

    Yes I did. I believe that the class covered the material very well and thoroughly. I was acquainted with all of hte material on the exam.

    How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

    I spent an average of a little less than an hour a day on this class

    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

    Although I did not enjoy them, the tests and quizzes that we had to take every week were very good practice for the exam.

    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

    Yes. I knew hardly anything about psychology when I started out. This course was basically an introduction to all the different areas of psychology that are out there, and it certainly piqued my interest.

    Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

    Yes. There were many times throughout the course when we needed to provide examples, ask questions, tell stories on the main forum. I learned a lot from the other students, and it was certainly an enjoyable part of the class.

    What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

    The sort of student that would do well in this class is someone who is willing to interact with the other students and the class regularly. You definitely have to keep on the ball, because our homework is sent to us on a day-by-day rather than week-by-week basis. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone, but especially those interested in psychology.

    Great class! posted by Melanie Bertotto on May 26 2009 at 11:24:12

    1. How well prepared did you feel you were for the exam?

    I felt like the reading, chats, quizzes and essays, as well as the various other assignments prepared me for the exam.

    2. What might have helped you be more prepared? More quizzes? More practice essays? Different assignments?

    The weekly quizzes and essays were great preparation for the exam and although I wouldn’t add any more I definitely wouldn’t take any away. The research project and various assignments (medieval brain) were beneficial as well.

    3. Do you have any suggestions for improving the course for next year?

    A little more web board interaction and more DQs.

    4. How helpful were the chats and extra assignments (questionnaires, abstracts on the articles, web board questions)?

    The chats were especially helpful and should be a part of every AP class!!

    5. Were there any particularly meaningful assignments, ones that were your favorites?

    I enjoyed working on the research project.

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share with respect to this class: value of friendships, value of responses to the essays, value of the input from other students or from me?

    My classmates were kind and helpful, I valued our interaction in the chats and was glad to share this class with such interesting people. Mrs. G is a wonderful teacher with a passion for pyschology. Thanks!

    Lovely class! posted by Emma Manning on May 13 2009 at 13:41:22

    Did I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?

    Oh yes. Through lectures, activities, and weekly chats, Mrs. G makes sure we know everything pretty thoroughly :) We also finished the book a few weeks before the AP exam, leaving plenty of time to review.

    [skipping next question because I didn't really keep track of how much time I put in, sorry.]

    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

    Am I allowed to say all of them? Well, the weekly chats were wonderful, though I don't know if they count as an assignment...Basically, a standard week would consist of reading half a chapter, doing an MCQ quiz, and writing an essay, and then Mrs. G would also often come up with some other assignment related to the material we were covering, which could be quite fun. One of them, for example, involved buying a bag of M&Ms, which we later got to eat ;)

    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

    Hmm...Well, I went into the class thinking psychology would be fun, so there wasn't much room for enhancement, but...yeah, I think it managed it :)

    Did you find your communication with other students to be interesting or valuable?

    YESYESYESYESYES. I know I've already mentioned the weekly chats, but I'll say again, those were great both for learning and for interacting with classmates and having fun. This class's website is also unique in that, in addition to the WWWBoard they all have for discussion, there is also a "Social Board" where we enjoyed arguing about everything from politics to philosophy to Twilight ;) I definitely became closer to my psych class than I have to any other online class I've taken.

    What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard)?

    I would definitely recommend it to any student even vaguely interested in psychology. If you're very social, this is a particularly good pick for you. If you're not, though, you'll still do just fine, as the extra socialization is by no means required.

    Ok, I know I've spent a bit too much of this review talking about the socialization and the fun, so I'll just repeat in conclusion that that's not all there is. Educationally speaking, it's also a wonderful class, and I've learned a lot.

    Great class! posted by Anna Eichner on May 18 2007 at 17:02:55

    One of the best things about this class was Mrs. Gonzalez’s timely feedback. She always graded assignments quickly, and had great comments. I definitely felt prepared for the AP exam, particularly because of the couple weeks of solid review beforehand. The bookwork finished in April, so we had plenty of time to remember what we’d learned!

    I usually spent between one to two hours per day doing the assignments. The workload was not overwhelming at all, but it didn’t let me get bored either. My favorite part of the class was designing a research project and administering my own survey.

    Great class!!!! posted by Jami Acker on May 18 2007 at 11:59:34

    I really loved this AP psych class, and I would highly recommend the course to anyone willing to work hard and wanting to interact online.

    Mrs. Gonzalez did a thorough job preparing us for the AP exam. Anytime I had trouble understanding a concept, she immediately worked with me, sending me questions and examples until I felt confident.

    Mrs. G also was very encouraging throughout the year with positive feedback on papers and kind words in her emails and psych outs.

    Because the material is so interesting, I read the text as fast as possible, but with psych outs, essays, and projects, I probably spent 1-2 hours per day on Psychology.

    My favorite assignment was constructing a brain website to aid myself and the other students in reviewing this part of the body. This course definitely enhanced my interest in the subject particularly because Mrs. G's love for psychology was so apparent and consequently contagious!

    A superb class! posted by Brittany Weigle on May 17 2007 at 23:32:59

    I would highly recommend Mrs. Gonzalez's AP Psychology class to anyone who is looking for a challenging and thorough course. Mrs. Gonzalez was always available if I had any questions and she made sure that I understood all the material.

    You will enjoy the on-line “Psych Out” sessions because they show how the material that you learned in each chapter could be used in "real life". My favorite assignments were the experiment/interview project and the diagnosis paper. Now that I have completed both papers, I find myself reading and interpreting news articles from a different perspective.

    To get the full benefit of this class, you must participate in every Psych Out and review session and answer each set of web-board questions: each helps to cement in the new (and old) information. You also must set aside at least 1-2 hours on the weekend to review the chapter, take the chapter test and write your timed (27 minutes) essay.

    With all that said, I felt very confident and calm when I took the AP Psychology exam yesterday. I am convinced that Mrs. Gonzalez’s thorough teaching, reviews, special test preparation and guidance throughout the year helped me immensely. Thank you, Mrs. Gonzalez, for making this such an interesting class!!!