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Put simply, I walked into that AP test room with a 110% assurance that I knew the material.  And by “knew” I don’t mean memorized or something paltry like that.  I mean “knew” as in I understood it, could apply it and could absolutely, positively ace the exam. 

AP Class Reviews

AP Chemistry taught by Peter Moskaluk

by Students and Parents

Great Course! posted by YK on July 28 2022 at 19:23:35

To anyone reading this, I TELL YOU, if you want to get a great score on the AP Chemistry exam, there are two things you need,

1. Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry Class

2. Time management

Mr. Moskaluk has all the resources for you to do well on this course, but also if you follow along and don't get delayed with the homework. Mr. Moskaluk's outline basically outlines all the concepts that will be coming out on the exam, and the practice questions on WebAssigns every week are THE type of questions that come out on AP exams. Mr. Moskaluk is also there to answer all your questions, and he has very detailed explanations for every practice question! This is a great course, and if you only have the two I listed above, you'll experience not only a great course but a fondness for chemistry as well!

AP Chemistry posted by Aarti Sangwan on June 03 2022 at 14:16:49

AP Chemistry course was well outlined. My son took this course independently and felt prepared for the exam. He joined a little late but was able to catch up with initial units. If a student is ready to work hard, apply themselves, ask questions and can responsibly use the resources, this course will prepare them well for the exam. Mr. Moskaluk is great teacher and prior to the exam students get very structured practice. I will highly recommend the course. Better than expensive Florida virtual or APEX courses. 

As good as it gets! posted by Emilia D, Student on May 24 2022 at 10:01:37

1. Did you feel that the course prepared you for the AP Exam?

This course is essentially designed to make students ace the AP exam (but in the best way possible). No cramming or memorization, just an intuitive and deep understanding of every concept and practicing applying this understanding in AP-style questions to the point where you could do it in your sleep. I've taken several AP online courses, and this one has raised my expectations so high that I do not think I'll ever be able to be satisfied with any other😅 Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chem class definitely trumps all others (at least the several I've taken) in preparation for the corresponding exam.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

As I came into this course having already taken a chemistry class, most of the reading was just a refresher of my knowledge, and perhaps learning a few new concepts here and there, so I'd say I spent an average of 5 hours a week (though closer to 7 during the weeks leading up to the exam). If I were starting with a bare slate, however, I'd probably be spending around 10 hours a week if I wanted to grasp all content thoroughly.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Words cannot do justice to the amount of effort Mr. Moskaluk put into making each assignment engaging and valuable, integrating fun chem facts and comics into the WebAssignments and delineating the full step-by-step approaches to solving every possible flavor of problem so that the methods would become second nature to us. But if I am to be more specific, I found the labs to be very enjoyable, especially the colorimetry ones, where Mr. Moskaluk devised a super creative way to produce a surprisingly accurate at-home colorimeter!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I've always had great chemistry with Chemistry, but this course definitely enhanced my interest and appreciation for the subject (and those who teach it)! I was pretty certain I wanted to pursue computer science going into this, but now I'm really thinking computational chemistry ;)


5. Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Mr. Moskaluk's discussion board (basically a mini-internet) was one of my favorite parts of this class! Getting to know, help, and learn from the other students was beyond a pleasure. The opportunity to answer others' questions was truly a crucial part to my own learning and understanding, so if you end up taking this class (which you absolutely should), 110% use the discussion board! Homeschooling has many benefits, but one of the inescapable cons is, of course, the lack of human interaction, which is why I found this board to be so valuable, as it really brought this class to life.


6. What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student interested in how the world operates on a fundamental level would especially love this course. But even if you don't label yourself as "sciency," it's impossible to come out of it without some greater attraction for the subject (you'll learn the chemistry behind this in class ;). Honestly, though, if you're going to take AP Chemistry online, it would be a shame to take it some place else. This class was definitely my favorite out of all APs and also happened to be the easiest, not because the content is actually easy (it's no joke, y'all have to be willing to work hard) but because Mr. Moskaluk delivered it in such an enjoyable, thought-through way. As long as you're willing to dedicate time to integrating the topics into your intuition (memorization will just hurt you), I'm sure you'll do awesome. Anyhow, you only have something to gain by taking this course. So, yes, I one hundred and fifty kabillion (that metric prefix is so large that it isn't even part of those you have to learn for AP Chem) percent recommend!

One of the Best Science Classes I've Taken posted by John Kim on May 24 2022 at 01:40:04

Starting this year I was very worried about AP Chem, especially since I struggled in Honors Chem in 9th grade. I wasn't sure how I was going to do in the class and especially the exam. But as the school year went on, through Mr. Moskaluk's class, I found that I was really understanding the topics that were being taught and how to approach different questions and topics whether through the lecture videos, chapter outlines, and his aids on the homework. And once we had learned all the course material, we went through intensive AP review, where Mr. Moskaluk gave us every practice MCQ and FRQ available, really making sure that we were prepared not only in knowing the topics of the exam but how to approach it. And when I walked into that room I will tell you that I had never felt more prepared and confident during an AP test than Chemistry. So do I think Mr. Moskaluk prepared me for the AP Exam? That's a resounding yes.

I generally put in about 6-8 hours a week depending on the workload, some weeks were obviously harder than other weeks, and some topics were a lot harder than others. I think one part of this course that I really thought was extremely necessary was that AP Exam intensive review part of the course. This part of the course is the most grueling part, but once you're done with the exam, you'll realize that all the hard work that you put into this part of the course is extremely rewarding. Also, one of the best things about this course is the chapter outlines that Mr. Moskaluk creates that break down each chapter and emphasizes all the important topics from each chapter, and if you follow his directions, you'll eventually have a nice, organized binder with each chapter outline at the end of the year, which is extremely useful for end of the year review. Also I really liked how organized the class was, especially the classroom website, since it gives a link for each week and each topic, as well as other useful tools. I thought that this course did enhance my interest in the subject, especially as someone who has an interest in the medical field, this course really enhanced my knowledge of the molecular level of how the world works, which I think will really be useful. 

Mr. Moskaluk made a discussion board where students can interact with TA's, students, and the teacher. This is where students can ask questions about topics they are confused about, and I found this especially helpful when I had homework questions and saw that others had the same questions as well, so we could discuss it together and also see the teacher's feedback as well. 

The sort of this student that would do well in this course is someone who is willing to put in the work that Mr. Moskaluk gives. I really believe that if they just did what Mr. Moskaluk assigns, they will be set for the AP exam. I would totally recommend this course to students, because they will learn a lot of chemisry and at the same time, put themselves in a position to do well on the AP Chem exam, which is notorious to be one of the harder AP exams.

Take this class!! No, seriously!! Do it!! posted by Zoe Schurman on May 17 2022 at 23:46:00

This was, quite literally, my favorite class that I've ever taken. This definitely increased my interest in chem! I joined the class at the end of the first quarter, so I had experience with how my old public school taught it, and this was far superior.

I can't really say how much time I put into the course, since it varied on a week-by-week basis, and because I had to spend double the time working on it during the second quarter to catch up, but it isn't too bad.

I appreciated how he allowed you to retry most problems and gave automated extensions, it made my life a lot less stressful. He also makes a ton of dad jokes that are absolutely fantastic. The way he structured the class was great, he gave you an understanding of many topics and I came away understanding a general framework of chemistry. I think that taking another version of AP Chem really helped me understand how great the format of this is. My old teacher started us, first day, with a lab, and assumed a lot of prior knowledge, but Mr. Moskaluk started with the basics and gave us a good foundation to build on. He also gave us SO MANY PROBLEMS AND PRACTICE TESTS!!! A lot of the class is just dedicated to practice tests, and I'm certain that helped me tremendously on the AP exam. He put so much work into including explanations for many problems, including video explanations, not just written ones. It was very comprehensive and fully prepared me for the AP chemistry exam, but required no previous knowledge, which was awesome - I had taken Chem A and B, but hadn't gotten much out of it.

I think I only used the discussion board once, which I regret. I didn't need to ask questions, but I wish I had answered others questions. I think I could have grown a lot from that, plus, it seems like it would have been fun to interact with fellow students. I suggest you future students do that!!

I'd also suggest coming into this class with an ok basis in math. Understanding how logarithms work will be helpful (though he teaches about that as well), and even more important, having a good basis in algebra - that helped me to remember multiple formulas, since many of them are derived from eachother. And of course, basic arithmetic is important.

To be entirely honest, this was one of my easiest classes, if not my easiest class, just because I found it interesting! For anyone else who loves science (especially biology), I really really suggest this course. It has helped me to understand so much more when self-studying biology, and made a lot seem intuitive. But, I do know that it is very hard for most people, so you should definitely keep that in mind!

10000000/10, 5 stars, I 100% recommend. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, Mr. Moskaluk.

AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskaluk posted by Molly DellaValla on May 17 2022 at 01:26:57

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Yes. We completed FRQs and MC questions throughout the course and by the time we got to the end (after which we had a number of weeks just for review), I hadn't realized how prepared I already was.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? I generally needed about 6-8 hours per week, at least, to go through all materials and complete assignments. Thankfully, I found that if I fell behind or was too busy one week, I could get an extension and complete the work the next week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? While I wouldn't say that any one assignment was especially valuable to me, there are couple of things about the course in general that I found helpful. First, during the course, I sometimes felt like I was barely finishing all the assignments and didn't always get through every material, but when it came time to review I found that I knew the majority of what we had covered. Just by completing all the assignments I became fluent in most of the concepts. Second, as I mentioned, I was not always able to review every lesson material, but it turns out this was unnecessary, as concepts were usually presented in a variety of ways. Some weeks, just a video or outline would be enough for me to grasp the material, but whenever that wasn't the case, there was a multitude of other options to learn it, including videos, written outlines, diagrams, examples, labs, a live discussion board, and an explanation with every assignment question.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? The course definitely exposed me to real-life examples of how chemistry is used and helped me to understand what is actually encompassed by the subject.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? I found that having the ability to communicate with other students and getting to see their questions and comments gave me helpful support and sometimes made me feel better when I didn't understand something.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)? I would definitely recommend this course to a student who is focused and engaged enough to manage a heavy workload independently. As long as the student can complete the weekly assignments on time, I think they will do well in the course. I think the only thing this course is missing is a live component like you might get from meeting with a teacher in person. This requires students to be able to self-motivate to get the work done and to be brave enough to reach out to the discussion board when they have questions or don't understand something.

An Excellent Chemistry Class posted by Jack Naylor on May 16 2022 at 22:58:39

Though an in-person class may always be preferable, this AP Chemistry course has done an excellent job. Compared to the other AP classes I took elsewhere, this one stood out as better organized and instructed, and more engaging. I felt very well prepared going into the exam, and there was nothing on it that surprised me. 

Excellent Course! posted by Jesse on May 16 2022 at 18:51:25

This course prepared me exceptionally well for the AP Chemistry Exam. I generally put in around three to five hours a week or so on coursework, although I did have a good understanding of the concepts going into the course. I learned the best, most time-efficient methods to solving different types of exam problems, and it was extremely helpful to have five or so practice exams at the end of the course, so I knew what to expect, how to manage my time, and figure out methods to reduce errors. My studies were also helped by the course's discussion board, where I asked several questions about coursework and received prompt answers from both Mr. Moskaluk as well as other students. Overall, most students who have taken a basic high school chemistry course would do well in this class.

Hard, but wonderful preparation for the exam, and lots of interesting information posted by Student on May 16 2022 at 14:12:11

This is one of the best online classes that I have ever taken.  The workload is manageable (I spent 8-12 hours a week), but the course is still very thorough; the actual AP Chemistry exam was easier than some of the practices I had done.  The teacher and student help is phenomenal.  I learned things here that I had never understood before, like how electroplating works.

This was also one of the hardest courses I've ever taken.  The material is dense, and the work is tricky and requires full comprehension. 

If you're dedicated and will put in your full effort, this course will prepare you excellently for the AP Chem.  I would unreservedly recommend it to any student who is willing to work hard.

AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskalusk is AWESOME! posted by Hannah Sprague on May 16 2022 at 09:39:20

First and foremost, I learned so much chemistry from this class. Not just the formulas to memorize, but also the underlying principles of how they work. The outlines each week were an excellent overview of the material and then we did these WebAssignments that would have many problems (and full explanations!). The first few problems in any WebAssignment would be easy, and then the concepts build on each other throughout the assignment until you get to these really complex concepts. The great thing is, by the time you get to the complex problems, they don't feel hard because you did all the preceding stuff. I love this "learn by doing" approach. I've never taken a chemistry class or an AP class before, but I went into that test prepared and I'm pretty confident that I got a 5. :)

Well, how many hours I put in would depend on the week, but I'd say plan for anywhere between 5-12 hours a week. The workload does increase as the course goes on and you get closer to the AP Chem test.

One last thing I'd like to note is that Mr. Moskalusk is such a fun teacher! All the assignments will have interesting background info, funny comics, or even just dad jokes. Usually in this kind of online course, you don't get much of a feel for your teacher's personality but that's not the case here. Every week I always enjoyed reading the comics (and they would help me with the concepts sometimes, because he'll edit them to be about chem).

10/10, Would recommend!!!

A Fascinating Chemistry Class! posted by Álmos Quevedo on May 15 2022 at 19:08:23

Definitely! I walked into the exam room confidently and even had quite a bit of fun on the AP Exam knowing I had been given the most thorough preparation I could have wished for. Since the very beginning of the course, Mr. Moskaluk gave us full-length multiple choice practice exams. Of course, these assignments tested our knowledge only on those topics we had covered at that point in the course. We first took the test on paper under realistic AP Exam conditions (time limits, etc.), but this paper test did not count towards our grade: instead, once our work was scored, we were given the opportunity to retake the tests, this time open-book and with no time constraints, and it was this second trial that counted towards our grade. This ingenious approach to test-taking emphasized learning, understanding of material, and familiarization with AP protocols over simply taking the test for the mere sake of taking a test... The approach was similar with free response questions. After answering the questions on paper we were given the scoring guide, which was key to giving us insight into not only the chemistry concepts involved, but into how AP graders would score our work on the real exam. Mr. Moskaluk also supplied us with example student responses that received the maximum score so we could learn from these exemplars. Only after we had thus solved, studied, and comprehended every aspect of a given FRQ did we go and retake the version that was to count for our grade. Finally, the course ended with a month or so of pure review.

Furthermore, Mr. Moskaluk was very skilled at presenting course material. Instead of just assigning a reading from the textbook, he handed out chapter outlines that at times summarized, at times further expounded on the contents of the textbook.

So with all this practice, plus the great quality of Mr. Moskaluk's teaching, flunking the AP Exam would be hard indeed...


I have studied as little as 5 hours a week, but when the material was trickier or there were tests or labs assigned, I might have spent up to 15 hours with this course. It was worth every minute, no doubt!


The labs! Students in this class generally purchase a lab kit for this purpose, but since the kit did not ship to my location (Hungary), I was left to do the online version (watching the video then completing the assignment). But I'm not the passive kind that will stay content with video labs... Mr. Moskaluk was very kind and helpful in instructing me how I could manage to do the labs using equipment and materials readily available at home, so the fact that I could do experiments but also devise a makeshift way to do them with enough precision was surely one of the best highlights of this course for me. One of my favorite labs was about colorimetry and involved determining the mathematical relationship between the concentration of a solution and its darkness; another one I liked a lot concerned determining how much carbon there is in baking soda. I'm sure you'll like all the labs though!


Oh yes! Not that I've ever not loved chemistry, but there was one thing I felt uncomfortable with: experiments. However, the fascinating labs we had to do for this course helped me better understand the important relationship between theory and practice. I used to be very frustrated about the precision (or lack thereof) of my previous experimental endeavors, but AP Chemistry experiments explicitly stress the importance of measurement, precision, and error minimization, such that my aversion to experimental techniques morphed into a keen curiosity for the same.


The fact that our class did not have weekly live sessions was not at all a DisAdvantage: the legendary Discussion Board made up for everything. I say "legendary" because Mr. Moskaluk's students consistently rank it as the best part of the course, which is true! It provides a focused forum not only for asking questions, but for answering the queries of classmates. I was surprised at how much I grew from simply answering questions! And wait till you see how Mr. Moskaluk plies himself on the forum... I greatly enjoyed simply scrolling through past questions and answers or through discussions started by other students so I could read through his highly detailed and helpful posts. I definitely felt his love of teaching come through in his responses.


I suggest that you step into this course with a firm knowledge of the necessary math, namely, algebra and logarithms. Also, I would stress the importance of arithmetic. I must confess my adding and multiplication skills were a bit rusty when I started out last September... which was not exactly great since you are not allowed to use a calculator for the multiple choice section of the AP Exam. True, Mr. Moskaluk provided useful hints and tips for polishing our numeric skills, but coming in prepared will save you many a struggle.

I think that's it. The course content is tailored to all possible levels of previous chemistry knowledge. Whether you're null with chemistry or have taken chemistry before, the course will give you all you need.

I've taken around a dozen online high school courses, but none could beat ChemAdvantage - it is the best, period. Thank you Mr. Moskaluk!

Peter Moskaluk AP Chemistry posted by E. Rollins on May 15 2022 at 14:53:46

I feel the course perfectly prepared me for the AP exam. The instructor makes sure that the students become comfortable with the testing format in addition to the material. Generally I put 10-15 hours into the course per week. I appreciate that all the course tests were formatted the same as the AP test. The course most definitely enhanced my interest in Chemistry. I did not enjoy chemistry going into this class but by the time the test came, I appreciated and understood how all the concepts worked with each other. A student who would thrive in this class is one who doesn't need face-to-face interaction with a teacher.  The class has videos to watch for labs and concept reinforcement, but the bulk of the class is taught through reading assignments. I would recommend this class to other students as long as they understand going in that they will be learning on their own for the majority of the class. There is a discussion board, but it is not a perfect substitute for a classroom where a student could be learning from their instructor and students.

Amazing course - Covered all the bases posted by Alexander Madden - former student on May 15 2022 at 13:51:28

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a good score in the AP Chem exam or just looking for a deeper understanding of chemistry.

The course covered every AP subject in depth, and when I took the AP exam, I felt I was able to answer every question to the best of my ability without having to guess on any.

My teacher, Mr. Moskaluk, was very responsive and completely answered all of the questions I had about the material. He is one of the best teachers I've ever had.

The course website itself was very easy to use and made learning the material very easy, as well as completing and submitting the assignments.

What impressed me most about this course was the hands-on lab experiments we did. Mr. Moskaluk's instructions were very clear and explained exactly how to do the experiments, and also how to understand what was happening during then.

During these labs, I was able to learn different chemistry techniques such as colorimetry. I also learned how to keep an experiment folder where we make note of the steps we took during the experiments.

All in all, this course was one of the best online courses I've ever taken. I feel confident that I'll get a 5 when my AP scores arrive, and it's all thanks to this amazing course.

Class Review Form posted by Rohaam Ooi on May 14 2022 at 24:15:46

The course alone is no doubt an excellent course, but it alone will not guarantee your success on the AP exam. Your diligence in taking notes, studying hard, asking questions, and being faithful to your work is what will help you succeed. This course provides all the tools you may need, but it is up to you to use them.

On a separate note, taking prior classes on chemistry would certainly be to your advantage and will make your year easier, but is by no means a prerequisite you will fail without. 

Great Course posted by Peter Wang on September 29 2021 at 04:08:19

The course prepared me very well for the AP Exam. Homework often included problems from past AP tests. We also did practice MCQs and FRQs throughout the year.

The course was very engaging with lots of video demonstrations related to the concepts we were learning. The labs we completed were very educational as well.

It was one of my busiest courses however, and I had taken 3 other APs from 2020-2021, my sophomore year. 

Overall, great course and an easy 5 on the AP exam, very engaging, but need to put it a lot of time. 

Highly Recommended AP Chemistry Course posted by JC on August 08 2021 at 04:20:43

I felt very well prepared for the AP exam. From the very beginning Mr. Mosklauk prepped us on the AP Exam format so that by the end of the year I felt very comfortable taking the actual exam. The outlines were extremely well prepared with concise statements covering the necessary material and diagrams. The homework assignments were paramount to preparing me for the exam, and there was no busy work. Everything from the videos to the homework had a purpose. His method of allowing us to essentially take MC and FRQ quizzes and tests twice truly allowed me to learn from my mistakes and analyze what I had done wrong. The discussion board was an priceless help in preparing me for the AP exam; the teaching assistants and Mr. Moskaluk answered my hundreds of questions in a timely and detailed manner and went the extra mile to make diagrams in order to explain answers. I was so well prepared that the exam seemed easy to me when I took it in May. Overall, by the end of the school not only was I prepared for the exam, but also feel ready to conquer college chemistry.

The MC and FRQ tests were very valuable as it allowed me to have monthly AP Exam simulations and grow used to the AP testing format. In addition the videos and labs allowed me to understand chemistry on a practical level (examples: I learned how to make more concentrated rubbing alcohol in a lab and about what happens on the molecular level in various everyday processes).

Absolutely! Not only am I now able to understand and explain chemistry topics in daily life (such as the molecular actions that occur when sugar dissolves in water), but am more interested in the study of chemistry than I was before starting this course. The videos included in each week's assignments explained the AP Chemistry concepts well and introduced practical applications of chemistry (such as the substances that the best phone screen protectors are made of and why it works the best).Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes; everyone on the discussion board was very supportive and we helped one another with questions about homework, chemistry concepts, and more when the TAs or Mr. Moskaluk were not available to answer questions.

A student who has good time management skills and strong work ethic would do well in this course. I would definitely recommend this course to any student who is interested in chemistry and STEM! It is high quality and the best online course I have ever taken (and I have taken over 20 online courses in my schooling!).


Fabulous course -- highly recommend it!! posted by Parent of an 8th grader (who earned a 5 on the AP exam) on August 05 2021 at 11:13:51

During the pandeminc, we homeschooled our son, who was about to start 8th grade. We had options for a regular chemistry class, but we wanted our son to be challenged. We heard rave reviews about Peter's course from other homeschool parents, so we signed up. Initially, my son had many questions about the class, and Peter answered every one of them in a timely fashion. He was incredibly responsive. As the course went on, my son took on more and more responsibility and he was soon managing the course on his own. Each week's work was well-organized and my son appreciated the cartoon humor (if you are a fan of "Zits," you're in for a treat). My son spent 4-5 hours per week on the course and did extremely well in the class. He felt well-prepared for the AP exam and he got a 5 on the exam, which was not a surprise to me, given how much chemistry he learned over the course of the year. More important than his score on the exam, my son regularly makes comments about chemistry and he has a better understanding of how the world works, using the lens of chemistry. I can't recommend the course highly enough. Peter is wonderful and he has created a thoughtful and thorough course that rewards students who are willing to work hard.

Do I recommend this course? — Absolutely!! posted by Parent Review on July 27 2021 at 21:49:01

My son was a student in Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry class in 2020-2021.  To be honest, he went into it with an open mind. He’d completed AP Physics C and was eager to learn Chemistry. What we realized from the get go was that this class was different. It was structured in a way that allowed the instructor and students to quickly adapt to AP changes induced by the pandemic.

While the class was rigorous and taught the material in a highly engaging and interactive sort of way, my son especially looked forward to weekly textbook readings, carefully curated videos explaining key concepts, HW assignments and exercises to apply the learning in addition to the funny chemistry cartoons strewn around to lighten the mood. My son is self-directed and very motivated. The pacing guide shared by Mr. Moskaluk helped my son pace himself while also allowing him the freedom to move quickly, when needed. The sheer number of assignments covered all the topics extremely well and made sure that students not only understood current material but also remembered past content. This type of ‘revise-as-you-go’ philosophy really worked for my son.

My son also liked the way HW assignments were set up. The goal was not just to get a high score but to really understand the material. Mr. Moskaluk made this happen by providing students multiple tries on the HW assignments. This led to virtually no stress and allowed learning to happen naturally. Any doubts or clarifications were often cleared by posting on the course discussion board. The discussion board was monitored by efficient TAs and Mr. Moskaluk himself and responses were provided frequently and freely.

In summary, my son thoroughly enjoyed the AP Chem course and easily aced the corresponding exam. The course instilled in my son a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. I cannot thank Mr. Moskaluk, Mary Ann, team of TAs, and Pennsylavania Homeschoolers enough!

AP Chemistry/Mr. Moskaluk Class Review posted by Tokuji M. on July 24 2021 at 18:46:45

Yes, this course set me up to get a comfortable 5 on the exam. It taught all of the subjects required on the test, and gave excellent instruction on how to apply this knowledge on the test. Many courses do not adequately explain how test questions are expected to be answered, which is especially problematic in the free-response sections, but Mr. Moskaluk included many PDFs throughout the course explaining how to answer these questions to get maximum points. Mr. Moskaluk carefully explained what was important to have memorized in each chapter, so reviewing should not be difficult at the end of the year as long as you have been paying attention.


Generally, about an hour per weekday (so 5 hrs/week). On harder weeks, it could go to 10 hours, but this was rare. Before taking this course, I had no chemistry experience, so I would say that someone who has already taken chemistry at an easier level would have to spend slightly less time during some of the weeks. Generally, the hardest weeks were followed by an easier week or two so that we could get a breath of a homogeneous mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, argon, methane, and neon.


Of course, it is important to do all of the assignments you are given, but there are a few things that are especially valuable. Many of the questions on the AP test relate to a few subjects, including Bronsted acids and bases, atomic structure and properties, etc. Mr. Moskaluk placed heavy emphasis on the subjects he felt were most likely to be important on the tests, based on past years' exams. His predictions were completely correct. The labs, physical or virtual, are also crucial to passing the test. Knowing the proper procedures and lab equipment was taught very well in this course and was a large part of the test.



I do not identify as a "science person," however, while taking this course, I found many pieces of information that made me very interested in chemistry. 


Yes. The students and TAs were very supportive and helpful (the requirements to be a TA are to get a 5 on the test and achieve an A+ in the course, making them (and in the 2021-2022 school year, us) well qualified to answer most questions). It helped me greatly to see how other students approached certain questions or problems in order to better answer them myself. A student who is embarrassed to ask "stupid questions" on the discussion board will not do well. Also, Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs are very quick to respond - I remember posting on the discussion board and getting a response 30 seconds later, although the average was more like half an hour to an hour. 


This course was fun, informative, well-organized, and prepared me for the AP Chemistry exam superbly, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who can work diligently. But as a warning: there are thousands (literally) of AP questions waiting for you. By the end of the course, you will have done EVERY test question on EVERY AP Chem exam. If you are used to classes where you literally cannot fail because the school needs to look good with high student scores, enter this class with caution. Most of Mr. Moskaluk's students (95%) pass this exam with a 3 or higher, and 75% get a 4 or a 5. However, this can only be achieved if you are able to be taught. If you just scroll through the textbook, play video games while watching the videos (or worse, don't watch the videos), and get the multiple-choice questions right on the fourth try (out of four tries), you will still probably get a passing grade of C in this course, but you will fail the test miserably. Overall, this is a great course for any students who can work hard and enjoy a challenge. 

Great Preparation for the Exam posted by Joy Zadda on June 15 2021 at 18:13:18

Mr. Moskaluk’s class prepared me very well for the AP Exam. He focuses a lot not only on making sure students understand chemistry, but also making sure that they know how to use it on the exam. During the first few weeks of the course, all the AP quizzes and tests may look a bit daunting, but in fact, Mr. Moskaluk makes sure that students can get a good grade if they know the concepts. So don’t freak out. He knows exactly what he’s doing. The AP quizzes and tests prepare students very well for the exam. I wasn’t even nervous going into the real test. It was just like sitting down to take a unit test. Mr. Moskaluk responds promptly to student emails. He and his TAs respond quickly and provide helpful explanations to chemistry questions. As long as you read the assigned material thoroughly, watch the videos, do all the written work, and ask questions on everything you don’t understand, this class will prepare you very well for the AP Chemistry Exam.

AP level class that is more than worth the effort posted by Jonathan Oh on June 15 2021 at 15:37:01

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely. Perhaps the most important thing you should know is that everything in the class is centered around the AP exam. The course was planned out very intentionally from day 1 so that we were for sure going to cover all the required concepts on the test as opposed to other teachers who plan to get through everything and only cover half the material. You can rest assured that Mr. Moskaluk will get you through everything you need to know so that by the time that the AP Exam came around, you will able to walk into the school confident in your knowledge of chemistry. Aside from planning, I think another really unique aspect of this class is that every test that you will have is an AP Chem-modeled test. Mr. Moskaluk will give you 45 minutes to complete 30 multiple choice questions early on, and then later bump it up to 60 questions in 90 minutes - the length of an AP Chem MC section in both time and questions. Moreover, the questions on the test are almost always from previous AP Chemistry exams, so you can be sure that the difficulty in the tests is reflective of the difficulty you will see on the exam. Free Response Questions are always taken from previous exams and timed accordingly so that you become used to pacing yourself accordingly. When I took my AP exam, I was able to finish the multiple choice with nearly 20 minutes to review my answers and finished the FRQ section confident in my answers.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

For first semester, I'd say that I spent around six to eight hours on the class per week, and for second semester, around eight to ten hours a week? This was divided between watching video lectures, reading detailed notes that Mr. Moskaluk provides (read these, they are the main learning resource), and doing WebAssign problems. I did opt to do the virtual labs as opposed to doing them myself, but from what I heard, doing labs physically required several hours of time. The test reduxes for me would always take a long time, up to nearly three hours for a full test redux. Like I said in the title, this is definitely an AP level class, so don't fall behind on WebAssign because it's very very difficult to make up two weeks' worth of work in one week. If you do get behind in your assignments, you will have to use up break weeks to catch up.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Personally, I enjoyed Kinetics, Acid and Bases, and Electrochemistry the most. I actually hadn't taken a full year of formal chemistry prior to this class (I did a weird hybrid of physics, chemistry, and biology in ninth grade), so nearly everything in this class was new material for me.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Definitely - I am looking forward to any other chemistry classes I could possibly take in the future. One thing I can say is that even if, after this class, your affinity for chemistry remains the same (or even decreases, though I doubt that will happen), there is no doubt that you will love the class and Mr. Moskaluk.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

The Discussion Board was another great feature about this class. It was like a forum where students would post questions they had about material or WebAssign/test problems, and everyone, whether TA or student, would come together and help answer the question. The TAs are always willing to answer questions at nearly whatever time of day o.0 and I'm very grateful for them. One TA was fine with me directly messaging him questions that I had which he had no responsibility to do at all.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student who is willing to work, honestly. The course is pretty much set in stone, and it is about as good as a class can get. The rest is up to you, the student, to use the resources that have been provided and learn the material. If you slack off and when May rolls around, start panicking that you don't know any chemistry, then that is 100% on you. As I said before, the class is planned so that you will learn everything you need to know by May, but since this class is asynchronous, it is up to you to make it happen. It's a very good class, not just for how much it prepares you for AP Chemistry, but also because it teaches valuable time management skills and how to plan out assignments across the week.

