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The teacher was very good and provided her students with great articles to read (one of which actually ended up helping me in my competitive debating which was cool) and videos to watch and was very helpful. The assignments were suitably challenging and the overall atmosphere of the class was great.



AP Environmental Science

On-Line for the 2020-2021 School Year

Teacher: Dr. Terrianne Lavin


Updated 6/17/2020 - by Terrianne Lavin, Ph.D. & Jennette Driscoll, BS (dual)

AP Environmental Science

Registration: Open for 2020-2021.  To register, use this link and select APES:

Update to Instructor information. I am happy to announce an additional resource for APES - I would like to introduce Jennette Driscoll. Jennette has agreed to join me in co-teaching APES, so students will have the benefit of two experienced instructors. Our bios are below.

Instructor Information Jennette Driscoll:

I received a Bachelor’s in Linguistics from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Delaware. This will be my first year teaching with Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. Prior to this, I worked with a dual appointment as a Research Assistant at Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children in the Center for Applied Clinical Genomics, Human Genetics Research Lab, and in the Speech Research Lab, where I was part of teams investigating chromosome 15 duplications in autism and chromosome 3 genetic relationships to unexplained speech delays. I left Nemours about twelve years ago, and shortly afterward began homeschooling my two children. We soon built our own home lab, for although I was no longer engaged in publishing research, giving my kids a foundation in understanding how science works was a priority. Before long, I was teaching local co-op classes in the history of science as well as labs in chemistry, biology, and genetics. My kids are veterans of studying AP-level classes with me at home, and I am excited to join PA Homeschoolers to extend my teaching experience further.

I look forward to getting to know you in the APES class this year!



Instructor Information Terrianne Lavin:

Currently, I am an adjunct professor at the University of Delaware. I have a Ph.D. in Climatology and an MS in Geography from the University of Delaware and a BS in Meteorology from the University of Kansas. I have more than 20 years of experience developing and teaching climatology, physical geography, and environmental science courses at two institutions: University of Delaware (UD) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

I became an adjunct professor when I had children and since, I have enjoyed many years of homeschooling by teaching both my own two children and many of their homeschooled friends. This semester, my homeschool group is learning how to research and write like a scientist. In the past, I have taught this group Meteorology with a lab, Conservation of Natural Resources, and Geography of Infectious Disease.

I look forward to the opportunity to bring science and leadership to mentoring, advising, and teaching environmental science, with equity and inclusion, to a diverse homeschool population. I do this by creating space for my students to explore environmental science, sustainability, and policy concepts in-depth while encouraging independent, diverse, and respectful discourse. I always seek new ways to educate via creating new courses and exploring innovative teaching methods including video and online courses.

Text Required: Friedland/Relyea, Environmental Science for AP®, 2e LaunchPad - an online text and course. After the class opens, you will be able to directly purchase material from publisher.

Technical Requirements:

Who Should Apply:

The course is open to students in 10th through 12th grades. All students should be prepared for a college-level course and be ready to commit at least 8 hours a week to this course. Completion of high school level Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra I are required before taking AP Environmental Science.

Course Schedule: September 2020-May 2021 (more details will come as soon as textbook is determined)

Course Format: Classes will meet weekly for 1 to 1.5 hours (TBD). All assignments will be given as a unit with a unit due date, so that students may work at their own pace. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the live classes, though I will record them so students can view them during the unit time period. I will be available for questions throughout.

Course fees:

Class Description:

The primary units, as tested by the AP College Board, will be covered. Assignments will be online and consist of reading, writing, multiple choice, and short problems. Each section may include an online or documented lab.

Unit quizzes will be given in order for students to assess their understanding prior to the unit tests.  Unit tests will be given in a similar style to the AP exam. Students will work at their own pace and schedule to meet unit deadlines.  

Topics (a min of 2 weeks per topic)

Unit 1: The Living World: Ecosystems

Unit 2: The Living World: Biodiversity

Unit 3: Populations

Unit 4: Earth Systems and Resources

Unit 5: Land and Water Use

Unit 6: Energy Resources and Consumption

Unit 7: Atmospheric Pollution

Unit 8: Aquatic and Terrestrial Pollution

Unit 9: Global Change

Unit 10: practice exams



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