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I didn’t take Mrs. Green’s class—my son took it, and I had the pleasure of watching him enjoy learning about literature, being a part of a community of dedicated and hard-working learners, and growing as a reader and writer over the course of the year. 

French Revolution

On-Line for Summer 2020

Teacher: Mr. Benjamin Osborne


Role Playing in the time of the French Revolution

Class Start Date: June 29th

Class End Date: July 17th 

Role Playing in the time of the French Revolution is an exciting class where students not only learn about the French Revolution, the live in it! The class will combine primary and secondary sources to provide an in depth knowledge of the time of the French Revolution. Students will also have eight or more sessions of online meetings where they role play through the arguments of the revolutionaries and the lives of the ordinary citizens. No previous knowledge or experiences with role play required! We will use the Reacting to the Past book Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France. A copy will be required to participate. 

Minimum students required for the class to make is eight, maximum is twelve. This is in order to make it an interesting and interpersonal experience. 

While no application is required, I do ask students to fill out a survey to let me know more about them before we begin.

Role Play in the French Revolution Survey!

Ben Osborne is from Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to being a veteran teacher of 19 years, Ben Osborne is an avid fan of in-class historical role playing and role playing in general.  He was the 2010 James Madison Fellow for the state of Alabama and has been National Board certified for 15 years. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in History and Geography from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and a master’s degree in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ben lives in a historic neighborhood in the heart of the city with his wonderful wife Terri and their Welsh Corgi Malcolm. Ben enjoys travel, board and video games, and reading. Ben is an avid runner and completed his first marathon last year. 



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