Extremely comprehensive and preparatory posted by Christopher Rodriguez on June 14 2021 at 01:04:13

This course is amazing both for students who want to fulfill the necessary credits and for students who have a continuing interest in the subject of chemistry. The WebAssign assignments are put together very well and walk students through every step of the necessary equations and procedures. I spent roughly five hours a week on assignments and practice exams throughout the year. Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs were very responsive and eager to help with any problems or misconceptions in the discussion boards. By the end of the course, I felt very prepared for the AP Chemistry exam, regarding both the content and appropriate pacing. 

This Class is Great! posted by Luke Pontoriero on June 13 2021 at 12:00:51

I absolutely loved this class! I have to say, though, I was a bit unsure how it was going to go before it started. Before taking Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry class, my experience in chemistry was kind of limited: I dabbled in some independent chemistry study in the summer, but that was it. However, this class is doable (some of the reasons for this are below).

Grading: This was one aspect of the course that I found very unique. Unlike traditional courses, all of the grading is automatic through WebAssign. Yes, all of it! In addition, the assignments and tests focused on you mastering the content. For example, as in the case of unit tests, you would first take the timed test on paper––closed-book. Then, you would put your answers into WebAssign to grade your tests. You would then retake the test on WebAssign with all your resources: textbook, notes, and even the Internet. I loved this kind of grading, for I wasn't anxious about "memorizing" or "cramming" information. A word of caution, though: just because you're able to use resources on the WebAssign versions of the assignments doesn't mean they're "easy." Honestly, especially when we started learning acid-base chemistry, the tests were some of the hardest tests I had ever taken. Overall, then, I would summarize grading in this class like this: if you want an A+, you will get it through hard work. If you don't do your work and get behind, you will not do well.

Learning Resources: This is one of the first classes where I actually didn't read the textbook. Instead, I used Mr. Moskaluk's outstanding chapter outlines. In these outlines, Mr. Moskaluk only included chemistry material that was directly related to the AP Chemistry curriculum. In addition, Mr. Moskaluk posted videos about difficult topics, and he would often post files that contained the steps involved in dealing with difficult stoichiometry.

Discussion board: I think the discussion board was one of the best parts of this class! Whenever I had a question, I would go on the board, and I would get an answer so quickly: often, either Mr. Moskaluk, a TA, or a fellow student would answer a question in under ten minutes (sometimes even quicker). I would say, though, it was also nice going on the board to answer others' questions. Although I certainly wasn't a chemistry expert, I did find it enjoyable trying to help a fellow student answer a question. (Usually, when a student answered a question, either Mr. Moskaluk or a TA would follow up with some commentary or corrections to the student's answer.) I loved this part of the class!

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! I walked into the testing room with no nervousness at all. I was the first one to finish both the MCQ and FRQ sections of the test.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?. 

I do have to say this part varied sometimes. For the first semester, I usually spent eight to ten hours per week on this class (I was more familiar with the first-semester content). For the second semester, though, I probably never spent fewer than ten to twelve hours per week, and sometimes I probably spent up to sixteen hours in some! Again, I wasn't familiar with acid-base or electrochemistry (second-semester topics), so that's why I spent more time working on this course in the second semester.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I wouldn't say any of the assignments in this class were invaluable; Mr. Moskaluk created this course so that every assignment would help you learn chemistry and prepare you for the AP exam. I would say, though, I did enjoy doing WebAssign homework. In a specific case, I stayed up until 11:00 on a Friday night to finish thermochemistry homework. The homework wasn't due until Monday, but I just loved learning the content so much! 

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! As stated above, I didn't have much formal chemistry experience before taking this class (I was more into life sciences), but I now have a huge appreciation for chemistry.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes, the discussion board made this fun! 

What sort of student would do well in this course? 

Any student who wants to work hard, learn chemistry, and seek out help when needed.

Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Yes, if anyone asks me about taking an online AP chemistry class, I will tell them to take Mr. Moskaluk's!


Such an amazing course! posted by Danielle Sinay on June 13 2021 at 04:41:50

I absolutely loved this course. Although Chemistry is known as one of the most challenging AP subjects, this class was incredibly thorough and thoughtfully planned from week one all the way until the very end. I felt very prepared for the AP exam after putting in the time and effort to do well in this class.


That being said, AP chemistry is no easy feat and takes a lot of time and dedication. If you really want to understand the material being taught, this course will take you around 6 - 8 hours per week. Although this seems like a lot, I can tell you first hand that the organization on the website will help you stay very productive and on top of your work. There is also always flexibility if you fall a little behind. 


Out of all of the online courses I have taken, this one has been hands down my favorite. The website is spectacularly organized- making learning so much more enjoyable and easy. There is a lot of textbook reading, but it is always accompanied both by outlines explaining the main points, tips and tricks to use on the AP test, and videos - making this an amazing course for people of pretty much any learning style.


If you are interested in Chemistry or looking to get tips that will help you succeed on your AP chemistry exam, then this course is for you.


Parent Review of an Outstanding Course posted by on May 29 2021 at 20:57:13

I have two sons who were students in Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry class, one in 2017-2018 and the other in 2020-2021.  Both boys concur that this is the best AP science course that they have taken.  My oldest son was so inspired by this course that he has decided to major in Chemistry before attending medical school.  Mr. Moskaluk is very dedicated to his students' success in class as well as on the AP exam. For the student who is ready to work and and rise up to the AP Chemistry content, Mr. Moskaluk's ChemAdvantage program is very well-designed and provides the student with all of the resources and support needed to be successful. He creates detailed outlines of each chapter that not only summarize the important points, but also adds supplementary content and examples relevant to the AP exam.  His homework assignmenrs are set up so that students have multiple tries on most parts.  This promotes students to contemplate the subject matter further and use additional resources such as the class disscussion board which has extremely fast responses from TAs and Mr. Moskaluk himself. which causes them to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.    

In my sons it has instilled an even stronger work ethic, a determination to succeed, and a belief in themselves to rise up to bigger challenges.  I highly recommend this course!






Difficult Class, but Good Preparation for the AP Exam posted by Kristi Yu on May 28 2021 at 02:27:02

Yes. Mr. Moskaluk has us take AP practice exams right from the beginning, so by the time of the exam, I felt quite comfortable with the pacing and the style of questions that would be asked after doing it so many times.



A LOT. I'm not a STEM person at all, so I'm guessing that I probably had a harder time with this class more than most, but I really struggled with the workload in this course. I had taken a high school chemistry course the year before, so many of the concepts were familiar, but at least for me, because of the sheer amount of work, I ended up being behind and needing extensions (which Mr. Moskaluk/Webassign so graciously provides automatically) for a solid portion of the year. I especially struggled with the test reduxes (which were used for correcting and learning from mistakes on tests) which usually took me over 4 hours each (~9 hours in total for each test). The second semester (in particular the last month or so before the exam) has a lot of practice tests, so I spent even more time on the class towards the end of the year. As grueling as the reduxes were, however, they were effective in forcing me to review my tests (since the practice tests themselves aren't graded) and learn from my mistakes as well as learn faster or alternate solutions for questions I got correct.

The class has a discussion board to post questions, and I found that Mr. Moskaluk, the TAs, or other students were usually quite prompt in answering. However, it was often really difficult for me to communicate my question clearly over text so sometimes my question wouldn't get fully answered, or I wouldn't fully understand the explanation, simply as a result of the online format, so I'd recommend students persevere in asking follow up/clarifying questions in order to get the most out of the discussion board.

An OUTSTANDING Teacher and Course posted by Max G. on May 24 2021 at 13:02:22

Definitely.  Being homeschooled, I took this test in my local public high school.  After the test, I overheard some of the other students talking about how tough the test was and how they generally didn't care.  I felt very differently.    Yes, it was a difficult test.  However, Mr. Moskaluk did an excellent job throughout the year prepareing us for not only the content on the exam, but also the specific types of MCQ and FRQ questions on the exam.  One way he did this was through his incredibly detailed book outlines for each chapter.  These outlines not only gave information that the textbook failed to, but also stressed which topics would be esspecially important for the exam; they told you which sections of chapters were not necessary and gave further details and example problems for difficult topics.  Each of Mr. Moskaluk's chapter tests consisted of questions that were from previous AP Chem exams or that he created to be similar.  This is true for both the MCQ and FRQ portions.  As the AP tests approached, Mr. Moskaluk had us take five practice tests that were true to the length of the exam.  Each of these practice tests, along with the chapter tests given throughout the year, had detailed explanations for each question that the student gave their answer. This ensured that the student understood the content of the question so they could answer a question similar to it in the future.  If after taking the test you still didnt understand a question or concept, you could post it on the discussion board, which Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs monitor like a hawk, usually answering within a half an hour.  The combination of the active discussion board and intricate explanations of test questions were immensely helpful in prepareing for the exam.

I took this course as a freshman because I did well and enjoyed Honors Chem the year before.  I spent between 3 to 3 1/2 hours daily, sometimes several hours each weekend day depending on if there were labs or tests due.  Although this was a lot of time, I learned an immense amount and genuinely enjoyed learning it.

My favorite aspect of this course was how Mr. Moskaluk structured it.  It was very organized and created to cover the information necessary for the exam.  By logging in to the Chemadvantage site, you start out the week with a funny chem-related comic before heading into your chapter assignments.  Students were not all limited to working on the same chapter each week, for Mr. Moskaluk always had the next weeks assignments posted, allowing students to work ahead if they chose.  Mr. Moskaluk also had the dates the each assignment was due (plus an optional one week extension if necessary), allowing each student to plan out how much coursework they need to complete each day in order to be done with the assignments by the due date.  This flexability was helpful when I had travel soccer tournaments or other time conflicts.

Absolutely.  After taking this course, wether I was at the dinner table or taking a walk outside, I found myself often pondering the chemical properties of objects or substances surrounding me, trying to explain these properties based on things I learned in this class.

Yes.  I found the discussions with other students on the discussion board very valuable, for it gave me the chance to help other students and get a better understanding for the topics we were working on.

I would very highly recommend this AP Chemistry course to any student who is willing to work hard, not procrastinate, and be open to take on a multitude of challenges.  The reward is well worth it!




Amazing AP Class!! posted by Gabriel F on May 18 2021 at 20:48:02

Definitely! We started doing exam-format multiple choice questions and free response questions as soon as the first weeks of class, and since then we've been doing FRQs and full MCQ sections covering the material in each unit. This practice was invaluable in getting us used to the format and topics found in authentic AP exams, so I felt really comfortable and prepared taking the exam in May. Also, in addition to textbook readings, Mr. Moskaluk gave us chapter outlines that focused not only on the unit's topics, but also clarified what topics would be tested in the exam, and how to answer specific FRQs that deal with the concepts that we learned. So I felt really knowledgeable about what topics to expect in the AP exam, and the guided notes were really great for in-depth review, even better than the assigned reading.

I probably spent 3-6 hours per week, not including labs that were additionally assigned every four weeks or so (which took up probably an additional 8 hours to complete all of them). The fact that we were provided with really thorough guided notes also eliminated the necessity to write your own notes, which is a really big time saver considering how much information there is in this course.

I did not use the discussion boards that often, but I've seen that the TA's and other students have been really helpful and active in the message boards, and Mr. Moskaluk also gives thorough explanations whenever one is needed. Since the discussion boards are public to everyone, if you don't understand a particular question, chances are that another student already asked about it, so its really helpful to read other students' threads as well.

Any student who wants the best possible preparation for the AP Chemistry exam should take this course. The course load is not too overwhelming and but still very thorough, so anyone who is willing to do all the required reading, practice assignments, and ask for help in the discussion boards would do extremely well in this course and ace the AP exam.


An Excellent Course posted by Ziming Y. on May 15 2021 at 09:00:00

I feel that this course prepared me very well for the AP Chemistry exam. Throughout the outlines the teacher would point out key concepts and questions that often come up in the test and make notes of the best ways to answer questions. We also did an enormous amount of real practice questions throughout the entire course. I never felt I had to spend extra time looking for AP prep materials.
The coursework is also very well organized, which was especially helpful for me. All the work and resources for the week would be displayed in a page on the class website, and all provided materials are clearly labeled. I could always find things quickly and I always knew what I needed to do each week. 
This is a vigorous and fast-paced course. I spent a minimum of 7 hours a week on it. New materials are fully explained but very compact; there are a lot of new things to understand each week.  Though the course provides plenty of learning resources, most of the studying is up to the student, so a self-disciplined student who can plan their own studies would do well on this course. 
Though the course moves very fast, it is not inflexible; there are accommodations for students who need to balance their work from other classes. If their other work was particularly stressful for that week, students can request automatic extensions on assignments and have an extra week to complete them, which in many cases helps reduce the stress of the pace. Nevertheless it is best to complete everything in a timely manner. There is also a discussion board where students can ask their questions and interact with the teacher.
Beyond preparing for the test, I enjoyed diving deeper into Chemistry through this course. I truly learned a lot from the year's work and I would highly recommend it to any student looking to study AP Chemistry. 

AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskaluk Review posted by Hyeyoung Jung on May 10 2021 at 17:45:18

This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam. Mr. Moskaluk's outlines and the WebAssigns were very well organized and helpful. He also provided plenty of materials to practice and labs to make sure we understand experiments that will pop up in the exam. Although this course does not consist of live lectures, Mr. Moskaluk makes the class engaging with the discussion board, funny chemistry cartoons & poems, and doing his best to help his students in whatever way!

In the beginning, I had to get used to focusing while doing WebAssigns, online practice problems, so it took more time than needed, but usually, I took about 8 hours per week for this course.

I think all the WebAssigns were valuable and helpful, especially those on practice tests with Mr. M's explanations for each question helped me a lot. 

This course was challenging, but really interesting as well. As I delve deeper into Chemistry, it was interesting to see all the reasons behind simple things in our daily lives. Also, it was very satisfying to solve problems with equations I learned.

I would definitely recommend this course to other students if they are willing to work hard! Procrastination will result in teary nights to catch up and regretful messages to Mr. M for extra extensions, but when you distribute your work and work hard, it is totally doable! Keep motivated and use the discussion board a lot! 

AP Chem Advantage posted by Dylan McLoughlin on May 09 2021 at 20:29:00

I honestly don't know what to say. I took a chem class the year before this and it was nothing compared to this. I loved this class so much. If you are looking for something to prepare for the AP test, this is it. I spent about eight hours a week on this class and I felt every minute of it I either was learning or solidifying concepts. The class is also very lenient. If you miss a week for one reason or another, you can just apply for an extension and get one extra week. Not to mention, the discussions are super involved. I don't think I ever posted a question on a weekday without getting a response from Mr. Moskuluk or a TA within 20 minutes. This class is geared toward learning and will reward you for doing so. The tests are more glorified reviews that really help solidify the unit we just finished. Basically, this is not a stressful class, but if you are willing to put the time into it, you will come away with a great understanding of the various topics taught. Thank you Mr. Moskuluk for such an incredible year!

Best Chem class ever! posted by Natalie Hii on August 03 2020 at 01:53:21

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Definitely! I took an Honors Chemistry class before this course, but I still learned so much! Over the school year, Mr. Moskaluk provided many wonderful and valuable resources and study tips. The outlines given each week made each topic in Chemistry so much easier to understand, and the homework problems helped solidify my understanding and knowledge of the subject. Whenever I needed help, I would just post a question to the Discussion Forum, and I would normally get an answer in a few hours. This, combined with Mr. Moskaluk's guidance, made me feel rather confident while taking the AP exam. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I spent roughly 1-2 hours a day, or sometimes 3-4 hours if I was having difficulty understanding the topic. In total, I spent an average of 12-14 hours total every week.  

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Honestly, every assignment in this class was incredibly valuable. There was no "busy work", each assignment helped me a lot to understand the topic more. But, the labs were the most fun assignments in the class.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Of course! Ever since I took this class, I've been super passionate about Chemistry, and I'm thinking of majoring in Chemistry or a Chem-related field in college. 

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes! All the communications within the class are on the Discussion Forum, which is one of the best resources ever. Any question I ask would almost immediately be answered. Mr. Moskaluk provides many great answers to the questions, and the TA's and other students also helped me a lot. I don't think I would have survived the class without the Discussion Forum! 

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I think any student who is willing to work hard would do very well in this course. Although the AP Chem material is rather difficult, Mr. Moskaluk makes it so much easier to understand and remember. I would recommend this course 100%!


My AP Chemistry Review posted by Liam Buttitta on July 24 2020 at 18:00:04

I greatly enjoyed this class. I felt like the problems with real-world context that showed the applications of chemistry were especially good at building my interest in chemistry. The provided notes did an excellent job of preparing me for the AP exam. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to other students looking for a rigorous but rewarding AP Chemistry class.

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry Class Review posted by Ethan Rehmann on June 22 2020 at 19:00:25

I really enjoyed Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry Class, and I felt like it did an amazing job of preparing me for the AP Chemistry Exam. Although COVID-19 changed how the end of the year went, and how the AP exam went, I still felt completely familiar with any topic that was thrown at me. I put around 8 hours a week on average into the course for the first semester, but for the second semester around 12 hours a week. Some weeks are much harder with new learning and tests, and some weeks are lighter, so knowing what is coming up soon and making sure you are prepared is critical to success in the course. Mr. Moskaluk's tests and redux assignments are extremely helpful in mastering the current topics, since you are able to see which questions you missed on the test, and when completing the redux assignments, you are able to have second, third, and even fourth chances at the same questions that were on the test, and an explanation of the correct answer is provided for each test question. Granted, the redux is not worth as many points, so always do your best on the tests, but the redux is extremely beneficial to the mastery of the topic. This course definitely increased by interest in the subject of chemistry, and I am excited to take the next levels of chemistry classes in college! The classroom is also very helpful, as students are constantly asking questions, and those questions are answered very quickly by Mr. Moskaluk and other students or TA's. If you are an independent, motivated, and hard-working/diligent student, you will do very well in this course, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to take AP Chemistry!

AP Chemistry - Mr. Moskaluk posted by C.C. Dennison on June 19 2020 at 13:10:22

If you don't like chemistry, this is the review for you!

I started this class without extensive chemistry knowledge beyond some exploration on Khan Academy, so I wasn't sure if I would like Chemistry.  I hadn't enjoyed Biology but absolutely loved Physics and math, so it could have gone either way.  However, after a few weeks of this course I knew I wasn't a fan.  I could provide a detailed list of why the subject isn't my favorite, but that's not what's important in this review.

DESPITE developing my own personal dislike of chemistry throughout this class, I could not recommend Mr. Moskaluk's class enough.  If I was confused, there was always opportunities to ask questions and receive clarification, and Mr. Moskaluk taught for us to learn, not to know how to take a test and get it over with.  When I found myself struggling, I sometimes needed to go to outside sources for help, and Mr. Moskaluk helped me have the means to take an extra week when needed to make sure I understood what I was doing and, more importantly, why I was doing it.  The notes he provided about each chapter were lifesavers, and I can never say there was too little in terms of practice problems, tests, and assignments.  This class does require drive and you need to be willing to put in the effort to get through it, but if you are willing to do that it doesn't matter how interested you are in the course, you absolutely can succeed.

That being said, if you aren't willing to work hard in this course, don't waste your money signing up.  I signed up for this course with two friends, and we each had varying degrees of interest in the course and varying levels of ease with which we grasped concepts, but we all put in extreme amounts of time into this course.  I would say I probably put about 10-14 hours a week in on a daily basis, but there were weeks where I found a concept easy and got it done in 6 and other weeks where it took me almost 20 hours to get everything done.  They were rare, but did occur.  Additionally, I have alway been a more mathematically inclined individual, so I wasn't really struggling with the math so much as why I was doing certain things.  I think that's important to understand, and Mr. Moskaluk does provide you with the means to do so.

As for feeling prepared for the exam, I'll be honest and say I didn't feel all that prepared for the exam this year, but I put that more on the fact that there was an international pandemic and exams had significant shifts in format, with collegboard providing a fairly limited amount of prep for the new format.  I felt prepared for the normal exam, and Mr. Moskaluk did everything in his power to prepare us for the modified exam.  I do genuinely believe I was as prepared as I could have been given the circumstances, though, so I applaud Mr. Moskaluk for his efforts to prepare us.

Great, Great Class posted by Emmett Lam on June 18 2020 at 10:10:00

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chem course was exceptionally well-taught, and I did not encounter a single question part I didn't know how to do on the AP exam, even though I had to take it twice (!) due to a technical glitch.

I will confess that I was not very consistent in my studies during this course. I spent an average of four to five hours per week on this course, mostly on the two weekdays before the deadline. But overall the workload of this course wasn't as large as the other APs I've taken, as this was sufficient for me to get a very good grasp of the material and complete the WebAssigns. Perhaps the pre-AP Chem course I took two years ago helped with that.

I really liked the labs Mr. Moskaluk had us do. They added a different perspective to the calculations and concepts we learned, and they also prepared us for all the lab situations that appeared on the exam. His suggestion that we do all the labs in one day made for a great break from staring at the computer.

One downside of this course was that the course discussion board wasn't directly linked to the course and WebAssign pages. I know that a lot of my classmates really used the board, but I personally didn't really use it to interact with my peers a lot. I blame senior year for this :P

I think any student can do well in this course, as long as they take the time to digest the resources that Mr. Moskaluk provides them. I would definitely recommend this course to any student with enough time on their schedule.

AP Chem is AWESOME posted by Madison on June 08 2020 at 23:38:31

Mr. Moskaluk was one of the best teachers I've ever had. His course was well-designed and engaging. Each week has textbook reading accompanied by videos, a comprehensive outline that tells you what sections to focus on, and homework that guides you through understanding. I spent probably 5-7 hours each week on the course. Labs make the coursework a bit longer, but they're mainly a weekend project. I should also say that despite all the craziness that happened with AP exams 2020, Mr. Moskaluk stayed on top of everything and quickly put together a new review plan for us based off of the new format. Mr. Moskaluk is the best! I can say with utmost confidence that this course prepared me better for AP chem than any other course could have. I felt completely confident when I took the exam. 

5 stars class posted by Charis Ching on June 07 2020 at 19:12:55

This class is the best online class I have so far. It definitely prepared me well for the AP exam. It took me around 7 hours per week. Each assignment was extremely helpful in growing and solidifying my understanding. I found the final review assignments to be most helpful. This course enhanced and grew my interest for chemistry and science. I think self motivated students who working hard will learn a lot from this class. I give it a 5 stars review. Thank you Mr. Moskaluk for your great teaching, your care and tremendous support. I have enjoyed the class this year. 

Fantastic AP Chemistry Class posted by Aspen Singh on May 30 2020 at 17:50:30

Let me start by saying that Mr. Moskaluk is the best teacher I have ever had in any online class. This class is highly organized with a clear schedule to prevent confusion. Also, Mr. Moskaluk's notes on the textbook chapters are wonderful. Mr. Moskaluk's notes clearly outline the textbook subject matter that is relevant to the AP exam and give further insight and explanations on tough material. The notes were by far the most beneficial part of the class for me. They were also invaluable to reviewing for the AP exam at the end of the year. Another major part of the class was the discussion board. Whenever someone posted a question on the very active class discussion board, Mr. Moskaluk or one of the amazing TA's or a fellow student would immediately respond. The discussion board was a great way to ask for help and to interact with fellow students.

Mr. Moskaluk had an amazing review planned out for the end of the year, and he was also very quick in changing his review to suit the new online format of the AP exams. We did tons of past AP FRQs and FRQs formatted in the style of the AP exam, and in the regular review we would have also done many multiple choice questions. The review was perfect and really prepared me for the exam.

The course was very difficult and demanding, yet extremely rewarding. At the beginning of the year I usually had to work on weekends until I figured out an aggressive schedule to finish all my chemistry work for the week on weekdays. On average I usually put in about 14-16 hours a week in chemistry. 

The assignments were mostly in an online format, using WebAssign. If you haven't used it before, it is extremely easy to figure out and use. From the start of the year, Mr. Moskaluk also gave us FRQs and MCQs to practice, which was very helpful throughout the year. We also had many labs, all of which were enjoyable to complete. I learned quite a bit from the labs. 

The course definitely enhanced my interest in the subject. I have begun to see just how much chemistry affects our everyday lives. AP Chemistry has really opened my eyes as to how many parts of the world function. 

I think a student who is willing to put a lot of time and energy into this course will do well. This is one of the most demanding courses I have ever taken, and it can be extremely tough at times. A strong foundation in math is also necessary, especially for the unit on acids and bases which uses a lot of logarithms. However, I think this class is worth taking, especially if you are considering going into the medical field or doing something related to science. 

A Tough Yet Gratifying Course posted by Jacob Wong on May 28 2020 at 15:17:26

This course definitely prepare me well for the AP exam. Mr. Moskaluk and his team knows what is important to know. Chemistry is probably one of hardest sciences. I felt absolutely overwhelmed the first semester, spending a good few hours a day just trying to understand some concepts. It takes much endurance to get through the class. Mr. Moskaluk provided many helpful resources and entertaining comics and lectures which did relive some of the tough work. The online forum was also a very helpful tool and you will be sure to receive an answer to your questions very fast! The online forum also helps immensely with strategies as other student shared their methods in how they studied. Overall, the course is very tough and stressful, but through the aid and resources from the teacher, I am completely satisfied with my work and I am confident in my AP exam score. Completing the course was also very rewarding. Now I have a deeper appreciation of chemistry and I have grown immensely in my understanding of how the world works.

AP Chemistry with Peter Moskaluk posted by Luke Shevkenek on May 27 2020 at 22:34:50

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely. On top of being provided with weekly readings out of the textbook and succinct explanations in the outline, you will work your way through hundreds of practice questions and many practice exams. Don't get me wrong, you need to put in the work to reap the benefits, as in any course. However, in Mr. Moskaluk's class, the work is fun! You have many encouraging classmates and TAs to help you on the discussion boards as well as Mr. Moskaluk himself, who often provides a helpful (often, self-tailored) cartoon to explain difficult concepts.


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

It varied throughout the year. At first, I was putting in 3 hours a day (or 18 hours a week), but that was only because I was behind in the material since I had joined a couple weeks late. However, as I got used to the format, I only required 1 hour a day for the assignments and reading, plus extra time for experiments or tests.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Although I didn't particularly enjoy it, I found the organic chemistry module to be especially valuable. Covering this difficult topic made me better prepared for the exam and for future university education.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Definitely. Often times, Mr. Moskaluk would post an interesting fact or story behind the concepts we were learning which not only made it more fun but also helped me to remember the material.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Both. When you are able to communicate with other students (even some from across the ocean), you are more self motivated. I am a particularly competitive person, and I remember during the first few weeks of the course I tried to be the student with the most posts on the forum. Not only was it exciting to "compete" with other people (although they probably had no idea about it), but I learned a lot while doing so.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student who wants to score well on the AP exam should take this class; you don't have to be particularly gifted in chemistry or study techniques or time management or anything like that. You just need to be willing to learn and participate. What effort you put into the course is proportional to the score you will get as a result of it. I would highly recommend this course to other students.



If you read this far into my review and you took Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry course this year, you were probably waiting for me to make a joke or pun. Well, here you have it:

S = Score received on AP Chem exam (integer value)

p = perseverance (integer value)

t = time put into the course (in seconds)

# = 0 or 1, where 0 represents "not a student in Mr. Moskaluk's class" and 1 represents "student in Mr. Moskaluk's class" (integer value)

A = Avogadro's number (integer value)

c = speed of light (in meters/second)


S = p(t^2)A(10 meters)/#c + 3.1415


As always, make sure to keep significant figures only.


AP Chemistry Review posted by Garrett Hidalgo on May 25 2020 at 12:40:45

This course definitely prepared me well for the AP exam.  I put in about an hour to an hour and a half per day towards the class depending on the week.  Mr. Moskaluk's videos of him doing FRQ questions were especially helpful.  I am majoring in chemical engineering, so this course definitely got me more excited about chemistry.  I did not communicate much at all with other students, although I did look on the discussion board sometimes to see if other people had already asked a question.  Students who learn well from doing problems would be good at this class.  You have to be committed to working through WebAssiagn daily to keep material fresh.  I would recommend this course to anybody wanting to challenge themselves in chemistry.  

Great class; very nice instructor posted by on May 24 2020 at 17:53:14

I think Mr. Moskaluk did a very good job of preparing his students for the AP Exam. He based the course on a textbook but had a chapter outline for each chapter that very clearly explained what stuff in the textbook was not needed for the AP exam and what stuff was needed for the AP exam that the textbook didn't cover. These chapter outlines were very helpful and I'm sure would be helpful for any student who would take this class. Also, when everything changed for the exam due to covid-19, he put a ton of effort into making up assignments that were geared directly toward the modified exam. In my personal experience Mr. Moskaluk was very nice, supportive, encouraging, and responsive to questions. Having taken Mrs. Schwartz's Honors Chemistry class, I felt very well-prepared for the course, and it didn't seem that difficult; I spent about 10 hours a week on the course but I probably took somewhat longer than a typical similarly-prepared student might. I would totally recommend this AP class for any homeschooled student who is willing to work hard and would like to have their chemistry knowledge expanded.

Highly recommend this course with Mr. Moskaluk posted by Jocelyn K on May 24 2020 at 14:32:57

I definitely feel that the course prepared me for the AP exam, even under this year's unusual testing circumstances. It's been clear from the first day of class that Mr. Moskaluk has tailored this course perfectly to prepare students for the AP Chemistry exam as well as college chemistry courses, and even the Chemistry SAT II. He is crystal clear about what material will be on the exam, what will be tested in the SAT II, and what isn't tested yet, but will be good to know for college courses. I plan to major in a chemistry-related field next year, and I found this extremely helpful. Despite delays from the College Board in providing details on the online exam format and material, Mr. Moskaluk worked very hard to prepare us well for the online test. Of course, he had already helped us to learn the material, but the extra work he put in to create brand-new online-style practice exams for us was absolutely incredible. I wholeheartedly believe the extra 2020-style tests he made for us made a large difference in my stress levels on exam day. 

I typically spent about 1-1.5 hours per weekday on this course, with about another hour designated to studying on the weekend. Lab weeks added another ~2 hours onto that timeline. This might seem like a heavy workload, but I found it to be very  manageable. One of the best parts about this course is the lack of busywork—everything has a clear purpose, so completing the work actually feels productive and you can tell that doing assignment A will help you to grasp concept A.

