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Although I dreaded the essays at first, their frequency and Ms. Dean's helpful tips caused the essays to grow exceedingly more manageable and easy, until I actually thoroughly enjoyed writing them! I went into the exam feeling relaxed, confident, and thankful for the way the subject had been taught.

AP World History

On-Line for the 2020-2021 School Year

Teacher: Mr. Benjamin Osborne


2020-2021 applications now CLOSED

Course Description

AP World History is now known officially as AP World History: Modern. However, until an AP World History: Ancient is developed and offered, this class will be known as AP World History.

AP World History is a dynamic course investigating the history of the world from around 1200AD-the present. Chronological content begins slightly before 1200 in order to understand the context of the time period before 1200. The course is a college-level class designed to help you understand the skills of causation, change over time, and comparison in addition to content.  

This AP World History course will follow the core document (CED) as closely as possible in order to make for a learning experience that will maximize preparation for the exam. We will follow a type of “minimization/maximization” model that will lay out the minimums you need to know, but will also provide the resources that allow you to go one step above. Additional text resources, video and book suggestions, and other types of material will help those interested in taking their AP World experience above and beyond. In general, this class will consist of tests/quizzes and graded writing assignments. There will be some projects and additional work in class, but if you are looking for a lot of filler assignments, this will not be the best course for you. This course is focused on what matters for you to do well on the AP Test. 

This class will make use of a number of live class sessions. Every 1-2 weeks, we will meet up online to discuss texts and ask questions about the information. It is expected that students will come with their assignments completed and seeking to review or ask additional questions. This will not be a traditional lecture. 

I have taught AP World for many years and have had a number of students make high scores on the exam. That being said, AP Exam scores are up to the students. It is vital that parents understand that students will get out of this class what they put into it. Unmotivated students or students that are not willing to put in extra effort will have difficulty. That being said, everyone who wants to try AP World is welcome to join up. 

A small amount of work will be required before the start date. 


Class Texts

We will use two basic texts. The first is AMSCO World History. This is known as a “course book” which is a combination textbook/review book. It will lay out the details for us in easy to understand terms. In addition, the course will use World Civilizations: The Global Experience AP Edition by Stearns et al. I use the 6th edition, but any edition will be fine, you will just need to convert page numbers etc. This is a college level text and will fill in many of the specific details needed for a more successful AP Exam. Expect to have readings/work from each of these texts each week. 


Class Schedule

As I am a full time “brick and mortar” teacher as well as your online teacher, I tend to follow the schedule that is associated with my school. This helps to make sure that schedule lines up well. 

Start Date: Monday Aug 24, 2020

End Date: Monday May 10, 2021

Breaks: Thanksgiving Nov 23-27, 2020

Winter Dec 21, 2020 - Jan 1, 2021

Spring Mar 22-26, 2021



A working computer and a high speed internet connection. 


Class Size

This class will be maximum 25 students in order to maintain a high quality experience. Audit spots are also available, but auditing students will not directly participate nor receive instructor feedback. 


Instructor Information

Ben Osborne is from Birmingham, Alabama. He has been teaching AP World History for over 10 years and AP Human Geography for 6. He has participated in the World History AP Reading 6 times, four times on site and two times online. He was the 2010 James Madison Fellow for the state of Alabama and has been National Board certified for 15 years. 

Ben has a bachelor’s degree in History and Geography from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and a master’s degree in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While Ben enjoys teaching all parts of world history, he especially enjoys the interesting and unusual that always seems to come out of teaching the Advanced Placement class.

Ben lives in a historic neighborhood in the heart of the city with his wonderful wife Terri and their Welsh Corgi Malcolm. Ben enjoys travel, board and video games, and reading. Ben is an avid runner and completed his first marathon last year. 


Application Information

$675 as of July 1, 2020. The 'Early Bird' cost for those who register before July 1st is $650. You can also audit the course for a $250 fee.




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