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This is a great class, and Ms. Olsson is always very helpful and her feedback is great. As she always says in her emails at the beginning of each unit, PACE YOURSELF. This helped ease my course load a lot, because I was usually not cramming, and when I did cram one time, it was much harder than it needed to be.

Italian Renaissance

On-Line for Summer 2020

Teacher: Meredith Noah


The Italian Renaissance: A Turning Point in Western Civilization?

Ms. Meredith Noah

Summer 2020


When most people think of the Renaissance, the first thing they think about is art… who can blame them, with such iconic talents as Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello? These renowned men were more than just inspiration for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. They - along with other talented artists - were the celebrities of the day. They were the Kardashians, the Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande and their version of Instagram was their canvas, their slab of marble.

In reality, the Renaissance goes a lot deeper than awe-inspiring art. In this course, we will examine what made the Italian peninsula ripe for this era. We’ll take virtual tours of some of the major city-states and watch video clips of architectural and artistic re-enactments. We will delve into the inspiration for these greats and the impact they had on future generations, and we will also investigate innovations in literary arts, music and philosophy.

This first two weeks of the class will incorporate readings, primary and secondary source documents, film clips, video lessons, documentary clips and threaded discussions to investigate and determine if there is truth to the assessment by some historians that the Renaissance was one of the major turning points in Western Civilizations. This mainly asynchronous study will culminate in a “choose your own adventure” week wherein students will choose to investigate other aspects of the Italian Renaissance, including new technology, economic & political changes, cultural & religious norms, as well as advancements in science and medicine. After all, the period launched many other exciting and impactful eras such as the Age of Exploration, the Protestant Reformation and the Scientific Revolution - in fact all three of those movements started during the Italian Renaissance. Students will be able to select from different modules created by Ms. Noah to focus their adventure on areas of interest. As a result of this last week, students will create a virtual museum exhibit of their area of interest. This will be due a week after the conclusion of the course, in order to give students time to conduct additional research, if desired. Details of this project will be fully explained at the start of the course.

There is no application for this half-credit, high school level course; however a sincere interest in European History, (specifically the Medieval and Renaissance era) as well as art history is expected. Since there will be some complex topics discussed, it is strongly encouraged that students should be entering grades 10-12 in the fall semester. This is a fantastic pre-AP course for all history courses, but especially AP European History, as the Renaissance is one of the first units of the curriculum.

There is no required text for this course, as Ms. Noah will be supplying the materials for all enrolled students.

Online Requirements: We will be using Schoology for this course. All assignments and threaded discussions will be assigned through this website. Students will need a free account. Additionally, students will need access to YouTube and Google Slides/Sites.

Dates: Monday July 13 - Friday July 31 (Your project due on Thursday, August 6th)

Each week, most work can be completed asynchronously. There will be two threaded discussions per week, due each Friday. It is expected that students will actively participate in at least 75% of these by writing an original post and thoughtfully responding to at least one classmate. Additionally, there will be 1-2 optional Zoom sessions, each of which can take the place of a threaded discussion.

Tuition: $150. This is a half credit course. Grades will be calculated based on participation throughout the course as well as the grade for the Final Project.

About your Instructor:

Meredith Noah- Meredith Noah, a New Jersey native, has been teaching AP European History since 1999. She received her B.A. in History at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where she also became an accredited Social Studies teacher for grades 6-12. Ms. Noah earned her M.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in European History from Rutgers University and has 30 additional graduate credits in Educational Technology from Colorado State University. In addition to AP European History, Ms. Noah has taught World Civilizations and American History in the same brick & mortar public school district since the 1998-1999 school year. Aside from teaching, Ms. Noah loves to travel and as of Spring 2020 has visited the following European countries: Italy, France, the United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland), Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Norway and Sweden


For more information or questions, please contact Ms. Noah

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