Another huge highlight of this class is the discussion board. For a calculation and problem-oriented course like AP Chemistry, having an active and responsive discussion board is a must, and this class forum was the most helpful of any I've participated in. Mr. Moskaluk typically responds to questions within hours with a detailed response, and he always continues to explain a subject until you've grasped it. His TAs are also very helpful, as well as all the other students on the forum. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to other students if they're willing to put in the effort. I was a bit nervous to take AP Chemistry—given its reputation as one of the more difficult AP courses—but I should not have been worried. Mr. Moskaluk's thorough explanations, helpful chapter outlines (these are the best!), the motivated students on the discussion board, and the many Web Assign practice problems make this course incredible. I'm sad I won't be able to take class with Mr. Moskaluk again, but I'm bringing everything he taught me into college, and I'm excited for anyone who will get to take this course.

Parent Review posted by Dawn Dennison on May 24 2020 at 13:51:31

I was very happy for almost all of the class except that fact that I didn't have access to my child's grades and assignments to act as a monitor and counslor.  I am for the most of a hands off parent, but I knew this was a tough class and my child was struggling in the beginning and I didn't know until I asked to see her grades.  She usually is pretty forthcoming, but I feel I would have been able to give her guidance on how to get help and to get a her tutor sooner, if I had access to her test grades.  Besides that, Mr. Moskaluk was wonderful in working with her, once she reached out for extra help and also was extremely understanding when she got a very serious case of the flu. She felt prepared for the AP test and its processes and Mr. Moskaluk was wonderful about keeping the my student update as he received information about the changes during the Pandemic.  If her grade is lower than the normal, it will be more because she is a slower worker than any lack of preparation.  I was also happy they continued to cover all the material that for the normal class.  Also, the grading was very fair and even with struggling in the beginning she was able to sort through her struggles with the support of Mr. Moskaluk and ended up with an A.  I would definitely recommend this class and teacher to other families.  


Parent of hard working AP Chemistry student posted by Janel B on May 24 2020 at 11:33:06

My daughter was not looking forward to taking this class. She thought it was going to be the hardest class and expected to barely pass. The start of the class was a little shaky, but she quickly realized how well the information was presented and easily understood. One to two hours per day is all she needed to grasp the multitude of concepts. The student discussions were extremely valuable. Communication with instructor was excellent! Overall this is the best online AP Chemistry course. I would recommend it to all regardless of their love or hate of science. The skills learned went beyond the subject matter; time management, math, critical thinking, etc. were honed with this course. She ended up getting an A! To see my daughter's academic confidence skyrocket makes this experience well worth every penny spent.

AP Chemistry Review posted by Jada Bell on May 24 2020 at 11:10:52

This class was a wonderful experience! I feel like I was fully prepared for the AP Exam as well as studying Chemistry in College. Profesor Maskaluk is amazing! He answers every question any of the students have with detailed responses until we gain an understanding of the concept. The TA's are also very knowledgeable and give useful information. The discussion boards were so friendly and open, no one was afraid of asking the 'wrong' question and we knew we'd get an answer in less than 24hours. It also helps that most of the kids in the class were very motivated and wanted to get better which then pushed me to get better as well. The workload in the class can be heavy, but as long as you manage your time well and work hard, you'll be fine :). I would 100% recommend this class to another student. If you want to not only pass the AP Exam but also grasp and understand the concept of chemistry, this is the class for you.

Thorough class and wonderful teacher! posted by Angela on May 24 2020 at 03:26:59

AP Chemistry is one of the hardest classes I've taken in my high school years, but Mr. Moskaluk was able to make it enjoyable and worth it! The video lectures he gives us to watch are helpful, funny, concise, detailed, and educational all at the same time. I did feel very prepared for the AP exam. I would say put 1-2 hours every day for this class! If you miss a week of work, it's pretty easy to fall behind, but Mr. Moskaluk is very gracious and will grant extensions if needed. So as a piece of advice, try to work on the webassign every day, even if it's just a few questions in an assignment. Mr. Moskaluk's class did enhance my interest in this subject, and I am very confident that my experience from here will be very helpful for me in college, even if I don't choose to major specifically in something directly related to chemistry. The communications forum was extremely useful for asking for help if I got stuck on a problem, and Mr. Moskaluk as well as many other brilliant students in the class are very responsive! As this course is demanding, I think the type of student that would do well in this course would be someone with a solid background in chemistry and is intrinsically motivated and has interest in this subject. I would highly recommend this course to students who are willing to work hard in it!

AP Chemistry - Mr. Moskaluk posted by Julia Bauer on May 24 2020 at 01:50:40

When I took the AP chemistry exam, I most definitely felt prepared. Despite the differences in testing due to the coronavirus, I felt confident and prepared for the exam. Mr. Moskaluk went out of his way to inform us of all the details of this year's test process. Furthermore, the homework and assignments equipped me for understanding the test material. 

Usually, I put approximately 8-10 hours a week into studying and completing assignments for AP chemistry. During the weeks where we had to complete lab assignments or extra tests, I usually put 2-4 additional hours into AP chemistry.

I found the web homework assignments especially valuable. These assignments allowed me to learn the material in a more hands on way. Because the questions were designed to give the students multiple tries to find the correct answer, I could practice certain skills without fear of heavily impacting my grade. I also appreciated the redox assignments which allowed me to focus on areas that I found especially difficult on the tests. Reviewing these assignments especially helped me practice for the actual AP exam.

This chemistry course most definitely enhanced my interest in the subject! Initially, I was hesitant to dive into this subject because it wasn't something I found particularly enjoyable in earlier years of highschool. However, during this class, I was immediately astonished by the incredible design of atoms and molecules and the ways the interact as well as the insightful ways that Mr. Moskaluk, teaching aides, and other students explained different concepts.

I found communications with other students to be incredibly valuable and enjoyable! Our interactions on the discussion board were always uplifting. Whenever I had a question about a particularly difficult problem, I would receive a response within an hour from either Mr. Moskaluk or another students in an incredibly kind and clear manner. Additionally, I enjoyed further connecting with students in study groups when we got closer to the AP chemistry exam. 

A student who has strong skills in basic algebra and a desire to work hard would do well in this course. AP chemistry is a rigorous course and is not for the faint of heart, however, if you are willing to put in the work weekly, ask questions, and spend extra time studying more difficult concepts, this class is for you! I would not hesitate to recommend this course to other students! It was an incredible experience and one of my favorite classes this year!

An amazing experience from beginning to end posted by M. Matveev on May 23 2020 at 24:33:17

My daughter took Chemadvantage for the 2019-2020 school year, and it was an amazing experience from beginning to end. 

Speaking as someone who went to prep school, this course gives a true prep school experience, preparing the student incredibly well for the AP exam but all in an enjoyable way, filled with jokes and cartoons – but never wavering in its high expectations.  But it is all do-able if you are willing to work hard from beginning to end.  My daughter did work hard – very hard – but she never felt it was beyond her reach, and she genuinely enjoyed the whole experience.  In fact, she is really sad the course ended.

This was my daughter's first deeply challenging academic course, and it was simply amazing. I watched my daughter grow up as a student this year through this course. Thank you Mr. Moskaluk and staff!


Amazing AP CHEM experience! posted by George Nielsen on May 23 2020 at 24:00:40

I must say that this was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding courses I took this school year. Not only did this course teach me chemistry, but I felt truly prepared for the Online AP Exam.

This course was definitely demanding, both with mental work within the problems (the subject matter is very challenging), and total time required to really learn the topics. I was never overwhelmed by the work load, but I really had to put in a lot of time. If planned out well, I could get away with 1-2 hours a day of work, but on harder weeks, I could spend up to 4 hours in one day (especially over the weekend). Overall, I would say during the first semester 8-10 hours a week would be pretty typical (the only exception being labs, but those tended not to take up too much time a week, since they are due over the course of a month or so). During the second semester, however, I never had a week with under 10 hours of work, and especially during review I would push 15 hours in one week.

Out of all of the assignments, I was pleasantly surprised at just how good the labs were. Even for a physical classroom, these labs were superb (speaking from someone who has done lab experiments and workshops in a professional-grade lab), and for an online course, they were unbelievably amazing. There are even enough extra materials that I could preform other labs with them, or save it for younger siblings taking this course.

The review material was also extremely notable, as it was so thorough and extensive, that I went into the exam filling confident in my abilities, not just understanding the material, but mastering the test. When everything moved online with the spread of COVID-19, the course was not overall changed (in fact, extra effort was put into the final material, since Mr. Moskaluk always put learning chemistry first), but by the end of spring break, massive new pieces of review material had come out, and within just a few weeks, Mr. Moskaluk had produced numerous new review tests just for the new online exam. The dedication to learning the material, as well as being able to reflect that on the exam, truly helped my do well in this course.

I went into this course slightly interested in chemistry, but the initial workload made me more hesitant about the subject. But, once I got used to what was expected by me, I truly fell in love with the material (through good times and bad), and ended the course with a new appreciation and understanding of chemistry.

One of the most valuable aspects of this course was the discussion board. Not only were we able to connect with out fellow students, but any questions we had were answered almost immediately (in one instance, a TA responded to me after 5 mins, and Mr. Moskaluk himself responded after 45 mins--truly amazing!). In fact, most of the time I had a question, some other student(s) had already asked about my very question, and a large discussion had ensued, resulting in complete clarity of the issue I had, as well as some new understanding of other related topics and issues.

Overall, this was an amazing course, which truly excelled at teaching chemistry online, as well as preparing for the AP Exam at the end of the year. Do to the challenging nature of this course, I would only recommend it to a student willing to work hard, and put in the time and effort to learn these materials. Yet, if you have the discipline and patience to do the work and get through the struggle, you will be rewarded with quite possibly the best chemistry education you can get online (or even at all!), as well as a solid preparation for the AP Exam itself.

AP Chemistry for Hard Workers posted by Emma Dye on May 23 2020 at 22:27:02

The AP Chemistry course that Mr. Moskaluk taught was extremely challenging but also fun and rewarding. I truly felt as though I couldn't have been more prepared for the AP exam, and I loved the class and the teacher. It usually took at least five hours a week for me so that I could study efficiently and keep up with the coursework. I also found periodic reviewing of older materials to be helpful in keeping track of where I was. Memorizing the polyatomic ions took time, but it was so useful and helped me to keep up well with the work. I was never really interested in Chemistry if I'm honest, but Mr. Moskaluk did a great job of making it fun and interesting. The discussion board helped especially when I was struggling and I could get another opinion, especially from my own point of view, so that I could understand a subject I was struggling with. Anyone who is willing to put in the time and work into this course could do well and enjoy the class. I loved it and I really would recommend this course for anyone else because I felt so prepared but still had fun too.

AP Chemistry 2019-2020 posted by Faith Tung on May 19 2020 at 17:14:50

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! Mr. Moskaluk went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for the new format of this year’s AP exam, summarizing all the College Board review videos and creating new practice tests. Additionally, the exams throughout the class were designed after the AP exam. He also made very detailed outlines for each chapter which clearly showed what was on the AP syllabus, were excellent study resources, and will likely be great references in the future!

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 6-8 hours a week to read and take notes on the assigned reading, watch the videos, and do the Webassign problem sets.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I really appreciated the test reduxes, which gave me an opportunity to understand exactly what I got wrong on the tests and why (and also more efficient ways to solve problems I did solve). All the questions had very detailed answer explanations which clearly explained multiple different methods of solving a question and even provided extra interesting notes about related topics in chemistry or how you might find other variables that the question didn’t ask for.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! Mr. Moskaluk was great at not only teaching the AP syllabus but including interesting chemistry facts or topics in his notes and Webassign problem sets. Those problems also did a great job of breaking down complicated concepts into simpler steps which made chemistry more understandable. I went into this course wanting to study biochemistry with more emphasis in biology and came out of it wanting to study biochemistry with more emphasis on chemistry.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

My communications with other students were very interesting and helpful! The class discussion forum was extremely active and everyone was supportive of each other in answering other students’ questions or asking their own.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student eager to learn would do well in this course. Though it is difficult and requires a lot of work, the class makes success in chemistry, on the AP exam, and in college, attainable. Mr. Moskaluk is very considerate and kind and clearly wants his students to learn chemistry and do well in the course.

Best AP Chemistry Class Ever! posted by Lily Park on May 18 2020 at 22:13:12

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes!! Mr. Moskaluk provides a lot of helpful resources – chapter outlines, videos, online assignments – to make sure we really understand the material and can apply it to solve complex problems. In addition, when CollegeBoard chose to make AP exams online this year due to the coronavirus, Mr. Moskaluk kept us up to date with all of the new information and designed new practice questions so that we were completely prepared and ready to take the online exam.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I worked about 2 hours a day, six days a week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I loved the assignments about atomic structure, chemical bonding, electronic structure of atoms, periodic trends, molecular geometry, and oxidation-reduction reactions – basically everything that had to do specifically with atoms and electrons.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! Before I took this course, I wasn’t really a big fan of Chemistry. But after we started the review, I realized I enjoyed going over all the topics and doing the practice problems, and now I absolutely love Chemistry.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes. I was able to ask questions about anything, anytime, and get relatively quick responses from fellow students, Mr. Moskaluk, and the TAs. I could also read and answer questions from other students, and it showed me that I’m not the only one who struggles through certain questions sometimes.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

If you are a student who is motivated to work hard and succeed, I would highly recommend this course. AP Chemistry is not easy, but if you really put in the work and time to learn and apply the concepts, the results will be very rewarding!

AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskaluk posted by Nathan Young on May 18 2020 at 18:18:55


Yes, I felt thoroughly prepared for the AP Exam!  Mr. Moskaluk made sure we were ready by pointing out what kind of errors students tend to make on the exam.  He also wrote four practice tests customized for this year's online FRQ exams in order to help us prepare.  When I took the actual exam, I felt that I had already seen problems like the ones on the exam, and I felt confident that I knew all the answers. 

I generally spent between 5 and 10 hours per week on this class.  I felt that all my time was well spent on learning.  Like Mr. Moskaluk says on the course description page, there is no busywork!  Additionally, there were thirteen labs, which were broken up into three sets. I did each set on a different weekend, and each set took about three hours.

I found the end-of-year exam prep assignments to be really valuable because they helped tie all the topics together from the entire year and solidify my understanding.

Yes, I did!  Other students helped to answer questions and discuss problems, and Mr. Moskaluk always made sure we had the right ideas.  

I think that any student with a good algebra and high school chemistry background can succeed in this class.  The extent of the math was just solving rational equations and a little bit of logarithmic manipulation.  It would be difficult or impossible to do well in this class without a good high school chemistry background due to all the details of AP Chemistry.  I definitely found AP chemistry to be more complex than high school level chemistry, and I think it would be a bit daunting to have to learn the basic chemistry and the AP details at the same time.

Mr. Moskaluk does an outstanding job of clarifying all of these details, and I would highly recommend his class!  He really cares about his students' learning, and there have been so many times that he went the extra mile to help me understand things.  Mr. Moskauluk even pointed out when the AP explanations were not complete and gave "beyond AP" explanations to clarify.

A Critical Review of Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry posted by David L Armistead on May 17 2020 at 10:52:25

(I do not mean critical in a derogatory sense, I am merely trying to analyze this class from a non-bias rational standpoint) I'll start by my experience with this course and then identify the strengths of this class compared to others I've experienced.

When I started this class I read Mr. Moskaluk's introduction where he warned that this was a difficult class, and at first it was. I was juggling difficult college courses, athletics, insomnia, and trying to create closure as I was preparing to go to college. Moreover, it had been quite a while since I had done any math course because I was trying to get all my college liberal arts out, so it was quite a transition experience (I took a college algebra course and the professor said that I was the most behind person he had ever seen. My work schedule was from 8AM-9PM for quite a while). For the first semester, I had difficulty really learning the chemistry and remembering it. I treated this course like something I just had to get done, because that is all I had time for. I would spend a concentrated 4-7 hours on ONLY one day of the week and get EVERYTHING done. I didn't really use the discussion boards, because I tend to like doing things by myself (to be honest, I wouldn't recommend that at all for anybody). I also wouldn't take detailed personal notes on the topic overview. On the chapter tests, I would do decently well (73-80%) but I still didn't solidly understand the concepts. When I was tested on the same material later I had forgotten it. However, during the second semester I took less courses, so I was able to focus more on what I was learning, and I understood it.

If you are the type of person who loads themselves down trying to do everything and/or cannot give yourself the time you need to learn and remember, DON'T TAKE THIS CLASS OR THE CHEMISTRY AP! You might able to get a ton of assignments done in a short amount of time, but most AP's don't test you ability to produce but rather your comprehension. If I hadn't given myself the time to really learn the material instead of just skimming, then this class would have been absolutely useless and I wouldn't have done well on the AP.

Now there are many strengths of this curriculum over others. First, the material is constantly up to date. This was the first online AP in history and Mr. Moskaluk, on short notice, was able to create several extra AP practice tests. I can adamantly say that those practice tests helped me on the real AP. Second, Mr. Moskaluk provides you with ample preparation. About every week we had a simulated AP over the recently learned material. Those test were instrumental in teaching time budgeting. Third, Mr. Moskaluk education method will better prepared you for the AP than other study methods used in AP classes. Every week Mr. Moskaluk provided you with an overview of the topic, and he encouraged you to write your own notes on a printed out copy. I found that when I actually followed his advice I was better able to understand the data and I could recall the concepts. Moreover, Mr. Moskaluk's test were not pass/fail but rather try until you learn. For example, if you miss a question you get 4 tries to answer it before they give you an explanation. I affirm, this testing method has been far more beneficial at preparing me for the AP because I am forced to learn the concept and where I went wrong. Again, the AP is centered more on understanding concepts rather than memorizing information. Fourth, Mr. Moskaluk accounts for multiple methods of learning (visual and audio). In his weekly lesson he provides video resources as well as articles and notes. Fifth, Mr. Moskaluk is supportive and helping his students is his passion. I've been doing online school since 2nd grade and online college classes since 10th grade and I can say that this important area is often overlooked. I've seen that supportive teachers are able to provide enough flexibility and encouragement for students, which allows the student to achieve according to their ability. There were many times where my situation needed an extension, and Mr. Moskaluk was gracious enough to give me an extension. This is a lot more practical than what some of my friends experienced with their AP classes, having to stay up until 4 AM to meet the deadline and then they were too sleep-deprived to remember any of the information they had just learned.

Is taking this class worth the money? From my experience, yes. For the college I am planning on attending, this course was cheaper per-credit hour than taking this course in college. In addition, I probably learned the same or even more material and had a very good experience at the same time. Theoretically you could take a really cheap class, work very hard, and get a 5 on the AP; However, you will probably experience a very different quality of class and you might have to put in more hours to get similar results. All in all, I would recommend this course; the only exception is if you really aren't motivated to put in the time and effort, or if you don't have the time. If you do take this course, don't be like me for my first semester, listen to the recommendations the teacher gives and utilize the discussion board.

David L Armistead

AP Chem Review 2020 posted by Luke T on May 17 2020 at 07:08:31

AP Chem with Mr Moskaluk was great!

The assignments he post are simple to understand, so I can focus on chemistry and understanding new concepts. Unlike my other teacher this year, I understood what was due each week, so I never needed to rush my work and could devote myself to learning. Also, he has a set of comics which are fun to read each week.

I found the course quite easy, even though I only put in 5 hours a week. 

I defintely recommend this course, especially since help is provided on the forum.

AP Chemistry posted by Lena H on May 17 2020 at 01:49:05

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, I felt that the course outlines were carefully thought out and covered all topics on the exam. Although I did not experience the full exam because of COVID-19, the WebAssign questions modeled the style and content of the free response section questions very well. The review material at the end of the course gave very helpful flashcards and tips for exam day. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I worked about 12 hours per week. I would add an additional 3 hours to any week that I did labs. 

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

There was not one assignment that stood out specifically, but I appreciated how Mr. Moskaluk had us organize are materials. The binder layout with each test, quiz, and notes by topic made reviewing and studying for the AP exam extremely easy.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Definitely. I now know that I love chemistry, and I am considering majoring in it during college. Before this I knew I wanted to go into a STEM major, but this course helped me narrow in on a specific subject. 

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes. The discussion board was able to answer any of my questions. I also found looking at past questions from students to be very helpful when I had similar questions. 

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I think someone with strong study habits and lots of motivation would do well in this course. The coursework is time consuming to fully understand, so they would need to manage their time and avoid procrastination.

Best Online AP Chem Teacher & Course posted by Victoria A on July 13 2019 at 23:37:03

Absolutely! When you sign up for this course, you will receive quality AP chem prep. Mr. Moskaluk is a dedicated teacher and chemistry expert. All of his materials will provide you with everything you need to succeed. For each unit he provides informative, helpful outlines and the course is very well-organized and structured. His practice AP Tests are very up-to-date and accurate. For the review, I didn't even need other prep books!

1 1/2 to 2 hours per day, if you manage your time well. Staying on task will help you have time to enjoy the weekends and have a much needed break. If there's any advice I can give, it's don't procrastinate in this class! It'll just lead to a lot of unnecessary and avoidable stress later. One thing I can say is that Mr. Moskaluk is an incredibly gracious teacher. He doesn't treat you like just another student but cares about you as an individual and wants to see you do well. He is very understanding and will help you if you have any difficulties in time management.

I loved the labs, because they helped what I was studying come to life. The instructions are very organized and easy to follow. Also, the videos Mr. Moskaluk provides are extremely helpful, especially if you're a visual learner.  In addition, I found the test reduxes to be very valuable because they help you see what you got wrong and learn from your mistakes, so you don't make them again. 

Definitely! The chemistry course I took previously was very bad, so I didn't come in knowing too much. Now after finishing this class, I can't help but have an awe for chemistry and how truly amazing it is! It was difficult at times, but the class environment is so supportive and encouraging. Mr. Moskaluk will make sure that you get through it! I want to study pre-med, and now I don't feel so intimidated by the chemistry courses I'll study later in college. 

This class doesn't have a live component, making it very flexible. But you might think, it's not that interactive then, right? Not at all. Mr. Moskaluk, the TAs, and other classmates from around the world are on the discussion forum all the time.  I used to be afraid that my questions wouldn't get answered in a timely manner, but in this course, they were usually answered almost immediately or in less than 30 minutes! The discussion forum is your gateway to connecting with the rest of the ChemAdvantage community...don't ignore it!

A student who is good at time-management, self-motivated, and focused would do well in this course. Chemistry is not an easy subject, but if you put the time and work, you can do very well. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take advantage of the discussion forum. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone interested in taking AP Chem. On a 5-star scale, I'd give it a 10. You will not regret it. Mr. Moskaluk is a kind, encouraging, and supportive teacher who truly wants to see you succeed. The education and quality he provides clearly reflects that. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of such an amazing class, and you will be too if you decide to take it!





AP Chemistry Review posted by Akhil Sadam on July 05 2019 at 13:21:09

Strongly recommended if you want a five! posted by Charity Parrott on June 05 2019 at 11:30:15

I joined Mr. Moskaluk's class halfway through the year, and he and the TA's and students were extraordinarily helpful and accomodating! I spent approximately 12 hours a week into the course, but remember that I needed to catch up with past assignments and complete extra work to prepare for the exam! I felt confident walking into and taking the AP exam, and I believe that my test will earn at least a 4.

Mr. Moskaluk was a helpful and engaging teacher throughout the half-year I participated in his class. The plethora of chemistry comics scattered around the websites made me excited to check the weekly updates. My favorite resource in the class would definitely be the chapter outlines that Mr. Moskaluk created for every chapter. I would read and reread those, and anything I didn't fully understand I could check the textbook. The outlines saved me so much time, which I was especially grateful for while catching up! 


Overall, Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry class is a wonderful experience that will prepare you for the AP exam, have you feeling solid and confident about chemistry in general, and teach you how to manage your time effectively. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone wanting to earn a five! 


Thank you, Mr. Moskaluk! 

AP Chemistry review posted by Caroline Larsen on May 29 2019 at 20:20:55

Yes, I felt prepared for the AP exam after taking the course. We took several practice exams throughout the year, and Mr. Moskaluk offered many test-taking tips, so I felt fairly comfortable with both the format and the types of questions at exam time.

I generally put in 8-12 hours per week, but I put in additional time on lab weeks (not very many).

I found the WebAssign problems very helpful. Though many of them are tricky, they break down complex problems into simpler steps and provide clear explanations after you solve them, which helped me internalize the concepts.

Yes, I'm definitely more interested in chemistry after taking the course. I now understand many areas of the field, such as electrochemistry, much better than I did before.

Communication takes place on an optional discussion board, where students can ask questions about problems. Though I didn't participate much on the board, many of the students' and TAs' explanations for problems helped me.

Students who are willing to put in time and effort to understand difficult chemistry concepts and do practice problems would do well in this course. I recommend this course to students who want a strong foundation in chemistry!

AP Chemistry Survey posted by Benjamin Furness on May 29 2019 at 14:10:36

Overall, the one thing that helped me the best during this AP Chemistry Exam course was the reveiw after all the material had been presented to us. The study guides, practice tests, and  scoring guides really helped me feel a lot more confident about the exam by the time I stepped into the testing center. Additionally, the active discussion board really helped with any confusion or struggles understanding a concept. I could always post a question and get a reply quite quickly on the discussion board. I really appreciated all the resources that we received throughout the year, especially the videos which provided a visual representation of many of the things we were learning. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to have a very well-organized and well-taught chemistry course. With hard work and diligent studying, any student can learn tons about chemstry and learn to love the subject of chemsitry as well.

Super Impressed, Highly Recommended posted by Ben Campbell on May 24 2019 at 23:12:48

I would like to thank Mr. Moskaluk first for his incredible organizational skills. He turned the hardest AP class into something manageable by directing us to study in the most efficient ways. I'm amazed every time he is able to point out which types of questions are no longer included on tests. I'm also super thankful for the concise but detailed chapter notes he provided every chapter. I remember I was having a lot of trouble on buffers but the notes and accompanying videos helped me to understand perfectly. As a busy student-athlete Mr. Moskaluk optimized the course so I didn't have to spend extra time away from my sport. I will definitely be holding on to my AP Chemistry binder for college when the intro to Chemistry classes start.

I felt extremely prepared for the exam. Many of the questions were familiar from practice tests. For the 4 weeks leading up to the exam, Mr. Moskaluk ensured we were comfortable with the exam by giving us 4 real practice tests, 3 tests that counted for a grade, and then a final exam which was another AP Chemistry exam. Through all those practice tests I was able to feel prepared. Not to forget, Mr. Moskaluk also did an excellent job during the year teaching us the material on those practice tests.

I generally put 10 hours/week into the course. This is not very much time considering the amount of material we have to learn, but Mr. Moskaluk is super organized and through his organization is able to have us learn much more efficiently than many other classrooms. His chapter notes are some of the best I’ve ever seen. This whole year, I can only remember looking into the textbook twice for more information.

It was really cool to learn about Galvanic Cells in this course. I never knew cells in batteries used a salt bridge. It was an “aha” moment when I learned the reason why batteries(and the cells inside) get worse over time. Additionally, it was interesting to learn about different elements’ ability to reduce and the corresponding effect on the voltage.

The course enhanced my interest in the subject. Before the course, I was just planning on taking it because one year of chemistry is required for colleges. As I went through the course, I began to enjoy it more and more. Instead of treating the course as some box to be checked off, I was looking through Wikipedia to learn more about several of the topics this year. Even though I plan to do CS in college, experiencing a rigorous chemistry course in high school will prepare me much better for the introductory classes.

While I didn’t do much communicating on the forum, I was an avid reader of discussions. Mr. Moskaluk creates a forum thread for each assignment, quiz, and test, and students discuss questions they have. Mr. Moskaluk answers many of the questions but there are sometimes diligent students who beat him to the answer. Reading explanations from other students and Mr. Moskaluk was super helpful. Many times I didn’t have to post a question because it had already been asked and answered. If you have the time, I would highly suggest being an active participant on the forum. It not only helps out your classmates, but it also helps you because you can gain more understanding from teaching others.

A successful student in this course is self-motivated, honest, and decent at math. I would highly recommend having a strong grasp of concepts up to Algebra 2 before going into this course. Additionally, get good at mental math and scientific notation! You need to be self motivated because this course is difficult. It can take hours to understand a concept, but once you understand it, it is the best feeling in the world. Finally, you need to be honest. This class runs on the honor system, so Mr. Moskaluk trusts his students that they are taking the exams with integrity. You need to take these exams honestly or else you will not be prepared for the AP exam.


Highly recommend posted by Irene Macri on May 24 2019 at 21:52:09

I feel this course highly prepared me for the ap exam!!! It was a very time consuming course, I probably spent about 1-3 hours a day, for 4 days a week on this, but I received the equivalent of a 5 on the final exam. If you are willing to put in the hours, this class is well worth the credits, the work for knowledge, and the satisfaction of completely one of the hardest AP courses. The discussion boards is awesome for when you don’t know the answer, and fellow students and Mr. Moskaluk reply very promptly. I don’t have any bad things to say about this course.

AP Chemistry posted by Vivian Sandifer on May 24 2019 at 17:42:53

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I did feel the course prepared me well for the AP exam. In the weeks leading up to the exam, Mr. Moskaluk provided several practice AP tests. Going over the questions that could be expected on the actual test helped me feel prepared and comfortable on test day. 

How many hours of work per day did you generally put into the course?

I generally put in a good two hours a day. The class was very challenging (but rewarding), and I had to work hard both to manage the workload and to fully understand the concepts that were discussed. 

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I found the labs particularly valuable. I learn better when I am able to experience something firsthand, so the labs really helped reinforce the concepts we were learning in class. Several concepts that I was struggling with became easier to understand after I performed labwork. 

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

The course did enhance my interest in chemistry. I am planning to pursue a pre-med track in college, and taking AP Chemistry helped me get a better grasp of what college chemistry would be like.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Communication with my classmates was one of my favorite parts of this class. The discussion board was very welcoming, and everyone was willing to help one another out. I never felt silly for asking a question or asking for help on a concept I was unsure about.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students?

A student who is willing to work hard would do well in this course. AP Chemistry was the most challening AP class I have ever taken, but I am glad that I took it. Mr. Moskaluk is a wonderful teacher, and I felt like I broadened my knowledge tremendously through this course.

Just take this class. It will become one of your most valuable experiences. posted by Aliza I on May 24 2019 at 02:38:20

Yes. I felt confident at the end of the course that I’d learned everything I needed to know for the exam. We were very well prepared. Mr. Moskaluk covers everything in the course.

I generally spent about 10-14 hours a week (sometimes more) on this course depending on the difficulty of the topic.  

