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I entered this class as an avid admirer of history, and I left the class with even more admiration for the subject, but most of all, an understanding of it.

AP Class Reviews

AP U.S. Government and Politics taught by Daniel Burns

by Students and Parents

A Parent's Take on AP U.S. Govt. & Politics posted by Terri A. on May 22 2019 at 11:20:27

U.S. Govt. & Politics was my son’s first AP course as well as his first online course. He enrolled during his first year as a high school student, so there were a lot of firsts with this class!

As a parent, I feel that both the class materials and the instructor did a good job of preparing my son for the AP exam at the end of the year. I know he was keen to have discussions about various related issues in current events and that he felt they did not quite take off as he had hoped, but that depends in large part on the participation of others. I appreciated the discussions that did take place as they helped provide a different perspective to issues which is important when debating government matters. Likewise, it is so important that this subject is taught from a strong Constitutional perspective. This is especially prudent in the current political climate.

I particularly appreciated Mr. Burns’ prompt responses whenever I contacted him myself with questions or concerns. He also seemed to spread the evaluation of the students’ work over various criteria so that there were many opportunities to balance out strengths and weaknesses.

I would highly recommend this course to others and would only add that parents should be proactive in encouraging their students to engage in the discussions in order to get the most benefit from this subject.

posted by Isabelle Alessi on May 16 2019 at 13:41:09

This AP U.S. Government and Politics provides all the materials and techniques to prepare students for the exam.  The course load varied from 5-7 hours a week for me.  The online book was one of the best ones I have come across in my online schooling.  The font, new articles, real life examples, graphics, questions throughout the chapter, and polls enhanced my learning and made each chapter interesting.  Mr. Burns encouraged group interaction and creativity, and the group projects were a lot of work but also fun.  For example, my group made a video about polls for one of the assignments.  For all of the major Supreme Court cases, students had to write out the FIHRRS (Facts, Issue, Holding, Reasoning, Rule) pertaining to the case.  I enjoyed reading the Supreme Court majority opinions and dissents.  This course made government more interesting and important to me.  It made me aware that I should be praying more for our politicians; they have stressful jobs.  

This course requires a motived student.  Everything is usually due on Wednesday evening, so you need to make sure you do not wait to get everything done.  Internet access is key not only to access course materials but also to access the book.  Make sure you attend the weekly meetings with Mr. Burns: they are really helpful!

Learned a lot, was very prepared. posted by Sasha on May 11 2019 at 15:58:51

This was one of my favorite classes. I learned a ton and felt super prepared for the exam. The tests and quizzes mimicked the ap test style which I think helps to get used to the format early on. The soomo learning book is interactive and really helpful! Make sure to take notes for each section to keep up with the course work and attend the live sessions for review! They are really helpful. 

AP Government review posted by Sutton on May 11 2019 at 14:56:10

I really enjoyed this course. At the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed with it all because had never done any course related to the Government. As the course progressed I felt more and more confident with the work I was doing. The course really did help with the AP Exam. I would typically put an hour or so in every day on this course (case specific). I have a new interest in the Government. I would recommend this course to others!

The AP US government and politics experience posted by Connor Appelboom on May 11 2019 at 02:20:10

If you have interest in law and politics (specifically American law and politic), you found your best online choice. This class focuses on the US constitution and major Supreme Court cases to create an understanding of how American government functions and what its defining laws are. The course can at times be rigorous, but if you have any interest in becoming a lawyer or more importantly a politician, this course is a must! 8/10. 

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