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The teacher was very good and provided her students with great articles to read (one of which actually ended up helping me in my competitive debating which was cool) and videos to watch and was very helpful. The assignments were suitably challenging and the overall atmosphere of the class was great.



AP English Language

On-Line for the 2016-2017 School Year

Teacher: Mrs.Alexandra McGee



What is Freedom and What is it For?

While learning how to write and analyze college level writing students will also explore the meaning of freedom to act in this world.

In this AP English Language and Composition class the student will learn close reading of texts at home and participate in weekly discussions online (synchronous and/or asynchronous) on chat boards or in "typing" chats that will include the study of voice, tone, mood, rhetorical devices, Aristotelian appeals and argument, Multiple Choice practice and all three AP Exam essay types: Rhetorical Analysis Essay, Argument Essay, Synthesis Essay. Practice essays and skill development assignments, along with regular revisions, will facilitate learning for students to write creatively and critically.

Reading will include texts by Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, as well as poets, presidents and other interesting people. Videos will include TED talks, interviews and Writing Instruction videos. Frequent Time, Economist, Newsweek and NY Times articles will fill out the reading. Students will choose several novels to read for the Fiction and Philosophy Module.

Weekly assignments include personal responses to instructional or persuasive videos and readings, analysis of texts, free response essays and multiple choice practice.

Module I: Rhetorical Analysis Essay – Analyze rhetorical strategies:  tone, rhetorical devices, and Aristotelian appeals

Module II: Fiction and Philosophy - Understand presuppositions and development of ideas

Module III: Argument Essay - Understand the development of a thesis that addresses antitheses with persuasive claims, evidence and reasoning (taught with a view toward preparation for the AP Seminar course, part of the Capstone Diploma)

Module IV: : Synthesis Essay: Reading in the Arts and Sciences in order to understand and engage with opposing arguments, finding a synthesis of ideas that brings progress for all. (Taught with a view toward preparation for the AP Research course - part of the Capstone Diploma)

More info on the Capstone Diploma:


Module V: Review and Research Paper - Whole Practice Test  - 5 page research paper using synthesis paper model of writing

Welcome to Mrs. McGee's 2016-2017 class. I first taught AP English at an international school in Turkey as well as online for students living overseas. Teaching at Pennsylvania Homeschoolers has been a wonderful introduction to the hardworking, crazy talented and extremely busy world of the American population of homeschoolers. I still have some students from outside the US as well. For this reason I will be offering synchronous class times at very early and late hours, as well as in the middle of the day. There will be 10 possible times to join the class each week, as well as an asynchronous chat board to attend if the student cannot make it to a "typing chat" class session. There will be also be audio chat sessions available for those who prefer it.

Percentages of College Board reported scores for Mrs. McGee's 2015-2016 AP English Lang and Comp class:  

Mrs. McGee's CLASS:

41% - 5

31% - 4

15% - 3

13% - 2

0% - 1

COLLEGE BOARD worldwide 2016 scores: English Language and Composition 

10.6% - 5

17.5% - 4

27.2% - 3

32.1% - 2

12.6% - 1


Read these course critiques by students to self select yourself in this class:

 Also see reviews at the bottom of this page. 

Mrs. McGee's training and education: BA English UC Berkeley, MA Humanities Cal State Dominguez Hills, CELTA Cambridge University, AP English Lang and Comp Instructor training UCLA extension.

Personal interests: I love spending time with my 5 grown kids (4 are married and one is still in college at Biola University). My oldest (daughter) and her husband have a music school, my second (daughter) and her husband just finished building a tiny home, my third (son) and his wife biked the length of the Western coast of the United States in three weeks last year and then trekked across Europe from Portugal to Turkey on trains for three months this year. My fourth (son) is a successful marketing and sales manager at the same business where my husband works in sales. My son just married his beautiful fiance who is a new graduate from Biola (Suma cum laude in Chemistry). My youngest (daughter) is studying music and psychology and wants to do research in music therapy and eventually open a clinic. I have four grandkids too, ages 3 and under. They teach me to wonder all over again! 

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Cost: $650 early bird price before July 1

         $675 July 1 and later

Classroom Capacity:

Full year course (32 weeks) Sept - May

Full year Flexible (14 weeks) Sept - May

Fall Intensive (14 weeks) Sept - Nov

Spring Intensive (14 weeks) Feb - May


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