One of my favorite topics (and assignments) turned out to be about acids and bases. At first it all seemed extremely complicated. I won’t lie, it was probably one of the most complex things I’ve tried to understand and I even burst into tears at one point halfway through the chapter. However, after reading everything again a few times, going through Mr. Moskaluk’s brief but comprehensive outline, and asking a couple of questions on the discussion board, everything clicked into place! You cannot imagine how satisfying it was to finally be able to understand it. After that, I had a great deal of fun. It’s crazy how your view of something can change so fast!

YES IT DID. How could it not? I love chemistry more than I ever thought I would thanks to this course!

One of the most helpful ways (I found) to remember and understand concepts is to (1) ask questions, and (2) answer them. If something is unclear to you, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t use the discussion board, you will be missing out on one of the best parts of this course.

Everybody in this class is very kind, helpful, and supportive. There are all kinds of people from everywhere around the world. You’ll be sure to meet at least a few classmates (or even TAs) who will turn out to be amazing friends (I met my best friend in this class!).

To do well in this course, you would need to be very dedicated. You would have to be willing to put a lot of time and effort into what you do and be passionate about learning new things. That’s what’s most important. I don’t feel it’s necessary for you to already be great at chemistry and math to do well (I started this class having taken only one year of very basic chemistry and Algebra I). There is so much to gain from this class, so if you’re a hardworking and knowledge-hungry student, you will benefit greatly and do exceedingly well no matter what.  

I would definitely recommend this course. Why wouldn’t I? It’s the best class ever (haven’t you read the other reviews?)

Amazing posted by Ainsley Keller on May 23 2019 at 23:49:43

This was an amazing class.  Mr Moskaluk and all the TA's were very helpful and encouraging.  Mr Moskaluk kept encouraging me throughout the class.  He helped grow my love of chemistry.  I highly recommend this class to everyone, especially those who love chemistry.

Highly recommend this class! posted by Katherine Harland on May 23 2019 at 21:54:53

To be quite honest, chemistry is not my best subject. However, in this AP Chemistry class, Mr. Moskaluk provides all the resources a student needs to be successful in AP Chemistry and then more.

This AP Chemistry class is one of the most organized classes I’ve taken. Mr. Moskaluk gives very clear instructions and writes outlines for each week of the course. If you print these outlines out and put them in a binder like he suggests, you accumulate the entirety of AP Chemistry material in an organized and navigable location.

Not only is Mr. Moskaluk organized in his course material, he is extremely diligent and thorough to respond to his students in a timely and kind way. I never had to wait more than 3-4 hours for a question to be cleared up on the discussion board. Furthermore, Mr. Moskaluk is very understanding and merciful in his handling of student mistakes. 

I would highly recommend Mr. Moskaluk’s AP Chemistry Class!

Best AP class I've taken posted by Nathan Shapiro on May 23 2019 at 20:51:00

This class was undoubtedly my favorite class in all of high school! Mr. Moskaluk is an incredible teacher and is always ready if you need help with anything. He knows exactly what topics previous AP Chemistry exams have covered and is therefore able to direct our attention to the most important topics which are likely to be on the exam. However, the class isn't just focused on getting a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam, but on really teaching the students chemistry. I very much disliked chemistry before taking this class and was intimidated by it, but within the first few weeks Mr. Moskaluk had completely reversed my feelings! His teaching method is the most efficient I've ever seen, making the class much less of a burden and more of a pleasure.

In addition to knowing pretty much everything about chemistry, he and Mary Ann are evidently extremely familiar with the administration of the exam. The AP coordinator at my local high school didn't know how to deal with homeschoolers taking AP exams, but one email of instructions for me from Mr. Moskaluk cleared the whole situation up. That was extremely helpful on test day, as everything ran smoothly and I could concentrate on the test itself.

Even if you think you're bad at chemistry or if you hate it or even if you don't think you'll ever need it, I would highly recommend this class. Mr. Moskaluk will make you good at chemistry, he will make you like it, and he will teach you much, much more than just chemistry.

Great Teacher! posted by Gabe Miller on May 21 2019 at 19:01:35

This is an excellent course that I would highly recommend to any high school student looking to expand their knowledge of chemistry and become a better student in general.

I believe Mr. Moskaluk and this course did an excellent job preparing me for the AP exam. You can definately tell how much time Mr. Moskaluk has put into making the course go as smoothly as possible.

I probably spent about 2-4 hours per day working on this course.

This course gave me a much greater appreciation for chemistry in daily life and I grew to truly enjoy the subject.

The discussion board is an extremely valuable tool to use during the course. Mr. Moskaluk and the other students were always very helpful in answering any question students had.

Any student willing to put in a lot of time and hard work can succeed in this course. If you want to be challenged and work toward college level competence, this is the course for you!

Take this class, I beg you. posted by Camilla F on May 20 2019 at 16:32:11


Welcome one of the best high school courses you could ever take.

I wasn't expecting to be one the "Oh-my-gosh-chemistry-is-amazing" people when I finished this course but . . . I'm afraid I became just that.

Yes, I walked into the testing room rather excited to be honest. Mr. Moskaluk's class is so organized that it allows students and a whole month of test prep. During the last month of class, I was taking practice test after practice test. The tests were all past College Board exams and thus perfect representations of the types of questions on the real exam. Nothing on the AP exam surprised me or throught me off gaurd.

Eight to twelve. Mr. Moskaluk is spot on: if you concentrate and study for one and a half hours a weekday, you will finish the course work on time and have the weekend to relax (or complete whatever other activities you have without the dread of chemistry keeping you up until midnight).

I loved the WebAssign assignments. However, the labs are also important. I'm not a lab person myself but I'm so glad I completed the labs. In the exam, I found myself reaching back in my mind to a lab I had done earlier in the year.

Yes. Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry course will cast the chemistry curse on anyone who works hard, asks questions, and loves to learn. Mr. Moskaluk also is quite humourous in his responses and has a comic related to virtually any occassion.

Yes. Mr. Moskaluk has a forum that is open 24/7. This year's class included students from over fifteen time zones so it is very likely that someone else is online and ready to answer your question. Don't be shy!

As I said, any student who is prepared to set aside time, work hard, and take chemistry coursework seriously will do just fine. :-)

One of the my favorite things about this class is the organization and support Mr. Moskaluk has set in place. Every Monday you know exactly what to do that week: outlines, videos, tests, quizzes, WebAssign, etc. and aren't caught off guard about last minute pop quiz or anything. He usually already has the next week planned out so you can even get ahead on your coursework. The forum is also a golden nugget. It was the first thing I checked every morning.

Thank you for the most excellent class and I'm so glad I chose it. The teacher really has an effect on your class experience. Mr. Moskaluk is the bomb (that's an Italian expression so I don't know how well it translates into English . . .).

My favorite class ever posted by Serene on May 15 2019 at 19:33:44

Hello prospective student,

You've probably spent much time scrolling through class reviews, trying to decide which courses to take for next school year. Let me tell you about AP Chemistry...though it is renowned to be one of the hardest APs out there, I HIGHLY recommend you to take on this challenge and take THIS class with Mr. Moskaluk.

He is humorous, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable on the subject.

Imagine the best chemistry teacher. Yes, the one only a select few of your friends had gotten who have impacted their lives in terms of personal development and mastery of the subject (while not piling on busywork). Ok, I have only one friend who can testify to that, but anyways, seriously, imagine it. Now imagine the teacher as an AP Chem teacher, not just some ole' chem class. He will present to you the real world of college chemistry and give you the upper leg in chem knowledge. This is the class that has that amazing teacher.

In terms of the course:

I spent ~9-12 hours on a typical week on, give or take, but none of it was busy work! April is when the practice tests pile up, though, so definitely make time for that. It's honestly not too much work at all if you're dedicated to learning the material (it is really fun too). 

Also, the discussion board is where the treasure lies. USE IT. Ask questions. Answer questions. You'll make some wonderful friends, I promise, and you'll cement your chem knowledge at the same time. I didn't interact much on the board and I deeply regret that. 

The AP prep this course offers is also exceptional. The MCQ practice is worthwhile, it will pay off on the exam. My public school ap chem friends were all asking me to explain chem concepts because this course reinforced the foundational information so well. 

Last word: If you do take this class, please use it to the fullest extent. This is my favorite class and I don't think it will ever be beaten for the rest of my high school years. I am very privileged to be a part of this class. 

I was afraid to take AP Chemistry, to be honest. But it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Thank you, Mr. Moskaluk, for this unforgettable year. I am so ready and excited to take on college Chemistry!


Do you like science? Do you like math? If so, this class is for you. posted by Erik Brodsky on May 12 2019 at 15:08:40

While it may be difficult, this is an excellent class. When I was in the exam room, I felt as prepared as I could possibly be, short of knowing the answer key.

This has varied from week to week depending on the difficulty of the material, but I'd say that I generally put in about 6-8 hours each week. I did spend more time than that during April review, though.

My favorite "assignment" was, of course, the wonderful comic strip that appeared every week... I personally enjoyed doing the labs since I got to see the useful and varied real-life applications of what we were studying.

Without a doubt; Mr. Moskaluk's passion for chemistry really shone through during the class.

The discussion board was always active, and it was rare to see a question left unanswered for more than 15 minutes. The students, the TAs, and Mr. Moskaluk himself were always extremely helpful and encouraging.

This can be very time-consuming at times, and I wouldn't recommend it to students who don't have the needed amount of time available. But at the same time, this course is very rewarding if you put the work into it... and I did make it through as a freshman, so it can't be so bad :)

Great course posted by Rachel Shey on May 11 2019 at 21:24:40

Absolutely!  I did a lot of my own prep, of course, but this class has far more built in review than any other AP course I have taken so far.  If you are nervous about your ability to review, worry no more!  Completing all the assignments particularly the ones near the end of the year will make you fully prepared.  I am hopeful that I did well.  

Mr. Moskaluk only uses college board questions, which are the best prep.  This class has the most College Board prep questions of any I have ever taken.  

10-12 hours (about the same time I spent on AP World History)  Not an easy course, but there's no busy work.  I spent more time than the average student because I also did a lot of discussion-board question-answering and made my own review guide.  Of course, there also seemed to be a lot of students who spent more time than I did or less time.  To a certain extent the class work is flexible, but you do have to put in at least 7-8 hours, I'd say.  

The webassigns are fantastic.  I found the practice tests that Mr. Moskaluk provides at the end super helpful, and I also really enjoyed making the review guide.  

Absolutely!  Mr. Moskaluk's comics are hilarious, and they helped me on test day too.  Chemistry is a topic of many intricacies, and the teacher and TAs in this class are eager to plumb them.  In addition, Mr. Moskaluk is quite knowledgeable about many topics and often adds interesting cultural references, such as "Le Chat" (the cat poster) and, most memorably, even putting some of the questions in French and Chinese, the better to test your critical science thinking skills.  

Although you can take this class without any student interaction, I often turned to the board to get help from the classmates and teacher.  At the end of the class, the discussion board completely blew up as everyone sentimentally said goodbye.  I thought it was helpful, although I didn't take advantage of the Discord study group or interact much with classmates outside of answering their questions and asking my questions to be answered.  

If you take this class, you must use the discussion board!  I ended up with 1032 comments total on the site after 9 months of posting and answering questions.  It's optional, but to get the most bang for your buck, you should really take advantage of it.  

As with any course, a self-motivated, efficient student would do well in this class.  It's easy to fall behind sometimes, and catching up is hard.  It helps to be already interested in the subject matter, and I would not recommend this class for someone with no science background or a strong hatred for the topic.  A solid grasp of math is also necessary.  Unless you are ready to put in a LOT of work, it's a good idea to take a pre-AP chemistry class and make sure you have a solid grasp of Algebra 2 before taking this class. 

A lot of people I spoke with about this class were concerned by its lack of a live class.  However, this class is set up so well that a live class is unnecessary.  Mr. Moskaluk gives one-on-one help almost daily on the discussion board, so if you need a lot of teacher help, he can absolutely help.  There are also many TAs, and almost 200 classmates - for any question you might have, there is at least one person who can help you.  Don't let its lack of live class scare you off - this class has to rank among some of my top experiences at PA Homeschoolers.  

Best Teacher and Community You Could Ask For posted by Calvin Huh on May 10 2019 at 16:23:48

Where should I begin? Mr. Moskaluk's class is the most encouraging, supportive community of students you could ask for; having taken both online and in-person classes throughout high school, I can assure you that you will not find this level of engagement and companionship anywhere else. Within minutes of posting a question, you will find yourself surrounded by answers, encouragements, and always someone else with the same question; you are never alone. You will also receive the most kind and uplifting comments from Mr. Moskaluk. I remember answering a classmate's question this semester on the Discussion Boards and receiving a comment from Mr. Moskaluk that read: "Calvin you would be an excellent teacher." I don't know why, but that comment really meant a lot to me and really made my day. I have never had any teacher ever tell me that, and I was so encouraged by that comment. Mr. Moskaluk is also a seemingly ever-present help when it comes to baffling Chemistry questions. I remember posting my first ever question on the Discussion Boards in the fall and being absolutely shocked when I received an answer from Mr. Moskaluk 3 minutes later! In most of my classes, it takes 3 hours at the least and sometimes as long as 3 days to get an answer from a teacher. At first, I thought it might just be an automated response, but no, Mr. Moskaluk is just that on top of things. He is unbelievable patient as well, answering all my questions about the Princeton Review study book and other similar prep books. Always up to date on the College Board's official curriculum, Mr. Moskaluk finds himself disappointed with mainstream study aids that include unnecessary information and often innaccurate information, so he has discouraged their use. Being the paranoid student I am, I proceeded to use those study aids on occasion and always found myself on the Discussion Boards either asking questions or finding answers to another student who made the same mistake. Mr. Moskaluk would always respond patiently and methodically, pointing out the ways I did the question wrong and always pointing out the ways the prep books failed to explain the concept clearly or flat-out had the wrong answers. He would always leave an encouraging cartoon too, reminding us that it was OK to make mistakes and that on exam day, we only had to perform better than the ill-taught Princeton Review students to score a 5. "Hey Tom, I realized that I don't need to outrun the bear; I only need to outrun you!" was the punch line of my favorite cartoon.  As Machiavellian as that might sound, it really did allay the fears of us students who can learn all the material but get easily frazzled on test day; at the end of the day, at least we know the right material, and hopefullly the test will reward that knowledge. And boy did we know all the right material. Having us take over 7 practice tests and EVERY multiple choice question ever written in AP Chem history... twice, Mr. Moskaluk made sure that we were not only beating the test but also learning the material; there was no way to escape all the knowledge being poured on us. Now, in any review, it would be impossible to ignore ChemAdvantage's consistent dominance on the AP test. This course, which engages in ZERO cherry-picking (Mr. Moskaluk accepted my lackluster application for crying out loud. I even listed the sciences as far outside my area of interest in that app. That perspective, by the way, has changed over the year) has consistently prepared over 30% of its students to score a 5, compared to the 10% national average. If that's not proof of the Moskaluk Method, I don't know what is. Some schools might only have the teaching; some might only have the test-taking skills. ChemAdvantage has both. In closing, if you join ChemAdvantage, you will not be disappointed; it's a difficult test, but with your community, teacher, and knowledge of the material, you will do great! Excelsior!

The Best Class I've Ever Taken posted by Alexandra Herr on August 04 2018 at 21:29:26

This class was probably the best class I've ever taken, as the title states.  Mr. Moskaluk is a fantastic teacher; it is evident that he really knows what he is talking about, and he is always there to promptly answer students' questions.  The class itself is set up in an efficient, clear manner, and there is a chat group for students to help each other/get help with problems or just general questions.  This chat group is very helpful and significantly contributed to my understanding of the subject (and my ability to help other students when they were stuck).  Also, the TAs are students who have gotten a 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam, and they were helpful as well. 

The homework is challenging and prepares students well for the AP Exam.  After taking AP Chemistry, my Chemistry knowledge expanded greatly.  Before taking Mr. Moskaluk's class (after just taking high school chemistry), I had a rough, shallow understanding of Chemistry, and there were many concepts I could tell I didn't really understand.  I took the SAT II Chemistry test after just taking high school chemistry (and after looking at the SAT II Barron's Book), and I got 600.  After taking Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry class and after reviewing the Barron's Book again, I got a 740!  I also got a 4 on the AP Chemistry Exam.  Taking this class made me feel solid in my comprehension of Chemistry.  Also, it significantly furthered my interest in the subject.

Many thanks to Mr. Moskaluk for having such a great class available to students!

AP Chemistry Review posted by Alexander Popescu on June 06 2018 at 17:46:03

I had a great year of AP Chemistry, and I highly recommend Mr. Moskaluk and his course. The course made me feel very prepared for the AP exam, especially because the last few weeks of the class are dedicated to review. As far as workload, I put in some work everyday, of which amounted to about 10 hours of work per week. The outlines and practice tests that Mr. Moskaluk provided were particularly useful to me. As a result of AP Chemistry, my interest in the subject has increased significantly, and I am considering studying Chemistry in college. Mr. Moskaluk and the TA's are very quick to answer questions, and there is a discussion forum through which the students can communicate questions related to the course. AP Chemistry requires dedication, but Mr. Moskaluk makes AP Chem enjoyable in addition to preparing one for the AP Exam.

Best online class of all the time posted by Huy Do on May 31 2018 at 02:13:59

In this class, you will find for yourself the best teacher that you will ever have. Mr Moskaluk curriculum is engaging. The quality of the material is beyond words. If you have any question, Mr.Moskaluk will reply as fast as he can even on the weekend (can you believe it?). I feel like, from my experience, the only reason you don't pass the AP Chem test is that you don't follow the instruction of Mr.Moskaluk. 

Rating 9.9/10.  The only reason it is not a perfect rating is that, personally, the pun in chemistry is so bad. Please don't pick those up and say to anyone. 

The Best Chemistry Teacher! posted by Dominic P on May 28 2018 at 17:59:52

I've never done many science courses before taking AP Chemistry, but Mr. Moskaluk really helped me understand the topics. He didn't skimp on the chemistry knowledge, while providing sufficient AP test preparation. AP Chemistry is definitely not easy, but Mr. Moskaluk's class helps you reach your goals. On another note, Mr. Moskaluk's course was better than a face-to-face class because he answered all of my questions promptly, with detailed and clear explanations. In a nutshell, I didn't feel I was taking a test prep course; it felt more like a real college level chemistry course. The online setting does not inhibit the learning process, in fact the Webassign "ask the teacher" feature and the classroom forum make it even better than a face-to-face science class. It is also useful to read all the other students' questions and answers because you might have the same questions. Sometimes answering other students' questions help you internalize the concepts! 

Great Class! posted by Calum Colver on May 28 2018 at 14:41:51

This is an outstanding class, and it prepared me very well for the exam. I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend this to any students who wishes to strengthen their knowledge in chemistry. It is a hard class and requires at least an hour to two of work every day. He is a good teacher and knows his material very well. I really liked his teaching method., it was a good combination of practice, review, video lectures and reading, and targeted review with timed tests and quizzes to help with exam timing.  

Very Well Organized posted by Justin Peterson on May 28 2018 at 13:23:37

I went in to this class thinking I was going to hate it. While I'm not going to say it was an absolute joy ride the entire time, I can say that I was definitely fun at times. I'm not much of a chemistry person (I prefer math), but Prof. Moskaluk's comics that he put in were always humourous and made me happy to get the jokes.

Going into the test, I felt very prepared. Prof. Muskaluk had a large amount of review material, and made it very clear what you needed to know. I actually had another study book, but wound up completely ignoring it and solely using material that Prof. Moskaluk made or recommended.

The amount of work each day varies. I would usually read on Monday, possibly review on Tuesday, and then the rest of the week was working assignments, with any tests or quizzes done at the end of the week. Reading could sometimes be very long, especially when paried with the chapter outlines, but never anything more than maybe 2-3 hours.

I didn't really have any favorite assignments. I felt like all the assignments were good. If I had to pick one, I might say that the test Reduxes were very helpfull, since you could see what you got wrong on the test, why, and (on certain ones) how well actuall AP test takers did on those questions.

The course most definitely ehanced my interest in Chemistry. Goin in, I saw reactions as something I didn't understand, and didn't want to. Now, I see how it can be cool to be able to balance reaction, calculate equilibrium, and other stuff.

I must admit that I didn't use the communication very much, other than the function on Webassign that lets you ask for help on particular questions. Prof. Moskaluk was always very quick to respond, and his explanations were very helpfull.

I feel like a student who enjoys understanding things would enjoy this course. At times, it can be very painful to learn in this course (just like any other course), but you get a very nice feeline when you feel like you've finally gotten a strong understanding fo the concepts. I would definitely recommend this class to other students.

Take this course! posted by Piper Wysocki on May 24 2018 at 12:53:29

If you are at all interested in the sciences, this is a must take course. Mr. Moskaluk is a phenomenal teacher and the class is well-organized and fascinating. I had all the support I needed to succeed. Although Mr. Moskaluk is quick to answer questions, the class was so well-formated that I rarely needed him. His outlines for chapters were fantastic for learning the material and review. The class is hard work--I spent an hour or two a day on assignments--but it is incredibly rewarding. I felt extremely well-prepared for the AP exam and I am now considering a minor in Chemistry or at least a few extra Chemistry classes in college. 

A fantastic class for preparing for the AP Chemistry exam posted by Christian on May 23 2018 at 21:51:54

A superb, dedicated teacher, and a well-thought out class posted by Ishaan Singh on May 23 2018 at 20:39:00

Did you feel the class prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, definitley. Every test we did was in the AP exam form, written by Mr Moskaluk. Mr Moskaluk's notes were fantastic. They were extremely useful in telling you what you need to know for AP. Mr Moskaluk is a teacher who always is looking to better the class. As a result, he is always looking for simpler, faster, and better ways to solve each problem on the test. He also made flashcards and put up extremely helpful videos. The MCQ weeks and the FRQ week really helped me to learn how to manage time on the test which is a big issue on the AP Chem Exam.

How many hours per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 8-10 hours of work per week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Weekly homework assignments on WebAsssign were designed to reinforce the chapter for the week which really helped me internalize the topic we were studying. Also, I enjoyed the lab work. As always, Mr. Moskaluk was available to answer any questions that we had on WebAssign as well.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes. It has been an enjoyable year with Mr Moskaluk.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes. You must check the discussion board. There is so much valuble information that Mr Moskaluk puts out on it.  For the first half of the year I was one of those kids who never looked at the discussion board. In the second half of the year, I became increasingly more involved on the discussion board. Mr Moskaluk put up a lot of valuable information on the discussion board. I also tried to answer other students, and I think explaining questions on the discussion board helped me with the FRQ's. The discussion board in this class was extremely valuable. Mr Moskaluk answered every single question that any student had within the hour(most times much sooner than that), even if it was at night or was on a weekend.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

A student needs to be hard working and try to complete weekly assignments on time. If you read Mr Moskaluk's notes every week and study his flashcards, you should feel very well prepared for the AP exam. You will also be able to take the SAT test if you read all the SAT required sections. 

This course is fantastic! posted by Homeschool Mom on May 22 2018 at 10:58:16

I have been homeschooling for over a decade, and this class is, by far, one of my kids' all-time favorites!

Peter Moskaluk is a dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond to help his students and is quick to answer emails, even on weekends!

You will learn a ton of chemistry in this course and be exceptionally well prepared for not only the Chemistry AP, (and Chemistry SAT II and Chemistry Olympiad). but also your college chemistry courses.  My homeschool grad credits Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry class for preparing him for rigors of MIT.

I can't recommend this class highly enough!  

Five Stars All the Way posted by Gavriel Eagle on May 22 2018 at 02:42:59

This class was absolutely fantastic! I was especially impressed at how organized this class was--my class binder allowed my stay on top off all my assignments and was an invaluable resource for review at the end of the year. Even though the class is online, I felt that I really got to know the teacher, TAs, and other students through the Discussion Board and the Skype group. However, I must admit that this one of if not the hardest classes I've ever taken. In fact, after the first practice test I actually emailed Mr. Moskaluk and asked him whether he thought I was able to handle the course. His response was very encouraging and gave me the confidence to trek on in this challenging but extremely rewarding course and eventually arrive at the AP Exam feeling more prepared than I have for any other test. 

It wasn't as bad as I expected posted by Elizabeth McDowell on May 21 2018 at 22:00:57

About me (as relates to chemistry): I am not a science person. I had never had chemistry before this year and I did not expect to like it (I had very low expectations). Given this, AP Chemistry exceeded my expectations and was, as a whole, a good experience!


Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Yes, it did prepare me. The test all year are in the format of the AP test with similar questions and, at the end of the year, there are a lot of practice AP test. After all of this, you are prepared for the AP test or, at least, you know what you need to do to become prepared. While taking the AP test, I didn't encounter anything that I hadn't already seen.


How many hours per day/week did you generally put into the course? I generally spent between 1-2 hours a day. I traveled a fair amount for debate tournaments (and had the flu for a solid week) so I often had to make up. Making up was difficult and required a lot of time. Also, since I had no prior knowledge of chemistry, I probably had to study harder/longer than someone who had taken chemistry before.


Are these any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? No. I found the webassign assignments to be very helpful but nothing stood out. I did really appreciate the repetition and the step-by-step nature of assigments.


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? No. I still don't like chemistry. However, when I hear about some chemical process that I understand (sort of), I can say 'I know that' and feel smart.  


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? I didn't really communicate with other students. I didn't really want to, so I didn't. So, it is very possible to get through this course without communicating with other students. I did communicate with Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs when I had questions. 


What sort of student would do well in this course? Students would have to either: like chemistry, or like a difficult challenge. Preferably both.


Spectacular Course posted by Annie B on May 21 2018 at 18:37:22

The course and teacher, Mr. Moskaluk, are phenomenal, no exceptions. Mr. Moskaluk has designed the curriculum to perfection – with every concept came his detailed and humor-filled commentary, tips, and strategies. Each week, alongside our designated reading material from our easy-to-comprehend textbook came a detailed outline and review sheet. After reading the material, Mr. Moskaluk had videos posted with explanations, fascinating experiments, or helpful problems. As an auditory learner, these videos made online learning easier. Along with the chemistry concepts came funny cartoons based on our assignments. While the cartoons were only a speck in the course, I still enjoyed the humorous atmosphere they created. I did not have a year of Chemistry before this class, but I found the material to be understandable, and I was by no means lost.

However, it is Mr. Moskaluk’s and Mary Ann’s character that makes this course shine. Last August, as Harvey was nearing Texas, Mr. Moskaluk reached out to me to confirm my safety and assured me not to worry about Chemistry. To fully understand this gesture, you must know that my area had never flooded, I had not contacted him, and my first assignments were not due until a month later. Sadly, my house did end up flooding, but Mr. Moskaluk was beyond understanding. He was more than generous with extensions and encouraging. Later that year, as life continued to happen, he and Mary Ann continued to be kind, understanding, and encouraging. As the exam date neared, Mr. Moskaluk posted uplifting notes and cartoons and reassured the entire class. AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskaluk is so much more than a chemistry class.

Now for the questions,

Absolutely. From the beginning, Mr. Moskaluk timed our tests and made us use score cards. Mr. Moskaluk also provided outlines and notecards which aided in studying. Not only did he teach us content, but he also taught us speed.

This is a difficult question, since my schedule was wacky due to a flood. I would guess that I put in eight-ten hours per week in the fall, but I often completed several weeks’ worth in one week. In the spring, I put in around ten-twelve hours per week, but I did not space it out over the week. I preferred to complete all of my work at once, so that I could focus on it completely.

No, I loved every assignment and viewed them all as necessary. Mr. Moskaluk does not assign busy work, so every assignment is important and valuable.  

100% yes. This class was my fist exposure to chemistry, and I fell in love with the subject. I now know that I want to major in Chemistry.

Yes. All communication is on an online discussion board, so we were able to see other’s questions and answers. Through this, I was able to learn even more.  

I would say that any student with a desire to learn, and who is analytical, will succeed. I am extremely logical and have taken higher math, so not having a prior year of chemistry was not detrimental. It is a challenging course, but fun and definitely worth it.  

AP Chemistry Class posted by Caleb Gryder on May 21 2018 at 17:27:58

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the class,but I was also able to walk into and out of exam room with confidence.  Mr. Moskaluk gave very detailed and helpful explanations to any questions that I might of had, and sometimes he would even throw in a few interesting science facts.  The class really increased my love for science and my interest in chemistry in particular.  Each assignment was as helpful as the last and none of it felt like busy work.  The 10-12 hours per week that I took to work on the class were all well spent.  Mr. Moskaluk ordered the curriculum in way that seemed perfect for helping me learn the various topics in a quick and efficient manner.  I would refer this class to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to gain a quality learning experience from this class and to anyone who wants to greatly increase their knowledge of the wide range of chemistry topics.

Made me love AP Chem posted by Eesaa Philips on May 21 2018 at 15:04:34

I never enjoyed anything chemistry related and I wasn't exactly thrilled to be taking AP cehmistry. However the way the course explains everything well and provides forums (which are extremely helpful) made me enjoy studying Chemistry. I was confident going into the AP exam due t Mr. Moskaluk's diligence and this amazing course.

INCREDIBLE AP Chemistry Course posted by Kael D on May 19 2018 at 14:07:08

If you are looking for an AP Chemistry course that has fun learning, in-depth curriculum, an amazing teacher, and prep beyond what you can imagine to get you ready for the AP Chem exam, then this is the course for you!

When I started the course, I was overwhelmed by all of the foreign material that I had to dissect and memorize. Although I hadn't done much chemistry before this course, I had never considered it one of my favorite subjects. If I had been in any other AP Chemistry class, I probably would have never gained as much knowledge on the subject as I have now.

Mr. Moskaluk answered every single one of my questions and always took the time to help me understand a difficult concept I was struggling through. There was NEVER a time when I felt like something was too hard to tackle and never a time that I settled for not understanding something, because Mr. Moskaluk made sure that I understood everything. I asked a LOT of questions this year (and I mean a lot), but Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs never made me feel like I was asking a silly question. 

I definitely can say that I walked into the AP exam feeling 100% prepared for the test. Mr. Moskaluk kept encouraging us that we knew all the material and that we were among the most prepared students for the test in the world! 

I'd say I put in 25+ hours every week. Some weeks required more studying than others, and I definitely picked it up the last few weeks before the AP exam.


We completed many tests in the AP exam format throughout the year, and although that might seem taxing, I am very glad we did. It helped me feel more comfortable when I took the actual AP exam. I knew exactly how the equation sheets were set up and even had the placement of some equations memorized. I also had a pacing clock built into my brain by the end of the year, because I knew just how long I should be spending on each question from doing it so many times.

Although I'm not planning on becoming a chemist, I have gained a new interest in chemistry that I had never thought possible. It has made me realize even more how much information is out there and how there are processes that happen every day of which we would be unaware if people hadn't studied hard to figure them out.

