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Put simply, I walked into that AP test room with a 110% assurance that I knew the material.  And by “knew” I don’t mean memorized or something paltry like that.  I mean “knew” as in I understood it, could apply it and could absolutely, positively ace the exam. 

eBook Publishing

On-Line for Summer 2020

Teacher: Rebekah Lang


Course Description and Goals: Have you spent your covid-19 indoor hours writing? Do you have notebooks full of haiku or a thumbdrive full of short stories? Or perhaps you’re more comfortable with technical subjects and are constantly explaining how things work to friends and family? Are you an eBook reader interested in creating content instead of simply consuming it? Or perhaps you want a new way to earn money from your epic popularity on social media? Or maybe you just want to give your grandmother something to brag about? Publishing an Amazon Kindle eBook could be a great option for you! In my course, students from grades 6-12 will publish their own Kindle eBooks on Amazon step by step. We won’t spend much time writing--I’m leaving the content up to you! Instead, we’ll focus on the technical skills needed to create, edit, publish, and promote your eBook on Amazon!  By the end of this course, you will publish your own eBook! Here's a quick example that I created just to show you what yours could look like when published (excuse the content, I used what I had readily available).

We will have a one hour live meetings each week on Zoom (Tuesday at 10 am). During these meetings, I will review assigned material, teach key concepts, and encourage collaboration through discussions and practice activities. Throughout the week, you will access the assignments and participate in asynchronous discussions through Schoology. While the assignments are not graded, I will encourage students to keep up with the work weekly to get the most out of this experience. We can also communicate via email.

This class is a non-credit enrichment class. Your final proof of learning will be your published eBook. However, the skills learned here could serve as a foundation for a culminating project for another subject! If you would like to integrate this coursework into another for-credit class, please email me. I am happy to collaborate!

Materials Needed: 

Course Scheduling: We will meet live on Zoom on Tuesdays from 10 - 11 am ET. I will record the Zoom meetings for those unable to attend live. The course will run from August 3rd through 28th (4 weeks!). The coursework and meetings could take as little as 3 hours per week or much more if students wish to write new content for their eBook.

Tuition: $200

No Application Required! All students 6th grade and up are welcome! Parents, if you want to learn to publish your younger children’s work too, you’re welcome to sign up too! If you’re interested in enrolling in this course, you can sign up by paying course tuition here. **I expect a minimum of 10 students to run this course.

Teaching Qualifications: In addition to teaching AP computer science courses online for PA Homeschoolers for the past three school years and teaching English from grades 5-12 in a wide variety of schools settings, I also have relevant professional experience in eBook publishing. I have written two published books for Prestwick House, Inc. and I have ghost-written and edited a Kindle eBook which debuted as an Amazon #1 best seller in its category (email me for the specific title). 

Education: In addition to earning my BA in English from Grove City College, I also have a MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University, a certificate from Penn State University Lehigh Valley for teaching English Language Learners, various state teaching certifications for NJ and PA, and educator certifications from various tech companies. Recently, I have attended CSpd week once, the annual CSTA conference twice, and a weeklong AP CSP Summer Learning Institute. I have also participated in Cooperative Learning Research for Computer Science Principles.

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