I definitely found my communications with students very helpful throughout the year. Some of the students even helped answer some of my questions. I really liked how we could look at each other’s questions on the discussion board so that we could see what everyone was asking.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this course to other students. If you are a hard worker who is willing to put in the time, you will do well. Don't think that there is too much material and give up. I am still amazed when I look back at what I knew at the beginning of the year compared to what I know now. I have learned so much! Just keep pressing forward and you'll do great. 

Thank you, Mr. Moskaluk, and all those who have helped me do the best I can in AP Chemistry!

Fantastic class: chemistry, comics, and more!! posted by David Brodsky on May 18 2018 at 23:59:50

Listen Up Fellas, This Is the Best Class You'll Ever Take. EVER posted by Rukayah K on May 14 2018 at 13:04:29

Honestly while taking this course I felt as if Mr. Mosklauk was like a master blacksmith. He knows so much about his craft and from the start it is obvious that he's very passionate about teaching and sharing his love of chemistry with other folks. When you're answering the homework questions it feels as if the class was designed just for you. I really can't quite put it into words so bear with me, but it feels like everything in the class was just.... crafted and put together so beautifully. As if it were a magnificent blade from the 18th century that you're going to ride into battle with. Except the battle will be the AP Chemistry exam, and you're his apprentice. Your task is to craft your own blade. And I can assure you, there is no finer blacksmith than Mr. Moskaluk. 

Mr. Moskaluk makes the class very interactive and fun by having all these hilarious comics everywhere. Some of them are vintage and some of them are contemporary. Every comic has something to do with the topic he's teaching us that week. Sometimes he'll have other references to movies, books, and life. To be honest, you're going to learn a lot more than just chemistry in his class.

I'd say you spend about 2 hours a day on work, not including labs. I don't really have a favorite assignment because I genuinely enjoyed the whole class. But if I had to choose, I'd go with chapter 7. I can confidently calculate the energy of a photon from a specific wavelength of light and scale it up to a mole. For some reason, I just really love doing that. 

Going into the exam, I felt very prepared even though (due to my own problems) I didn't get to cover all the amazing material. We did around 7000 HW questions, numerous full-length practice tests, and multiple practice FRQ's. 

This class DEFINITELY enhanced my interest in the subject. I always considered myself more of a biology person but I've come to find I like chemistry and physics much more. 

Last but absolutely NOT least, Ms. Mary Ann takes care of all extensions and administration work and she's amazing at her job. These days, when you ask instructors for an extension it usually goes a little something like this:

You: Hi Mr. X I really need an extension on this assignment

Mr. X: No I will not grant you an extension

You: Please... I'll give you my first born child in exchange...  show mercy, sir...

Mr. X: I don't even like you in my class what makes you think I want your sticky-fingered first child. No.

Okay, maybe not exactly. But you get the point.

Once, I was up at 4 am, confused, crying, and right about ready to give up and just sent in an extension for the assignment. Ms. Mary Ann gave me the extension and told me to go to bed. She's extremely supportive and sweet and the opposite of Mr. X. Be warned though, she will scold you for staying up late if you do it multiple times *cough* like me *cough*. So, don't disappoint her.

Also, it is MUCH better you do the work on time. Extensions just delay the inevitable. Trust me I know from experience. Try your best to complete the work on time. The class is so much more rewarding that way. 

Anybody willing to work hard will do great in this class. My only real piece of advice is if you have poor time management + a very hectic life, you should probably learn how to fix at least one of those things beforehand because AP chemistry is not an easy class to catch up in if you fall behind. 

Overall, if you have the option to take this class but you still decide not to take it, you're either:

A) A fool.

B) An even bigger fool.

C) A fool that is missing out on the best course ever (and making an awesome blade).

D) All of the above.  

Class Review posted by Angelia on May 14 2018 at 12:44:09

Yes, I did. Mr. Moskaluk did an amazing job of giving us practice materials in particular. I think we all completed five FRQ sections, six multiple-choice sections, and the final exam (which is a full "AP Exam") during the last few weeks before the exam. I felt so much more comfortable with the exam after completing all of this practice. Also, Mr. Moskaluk provided "Redux" assignments for each MCQ set where you could understand the reason why you got a question wrong and work to find the right answer. There was also a step-by-step video guide "Redux" for one of the FRQ sets which I found to be immensely helpful. Also, the course content itself was of course amazingly up to par and covered everything we needed to know.

I'm not entirely sure. I would say probably at least an hour and a half per day during the week and then I often spent 4-ish hours on weekends. I spent the upper amounts of that time range when we had labs, tests (which were time-consuming), or subjects that I didn't understand as easily. 

I think every one of the assignments that we did was valuable, so I wouldn't be able to pick out one particular one!

It did. I'm not a super science-minded person and tend to be frustrated, overwhelmed, or bored in science classes. In this class, though, I felt so much more engaged and comfortable.

Yes! Also, another great aspect of this class is the forum where we can ask questions about any of the material we are working on. Mr. Moskaluk or a TA will respond (sometimes a fellow student as well) amazingly quickly. I often received responses within two hours which is incredible and so helpful. To any future student - use the chem forum as much as you can! It is a great resource.

I would definitely recommend the course. For a student to do well in this course, they definitely need to be prepared to work really hard. Other than that, though, I think anyone could do well in this course. 

AP Chemistry: an Epic Journey posted by Mason B on May 13 2018 at 18:26:59

AP Chem is a challenge for everyone, period.  If you’re aiming for a 5 and want to take it through your local high school, you’ll become frustrated at the Herculean amount of effort and searching it requires…

...unless you happen to find PA homeschoolers, where AP Chemistry is offered.  Though it’s a bit pricey, but you note that about 70% of his students score 4’s and 5’s compared to 20% of students internationally.  So you put it on your mental wishlist, and after a couple weeks you decide to sign up.

Summer passes, the school year grows into reality, and AP Chem has started...  You work 2 hours/day through fascinating problems and trying to understand what actually happens to us on the chemical level… The hardest concepts become easier… A month of review and the final exam are completed…

Exam day arrives!  At first, you’re a bit nervous.  But as you fly through the multiple choice section, you find that you’ve been thoroughly armed and trained with everything you need to answer any question they can throw at you…

For me, this ended in an assured 5.  I am almost sure I got close to 100% onl the multiple choice questions, and I felt good about the free response section.  

Ultimately, if you can keep up above 90% in this class (not too hard to do), you’ll wake up on test day one of the most confident AP chemistry students on the globe!

Bon Appétit!

You Will NOT Find a Better AP Chemistry Course/Teacher posted by Gavin G on May 08 2018 at 15:52:20

I just took the AP Chem exam yesterday and felt very confident both walking in and walking out.  Everything that the course offers builds a firm foundation for success in the exam.  Throughout the year, in each chapter, the multitude of multiple choice questions and frqs aligned in format with the actual exam, continuously preparing you for the end goal.  Mr. Moskaluk gave us thorough outlines of each chapter to help us focus our reading, plentiful video links for additional content support from an excellent lecturer, and was there on a daily basis with his TAs to respond to any questions I had.

On average, I spent 10 hours a week on this course when there weren't labs, probably close to 16 hours when there were multiple labs assiged that week (which wasn't too often).  These were all completely worthwhile and important hours spend learning and mastering AP content.  For this reason, a student who is highly motivated should excel in this course.  And, as I said, if you have any kind of interest in chemistry, these hours are worth their weight in gold.

Although there were many aspects of this program that I enjoyed, one of my favorites was, indeed, the labs.  After learning the abstract concepts behind a certain area, it was always awesome to see them in action and to be able to quantify and understand that action using the concepts I learned.  Lab directions were very clear and there were even model labs to help guide you in writing your own.  

This course absolutely enhanced my interest in chemistry.  When I enrolled in the class, I felt comfortable with my basic level of chemistry knowledge; however, now that I am finished, I am excited by all that I have learned and want to learn more.

Daily communications on the classroom discussion board were very valuable.  Students, teacher, and TAs all interacted this way quite fluently (it even said in the course overview that was sent out that it is very important to ask questions about material you don't understand).   

I would VERY highly recommend this course.

Great class!! posted by Yoomin on May 08 2018 at 04:50:39

To be honest, chemistry is not my strongest subject, and I cannot say that this was an easy course for me as it was a big jump from the basic chemistry course that I took the year before. However, by the end of the year I was surprised at how much I have learned about chemistry!

Mr. Moskaluk is a great teacher as he is always available to answer questions, and his course is really well organized. We do so many practice problems throughout the year to master every single concept and I found the last few weeks of class especially helpful as we did a lot of college board practice tests to prepare for the exam. His course is the best way to prepare for the exam and I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning to take the AP Chemistry exam!!

posted by Wes B on May 07 2018 at 23:37:31

Praised as the world's best online AP Chemistry course, ChemAdvantage is perhaps the best preparation for the exam in the world.  Most students never have this opportunity.  

But let's face the truth: AP Chemistry is a hard subject and is not for the faint of heart.  Most colleges are impressed if a student gets a 3 on AP exams because of how difficult they are, but Mr. Moskaluk has written a full curriculum provides the path to get a 5.  In fact, in contrast with global statistics, a much higher percentage of his students score 4s and 5s, and many end up in top schools.  I felt completely prepared for the exam as far as I had worked to be prepared.  I ended up putting in about two hours each day, five days a week, though some students did more or less.  After taking this course, I have an inherent desire to learn more about the world around me and to apply what I'm learning.  

With thousands of WebAssign problems, hundreds of released questions, hundreds of videos, and a detailed outline for each chapter, this course is both comprehensive of each topic and accomodating to many ways of learning.  In addition, discussions on the ChemAdvantage website engage students in hammering out concepts and assisting each other in the quest for Chemistry-mastery.  

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that the classwork is personalized.  Flexible schedules helped me master the material in my own time, discussions with other classmates helped me work out confusing concepts quickly, and the constant support Mr. Moskaluk gave me--even when I flunked tests--helped me stay on my feet and persevere to the end.  Often, Mr. Moskaluk tried to get to know us better outside of Chemistry.  

In the end, the students who put in the work, pace themselves, and are willing to discuss questions will succeed in this class.  

Awesome Class! posted by Kwaku on July 07 2017 at 15:21:13

This was an incredible course! Mr. Moskaluk does an amazing job reaching out to students and helping them understand the ins and outs of AP Chemistry. The course not only covers everything you need to know for AP Chemistry but also covers extra information for the SAT Subject test. Thanks to Mr. Moskaluk's AP class, I'm happy to say that I received a 5 on my AP Chem Exam. It would never have been possible without this class!

Best AP Chemistry Course! posted by Kyle Fang on June 19 2017 at 04:01:59

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry course is an excellent class! I highly recommend it to any student who is willing to work hard.
Mr. Moskaluk is a wonderful teacher. He is extremely knowledgable in the subject and the AP exam, and his humorous encouragements made the learning journey very enjoyable. The textbook he chose is very understandable, and the chapter outlines he provided, which elaborated and clarified the most important points, were extremely helpful!  He instructed us to organized the outlines and notes in a simple, logical way, and the assignment schedule was very easy to follow.
Mr. Moskaluk is a very active and encouraging teacher!  Whenever I had a question, he always responded very quickly (usually within an hour or two, unless it was at night). I took the class in my very busy junior year, and Mr. Moskaluk was considerate whenever I needed an extension. I also really appreciate that he planned the course in a way that allowed us to spend a few weeks before the AP exam to review. 
Everything we needed to study and practice to prepare for the AP exam was provided. I didn't need to use any outside test prep books. I just followed all Mr. Moskaluk's assignment and felt very prepared for the exam. For those students who planned to take the SAT Subject Test, he also provided the necessary materials. This definitely ranks as one of the best online classes! 


Excellent class! posted by Danielle on June 16 2017 at 18:38:08

Here’s a fact: chemistry is not my forte. While I do well in other sciences like biology and physics, chemistry is one of those subjects where I need to devote twice as much time studying for a chem test than for a biology test.

Here’s another fact: AP chem was my first AP exam. With AP chemistry’s reputation for being one of the most difficult AP exams, you can imagine how nervous I was for it and whether I could be prepared for such an exam.

Here’s my last fact: This is one of the best classes I have ever taken, and Mr. Moskaluk is the best chemistry teacher you can ask for!

Although studying for AP chem already takes a lot of time out of my week, every assignment helped me prepare for the exam. From Mr. Moskaluk’s sanity-saving outlines, to the stack of printed practice MC sections and FRQs, the reduxes, and the help of the TAs and Mr. Moskaluk himself, each moment was spent in test prep, and it paid off! The most valuable assignments were the reduxes - I was able to learn from my mistakes or learn how to solve the question faster, rather than skimming over my mistakes and hoping I wouldn't make the same mistake again. The month before the exam was spent in test prep alone; all assignments were either practice MC/FRQ sections or reduxes.

I was nervous when I walked into the exam room (this was my first AP exam, after all), but from the moment I read the first question, the nervousness was replaced by confidence. I answered many of the questions with ease (and with a smile, would you believe that?), and saw many similar questions on the exam that appeared in the dozens of practice tests I did throughout the year. As a student who struggled with the practice MC sections for the majority of the school year, the ability to answer the actual exam questions with confidence was refreshing and relieving. The detailed comments/explanations that Mr. Moskaluk gave when grading FRQs were also very helpful, even for a student who did well on them. Any questions would be answered quickly on the discussion board or privately through WebAssign.

If you’re looking for an excellent AP chemistry class, look no further! I would recommend this class to a student who is willing to put in the hard work to improve and succeed at AP chemistry, has good time management skills, and is eager to ask questions.

A note to any students who are considering taking AP chem and another science AP (such as biology or physics) simultaneously: I took both AP chem and AP bio (also at PA Homeschoolers) this past school year, as I’m planning to go into the medical field and thought that taking these two APs would challenge me. I would advise you to carefully consider your decision; both of these classes alone are challenging and time consuming, even if one or both of the classes is your favorite subject. I often struggled with balancing these two classes (there was one month where I had to do a total of 8 labs, each taking at least 2-3 hours, sometimes more.). It’s certainly possible to do two science APs at once, but do know that it’s a LOT of hard work and discipline, especially in the weeks leading up to the exam.


Parent Review posted by Leo B on June 12 2017 at 16:14:45

My son was very well prepared for the exam. Mr Moskaluk has the class review by taking many practice tests. It worked extremely well; it was very clear what my son knew well and what he needed to study. By the actual exam, he'd done so many practice tests, the real one was just one more. We don't have AP grades yet, but the SAT subject test felt easy and he got an 800.

Usually coursework was about 8 hours a week. If the section was more difficult, we'd spend more time on it. The labs were quite time consuming, but there aren't that many and my son enjoyed them. 

Yes! Whenever you take a test, you re-visit it after it has been graded to get a second look at anything you got wrong. There are hints in the do-over if you need them.  There are explanations for most of the answers so even if he got something right, but was feeling doubtful about his reasoning, he could look over the explanation and make sure he had understood it. The explanations usually explain why the other answers are wrong, which was sometimes very helpful.

Also, on most of the online worksheets, there is a button to ask questions. The first time my son asked a question, the TA responded "show me how you did it". It was an excellent strategy as the TA was able to see exactly where problem was, rather than giving a general explanation that might not have cleared up the confusion. From then on, my son always put questions as "I did this - what am I missing?" and always got a clear explanation. Other people have commented that response is usually fast. That was our experience too.

The online worksheets are constructed to teach you how to approach answering a question. When working on them you answer individual steps which lead you through the overall process of a complete answer. We found it an effective strategy.

My son already enjoyed chemistry; on the whole this course was also enjoyable.

We would definitely recommend this course. What sort of student would do well is a complex question. I felt my son did very well, he got an A- in the class (two rather grim tests results account for the - ), however, there is a lot of reading. My son has dyslexia and required more support than I anticipated. His other AP classes are more presentation based and therefore I'd say the format material is presented in can make a difference to the success of any particular student. Having said that, I'm really glad we chose this course, and Mr Moskaluk's notes for each chapter of the text book helped a lot with reading.

Mr Moskaluk himself was very responsive and very helpful. He gave me advice about the exam taking process, AP accommodations, and, on exam day itself, when our testing center was having administrative problems, I emailed Mr Moskaluk and he called me right away with information that I think did help them resolve their issue. 

An excellent course posted by Paul A. on May 23 2017 at 17:02:33

This course was well taught. The system was effective in preparing me for the exam. When I took the AP Exam, I went in and left the exam room with confidence. I enjoyed every lesson in the course, especially the sections on organic chemistry. My interests in the course have been greatly heightened. In the forum, everyone was lively and ready to help each other with difficult topics. We all had great discussions and fun chats. One thing I found great about this course was how flexible Mr. Moskaluk was. I am legally blind and need extra time on tests. I was allowed the extra time that my accommodations prescribed. I was happy with my experiences throughout the course. I would recommend this course to any student who wishes to be well rounded in chemistry. However, you must be willing to put your time in. I spent 2 hours in the morning for each week day and had to study a bit on the weekends. 

Good class, worth taking. posted by Iain MacLeod on May 19 2017 at 21:03:55

#1 this course definitely prepared me.for the ap exam.

#2 6 to 8 hours per week till prep for the test, then closer to 12

#3 I found the physical side of it having to do with electron orbitals very interesting.

#4 the course helped me to understand that chemistry is not my calling.

#5 when I communicated, yes.

#6 I would recommend this course (a) to students who hope to become chemists or go into a career involving chemistry and (b) to students who, whether or not they will go into chemistry as a career, can grind out a good enough grade to use the class for college transcript purposes.

I'll also say that the cirriculum and instruction mr Moskaluk has designed is exceptional, especially considering that this is an online class.

Very high quality course! posted by Timothy Alexander on May 16 2017 at 18:39:08

This was one of the highest quality courses I've taken. Mr. Moskaluk was a fantastic teacher! He was very quick at responding to any questions I had.

The course was very good at preparing me for the AP exam. Mr. Moskaluk is very knowledgeable about the exam and gave a lot of good tips for the exam as well as all of the practice problems for the exam.

It is a lot of work. I spent 8-10 hours on the course most weeks and closer to 12-14 in the month before the exam but all of the time you spend is worthwhile, none of it is just busy work. A typical week involves the following. Reading the textbook(20-40 pages), reading the outline(about 10 pages), completing 1-3 assignments in webassign (Each one takes 1-2 hours), completing 1-2 free response questions(10 or 22 minutes). There are also 90 minute multiple choice exams every few weeks.

To summarize I would highly recommend this course but you must be aware of the time commitment.

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chem Class posted by Sean Wheeler on May 15 2017 at 19:32:32

This course was very effective in preparing me for the AP Chemistry Exam.  Mr. Moskaluk does a superb job summarizing and explaining the important material and how the imformation reveals itself on the AP Chemistry exam.  Though this was a rigorous and challenging class, it was also very rewarding and exciting to gain such a comprehensive understanding of chemistry.  One can expect 8-10 hours of homework per week, but be assured that none of the homework was busywork nor unnecessary.  A  student who's diligent, committed, and serious about his/her studies will be successful!  

The homework assignments via WebAssign also were quite benefical in solidifying my understanding of chemistry topics.  In addition, Mr. Moskaluk structures his tests and quizzes to resemble the actual AP Chemistry Test, which gave me a familiarity with the sort of structure I would encounter on the actual test day.  I think one of my particular favorite aspects of the class was that Mr. Moskaluk gives assignments he calls "Reduxes" which essentially are reviews of the tests that provide explanations of the logic behind each question. 

Though I didn't use this feature very often, students also have the capability to ask questions and communicate with each other and Mr. Moskaluk via an online discussion board.  If I found anything strange or perplexing, I could ask a question on the discussion board, where it could be answered by a fellow student as well as Mr. Moskaluk.  This ability came in handy at times. 

All in all, if one is ready for the rigor this class creates, it is a very beneficial preparation for the AP Chemistry Exam, and I surely would recommend it to anyone looking to get a 4 or a 5 on the exam.

Great AP Chemistry Class posted by Bethany Furness on May 15 2017 at 18:09:00

This AP Chemistry Class is amazing!  The material is tricky, but the way it is taught in this class made me feel very confident going into the AP exam. There was nothing on the exam that I had not seen at some point in the course. 

Mr. Moskaluk is brilliant!  He is so effective even online.  He is so encouraging and quick on email, ask your teacher, and the discussion board.  I really appreciated his help and guidance. He knows so much and seems to always be excited to share his knowledge with his students.

The work load was lighter than I expected for most of the year. I would say on a typical week I spent no more than 6 hours a week on this class.  However towards the end of the year when we started the review, I had to put a lot of time and effort into the many practice tests. I had to work nonstop even over the weekends in these last weeks. However, it was so worth it because it prepared me so well.  By the end of the review, I felt like I knew the AP Chemistry curriculum so well.

The discussion board was a great tool. I was able to use it when I felt unsure about something, and it also helped me learn.  Sometimes other students would ask a question I realized I didn't know either, so it strengthened my AP Chem abilities.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to do well on the AP Chemistry exam but is willing work for it.  This is definitely not an easy class, but if you put in the time and effort, it really pays off. If you want to know the types of questions on the AP Chemistry Exam like the back of your hand going into the exam, take this class!

Chem Class posted by Jacob Christopher on May 15 2017 at 17:17:36

This course was a positive experience for me. Although it was a large course load, this prepared me for the exam.

AP Chem Review posted by Sean Lim on May 15 2017 at 17:04:50

The course was very rigourous, and the notes provided were excellent. However, I felt that sometimes there was perhaps too much content to cover in a week, given that a student usually takes other AP courses in conjunction. A student that can read a lot of content will benefit greatly from this class. Also, I think making the assignments due on Friday may help students to manage their time better. When the work is due 1-2 days past the weekend, and students don't work as hard in the weekend, sometimes it's hard to submit on time. A very thorough course.

Top-level Class, Top-level Teacher, Top-level Students, Top-level Learning! posted by Lauren Battle on May 14 2017 at 19:59:48

Oh, absolutely! I went into the exam room relatively confident, and upon arriving found that the other kids in my classroom hadn't even been taught the things that Mr. Moskaluk had emphasized most heavily. There wasn't anything on the test I hadn't seen and done before many times, and I'm confident that my score was high.

I have ADHD, so it takes me longer to do work than a lot of people. I spent about 20 hours a week on the class, but you should expect about 15. The course is designed excellently for someone who struggles the way I do with focus and concentration, and Mr. Moskaluk is always ready to help you out if you need something. Definitely don't be afraid of the work level, it's all fun!

I loved the labs in this course, from mixing chemicals to baking coins, actually getting to do science was the best part for me. Additionally, the funny notes, comics, and humorous wrong answers in the regular assignments made me always look forward to a new week's work. 

Most definitely! I took Honors Chem last year with a different teacher, and while I learned a lot, this class provided a lot more practical application for the concepts I was learning. Also, the various supplemental links Mr. Moskaluk gives us throughout the course were grounds for a lot of exploration into my favorite subjects, from actual scientific papers to simulations, each week there's something extra to explore somewhere on the site or in the assignments.

Oh, yes! Shoutout to T.E.S.T. (now C.H.I.L.L.) and especially Sara B. and Stephanie Y. for providing me with amazing support throughout the year. TEST was a student-created study group that sometimes met in video calls and sometimes text-based chat to talk about chemistry, APs, or whatever else is on your mind! If you have the fortune to form a friend group, you'll never struggle for long! Even the regular discussion board (shoutout to Micah B. and Paul A.) was fun with the miscellaneous questions (sometimes involving explosives, dangerous chemicals, and the FBI) and everyone was amazing.

Almost any student can excel in this class if they do the work and use all of the support that Mr. Moskaluk gives us (and it's a lot of support!). Having a head for math and being able to think creatively is definitely a plus, also a reasonable reading speed if you want to actually read the entire text instead of just the outlines he gives.


Overall this was one of the best classes I've ever taken, online or in person! Thanks Mr. M, Mary-Ann, TAs and all of the students that mean so much to me now!

AP Chemistry Review posted by Love Tsai on May 14 2017 at 16:03:17

I think that the course adequately prepared me for the AP exam. There was a lot of practice and learning involved, so each topic was delved into thoroughly and completely. I especially liked that Mr. Moskaluk was really careful about telling us what we had to learn for the AP exam-- there wasn't busy work and we only learned things on the AP curriculum. If people were going to take the SAT II test, he gave extra materials and practice exams and made sure to accommodate for them as well.

I spent around 8-10 hours a week on Chemistry, and an extra four hours every time we had labs because I liked to do them all at one time. The WebAssign work was always really good for reinforcing what we had learned and helped to guide our thought processes by nudging us in the right direction. Communication was amazing, TAs were always quick and prompt, and Mr. Moskaluk would always check in to say "yes, that's right". Careful and thorough answers were given by both Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs so that we would understand why we got an answer wrong. When Mr. Moskaluk went away on vacation, students were given ample notice and the TAs picked up a lot of the communication on the boards. Answers to questions were typically given in an hour or so. We made a study group using Google Hangouts which also helped-- if we had questions we could just shoot each other a quick message.

Students with an interest for learning and a drive to do well will succeed in this class. AP Chem requires steady work and dedication, and the willingness to put in extra work to truly understand the mechanics. It is doable, though! You don't have to be a "genius" to take this class and do well. The support given by the students and the teaching staff also helps for when the work seems to pile up. 

It is said that a large majority of students end up drawing on the AP exam or writing an apology letter for wasting the grader's time-- those who take this class will not have to resort to such tactics, even if you might miss a few points here and there. The foundation for chemistry principles is very strong and I highly recommend this class for those taking the AP exam, SAT II, or those who simply want a higher-level science class. 

An outstanding class, but not for the fainthearted posted by Luca Gurgenidze on May 13 2017 at 23:52:09

For those who strive for a 5 on the AP exam, and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to do well in the class, Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry is an outstanding course! All of the material and assignments provided are both straightforward and down-to-earth, while still presenting the complex challenge that is necessary to thrive in the class. As for test preparation, every concept and detail had been covered in-depth. On the AP exam, I didn't see anything I had not studied at least once in the class.

Per week, I might have spent about ten hours working on the class, or in other words, about two hours each day. However, unlike other courses, where the readings and assignments may be tedious and dull, the material necessary for this class was actually quite fascinating and entertaining.

If you wish to take this course, you must be prepared to work extremely hard on both your studying and assignments. As I said in the title, it is most certainly not for the fainthearted; if you fall behind on the workload, you will seriously struggle to catch back up. Thankfully, Mr. Moskaluk and his team will always assist you as much as possible to get you going; if you fall behind, or are struggling to understand a concept, shoot them a question and there will, without doubt, be a thorough answer within an hour or two. Thus, if you wish to excel in AP Chemistry, I would definitely recommend this course to you, given that you are willing to put in the necessary work.

Review for AP Chem year of 2016-17 posted by Rocky Gurgenidze on May 10 2017 at 23:24:06

I have to say, this class was really awesome. The assigned material and student guides were explanatory and easy to understand, and the homework load was, while not to be underestimated, still doable. Also, the discussion forums and general response time to any questions I asked was extraordinarily quick and waiting on a response never hindered me from finishing the workload. 

As far as the test was concerned, assigned course work covered anything I encountered during the AP exam. I have heard tell of most classes skipping at least one tested topic, but this one certainly suffered from none of those tendencies. This class was extremely well-prepared in the way of test preperation. 

The TA's were extremely helpful, and they certainly made doing the homework a lot easier. As a student, I could count on a detailed response to be posted in about 1-2 hours after I asked one. 

All things considered, for anyone considering an AP chem class, I highly recommend this one. Thanks to the great teaching and planning, I'm glad to say that the end of year test was a breeze and I'm confident I passed with at least a 4. 


A great experience! posted by Meghna Gaddam on May 10 2017 at 15:30:32

With 7 hours of school, 2 hour commute, and afterschool classes, I was still able to budget time and learn AP Chemistry without stress. The flexibility of the class allows you to schedule your own time to get the work done. As long as you work hard and are motivated and diligent, this format is really effective and convenient. I loved all the assignments that allowed me to go over my errors on tests, etc. and improve, it alleviated stress and really helped me focus on improving and learning the content. I would definately reccomend this course to other students!

AP chemistry review posted by Calvin Raab on May 09 2017 at 13:40:26

This was a really great class, and I felt extremely well prepared for the exam. I liked how organized the class was, there was never any confusion over due dates or assignments. Mr. Moskaluk made it clear what we needed to know for the exam. With all the practice tests and webassign questions, I felt comfortable (as much as that is possible on a big test) with the acutal AP exam. I usually put in an hour a day, except during lab and practice exam weeks, when it is about two hours a day. As mentioned earlier, the practice exams were really valuable, as well the the guest lecturer videos with Ron Lederer. I love any kind of science, and this course helped reinforce that I will major in chemistry at college. The online forum was useful, especially when a student had trouble with a question and in the process of helping them out, you got to practice your own skills. I would highly recommend this course to students who enjoy science and are willing to put in the time to study and do webassignments. 

Phenomenal Class! posted by Anna Schwartz on May 07 2017 at 14:53:36

If you're looking for a class that will not only prepare you for the AP chem exam, but also give you a thorough understanding of the concepts of chemistry, look no further!  Mr. Moskaluk is an absolutely amazing chemistry teacher who carefully and thoroughly prepared each and every one of his students for the AP chemistry exam.  Not only were the assignments engaging, but there was absolutely no busywork, which was fantastic for giving me extra time to study and review. 

I think I put in about 2 hours a day of chemistry throughout the year, which would give me about 10-12 hours of class time a week. However, be prepared to put in a LOT more time than that in the last month, during review.

I'd say the practice exams were especially valuable.  I definitely thought that having the practice exams from previous years was super helpful in assessing what my performance would be like on the real exam.  It gave me a sense of how well I would do on the real thing and allowed me to narrow my focus down to key review points.

To be completely honest, I've never been a chemistry kid, but Mr. Moskaluk's class made chemistry tolerable, and even enjoyable at times.  I want to go into science when I'm older, and a year ago I was dreading taking chemistry in college.  Now, however, I can't wait to take chemistry again!  I feel like I'm much more prepared to face any chem questions my professor throws at me.

Although I didn't post in it much, I loved being able to check our discussion forum every day to see if anyone else was struggling with the same concepts as me.  More often than not, someone else had asked the exact same question I was about to post!  The other students in this class were amazing.  My classmates are a dedicated, ambitious group of young people who will go on to do incredible things!

If you're a student who is hard-working, independent, self-motivated, and determined to make the most of every class you take, you will love this class.  I would definitely recommend this course to other students.  It's a challenge, and it's not easy, but the reward of finishing the exam is definitely worth it.

Effective and thorough class posted by Jocelyn Hartley on May 07 2017 at 14:13:30

This course thoroughly prepared me for the AP exam. In the outline Mr. Moskaluk made for each topic, he pointed out content that was frequently used for multiple choice questions, and he explained what would or wouldn't be acceptable for FRQ answer. All the tests we took throughout the year were formatted like the AP exam, so I became very comfortable with the types of questions asked. The new material was covered several weeks before the exam, so we took many of the exams from previous years and still had time leftover to review.

I probably spent 7-8 hours a week working on this class. I was able to work ahead also, which allowed me to take breaks so that I could travel during my siblings' breaks. This flexibility was very helpful.

This course definitely increased my interest in chemistry. Because of past experiences, I have felt incompetent in math and science classes, and I have not enjoyed them. However, the outlines and assignments in this course so thoroughly explained the material that I became confident with my ability to apply material. Then, solving new problems actually became a fun challenge.

There was a discussion board, but I don't think I used it more than once in the entire year.

Anyone who is willing to put in effort and who manages time and workloads well can succeed in this class.


title posted by Matthew Berry on May 05 2017 at 16:26:49

Yes, very much so. Mr Moskaluk gives you all the information and preparation you need in order to complete the exam with confidence.

2-3 hours per day depending on the amount of course work assigned that week.

The entire class except for acid/base titration. To no fault of Mr Moskaluk, it is just one of my weaknesses.

Yes, I liked chemistry before I took this class, but after completing this class I have found a love for chemistry, and school, that I never thought I had.



Someone who is willing to put in the work in order to complete the tasks assigned will excel in this class. I did not find the course work to be too strenuous, but it may be for someone who doesn't have the drive to work hard may not do well.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who has any interest in Chemistry! Mr Moskaluk makes this class a lot of fun.

Fantastic Course posted by Caeden Smith on May 04 2017 at 22:01:47

First off, Mr. Moskaluk is an outstanding instructor and all my TAs and classmates were awesome! Anytime I had a question I always had an answer in less than an hour. I felt super prepared for the AP test. Mr. Moskaluk offered us practice test after practice test after practice test which I feel really contributed to my success on the test. Typically, I worked 10-12 hours a week on this course. I usually worked for about 2 per lab on top of that, however those are only ever so often and have plenty of time to be completed. An A+ is certainly obtainable but you must be willing to work for it. I can’t give Mr. Moskaluk enough credit for this course! I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take AP Chemistry!

AP Chemistry with ChemAdvantage: Fun, Fair, Fantastic! posted by Sadie G. on May 04 2017 at 20:14:29

I usually don’t like science classes of any kind, but this class was actually fun! Whether I was doing hands-on labwork or reading Mr. Moskaluk’s chemistry jokes, I found myself realizing that chemistry is pretty cool. I think the reason that I found the class so enjoyable is because Mr. Moskaluk loves his subject so much, and he passes that love on to his students. 


This course definitely prepares you for the AP exam. When I walked into the room on exam day, I wasn’t worried. I was confident in my chemistry knowledge. Everything in the book was explained clearly in Mr. Moskaluk’s chapter outlines so I was able to understand the material. As for taking the exam, there were so many practice tests that I knew exactly how the exam worked. Also, after every test, Mr. Moskaluk had a redux with explanations for each question. I found these to be extremely helpful for understanding what you got wrong on a test. I liked being given a second chance to work through the problem.


It’s difficult to say how many hours exactly I put in to the course. During a regular week, I’d say I put in anywhere from 2-4 hours a day on average, but I do tend to work slowly. Then, when I had to take tests or do a lab, it could take even more time.


Communication was always clear and pleasant. There was a public forum where students could post questions, comments, or links to websites with interesting or valuable information. There was also the “Ask Your Teacher” button on WebAssign which I used all the time. Finally, Mr. Moskaluk and Ms. Mary Anne would always reply to an email. They were both very fair and kind. Whenever I needed help with chemistry, Mr. Moskaluk would answer in a timely and efficient manner, and whenever I did well, he was excited for me. For any administrative questions or concerns, the wonderful Ms. Mary Anne was there to help.


In conclusion, this course was everything it needed to be, and more! The coursework was challenging but manageable. The teacher, TA’s, and other staff at ChemAdvantage were the most helpful, inspiring, and encouraging team that I’ve gotten to work with so far in my high school career. Thank you, ChemAdvantage team, for guiding me on my educational journey, and for helping me become a better student!

Ask questions, put in the hours, don't fall behind... this course is a GEM and Mr. Moskaluk is a MIRACLE WORKER! posted by Esther U. on May 04 2017 at 17:18:54

I'm not the type to exaggerate. (Not that much, anyways.) I've struggled and cried and died and failed (in that order) my way through high school Chemistry before. I'm a TOTAL humanities person. I've been through public school, private school, Christian school, and 4 different types of homeschooling. Call me an elitist, but I've been burned by homeschooling before and always thought that private school, with its academically rigorous courses and inspiring, patient, and intelligent teachers, was the way to go. For all of those reasons, I seriously dreaded taking the requisite AP science course.

GUYS. GIRLS. PEOPLE. If you are ever planning or even considering taking a chemistry course, look no further. I cannot recommend this course enough. This is, hands down, the best science course, maybe the best high school course, I've taken in my life, and that's saying a lot. I've recommended this course to any and every hard-working student who does homeschooling, and even some who don't. (So what if you go to the best private high school in the country? You should still take this course! :) )

I will admit, the workload can be a bit heavy at times. You will have to put in substantial effort, and hell hath no fury like your chemistry assignments when you're behind. But if you keep up with the daily work, I assure you that you will come out of this experience much smarter, and much more appreciative of chemistry. (And even if, God forbid, you do get behind, Mr. Moskaluk and Ms. Mary Ann are the best, sweetest people ever, and they will give you extensions and cheer you on until you catch up.)

Would I recommend this course? Umm, is the sky blue? Does Romeo love Juliet? Is the typical oxidation state of oxygen 2-??? YES! I would recommend this course to every single person, STEM or humanities, boy or girl, rich or poor, white or black or yellow or red or purple or green, dead or alive, etc... who is willing to work hard. Let me tell you, there are challenges to homeschooling: you can't see your teacher/peers in person, you don't get everyday meetings to check in, it's hard to teach yourself when you have to do so. There's only so much a teacher can do; by nature, homeschooling requires the student to take the initiative and responsibility over their education. That being said, ChemAdvantage overcomes all limitations and exceeds all expectations. This is even better than a "real" high school AP Chem class.

I've started rambling, so I've made a handy list for all of you list-readers out there.


1. Mr. Moskaluk and Ms. Mary Ann (and their team of highly intelligent TAs): They are so GENEROUS with extensions if you need them, because they want their students to LEARN, not just randomly enter answers because the deadline is coming up. They are so, so, so PATIENT when you ask question after question

2. The set-up of the course is really done well: Although I initially was a bit confused about using the 2 websites, once you get used to them, they're the best. The WebAssign assignments are designed so well, walking you through, step-by-step, each confusing process. There are explanations for almost every single question.

3. That "Ask Your Teacher" button on WebAssign. Really, it should be called the "Ask an Angel" button, because that's what it is. At first I was too shy to use it, but once I started using it, that's when I really started learning. Confused as to why choice (A) is the answer? Press the button. Stuck and unsure how to answer the question? Press the button. Wondering about something super geeky that you can't ask anyone else or they'll know how big of a nerd you are? You guessed it... press the button! Mr. Moskaluk and his army of TAs are literally ALWAYS on and so patient in answering questions, even you're just being silly and the answer is obvious. Plus, Mr. Moskaluk was so encouraging and it's like having an actual dialogue in class.

3. Because of the regular schedule and Mr. Moskaluk's willingness to be flexible with your assignments and labs, this course allowed me the flexibility I needed to work with my extremely hectic schedule.

4. He gives you everything you need to succeed. Seriously. The assignments were helpful albeit challenging, perfect for prepping you for the AP test. You get video lectures (*Shout-out to Mr. Lederer and his Canadian humor and his awesome facial expressions!*), quizzes, labs, exams, assignments with instant feedback. What more could you ask for?

I cannot be more adamant that everyone who's reading this testimonial should take this class. If you're a science person, take it. If you're a history person, take it. If you're just a person, take it. Mr. Moskaluk will welcome you as you are, and, if you are willing to put in the work and the hours, he will turn you into a chemistry whiz by the end of the year!

So, to conclude, for those people who saw my testimonial and said, "Nah, it's too long. Just gonna skip to the end," I will say this: out of 5 stars, I give this course 6 stars. (And no, that's not a typo.)

Thank you, Mr. Moskaluk and the whole team of miracle-workers/Chemistry angels at ChemAdvantage, for this amazing (labor-intensive, rewarding, inspiring) course!

posted by Ajay Kumar Raja on May 04 2017 at 16:05:16

I am very happy with this AP Chemistry course. While it was challenging, I quite honestly consider that a plus; the work was fun and you really felt as if you learned something new and exciting every week. This course prepared me extensively for the AP Chemistry Exam; we were given several MCQ and FRQ practice tests and completed both small practice exams pertaining to a specific topic and full AP practice exams as well. I would highly recommend anybody looking to score a 5 on the AP Chemistry Exam to take this course!

Amazing class! You really "bond" over the material. posted by Stephanie Y. on May 04 2017 at 15:54:03

All jokes aside, this was an amazing course. Not only were Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs extremely helpful, but every single excercise, homework problem, video, lab and outline provided to us were of the upmost quality; for not only were there in-depth explanations and problems to help us understand the material (plus how to tackle the AP exam itself),but also concice and organized overviews as well. Nothing ever felt like busywork.

Definitely. There was not one question on the exam that Mr. Moskaluk had not gone over in some variant during the year. Not only does he go over all the material, he also gives us tips and tricks on how to apply our knowledge and organize our thoughts in a given amount of time, which really helped.

It varied weekly depending on how fast I could comprehend the topic, but an average of about 9-10 hours per week (not including labs, which I usually reserved part of the weekend for). Sometimes the test took up more time as you had to study and take them in addition to other assignments, but you get used to the pace. I'd like to say that it's very important to keep some kind of shcedule, because with an average of 2-3 assignments (+ review and a test sometimes) not including reading each week, it can easily turn into an extended 6 assignments and a test which is extremely stressful and leaves you not having enough time to fully absorb everything, let alone ask questions. While it's okay if it only happens a few times (and might have to), don't let it become a habit for you won't enjoy the course as much, which is a shame because it has the potential to be extremely fun.

Probably the reduxes on all the test we took. In combination with the "ask your teacher" function and message board, I always understood every question I missed and how I could avoid that mistake in the future. Often times there was also a faster way to do the problem that I never thought of, which was also helpful in making the time element less of a worry.

Yes! Prior to this, the exposure I had to chemistry was a couple definitions, how to balance a few equations, and  maybe three "math" equations. I knew that chem had so much more to offer so I decided to pursue this course for a further, more rigorous understanding. I was not disappointed. There were many times Mr. Moskaluk would go outside the bounds of the course and answer questions pertaining to the real world or other topics of interest, which put the class in perspective and made me respect him even more as a teacher.

Again, a solid yes. It always amazed me how fast Mr. Moskaluk (and his TAs) would respond to my post or email—any questions I had I never waited more than a day to get them answered. I definitely urge everyone who ever has a question, concern, or comment (the online world doesn't always function as planned) to use the message board or email. Mr. M's insightful (and witty) responses add even more to the course. As someone else already mentioned, it would be a good idea to form a study group if you'd like more day to day interaction with your fellow students; with such a large class there's bound to be some who would be willing to join (who knows, you might even make a friend near you).

Yes!! As I mentioned before, chemistry is a rich and rewarding subject, where you come away with a better understanding of how and why things happen. Why does water seem to "crawl" up a test tube? How can you predict the shape of a molecule? Why do some things dissolve in water but others don't? I would recommend this course to anyone who is curious to learn more about the world, and is prepared to work hard to discover the answers. While you will be doing a fair amount of math, don't worry too much about being a "mathy" person. If anything, this course teaches you how to arrive at answers by applying and understanding what you know, where the math occurs naturally and can be learned by anyone (with the recommended prequisites mentioned).

Again, this course can be a great joy to anyone if they're willing to put in the work.


Take this class; it preps you extensively and is an experience you won't forget!


Best AP Chem prep out there posted by JP Lyon on May 04 2017 at 15:23:31

AP Chemistry with Mr. Moskaluk is such a great class! I felt very prepared when it came time for the AP exam. My friends who are in public school and took the class that was offered there were so confused on the test, and I felt like it was super easy! I spent a lot of time on this class every week. I typically read through the outline on Thursday, watched the videos on Friday, and spent the weekend (and sometimes Monday) doing the homework assignments. It sounds like a lot, but once you get into a pattern it works out fine.

One particular strategy I found helpful near the end of the class was to do the practice tests closer to the end of the semester instead of when they were due. During that time I studied harder on the topics I didn't know 100%. I feel this strategy helped me immensely, as I was able to get a better grip on these difficult subjects before taking the practice tests. I would reccomend that to others taking this class in the coming years. My parents got annoyed with me for taking so many extensions, but it was worth it :)

This course is not for the lazy student. I was lazy the first couple weeks and I was up till 10:30 on Monday night! Thankfully I was able to figure it out. I would absolutely reccomend this course to other students. I never studied outside of the class until the week before the exam, and even then it was minimal. I couldn't think of a better method for preparing for the AP Chemistry exam. Take this class - you won't regret it!!

a brief praise posted by Meghan R. on May 04 2017 at 15:10:20

This course prepared me exceptionally well for the AP exam. Any student committed to completing the assignments thoroughly and in a timely manner can do very well, both in the class and on the AP exam. Really! I did not find that much studying at all outside of regular coursework was nescesary to be prepared for the exam, in contrast to other AP courses in which much of the exam studying is expected to be independent and it is more difficult to be prepared.

Excellent AP Chemistry with Mr Moskaluk posted by Riva S. on May 03 2017 at 13:43:16

Mr. Moskaluk's class was an incredible course that I wouldn't hesitate to take again. Not only did it prepare me incredibly well for the exam itself, but also provided me with knowledge that I know will aid me through the rest of my education. Mr. Moskaluk had us do a ton of prep work and practice exams in preparation for the actual exam, and this really brought all the information he taught us over the year together to help make sure we were as ready as possible for the test.

Mr. Moskaluk's encouragement to ask questions, which were always quickly replied with answers that often provided even more interesting facts or knowledge than expected, helped me to wonder about every aspect of Chemistry, and learn about far more than simply equations and facts. The level of fascination and interest I had in Chemistry multiplied with this course, and it was very exciting to increasingly be able to explain phenomina in the world around me as the course progressed.

The disscussion board in this class also aided connections with other students, and allowed me to learn from the questions that they asked. I am in connection with several of my fellow classmates, and know that I have made some good friends. I can certainly say that the class became and enthusiastic community over the year, where we all got to know each other personally as well as formally. The support provided helped me to become very prepared for a difficult exam.

This course was the first comprehensive Chemistry course I have taken, and because of this, I spent a lot of time working with the material and assignments. I spent aproximately 20-25 hours a week on the course, but I think that this number would be less if one had already taken a basic chemistry course. Chemistry is a tough subject, and AP Chemistry is a hard exam, but the study skills and knowlege learned were well worth the work.

Take THIS Class With THIS Teacher posted by Micah Bendicion on May 03 2017 at 03:43:38

Attention Prospective AP Chem Chemists!

You are considering one of the best AP Chem Exam prep courses in the country!  In this course, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk, his awesome TA's, and yes, even your own fellow colleagues (who were significant contributors to me enjoying this course) will work with you to help you master the major (and many minor) concepts of chemistry!  Besides this, you will be the star student in your future college chemistry class if you take one!


Whereas, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk has prepared in-depth assignments that (1) are clear and detailed, (2) teach you the concepts, (3) give you the flexibility to needed in order to master the concepts, (4) include other applicable information that make learning fun and entertaining (and comics), (5) required (for me) about ten (10) hours of work (or is it work?) a week, and (6) sparked my interest in chemistry such that I will pursue a career in chemistry, and

Whereas, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk has prepared labs with detailed instructions which should be read thoroughly before performing the labs, in order to estimate the required amount of time you will need, and

Whereas, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk has in store for you multiple official AP Chemistry Exams from previous years which will enable you to (1) become very comfortable with the test format, (2) be able to predict what types of questions will be on the Exam, and (3) walk into the test room and actually have fun taking the Exam (my experience), and

Whereas, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk, his TA's, and your own fellow colleagues will courteously, promptly, and sometimes humorously answer any and all questions that you may have about anything chemistry (hint hint: ask away!), and

Overall, a high-school student who (1) is dedicated, (2) does not hesitate to ask questions, and (3) follows all instructions (especially for tests) will excel not only in this course, but also in college,

I do hereby absolutely recommend that you take AP Chemistry with The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk, his TA's, and your fellow colleagues!

May the equilibrium constant be ever in your favor! :P

AP Chemistry with Mr Moskaluk posted by Dawn Redd on May 02 2017 at 19:53:55

I usually put in between 10 and 20 hours of work, depending on how busy I was that week (I travel a lot); 10 was the lowest, near the beginning of the year, and 20 was the highest, near the end when I was doing homework as well as reviewing like crazy.

YES. AP Chem is one of the most difficult AP courses there are, and taking it online is no cakewalk. Make good use of the forum - even if you don't post on it, read through it at least every week. Make friends with other students, that way when one of you is having trouble with something you can pool your knowledge. And I really, really recommend joining a study group! It's a good place to not just have a study group but to ask stupid questions and talk to people who are feeling equally as angsty as you. Also, you might find out that someone lives near you - this has happened several times for me, which was really fun lol.

You have to be ready to spend hours every single day working on this, even when it's hard and difficult and you want to tear your hair out in frustration. Self - motivated and with much perserverance.

That said, this is the best AP Chem class that you can find online. The course is really good, and Mr Moskaluk is a really good teacher, considering the whole 'over the internet' thing. I can personally attest to this. My first semester, I completely failed - my grade was like a 35 per cent - and Mr M helped me get it back up to a 78. That doesn't seem that high, until you consider that that was literally more than twice as high as my first semester grade. So yeah, this is a really good course - I do recommend it.


EXCELLENT!!! posted by Elizabeth Marlin on July 10 2016 at 14:58:30

This class was one of the best and most enjoyable I have ever taken. I spent about 10-15 hours per week on this class, but I feel like it prepared me in a superb way for the exam itself. Not only was Mr. Moskulak funny, but he was very helpful and encouraging all year round. Thanks to him, the TAs, and my fellow students, who all were eager to help each other out, I had a very educational year! Most importantly, this chemistry class made me realize that this is something I want to be involved in for the rest of my life! I highly recommend Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry class! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!! 

Amazing AP Chemistry Course! posted by Tyler Bottomlee on July 05 2016 at 22:51:02

I absolutely loved Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry course. Mr. Moskaluk's self-written tests and his distributed practice tests from earlier years made me feel extremely prepared when I took the actual AP Chem exam. The tests showed me the format and wording of the actual AP Chem exam's questions, which greatly reduced my stress during the test. I spent on average 7-8 hours per week on the course. The course is challenging, but I feel like it gave me the same understanding and grasp of chemistry concepts that a college chemistry course would. I particularly appreciated Mr. Moskaluk's choice to give us an introduction to organic chemistry. This introduction into the naming and basic properties of organic compounds really facilitated my understanding of several of the more complicated questions on the AP Chem exam. I also appreciated Mr. Moskaluk's detailed outlines, intructional videos, and interesting self-written homework assignements. The outlines and the intstructional videos that he posted simplified complicated chemistry concepts and made them easier to comprehend. His assignments applied the chemistry we learned to real world situations and processes. Overall, I greatly appreciated Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry course, and it taught me so much about the wonderful world of chemistry. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn chemistry in an interesting, interactive way.

AP Chem posted by Kylee Alons on June 26 2016 at 20:19:12

Taking AP Chem with Mr. Moskaluk was such a great experience. Mr. Moskaluk, along with all of the TA's were so helpful and informative when I had questions. With that being said, this course is the ideal self-learning course. All of the materials Mr. Moskaluk gives so helpful and ensured that I was prepared for the AP exam. I put the average 10-12 hours a week into this course. I especially enjoyed doing the labs and this course definitely enhanced my interest in chemistry. I felt very prepared walking into the test, but regardless of the score I got on the test, I learned so much in this course and I know that my knowledge will help me in the future with anything chemistry related. Students that are hard workers and those who manage their time so that they can get everything in on time will do great in this course. 

Amazing class! posted by Jennifer J on June 15 2016 at 16:05:48

Definitely! Mr. Moskaluk knew exactly which topics were going to be on the AP Chem exam, and he designed the curriculum to cover all the included topics. He provided outlines for each chapter that highlighted the concepts and information we would need for the exam, which were very helpful study tools. He also wrote numerous tests in the same format as the AP Chem exam, so we could get a feel for the timing and difficulty. During the month leading up to the exam, he focused exclusively on review by giving us tests from previous years, and they were great preparation for the exam. He also provided materials to prepare for the SAT Subject Test, and thanks to them, I scored an 800 on the exam.


I usually spent about 10 hours a week during the course, not including time for labs, which usually took me a couple hours each.


I found the redux assignments very helpful. Mr. Moskaluk posted these assignments after every test, and they allowed us to go over each problem without a time limit. He provided detailed solutions with shortcuts and things to look out for. They forced me to ensure that I understood every problem, and would be able to replicate the process for similar problems.


Yes! I hadn’t taken a chemistry course before this one, so I knew virtually nothing about chemistry going in. This course has inspired me to explore chemistry in greater detail, and thanks to the fabulous preparation of this course and Mr. Moskaluk’s recommendation, I was able to secure an internship at a chemistry research lab this summer.


Communicating with other students was one of the many highlights of this course for me. The class message board was very active, and students could ask questions about the readings, tests, and assignments, and receive detailed explanations from Mr. Moskaluk, the TA’s, and other students. I used the message board very often, and the responses I received really helped me to get a deeper understanding of the material. Not only was the message board useful for me when I had a question, but answering other students’ questions was beneficial as well, as it forced me to think critically about each problem when explaining the best solution.


Any student with an interest in science! This course was fascinating, and I learned more than I thought was possible. The topics taught in this class are useful not only for future studies of chemistry, but also for other sciences such as biology. I would definitely recommend this course to other students, although they should be aware that the work can be very challenging. However, I found that it was absolutely worth it, and I am very glad that I took this course.

Hands Down, ChemAdvantage Is a Must! posted by Thomas Pioch on June 08 2016 at 12:53:05

When I began this class, I was already fairly interested in chemistry -- now I'm considering a college major in the subject. That's how useful this course was for me. Mr. Moskaluk and the TA's did a great job creating a rigorous course that covers many interesting topics throughout a single year. They're always there to help when you get stuck, and thanks to their hard work I never regretted choosing to enroll in this course.


On average I would put about 9-10 hours per week (sometimes more, such as before tests and exams) into the class, which is reasonable for a college-level class. The classwork can get difficult, but it never stops being engaging or interesting, and with a willingness to work hard it makes for a positively rewarding experience. In fact, Mr. Moskaluk always packed the assignments with fun facts, links to sites that explained topics more in-depth, videos, cartoons, and more to keep your experience of AP Chemistry enjoyable. The questions on the assignments always built on each other and are made in such a way that you don't just learn how to get the right answers, but also why the answers are right. This, I think, was an enormously helpful step in preparing for the AP Chemistry test, as it always helps solidify the material in your mind.


Speaking of test preparation, you would be hard-pressed to find a more thorough system of study than the one used in this course. Every previous AP Chemistry test question ever released to the general public is used in a series of AP-length practice tests which mimic the format of actual AP exam and are given at the end of each unit and across a five-week study period before the actual AP test. After taking a full-length practice AP test, the correct answers and the incorrect answers for every question are thoroughly explained in a redux assignment -- a huge step above the meager preparatory materials you would find on the College Board site. Needless to say, after going through every previous AP test question twice, the actual AP Chemistry test starts to seem a lot less like a daunting obstacle and a lot more like just another familiar assignment.


This course was demanding, but I very much enjoyed it, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who likes chemistry and math (or even anyone who is remotely interested in science in general) and is willing to do some work in some occasionally difficult assignments in order to score high on the AP test.

Great class! posted by Parker Erway on June 03 2016 at 02:53:42

Definitely! The AP exam felt easier than the tests we'd been doing throughout the year. I don't know what score I got, but I'm fairly confident it'll be high. Mr. Moskaluk did a great job of preparing us for the exam.

I averaged around 1 hour a day, ~6 days a week. It could easily be mashed into 4 or 5 days a week, and the assignment structure is flexible enough to allow vacations, etc.

The chromatography lab using a simple camera to determine the concentration of a solution - was very interesting.

I didn't communicate very much with the other students, but there was ample opportunity to. I'm naturally independent, but the discussion boards were there in case they were ever needed.

Being self-motivated is a must, just like any online class. 

Take this class! posted by Hannah on June 02 2016 at 23:42:13

Mr. Moskaluk’s AP Chemistry course was absolutely amazing. The course is extremely well designed and prepared me very well for the AP Exam. Mr. Moskaluk provides clear chapter outlines for every reading assignment and uses videos, websites, homework problems, and plenty of reviewing to reinforce each week’s concepts. He writes many of the homework questions himself and often links them to real world applications (along with website links), which makes chemistry a lot more fascinating. I put in roughly 7 hours per week, and a little more in April leading up to the exam. Throughout the year, Mr. Moskaluk points out import facts to memorize and strategies to use, and he designs every single test to mimic the AP Exam (his tests are so similar to the real exam that he even gets the font right). With his guidance, I didn’t have to cram much for the exam at the end of the year (the extra time spent in April was because of completing and reviewing practice tests), and I went into the exam room feeling more prepared than I have ever felt for an AP Exam. I would wholeheartedly recommend this class to any student, even if…



In short, Mr. Moskaluk is such an awesome teacher you won’t regret taking AP Chem with him. Besides helping you prepare for the AP Exam (and the SAT Chemistry Subject Test, if you need it!), his course will make you enjoy chemistry. If you’re looking for an AP Chem class, choose this one!

Mr. Moskaluk’s AP Chemistry course was absolutely amazing. The course is extremely well designed and prepared me very well for the AP Exam. Mr. Moskaluk provides clear chapter outlines for every reading assignment and uses videos, websites, homework problems, and plenty of reviewing to reinforce each week’s concepts. He writes many of the homework questions himself and often links them to real world applications (along with website links), which makes chemistry a lot more fascinating. I put in roughly 7 hours per week, and a little more in April leading up to the exam. Throughout the year, Mr. Moskaluk points out import facts to memorize and strategies to use, and he designs every single test to mimic the AP Exam (his tests are so similar to the real exam that he even gets the font right). With his guidance, I didn’t have to cram much for the exam at the end of the year (the extra time spent in April was because of completing and reviewing practice tests), and I went into the exam room feeling more prepared than I have ever felt for an AP Exam. I would wholeheartedly recommend this class to any student, even if…

Amazing Class posted by Sarah Welton-Lair on June 01 2016 at 16:40:22

Chemistry was my favorite branch of science even before I started this course, but coming out of the class, I feel even more passionate about this fascinating subject area. The workload was not light, but also not overwhelming. Weekly videos, reading assignments, and quizzes provided a variety of different ways to practice while keeping me thoroughly engaged. As a result, of the 5 AP tests I took, AP Chemistry was the one I felt most prepared for. If I had any questions, fellow students, TAs, or Mr. Moskaluk himself would usually answer within the hour, so I was able to understand even the most difficult topics. I would highly recommend this course to any motivated student who wants to learn more about chemistry.

An amazing chemistry experience everyone should have... posted by Isaiah Han on May 31 2016 at 12:18:10

Coming into this past school year, chemistry was by far my worst subject, so naturally I was very fearful about the idea of taking the AP Chem exam. However, by the time the exam date arrived, I felt fully prepared and confident and Chemistry has now become my favorite subject. The course fully and completely prepared me for  the AP Exam, omitting nothing and covering everything. I would certainly reccomend this course to any student who is interested in becoming proficient at chemistry. Mr. Moskaluk answered every question I had with detailed responses so I never felt lost thorughout the course of the year. I think everyone should take this class!  

Amazing Preparation for the AP Exam posted by Kate R on May 28 2016 at 17:35:42

This class prepared me so well for the AP Chemistry exam!!  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk teach the chemistry, he also taught us strategies and gave us hours of practice with the specific format of the AP exam.  Although some weeks were painfully full of practice exams, I appreciated the practice on exam day when I had the confidence and familiarity with the exam's difficult format.

I usually invested 8-10 hours a week in AP Chemistry.  Although it sounds like a lot, it was very manageable if I worked on a little every day and did not get behind.

I especially found the reduxes valuable.  A redux is an assignment after each test that has all the test questions.  After each first answer (right or wrong) of each question, an explanation would appear, explaining why each answer was right or wrong.  These really helped me improve and learn from my mistakes.

The course really enhanced my interest in chemistry.  Before this class, I thought chemistry was only okay and used too much math.  Now, I love how chemistry can explain so much of our world at the atomic level!

I was surprised at how much I interacted with other students!  Because this was an online class, I assumed (wrongly!) that I would not even know who my fellow students were.  Instead, the online discussion board proved to be so valuable to help and be helped by other students, the TAs, and Mr. Moskaluk.

A hard work ethic is a must to succeed in this class.  A student also needs to have integrity for the class to actually prepare one for the AP exam.  Lastly, I think that a student who is not afraid to ask questions and ask for help would do well in this course.  Through the discussion board and WebAssign's "Ask Your Teacher", other students, the TAs, and Mr. Moskaluk are happily available to help, and a student only needs to ask.  

There is no question that AP Chemistry is difficult, but Mr. Moskaluk's course provides amazing preparation, flexibility, a helpful support network, and a few corny chemistry jokes!

Challenging and Rewarding Course posted by Andrea Perry on May 28 2016 at 13:59:03

As a student who learns best in a structured and orderly way, this class has been terrific in that respect for learning chemistry! I felt very prepared heading in to the AP exam knowing that Mr. Moskaluk had provided us with tons of practice problems, great outlines of the Chemistry text we used for the class, links to helpful videos, an active forum to ask questions, and encouragement. As long as I followed the weekly schedules and put in the work necessary, I felt prepared for each practice test throughout the year, and ultimately, for the AP exam.

Generally, I spent around 2-2.5 hours everyday working on this course. The amount of material that Mr. Moskaluk assigns us to learn each week is challenging and requires one to manage their time well, but the assignments are not extraneous. Mr. Moskaluk is an experienced teacher who knows what topics will be important on this year's AP exam, and which topics are lesser important, and he directed our studies accordingly so that our time studying chemistry was always spent effectively.

We did have the options of extensions for the assignments, but I found I did not need them so long as I managed my time well.

There also weren't any particular assignments I found most valuable, rather, I liked the wide variety of resources that were provided to help learn the material. Whether you learn best from reading out of textbooks and outlines, watching videos, working out lots of practice problems, or asking and answering questions, you'll get that experience in this class. 

I was already planning to major in a chemistry-related subject in college, but this class definitely solidified that decision, and instilled in me a life-long interest in chemistry.

The online forums where we could ask questions were particularly helpful, and either Mr. Moskaluk, the TAs, or fellow classmates would always promptly reply with helpful insights. And being able to chime in my own answers to questions helped me learn the material better as well. I was unsure at the beginning of the year how communication with others in the class would work, but the forum proved to be a lively place for discussion all throughout the year.

Any student willing to work hard and manage their time well, I believe, would do well in this class. This class gives you every opportunity to be successful in AP Chem so long as you take advantage of it, and I highly recommend it!

posted by on May 27 2016 at 20:32:33

Hard, but rewarding! posted by Tobias P. on May 21 2016 at 18:53:17

I learned a lot from this AP Chemistry course! I did Apologia Chemistry the year before- it prepared me well, but this course took it so much further! Mr. Moskaluk has lots of study resources, including videos, flash cards, WebAssign homework problems, and a very helpful online discussion group/forum for students to ask questions. Mr. Moskaluk and the Teaching Assistants were very quick at responding to these questions on the discussion group. Often, the students would help each other as well. Mr. Moskaluk was very encouraging. There was no such thing as a stupid question, and he cheered us on all the way to the end.

This course prepared me well for the AP exam. Mr. Moskaluk gave us plenty of simulated practice AP tests which were very close to the real thing - even the answer sheet on his practice tests exactly matched the answer sheet that I used on the actual exam. During the review weeks, we even got to practice on actual AP Chemistry tests from years past. Over the whole year, Mr. Moskaluk laid such a firm foundation for us that students didn’t have to waste time during the AP exam flipping back to the sheet of formulas.

This AP Chemistry class was definitely the hardest course I had this school year. On the average, I spent about 2-3 hours a day, but the increased time for study occurred more before tests and the weeks before the AP exam. In addition, each lab took probably an average of 1 hour each to complete. But they were usually bundled in groups of 3, which made it more efficient.

As a last resort, Mr. Moskaluk does allow you to apply for some extensions on overdue assignments, but I found I was able to complete all of the necessary work on time without needing extensions. I was even able to keep up with the workload while competing in a speech and debate league.

Even though this is a rigorous course, Mr. Moskaluk kept it fun and interesting the whole time with humorous cartoons, tidbits of information, and even a few chemistry-related cat memes! Overall, I would give this course 5 stars and would highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in a higher level of Chemistry.

AP Chemistry Feedback posted by Jonathan Shedd on May 06 2016 at 19:51:16

Let me just start off by saying that I pretty much loved everything about this class. To be honest, there are very few complaints to be made regarding the class. Not only did I feel very prepared for the AP exam but through this class I have developed an even greater interest in Chemistry overall. Even though at times it was difficult, every minute spent studying and practicing Chemistry problems has been worth it. Concerning the amount of time spent per week, I would say that I spent anywhere from 11-16 hours dedicated to this course. I also found the forums to be of great help as I was able to ask questions and get feedback from other students and teacher assistants almost immediately. Overall, this course was a great fit for me since I greatly enjoy Chemistry (as well as other sciences). I would recommend this course for anyone who enjoys Chemistry (or science in general) and is willing to put in a lot of time and effort into this class. They definitely need to be dedicated and determined in their studies but like I said, the work pays off!

This is a very challenging class! posted by Janelle Naegele on May 06 2016 at 17:04:03

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

In terms of being comfortable with the format and content of the AP exam, yes, I feel that Mr. Moskaluk prepared us very well for the AP exam. From the very first test to the final exam, Mr. Moskaluk wrote his tests in the same format (and font) as the real AP exam and asked questions that were nearly identical to what I saw on the AP exam. This helped me get used to what the exam would look like and be like.

In preparation for the AP test, Mr. Moskaluk gave us about five weeks of review, which was nice. The first three weeks or so were spent taking about five previously released Multiple-Choice Question tests and three previously released Free-Response tests. Again, working through all those tests got me very used to the wording and content of the questions and the time constraints. (We did so many practice tests during the first three weeks of review that I felt like I didn't have time to study the things I needed to work on. I ended up using the last two weeks that weren't filled with practice tests to try to quickly solidify the material I was shaky on.)

Mr. Moskaluk does a wonderful job at introducing you to the various topics and teaching you how to solve different problems, but in order to completely solidify the concepts into your mind, you may need to do a little extra work in your own, like watching some extra videos, finding some extra practice problems, or Skyping a class TA (I found that very helpful).

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I would say that I put around 1.5-2 hours a day, five days a week, into this class. This is not including the labs and lab write-up's which I usually did on the weekends. The labs took an average of probably 45 minutes to an hour and the lab write-ups an average of 30-45 minutes.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I don't believe I had any favorite assignments. One part of the class I did enjoy was the humor that Mr. Moskaluk would put into his outlines/problems. Each week he would have a new Chemistry cartoon that had to do with what we were learning that week. And oftentimes, he would have cartoons in our homework problems. Seeing those silly cartoons/memes would put a smile on my face and make me a little more relaxed in the moment.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

To be completely honest, I have never been very interested in Chemistry. I took one previous Chemistry class Sophomore year (I'm a Senior this year) and that definitely helped to prepare me for this class. But I took this class in hopes of earning the college credit for the Chemistry pre-req I need for a degree in Nursing. I don't plan to take any more Chemistry classes after this one.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Mr. Moskaluk has each student join a Chemistry forum that he organizes. There the students are able to meet/chat with/ask questions of one another and Mr. Moskaluk and the TA's. I ended up not using that forum very much since (1) it was the third website I had to keep track of (he has you join the forum but also uses the ChemAdvantage website for chapter outlines and videos and the WebAssign website for actually doing the homework problems) and (2) I was able to get the answers I needed from the WebAssign website (There was an "Ask the Teacher" chat box on each problem. Mr. Moskaluk or one of the TA's would usually respond to any question within an hour).

Since I didn't use the forum very often, I didn't feel like I got to know the other students hardly at all. That made me feel rather lonely and like I was doing this class by myself. So if you're a person who enjoys interacting with others, know that you have to be pro-active in making friends in the class. It's definitely possible to make friends (I didn't make much of an effort to), but Mr. Moskaluk doesn't have any assignments where everyone HAS to chime in (no group projects/mandatory group discussions). So again, you have to reach out to others if you're hoping to make friends in this Chemistry class.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

If you are a person like me who likes learning and studying about things that you can see and feel (and not have to imagine), are a very black-and-white thinker, and find more abstract subjects like Chemistry and Geometry challenging, you will most likely find Mr. Moskaluk's class extremely challenging. (It wasn't a surprise to have anywhere from 150-250 problems a week. Sometimes you can get 10 problems done in a minute if they're simple math problems, but expect to do at least 30-40 questions Monday-Friday). You can't do well in this class by just memorizing various terms and numbers; you really have to learn the concepts and ideas behind the processes in order to do well. If that is hard for you to do (understanding concepts and not just memorizing names and numbers), I would think long and hard before committing yourself to a year of intense work in a very complicated/hard to learn a subject like Chemistry.

But if you are a person that does well with abstract thinking, likes learning about and understanding the processes behind something on the atomic/subatomic level, are very patient and persistent, you can do well in this class.

Regardless of the type of person, this class will be a definite challenge!

Best Science Course I have Taken posted by Kenneth Harland on May 05 2016 at 15:57:12

Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry course is very structured and organized, allowing students to learn the material well through practice. I learned best through doing the WebAssign homework, and Mr. Moskaluk makes sure that the problems force the students to think and fully grasp the concepts. Whenever I had questions about the material, he was very quick to respond to me, and his responses were always helpful. 

This course prepared me very well for the AP Chemistry test. The test was far easier than I had imagined it. On weeks without tests or labs I spent about four to five hours on the class, and I spent about twice that much in weeks with tests and labs. This chemistry course really enchanced my understanding of chemistry and allowed me to understand some of the practicle uses of it. I am a natural science and math guy, but anyone who is willing to put in the time can succeed. My previous science and math courses helped a lot, so I would suggest that you have at least some basic science background to help since some of the concepts are tough to understand. The key to understanding concepts is to just struggle with them until you master them. DO THE HOMEWORK--it is the best practice you will get. Mr. Moskaluk wants students to learn the material and is not concerned so much about the grade. He has a generous policy on extensions, but to succeed, you need to not abuse them. Instead, get your work done on time, so you stay on top of the course. No matter what, Mr. Moskaluk will work with you to help you truly learn the material.

Student Review posted by Elijah H. on May 05 2016 at 13:12:34

AP Chemistry taught by Mr. Moskaluk was by far, the best class I have ever taken. Mr. Moskaluk did an unbelievably fantastic job at both teaching the material and providing helpful and useful support. He is kind and considerate, and genuinely has the students' best interests at heart. I still am in awe of how good of a teacher he is.


The class is hard. I spent 2-3 hours a day plus weekends working on this course. However, Mr. Moskaluk does an amazing job of breaking down the subjects and making sure that students understand the material. He provided me with an abundant supply of resources to help me understand the material and prepare for the AP test. Mr. Moskaluk really does all that is humanly possible for a teacher to do; I've never interacted with any teacher more helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive than he. I don't consider myself good at chemistry, but Mr. Moskaluk's class actually allowed me to enjoy chem.


In regards to the AP exam, this class went above and beyond in every single way to prepare me. I felt extremely confident going into the exam and when I left, my mom said she had never seen me smile that big after a test! Mr. Moskaluk prepared me so well, that the actual exam felt like a cake walk. His review was so rigorous that I had absolutely no pre-test anxiety. With most tests, I usually have to take initiative and study for the test myself to ease my fears of failure; however, Mr. Moskaluk did a most incredible job at guiding me through the test prep process.


Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs are by far the best I have ever worked with. On our class forum, TAs usually responded in 12 hours, and Mr. Moskaluk almost always responded in less than 12 hours. Once, I was up studying at about midnight, and Mr. Moskaluk was still online, answering my questions with helpful and practical responses. He and his TAs did a wonderful job at explaining and answering questions.


The best part of this course is how practical Mr. Moskaluk is. He is a no-nonsense teacher who gets the job done with as little frustration as possible. He doesn't make the students read material or do work that won't be necessary for the AP exam, and he does such a good job at making sure the students understand what is required of them that an enjoyment of chemistry inevitably follows. When I was struggling with a topic(acids and bases) and asked for an extension, he gave me the extensions I asked for because he was genuinely concerned for my understanding of the topic. Most teachers just want you to meet deadlines, but Mr. Moskaluk really wants you to learn the material. As a student, this class was an eye-opening experience to see how good a teacher can be.


To wrap up my thoughts, I cannot recommend this course enough. It was enjoyable, helpful, and rigorous. Mr. Moskaluk is the best teacher I have ever had. With Mr. Moskaluk, any student who is willing to put in the time and effort can be successful in this class and on the AP exam. Cheers!

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chem Course posted by Megan K. on May 04 2016 at 10:22:57

This course was a wonderful learning experience for many reasons, and I feel that I have learned a lot not only about chemistry, but about problem solving and thinking outside the box.  I feel that this course prepared me extremely well for the AP exam, as I went in to what is normally an extremely stressful test feeling calm and collected.

I probably put in about 90 minutes a day for this course, and every minute was put to good use.  We did not waste any time!

I particularly liked the WebAssign practice assignments.  Although they are long and frustrating at times, they are a great tool to help you go further than simply memorizing material, as you must solve a variety of different problems on each topic.

This course futher enhanced my interest in science as a whole because it helped me to approach science in a different way than I had in the past.  Rather than simply reading and memorizing rules, I gained a full understanding of the material and was able to problem solve rather than just using memorized rules/facts.  

Any student who is willing to put in constructive, productive time should do well in this class.  An interest in science would be helpful, but I think that even if you don't initially enjoy science, you will come to enjoy it because of the great learning experience.

Student Review posted by Danya B. on May 03 2016 at 18:32:04

To give a basic summary, I had a great experience with AP Chemistry. I felt extremely well prepared on exam day. This course is really challenging but with hard work and perseverance, any student will have a valuable experience with AP Chem.

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! I walked into the exam room completely confident and prepared. Mr. Moskaluk gave us several practice exams and hundreds of chemistry problems, so the AP exam felt like an ordinary, normal test.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

My perspective is a little different. I started about 2-3 weeks late so I was behind from the beginning. I really wanted to catch up with the rest of the class so I put in about 2-3 hours of AP Chemistry coursework a day. It definitely was a lot of hard work, but eventually I caught up with the rest of the class which was really rewarding.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Honestly, I feel that every assignment was extremely valuable. Mr. Moskaluk goes into great depth with each assignment, so it's hard to just pinpoint a few. Most of the assignments had really funny comics/memes that I enjoyed.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I started this course with only a basic preview of chemistry, so it definitely broadened my chemistry horizons. While I don't plan on going into the medical field or becoming a chemist, this course really helped me prepare for college-level STEM work. There were very valuable math techniques I learned that will definitely help me in the future.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

I was more of a lurker on the class discussion board, as I only posted a few times. Regardless, I enjoyed reading through the forum and seeing what other students had to say regarding a certain topic or assignment.

What sort of student would do well in this course?

Any student who wants to challenge themselves and work very hard would do well in this course. You have to be really self-motivated. There were definitely times I got frustrated with a certain topic or a test grade, but Mr. Moskaluk was always there to help and provide encouragement.

Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?


AP Chem 15-16 posted by Jay L. on May 03 2016 at 18:11:12

All in all, I had an outstanding experience with ChemAdvantage. I felt extremely confident walking into the exam yesterday, and though there will always be some somewhat obscure and/or new questions on the exam, I felt prepared for almost all of them.

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?
Yes - I did not feel I could be much more prepared.  One key point that I will elaborate on later is that the curriculum coverage is completed around six weeks before the exam, leaving the rest for review.  As a result, by the time the exam came by, I had completed every new curriculum exam question ever and more.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
I'm reluctant to put a number on this since my workload varied greatly.  Some topics (primarily the ones earlier in the year, such as stoichiometry) I found natural, while others (equilibrium and buffers, for example) took a bit more getting used to.

The one thing I will note is that the labs took a very long time, so be sure to account for that if you choose to take the class.  They're worthwhile, just a bit time-consuming.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Yes: I found the review assignments very useful.  Near the end of the school year, we reviewed a huge number of previous tests (3 full new curriculum tests, 4 old curriculum multiple choice tests that were updated to correspond with the new curriculum, and the final exam, a full AP exam), taking them and completing a review assignment on each.  This was extremely helpful: The AP exam rarely throws never-seen-before concepts at you.  While problems may involve situations you haven't heard of, the concepts used to solve the problems repeat themselves.  Therefore, by reviewing hundreds of practice problems, you strongly increase your chance of doing well on the exam.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes, certainly!  I did not know too much chemistry before the class, but I found it very interesting.  I particularly enjoyed seeing how seemingly complex problems could be tackled using relatively elementary concepts.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

I primarily communicated with the teacher and TAs, but found my communications with all of them very useful.  The response time was superb (within an hour or so) and I cannot recall a time I contacted them without my problem being solved.

What sort of student would do well in this course?

One who is extremely self-motivated.  AP Chem is a lot of work and you will not do well without giving it your fullest attention.  The reward is directly proportional to the work you put in - complete assignments diligently and you will be happy with your results.

Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard)?

Certainly.  I found this class to be superb and I feel that with the amount of support given to students, anyone who has completed the prerequisites and who is willing to work hard and ask questions can do well in the course.

As far as advice for potential future students...

1.  Take the class.  It really was excellent.
2.  Check the class site every Monday to see assignments posted for the week.  Then plan as to how you will get them done.  You need to keep up with things or you'll fall further and further behind.
3.  I initially thought that the six weeks of review would be quick and easy, since it is spread out over so much time.  It is not.  Plan wisely to succeed.

All in all, I had an amazing experience with ChemAdvantage and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the effort to succeed. 


Parent view of AP Chemistry, Moskaluk posted by Julie LaPorte on May 03 2016 at 17:59:31

This course was fantastic!

Mr. Moskaluk is a great, devoted, thorough, helpful teacher!

Learning Chemistry is no walk in the park, but Mr. M made it interesting, provided many tools, guided the students through doing labs at home in a very professional format, and the outcome for my student was outstanding!  My son was challenged and had to work very hard, but felt the rewards of his hard work, eventually.  Towards the end of the first semester, he got discouraged because his test grades were not where he wanted them to be, and this was pulling his grade down significantly.  Mr. Moskaluk helped him through this tough time by inspiring him to persevere and attack the issue in a positive manner.  He did pull his grade up, and soared through the second semester.  

Although the course was online, Mr. M is available to provide a very personal experience if you put in the effort to do so.  

Interfaces were positive, schedule was rigid in structure, but flexible when there was a student need.

Great class!!!

Hard Course, but Great teacher posted by Scott Driggers on May 03 2016 at 17:57:47

To start off with, I would not recommend this course to anyone who's not willing to work very hard to do well.  While there is plenty of flexibility around your schedule, this does not discount the need for dedicated, hard work.  I put in 8 hours some weeks on this couse alone, while the average was more like 5-6.  If you do consider yourself a hard worker who thrives on conquering a challenge, I would highly recommend this course to you, even if chemistry isn't your favorite subject.  I didn't have much of an interest in it before this class, but I really enjoy the subject now.  While there isn't any one particular assignment I can say that really WOWED me, the entire course was well organized and extremely well done overall.  

When you sign up for an online course, you assume you sign up to watch some videos or just do some WebAssign homework and not really see anybody, but that doesn't have to be the case.  This course provides an avenue for discussion that, unlike other online classes I have been, is very active on both the teacher and the student side.  OR, you could do like me and not really go on the discussion group much and mainly do your homework alone.  Well what can I say, A loners gotta lone.  

The best part of this course was the teacher, who went far beyond his requried teaching duties (which were always completed promptly and fully) and I found him a blessing to study under.

Long story short, ChemAdvantage is the best. posted by Michael A. on June 02 2015 at 14:36:24

Put plainly, this course has got to be the best highschool chemistry course available for high schoolers.
Mr. Moskaluk is a phenominal teacher and he definitely wants all his students to succeed.

    Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?
By all means certainly yes! Having gone through several past AP exams and I don't know how many thousand AP chem problems, the AP exam felt like a normal test except it wasn't at my own desk. In fact, during the last free response section of the test, I was one of the few students who actually was still answering questions 3/4 of the way through the time limit. (every one esle had given up?)

    How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
My case was a bit unusual. My family went on a trip for almost two weeks early first semester so I was behind from the start. That being said, I spent on average 1.5-2 hrs every day in the morning, and then some more in the evenings, maybe another 1-1.5 hours. (Total about 2.5-3.5 hrs)  (<--That is rounding high up the way.)
However, there were some times when I would only get in 1 hour of chemistry over the course of two days, and there were plenty of weekends where I did 3-5 hrs of chemistry.
If it sounds like a lot of work, your right, it is a good deal of work. If it sounds scary, you're wrong, it isn't. (Basically, give yourself a 2 hr period in your school day and then expect some homework in the evenings, you'll figure it out.) :)

    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?
There was one assignment mid 1st semester that had several chemistry jokes/memes in it, and for the rest of that week I'd suddenly start laughing just from thinking about them.

    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?
I came in to this course with only 1 semester of chemistry (part of an intro to physics and chemistry course) and expecting chemistry to be a chore. While I still don't want to be a chemist, I can say that I think chemistry can actually be quite fun.

    Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?
Mr. Moskaluk had a forum open to all the students, however, I personally did not use it much (6 posts over the course of the year!). However, when I did have an issue registering for the AP exam, I related my situation to my classmates on the forum and within a few weeks I had managed to get registered following their and Mr. Moskaluk's advice!

    What sort of student would do well in this course?
A student who realizes that this course isn't a walk-in-the-park, has discipline, and is up for a challenge. (Keep in mind you've got the best support team you could imagine.) (Support team = Mr. Moskaluk, ChemAdvantage Admin, all the TA's, & and the students...(not to mention Chemguy!))

    Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?
Hands-down yes.

Long story short, ChemAdvantage is the best. If you want/need Chem, ChemAdvantage is your place to take it!
P.S. Word of advice, don't get behind! :)

AP Chemistry course by Peter Moskaluk afterthoughts. posted by Jin Bo-kyung on May 23 2015 at 11:27:11

If you want to know whether this course is worth it, I can whole-heartedly recommend this chemistry course immediately. If you want to know why, read on.

I definitely feel that the course prepared me for the AP chemistry exam, the weekly assignments were clear and concise, covering what I learned for the week and explaning where I had misconceptions. If I was still confused the chemistry forums always came to the rescue with Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs speedily replying to questions. I generally put 2 hours per day on weekdays into the course. The lab experiments were invaluable experiences that I believe will prepare me for handling lab equipment and carrying out experiments. But what I loved most about this course was the energy Mr Moskaluk seemed to give out. I never felt bored or apathetic at all! Mr Moskaluk is easily one of the most motivating teachers I have ever had!

Even if you're not a science person, this course is both educational and fun enough that I have no doubt anyone who has a small background in science can get into it. So go for it, you may find a passion for chemistry you never knew existed in you.

AP Chemistry Class Review posted by Michael C on May 09 2015 at 21:11:24

Did you feel that the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, the course definitely prepared me for the AP Chem exam.  Mr. Moskaluk uses a very high quality college textbook.  During the year, Mr. Moskaluk posted outlines for each chapter highlighting what material students should focus on for AP Chem.  Mr. Moskaluk's tests were formatted like the AP exam, so I got used to the format long before exam day.  Mr. Moskaluk finished going through the material 5 weeks before the AP exam, so there was lots of review time.  During this review time, Mr. Moskaluk gave the class lots of practice multiple choice and free-response questions to help the students hone their skills for the exam.  These practice multiple choice and free-response question essentially give a student several AP exams before the actual exam day.  As a result, the actual AP exam itself isn't that terrifying.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I would say an average of about 2 hours per day (and around 10 hours per week), although it gets more intense in the few weeks before the AP exam.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I don't have a particular favorite assignment, but Mr. Moskaluk gives student lots of good practice with WebAssign problem sets.  When reviewing for the AP exam at the end of the year, I found that many of the concepts weren't very hard to remember because I had learned them so well on WebAssign earlier in the year.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes.  It was very interesting to delve into the details of chemistry and learn about why substances behave certain ways that I usually took for granted.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Definitely.  Mr. Moskaluk has an online discussion group where students ask questions and Mr. Moskaluk, TAs, and/or other students answer those questions.  This discussion group was a very helpful resource for getting answers to my questions.  I also found that answering other student's questions help cement the material in my mind.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

A student who is excited to learn chemistry, is willing to do lots of problem sets and practice tests, and is comfortable interacting using an online medium.  (Having a good, reliable internet connection is also important.)  And yes, if a student wants to take the AP Chem exam, I would recommend this course.

AP Chem posted by Nathan Chen on May 08 2015 at 19:41:45

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

YES!!! Mr. Moskaluk prepared us very very well for the exam.

What is the workload like?

I spent roughly 2 hours every day studying AP Chem. Each lab would take about an extra 1 and 1/2 hours to complete.

How does this online class work?

There are 3 parts or sections to the class:

1. Online discussion forum page: This is where you post any questions and answer other people's questions. It's optional to use, but I HIGHLY recommend using it. Also a Huge shoutout to the TAs who also help answer questions posted on the forum. (TAs are students who already did Mr. Moskaluk's class and who have just come back to help.) 

2. Webassign: This is where our assigments are. It's an extremely organized page where you can clearly see when assigments are due.

3. The Class Page: This is where Mr. Moskaluk post videos, outlines, notes, labs, tests, etc... anything that is related to the class.


I highly recommend this course! Mr. Moskaluk is not only an awesome teacher, he also has this awesome sense of humor that made AP Chem enjoyable. He really took the time to stop and explain each problem step by step with you and made sure you fully understood the problem before you moved on. Make sure you realize that AP Chem is not a light course and that you do have to work hard to succeed in the class. Staying organized and not falling behind on assigments are probably the two biggest things to keep in mind during this class. Thanks for an amazing year Mr. Moskaluk!!!


Really, really great class!! posted by Katie Zucker on May 07 2015 at 15:30:38

I would definitely very highly recommend this class to all students who are willing to put in the work! It is well worth the effort. The class deepened not only my understanding of chemistry but also my appreciation for chemistry. I also felt very well prepared for the exam, but the best thing you get from the class isn't the exam score; it's the newfound knowledge of chemistry. All around highly recommended!!

AP Chemistry 2014-2015 posted by Daniel Kim on May 06 2015 at 11:52:01

First off, Mr. Moskaluk is an incredible teacher.  He makes AP Chemistry interesting and fun.  Having Mr. Moskaluk as an instructor should be more than enough to convince you to take his course.  

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely.  I walked into the AP exam room with confidence knowing that I had a full understanding of all the material and had completed countless practice problems.  

How many hours of work per day did you generally put into the course?

Definately a time consuming course (yet extremely rewarding!).  I spent a good 3 hours a day working on AP Chemistry.  

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I found that Mr. Moskaluk has a way of making all assignments interesting, important, and even fun.  None of the assignments were unnecessary "busy work."  All of them were very well prepared to ensure that by the end of the assignment, you had a full understanding of the material.  

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Most definately!  Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry has given me the confidence to pursue an engineering career that incorporates Chemistry (i.e. Petr. Engineering)

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes.  While I will say it takes more time and is more difficult to ask questions in an online setting rather than in a classroom, the discussion board and other options available allow students to ask questions and have them answered relatively quickly.  

What sort of student would do well in this course?  Would you reccomend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

If you are a student looking for a fascinating course and an fantastic, funny teacher, this AP Chemistry course is for you.  However, one should know in advance that this course is very challenging and time consuming.  Please understand that significant time, effort, and persistence are needed for this course.  Nevertheless, for me at least, it was well worth it.  Thank you Mr. Moskaluk!  

My AP Chemistry Experience posted by Jaime Han on May 05 2015 at 21:12:39

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes! Mr. Moskaluk not only taught the material well, but also provided tons of practice exams. There was very little (if any) material I was unfamiliar with on the actual exam.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I would guesstimate 7-10 hours a week. It really varied depending on how quickly I understood the material.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I would have to say the labs were the most interesting part of the course for me. Labs were a pain at times as they would typically take up a whole Saturday, but this was the first science course I took where I really felt like I was able to put my new chemistry knowledge to use.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

TAKE THIS COURSE!! Mr. Moskaluk is a fantastic teacher, and if you're willing to persevere you'll find yourself excelling at chemistry even if you're not a science person. However, my advice to potential students is to be aware of how rigorous this course is. Mr. Moskaluk  grants automatic 2 week extensions on basically every assignment, but don't let that fool you; I found that putting off even half a week's work made it impossible for me to catch up and I had to use my breaks to catch up. But if you're willing to work diligently, it's feasible to keep up and even have fun!!


"Science Person" or Not -- Take This Course!!! posted by Lucie Riddell on May 04 2015 at 20:19:58

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! I just took the exam this morning, and I felt way more confident than I ever would have thought I could be in a science course. Some of the students at the high school I tested at were freaking out and/or reciting theories to themselves (often incorrectly!) before the exam...but, thanks to Mr. Moskaluk, I was cool as a system that has just undergone an endothermic reaction. ;) 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? 

For me, it depended on the unit. Acids and Bases took up a LOT of my time for a week or so, as did Equilibrium. I'd say, overall, maybe an hour to an hour and a half per day? 

Are there any particularly favorite assignments you found especially valuable?

This isn't exactly a favorite assignment, but I loved how Mr. Moskaluk included so much interesting and funny information in our homework. When a chem problem is based on a comic, or a story problem, or a real-life phenomenon, it makes doing homework so much more interesting! I can't count the times that I burst out laughing in the middle of a problem and had to explain to all of my family what clever remark Mr. Moskaluk had made this time. Plus, I feel like I learned a lot of extra information just by reading his fun facts about the chemicals we were studying.

Did this course enhance your interest in the subject?

Definitely. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the review, I'm no "science person." As a matter of fact, I hadn't technically taken high school chem before I started the course! (I had watched a series of chem lectures over the summer, but that was all the experience I had.) Now, I'm hoping to take organic chem and maybe even more when I get to college. :) 

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes! This course isn't as heavy on student interaction as other PA Homeschoolers classes I've taken, but other students' responses on the discussion board were always very prompt and valuable. Also, a shout-out to all the wonderful TAs: You guys are amazing! 

What sort of student would do well in this course?

And now we come to my main pitch: Folks, it doesn't matter whether you've been a science whiz since preschool or are still struggling to remember the difference between an atom and a molecule. As long as you're willing to work for it -- and I can assure you, you WILL have to work for it -- this course is for you! Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs were unfailingly understanding and helpful when I struggled with particular aspects of the course, and in the end, I not only went into the test feeling supremely confident -- I also learned to love chemistry way more than I ever thought I could! :) 

Desire to learn + Putting in the work + Mr. Moskaluk and the TAs being amazing --> Awesome chem course! 

P.S. And if you don't understand my chemical allusions...well, you'll just have to take the class, then, won't you? 

AP Chemistry 2013-14 posted by Adrian Liu on August 24 2014 at 18:20:07

Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry Class was very educational and enjoyable, and prepared me very well for the AP exam. I felt fully prepared for all of the questions on the exam, and I scored a 5. The course materials were presented in a highly organized manner which made it easy to go back and find any materials I needed for review. The assignments were presented using the service WebAssign, which allowed me a lot of flexibility in terms of when and in what order I completed assignments. Mr. Moskaluk designed the problem sets in WebAssign so that they were very clear and understandable, and answers were graded instantly and automatically. When I had questions about the WebAssign Problems, my requests for help were quickly answered by TAs or Mr. Moskaluk himself. 

Mr. Moskaluk also gave a lot of preparation for Free Response Questions (FRQs). He gave sample free response questions and carefully broke down what the questions were looking for and the point distribution of the FRQs on the AP test. The final review and exam ensured that I was ready for the test. 

Mr. Moskaluk was an exceptional teacher, and the course greatly enhanced both my knowledge and interest in chemistry. I would highly recommend this course to students interested in chemistry and willing to spend several hours per week studying the subject. 


AP Chemistry posted by Sarah C. on May 16 2014 at 22:38:19

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I felt very prepared for the AP exam, even though it was the first year with the new test.  Mr. Moskaluk did an excellent job of including all the new topics in his outlines and in our online assignments. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I'd say 10-12 hrs/wk.  I would spend probably a solid hr or two reading and understanding the outline, and then each of the problem sets/homework could take about an hr or two.  When I was studying for the exam I put in a lot more time though. 

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The WebAssign homework activities were particularly helpful in making sure I understood the concepts, and they were excellent preparation for AP MC questions.  When I selected a wrong answer, I would get an automatic, detailed explanation of not only the right answer but why the other answers were incorrect.  Many of the questions also covered possible usages of new topics on the exam. 

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I enjoyed studying the material at a deeper level than my high school chem. course in 10th grade.  I understood everything better, and I definitely appreciate chemistry more now.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

We had a chemistry forum for asking questions and discussing topics.  Every time I posted anything, Mr. Moskaluk, a TA, or another student would respond within 24 hrs (usually in about 15 min unless I was posting at 11 pm :P  )  I always received a detailed and very informative response.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

This was my second time taking chemistry during high school, and the previous exposure was definitely helpful in making certain concepts "click".  The course is very difficult, but if you're willing to work hard you will definitely know your chemistry by the end!


AP Chemistry Review posted by Anna Mitchell on May 16 2014 at 18:34:31

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes! I was unsure about signing up this class at first because the College Board had revised the AP Chemistry curriculum and exam for the 2014-15 school year and the test would be different. When I emailed Mr. Moskaluk, he explained that he had been closely following the changes in the curriculum and working with the College Board. And was this true! Mr. Moskaluk’s fantastic outlines pointed out and explained topics that were important in the new curriculum. Several MCQs on the exam tested these very same topics! I could tell that Mr. Moskaluk had done all he could to learn about the new curriculum and change his course to reflect it. I know that I had a great advantage over other students whose teachers didn’t make the same effort.  

Mr. Moskaluk is an exceptional teacher. Every time I had a question, he (and/or one of his TAs) would answer it in detail within a few hours. His outlines helped me focus on the important material in my textbook reading. We did nearly all of the free response questions from the past AP Chemistry exams posted on the College Board’s website, and in the month before the exam, we also did several full-length multiple choice sections from past exams.

I couldn’t imagine being more prepared for the exam. If you want to learn introductory college chemistry and score high on the AP Chemistry exam, this course is the way to go! Mastering such a difficult subject is very satisfying.

How many hours per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 2 hours a day, five days a week, but sometimes more on lab weeks. In the weeks before the final exam and AP Chemistry exam, I studied much more. 

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I especially liked the weekly WebAssign homework assignments on our textbook reading. Mr. Moskaluk emphasizes mastery of the material, so he allows multiple submissions and includes detailed explanations of every problem.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! I’ll admit that I still do not plan to pursue chemistry in college, but I understand it much better. I know that I will be much more interested in reading books and articles on chemistry after taking this class!

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? 

Yes, definitely! The discussion board was very active, as my fellow students and I helped each other understand the material. The teaching assistants (all former AP Chem students) were incredibly smart, friendly, and competent. They were very prompt and thorough in responding to all my questions.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would recommend this course to any student who is willing to put in time and effort to understand AP Chemistry. This is definitely the most difficult course I have ever taken, but all the resources were there to help me succeed - a fantastic teacher and teaching assistants, comprehensive curriculum, and smart classmates.

Review of AP Chemistry ChemAdvantage course posted by Nolan Reilly on May 13 2014 at 16:43:11

This was a very interesting and challenging class, that prepared me for the AP (and the even more advanced USNCO) superbly. It does require considerable time to complete the assignments, approximately 1.5 hours/day for 5-6 days/week, with 3 hours extra on the weeks with labs, and more time to read the textbook. However, the work is not dull or repetitive, and committing the above hours of work should not be a problem (although one is exhausted after the labs!). The most interesting assignments I found to be those dedicated to chemical bonding, as this was totally new and fascinating to me. This course did enhance my interest in chemistry, in addition to the abovementioned virtues. Although I did not interact with other students especially often, the Discussion Board was fairly useful.

To do well in this course a student must have the time and interest to do the work necessary, which should not be difficult. I would gladly recommend this course to another student.

An Amazing Class!!! posted by Ian Pawelczyk on May 12 2014 at 20:56:29

I felt extremely well prepared for the AP exam. There were a ton of practice MCQs and FRQs that we took. Also, from what some of my friends who go to public school told me, I seemed much more prepared than them.

This is a tough course but definitely worth it! I would say I spent 10 to 12 hours a week on it.

All of the homework assignments that Mr. Moskaluk put together were fantastic. They were all online and easy to access. Moreover, the outlines that Mr. Moskaluk put together were great! They were succinct yet covered almost everything you needed to know about the given topic.

This course definitely increased my interest in chemistry! I feel like I learned so much, and it makes me want to go on and study more chemistry in depth.

There was a discussion board that I did not use that often, but many other students did. A fellow student, TA, or Mr. Moskaluk would always answer any question that you had very quickly.

You have to be motivated and hardworking in order to take this course, but it is well worth it! Mr. Moskaluk is so good at teaching all of the concepts in chemistry!

AP Chem Review posted by Maia Paddock on May 12 2014 at 16:30:53

I want to preface this review by saying that this AP Chem class is definitely my favorite class that I took during senior year and one of my top three classes for all of high school.  

1. Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! In addition to the assigned reading from the textbook, there were always chapter summaries and videos that were great for studying throughout the year. All homework and quizzes had explanations for each question after you submitted your responces so that you could learn from the questions you missed. From the very beginning of the year we had FRQ style assignments that walked us through each step of the different types of FRQs to decrease our chances of mistakes. My recommendation is to start making flashcards early in the year and memorize everything you are told to memorize as early in the year as possible.

2. How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I generally put 1.5 - 2 hours in of work per day. Some days I could work for 3 - 4 hours if I had to do a lab, but these were not terribly frequent (maybe once every two weeks). 

Overall, this was a great class with a fantastic teacher! I highly recommend it to any student who is willing to put some effort into learning a really cool subject!


Chemistry is fascinating. posted by Alex on May 11 2014 at 21:07:54

I enrolled in AP Chemistry because I was excited about learning chemistry and wanted to do well on the AP exam. While I don't have my results back yet from the AP exam, I am sure that I did fine — I was well prepared for the vast majority of questions on the exam. And my goal of learning chemistry was definitely met — I had formerly studied chemistry on my own, but really getting into it for a year was an entirely different experience. Chemistry is fascinating. Thanks to the ChemAdvantage team and Mr. Moskaluk for an amazing course!

No better teacher, no better course posted by Julie M. on May 11 2014 at 20:25:40

I am officially going on record and saying that this is, by far, the best AP Chem course a person could ever hope to take, online or in person. Not only is Mr. Moskaluk a dedicated and patient teacher; he goes above and beyond to make the material come alive. I could also tell that he worked incredibly hard to make us know that no question is a stupid one. I wouldn't be able to thank him enough for being the best teacher I have ever had. And I can guarantee that I am, by no means, the only student who thinks this. 

 I felt so utterly prepared for the exam that I am not even worried about my score. I put in about 10-12 hours weekly for this course; on lab weeks, I would put in even more (once or twice, as many as 18). I found the first semester to be very manageable (almost, dare I say it, easy), and the second semester was significantly more difficult work (as we got into equlibrium and acid-base). All along the way, however, we students could interact with each other (and TAs/Mr. M) via the Discussion Group, and we could work through our problems together. The student interaction in this class was truly scintillating and loads of fun. By the end of the year, I felt like I got to know some of them, which (I believe) is the mark of good communication focus in the class. 

Words cannot describe how much this course (and Mr. M) sharpened my interest in chemistry. I've always been a chem nerd in my own small way and have never really understood how some people could dislike chemistry. This course legitimately rocked my world and made me realize that I love chemistry. Not just "like;" love. AP Chem made me discover my passion for this subject, and I am actually kind of sad to earn college credit for Gen Chem (i.e. because I want to take chemistry again and again). 

I know I'm rambling, but one small word of caution here: This course is what you, the student, make it. There is a reason that AP Chem has a rep for being the most difficult AP course out there; the material can seem daunting and merciless to some. But if you treat it with the respect it deserves, it will respect you back. If you put in the work, boy oh boy how you will be rewarded not only on test day, but in life. 

Do yourself a favor and take this course. And always remember: first, buffers don't bite; second, add acid to water as you ought'er. ;-)

May the chemistry force be with you. 

excellent class, helpful teacher posted by Sonia Reilly on May 11 2014 at 19:55:57

The class was definitely an excellent preparation for the AP Chemistry exam, and covered all the material for the new chemistry curriculum.  It was directly geared towards the new format, and provided lots of practice for the test itself.  All the material was clearly explained, and Mr. Moskaluk was extremely helpful with all my questions.  The discussion board (to my surprise) was also quite useful, and all questions were answered quickly and thoroughly.  The class enhanced my interest in chemistry greatly, and I would recommend it to anyone else.  It certainly required quite a bit of work (labs were often 4 hrs each, plus about 9-10 hrs of homework per week), but it would be a perfect class for a student who is willing to work and dedicated to doing well.

AP Chemistry posted by Noah Miller on July 05 2013 at 17:38:34

I don't really enjoy science related classes, but if you want to take AP Chemistry, this is where you should take it. I had a very weak chemistry background before going into this class, but with Mr. Moskaluk's help, I was able to get a 5 on the exam. I had done well on the assignments he had given us throughout the year, but could never do as well on the tests. Needless to say, I was nervous for the test. When I started going through the actual exam, however, I kept thinking, we went over this, as I proceeded through the test. I felt very confident while walking out of the test center that day. I probably put in at least 2 hours a day in this class, as it is extremely difficult, but very worth it. I found the exams that he gave to be extremely well put together and his outlines where he says "this topic is still part of the syllabus but hasn't been tested on in 15+ years..." It saves you so much time, time that you need to use to study some more hahaha. While I still do not plan on majoring in Chemistry, at the end of the year, I started to not mind it as much. It was very valuable having other students explain answers how they solved them and it was helpful putting your thought process in writing to help out your other classmates. I would recommend this course to other students, as long as they are willing to put in the time necessary to do well in the course. All in all, Mr. Moskaluk made this course, which many people believe to be one of the hardest classes there is in high school, much more bearable.

posted by Mary Ann Miller on July 05 2013 at 14:13:52

I wanted to wait until my son's score came in to post a review as I think that helps give insight to parents as to whether or not a class is suitable for their student. All I can say is "What an AMAZING course!" My son just got his AP score and we are shocked and thrilled that he scored a 5! He had very little chemistry background going into the course and had to work harder than I ever saw him work. So, when asked if the course prepared him for the AP exam, the answer is YES!!!! If I had to guess as to how much time my son spent on chemistry, I would estimate that it was at least 2 hours a day. Many kids probably don't need to spend that much time on it, but since my son didn't have a strong foundation he had more catching up to do right from the start. What made the workload even more difficult was the fact that my son got very ill in the first semester and fell behind. Mr. Moskaluk was very patient and encouraging, giving him some time to catch up on the assignments he missed from being sick. I can't comment on favorite assignments or topics, but his favorite moment was receiving his score. As a side note to put things into perspective as to how great of a teacher Mr. Mokaluk is occurred when I had a conversation with one of my son's friends and his mom. We had mentioned the anxiety of waiting for his AP scores and the friend asked which tests he took. When my son mentioned AP Chem, the friend, who was ranked number 1 in his class and is going to school to be an orthodontist, said, "Good luck with that. I got a 1!" This is a young man who IS very smart and capable. A young man who took and excelled in many AP classes. It seemed clear that our son had a distinct advantage in having Mr. Moskaluk as his teacher. He was very thorough in what topics to spend a lot of time on and what topics the students could gloss over. Communication was fantastic! He was always available to help explain and encourage the students. His grading was fair and immediate. Of the 5 AP classes our son has taken thus far, this one was the most challenging and certainly the most rewarding. I would HIGHLY recommend this class for any student who is driven. Because of the excellence in Mr. Moskaluk's teaching, this class is very doable even to a student with little chemistry background (although not recommended) - provided they are willing to work harder than ever before!

If You Have to Take AP Chemistry Somewhere, Take It Here posted by Angela Kim on June 11 2013 at 10:52:30

I'm really bad at science-related subjects, and that in itself might be an understatement. So in a way, I'm not exactly sure why I took this class, but I did, which meant that I had to muscle through two full semesters of AP Chemistry. 

I just want to say two things, essentially. First, this class is really really hard, so for any horrible-at-science people, you might want to think twice. Secondly, and this is more important, if you have to take AP Chemistry somewhere, take it here. And here's why.

Like I said, I'm really bad science--particularly Chemistry--so when I started to struggle in the beginning of the second semester, I knew I was in trouble. But unlike other classes, where the teacher gave grades, helped you a little when you asked questions, and then moved on... my teacher (Mr. Moskaluk) went out of his way to help me understand. I have never had such a dedicated, helpful teacher who was there, seemingly 24/7, answering questions, helping out, and understanding when I tried hard but still did not do that well. So seriously, take his class if you really want/have to take AP Chemistry, if you're really good at it or really bad. He takes the word "teacher" to a whole new level. 

Also, this set up was extremely helpful as well. There's this neat little button at the bototm of every worksheet that says something along the lines of "Ask Your Teacher." Basically, you click it and can type in any question you might have, and then when the teacher does respond, you get a "Help Response." For every teacher, it is very different, but Mr. Moskaluk answered every question quickly, thoroughly, and without complaint. The last one sitll boggles my mind because I literally sent over 200 questions during the school year. And to top things off, most of the questions were something along the lines of, "I don't get this at all. Help." Once, he even responded to a handful of questions at two in the morning. That's called dedication.

Expect to put a lot of time into this class. There's a lot of reading and video-watching to do, as well as a nice amount of homework, lab, FRQ work, etc. Oh, and the AP Exam itself is kind of terrifying; I'm not going to lie. But if you try hard all year, and put in your best effort, and also if you have a great teacher like I did; I'm sure you'll do fine. :)

Also, I want to clarify that the chemistry book and the videos were great. They explained everything extremely clearly, and the course itself was really really good. BUT, if for some reason the books and videos don't work for you, find a supplement. That's what I did, and it helped to explain things even more clearly. 

That's all that I really have to say. Hope this helps some random students or parents in the future. Really, this course was AMAZING, and Mr. Moskaluk is a great teacher. The only negative thing that I have ot say is about the difficult subject of chemistry itself, and that's a whole different story.

Angela :)

AP Chemistry (Mr. Moskaluk) don't miss out!! posted by Abigail Taylor on May 22 2013 at 17:53:00

     I can confidently say that this course is the by far the best I have ever taken or could ever hope to take. Mr. Moskaluk is a highly experienced and excellent teacher who seems to know all there is to know about teaching Chemistry (and maybe even a little bit more!) He is always willing to spend his time answering questions, explaining problems, and giving all the help he can. A couple times I found myself in a situation where an assignment was late or missed entirely, and Mr. Moskaluk was always understanding and helpful.

     From what I can tell, Mr. Moskaluk included every AP practice question available to Chemistry students in the curriculum throughout the year. When the AP Exam rolled around, I was ready for every curve the test threw my way. The problems I practiced on all year prepared me for the format of the test, the wording, and the questions themselves.

     The coursework includes reading a textbook and Mr. Moskaluk’s outlines of each chapter, watching short videos of a guest lecturer, labwork, and various tests and quizzes. There is a study group available to all the students for asking and answering questions. A few times I found that the question I prepared to post in the study group had already been asked and answered by others in the group. The labs are definitely college level (including labs with titrations and acid-base reactions). Mr. Moskaluk also made sure we knew how to use complicated lab equipment that is not available in High School classrooms and even many college labs (e.g. spectrophotometer). Gone are the days of vinegar and baking soda in the typical High School lab!

     The course is a fair amount of work (typical 10-15 hours a week) but rewarding and relatable. I constantly find Chemistry concepts popping up as I go about my every-day life. I’ve always been interested in Chemistry and this course gave me the depth of knowledge I’ve been looking for. My previous chemistry class (not AP) was interesting, but it was not nearly as thorough and engaging as this course. I would highly recommend this class to anybody who is willing to work hard and apply themselves. The material is challenging and complicated at times, but with Mr. Moskaluk and your fellow students, I am confident that you will do an excellent job.

AP Chem Review posted by Paul Advincula on May 18 2013 at 24:30:22

I felt prepared going into the test. In the last month before the AP exam, we were reviewing all the material and I felt that it really helped. 

I put in at least an hour a day, studying and completing assignments.

We completed dozens of equations which really helped to get chemical equations and their reactive properties nailed down.

Now that I've had more experience in labs and the subject, I feel that I can better decide what I plan on majoring in. 

The class had an online study group that was always answering or asking questions. One could usually get an answer within a few hours of posting the question.

a. A student that doesn't mind putting in LOTS of time studying. b. AP Chemistry is possibly THE hardest AP subject and this class does a great job of teaching it!



Best class I have ever taken - don't miss this opportunity! posted by Matthew Coile on May 18 2013 at 11:26:32

I highly recommend this course.  It is flat out amazing.  Wonderful resources, wonderful teacher, awesome AP prep and awesome chemistry in general.  


Resources: There are so many super useful resources it's hard to list them all or explain their true value.  The short way to explain the resources is to say that they are all really useful study aids and are plenty to get a near perfect score on the AP test, a test where you can miss a large percentage and still get a 5.  There are chapter outlines telling you what to study from each chapter (Often, large portions of a chapter aren't important for the AP exam, and sometimes certain points or factoids are super important and "must memorize" items.  I found the outlines to be incredibly helpful in deciding what to study).  There are videos and demonstrations from all across the web that go along with each chapter, usually marked with their degree of "helpfulness."  Whenever I struggled to understand the textbook or whenever I had trouble concentrating, I'd turn to video explanations.  To help you become confident at being able to put into practice what you read, there is online homework with original problems and with past AP problems.  The teacher uses online technology in a way that unleashes its full power.  It's pretty awesome.  To answer questions or problems that stump you while studying, there's a google study group that allows you to communicate with dozens of other homeschooled students taking the AP chemistry test; you often get an answer to your question in about the time it takes the others to write a response.  Of course, if you want to coordinate a skype study group with some other students or something, that's no trouble either.  If for some reason you don't like google groups to answer your questions (maybe you're shy about sending an email to a zillion people), you can send the teacher an email directly.  Or, you can send the teacher and TAs (who this year were really helpful) a question through the webassign "ask your teacher" and also receive a rapid response.  


The teacher, Mr. Moskaluk, makes me want to be a teacher.  He is the best teacher I have ever had, and I hope one day to meet him in person.  He is incredibly caring and accommodating.  One time, preparing for chemistry olympiad (I couldn't sleep the night before, so I studied.  Later I learned it might have had to do with the beginnings of wisdom teeth troubles that I stayed up, but that's beside the point) I continued sending him emails throughout the night as I prepared.  I don't know if he was staying up with me or if he was just up anyway, but not every teacher will answer your questions instantly at 3 o'clock in the morning.  Or, as another example, when I struggled to complete my work, I sent an email explaining what the trouble was and he graciously gave me an extension(s).   


Sometimes (and I don't mean to criticize other teachers, because I know they're trying to help me learn), teachers will be somewhat inflexible, saying "you MUST do this assignment" even though it doesn't prepare you for the AP exam and "you MUST turn that 'extra assignment' in on time" if you want to get an A.  While I absolutely agree that teachers have the right to do this and usually do it for the students' benefit, I appreciate that in this class, the teacher was focused on our learning and thus willing to allow flexibility.  Every assignment prepared me for the AP exam at least as well as if I were studying on my own.  There was no mandatory "busy work."  If you completed the homework, you would be pretty well prepared for the exam even without doing extra work on your own.  And, if you completed the homework, and did ok on the tests, Mr. Moskaluk would give you a high A, so you wouldn't have to worry about your grade, just the AP test.  


By the end of the course, I felt very well prepared for the AP test.  I got several AP review books at the beginning of the year for quick review before the AP test, but I ended up not using any of them.  Not only did this course prepare me for the AP exam though, I also participated in Chemistry Olympiad and the Chemistry Lab event in Science Olympiad and did very well in both.  In Chemistry Olympiad, I easily passed the local test to go on to the National test and almost made the top 150 in the country (out of over 10000 students) Sadly, I didn't make the top 150, but on practice tests I was at about the cutoff for making it, which is amazing to me because I'd had less than a year of chemistry.  In contrast, most of the other kids who took the National test from Maryland with me had already had two or three years of chemistry and even then only one of them made top 150 this year.  Certainly, it's not that I'm brilliant that I was well prepared; it was the awesome preparation I got from this class that caused me to feel well prepared.  Besides the course materials that prepared me, Mr. Moskaluk answered dozens of questions that I had about the content outside of the AP curriculum (for example, there's a good bit of organic chem on the Chemistry Olympiad test that I asked questions about) and he recommended websites and such that I check out for my prep.


Anyway, to conclude my review, yes, it's an AP course.  Yes, chemistry and bio are notorious for being difficult APs, so yes, it takes a significant amount of time.  However, this course helped me use my time as efficiently as possible in preparing for the AP exam; Mr. Moskaluk has made this course as easy and efficient as possible.  I really can't recommend this class enough.  I started off this year thinking this would be a dry, no-fun course, and ended it hoping that I have at least one class next year that's like this!  Even if you're like me and chemistry doesn't interest you much, take this class anyway: you'll almost certainly change your mind and realize chemistry chemistry interesting, it will look great on your resume, and you likely will find it, like me, the best course you've ever taken.  This is an opportunity too good to be missed.

AP Chem posted by Alexandra Sykes on May 13 2013 at 12:23:38

Mr. M is a great teacher, and really understands all the material. You can tell he really loves chemistry and teaching his students. He wants every individual student to succeed, and and will communicate with you individually if you are struggling.

This class is A LOT of hard work! I'm not going to lie - I have always been really good with academics and breezed through other courses, but this one was the hardest by far! If you put in the work, it is very rewarding and definitely worth taking. It will prepare you well for chem courses in college.

posted by Libby on July 12 2012 at 20:34:12

Absolutely!  I went into the exam feeling very well-prepared and very relaxed.  By the end of this class, I had completed every FRQ and every MCQ every published at least once, many of them twice.  I got a 5 on the exam, so all of those problems definitely paid off!

I put in about 2 hours per day, on average.  Some weeks were easier for me, and on those weeks I would still put in about 2 hours each day, but I would finish with all my assignments by about Wednesday or Thursday.  Many students, however, would probably need less time, since I had never had any chemistry coming into the class.  The flexibility here was especially helpful as I was juggling 3 other AP courses which also ate up a lot of time.  I finished my assignments by the due date every time except twice this year (and those times were because of illness or a family vacation).  This is definitely not a course in which procrastination will work, though!  Especially in the heavier weeks, you need to get an early start, in case you have a question (or four or five) for Mr. Moskaluk or the TAs.  They usually respond very promptly (the record for me was 7 minutes), but they are human and they have 52 students, so it may take a little while, and if you have 3 hours in which to finish, you are in big trouble!  As long as you get right on the assignments, though, the timing generally works out very well.

I found the Webassigns to be fantastic in this course!  One of my favorite features about the class was that you got 4 chances to get the Webassign questions correct, so it really forced you to figure out how to do the problem.  Also, much of the time, the first 1 or 2 problems in the assignment would be mostly completed for you, so they were mosty example problems to read through before you had to do the real thing on your own.  There were no particular assignments that I found especially valuable, but there was not a single topic that, come the AP exam, I did not understand, so I believe that adequately testifies as to the efficacy of the assignments!

Absolutely!  I came into this course with very little interest in chemistry, and I exited it making geeky chemistry jokes to my family and teaching my little brother about intermolecular forces during the Christmas Eve service in church (no joke!). 

Yes!!!  One of the things that most impressed me about the class was that Mr. Moskaluk would take time out of his schedule to research chemistry questions that were outside of the subject matter in class.  Over Thanksgiving break (I think, although it might have been Christmas) someone wrote in to the study group to inquire about his bag of "carbon-free" sugar, which, as we had all learned has a chemical formula of C12H22O11.  Mr. Moskaluk promptly wrote back to tell us that, based on his research, this referred not to the sugar itself but to the manufacturing process, which I found very interesting.  It was also helpful to see the questions that other students posted, since I had many of the same problems myself and I could find the answers very quickly via the emails going around.

Any student with an interest in science who is willing to put the time into the class will excel in this course! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking for an online AP science class.  This was my favorite course I have ever taken and I hope that many more students will come to join in the joy that is AP Chem!

AP Chemistry (Mr. Moskaluk) posted by Daniel G. on June 02 2012 at 23:56:47

Out of all the AP courses I have taken, I am able to confidently say that this is the best experience I have had.  Mr. Moskaluk is a consumate chemistry teacher.  Because of his vast experience teaching this subject, he knows every trick in the book (and a few that aren't in the book).  Mr. Moskaluk is always willing to spend as much time as it takes to get you up to speed; even at odd hours or during holidays if necessary.  
This course contains a bottomless repository of preperation material.    It seems that Mr. Moskaluk has every test or FRQ that CollegeBoard has ever released, and he spares no pains to help you to get the most out of this resource.  His extensive, succinct (and here's the important part) eminently useful outlines make a powerful combination which is the best preparation for an AP test I have ever had.
The labs in this course are certainly college-preparatory.  The ubiquitous baking-soda and vinegar was a thing of the past, and instead we were able to complete interesting experiments which are applied in college labs every day (e.g. titrations).  Mr. Moskaluk also made sure that we knew how to use professional lab equipment which is not available in high-school (and even some college) labs, such as the spectrophotometer.  Coincedentally taking UV-Vis spectra was one of my very first jobs when I started volunteering at a university chem lab.  This course doesn't just prepare you for the AP test; it also prepars you for Real Life.
After taking this course, I certainly became more interested in chemistry.  In high school chemistry, one mostly learns the basics of solving chemistry-related math problems (e.g. stoichiometry).  In Mr. Moskaluk's AP course; however, one learns not only how to solve problems, but why chemistry happens the way it does.  This knowledge is invaluable and greatly increased my interest in and respect for chemistry (previously I thought of it mostly as the subject before physics).
The AP Chem study group, which most of the students participated in, was a helpful resource while doing the problem sets.  It turns out that some of us think alike and have similar problems.  Often if I had a question I would find it already answered on the Study Group.
This course is a fair amount of work (on the upper end of the typical 10-15 hour AP commitment), but it is well worth it.  It's important to remember that this course's reward is directly prortional to the amount of work you put into it.  In other words,
R = k/W
(where R is reward, W is work, and k is the AP constant).
I sometimes found myself finishing up problem sets a few hours before they were due.  This is not an advisable practice because if you run into a mistake, you don't have enough time to ask Mr. Moskaluk/the hive mind on the study group (and thus miss out on one of the most valuable aspects of the course.
This couse is highly recommended.

Fabulous AP Chem course--highly recommend!! posted by Katie Anderson on May 29 2012 at 21:01:21

I took the PA Homeschoolers AP Chemistry class with Mr. Moskaluk this past year (2011-2012), and found it to be an incredible course! First off, our instructor is top-notch! He is so involved in every assignment, giving help and interacting with the students. He also challenges you to think, helping you find your way through a tough problem and then challenging you to do the last stint on your own. In addition, you might be receiving help on a certain topic, and he expands it even more to explore the implications or other subtleties of the concept. His knowledge of Chemistry is mind-boggling!--he really knows what he's doing.
I would be very remiss not to mention the fabulous TA's for this course! They are so helpful answering questions and spend a great deal of time explaining each question thoroughly so that by the end of reading their response, you feel like you understand Chemistry itself so much better! Besides their incredible enthusiasm for the subject and love of helping you learn, they are very encouraging and so approachable through email. I must give a pitch to say that one of the TA's from my year is staying on to TA again this coming year, and you don't want to miss her or her great help! :)
The course is laid out in a very logical, easy to follow manner. I found it very manageable to see what assignments I needed to have complete when, and from there I could see how to structure my time. As to the material taught, you will find it fascinating, no matter if you like the subject (as in my case ;) or not! Mr. Moskaluk gives detailed outlines for each chapter, and in these he highlights the really important material necessary for the AP, allowing you to streamline your studies and have an excellent resource to look back over in preparation for the AP test. As to time I spent on the course, it will take all the time you can give it. Early in the year I would estimate I spent a good couple hours per day on it. Towards the end of the course, it took more than that :) I will say, this is a very challenging course. Undoubtedly this was the hardest course I have ever taken, but it also was the most rewarding!!
Communication is another great part of this course. There is a Study Group for students, where we all can talk about Chem stuff, and help each other out with questions. I found it invaluable. Not only could I receive help, but I could also give help to other students and in the process cement that knowledge firmly in my mind. The TA's and Mr. Moskaluk also help answer questions and post to the class on the forum. I even have made some really great friends from the student body through the study group.
To do well in this course, I would say, takes a willingness to work hard and a love of learning. There is a lot of material to be covered, but Mr. Moskaluk understands this and sees you gradually through it all. In the process, I learned a whole new way to think about learning in general...not just Chem. While I think this course will make you love Chem even more (it's so intricate and amazing!!), even if you don't, know that you will take a fabulous course, with top-notch instructors, and you will come out a better seasoned student!! I can not recommend this course highly enough! All I can say is, if you're willing to work hard and do your best, take it and see for yourself what an awesome, thrilling, chemistry-fun-filled ride it is!! :)

AP Chemistry was challenging but fulfilling! posted by Jack Novack on May 29 2012 at 17:08:14

- The course definetly prepared me for the AP exam. To be honest, at this point in my studies, it is a bit difficult for me to self-motivate myself to study really well. However, despite this, the class's built in practices and webassign worksheets helped me focus and study the way I needed to. Also, whenever I was lost and needed help, I would get very quick responses from Mr. Moskaluk and his well-chosen TAs, giving me very precise and detailed answers. 

- I worked anywhere from 10-20 hours a week on this course. I am a freshman this year, and as a result I made several planning mistakes before the year had started. (I.E. planning a spring break that coincided with some classes and not with others.) All in all, I would say that this course has a very fair workload. If you focus and work hard, it's about 10 hours a week. If you make mistakes in your planning, and ask for extensions, resulting in double workload for several weeks, you will end up working way more than you should... about 20 hours. The time spent on this class, for me, came down to focus. If I focused well for a few weeks, it was 10-15 hours. If I didn't, or I was still working off extensions, it was 20. 

- To be honest, I liked multiple choice tests the most. They were very well presented, and required full focus and honesty. You were given a PDF, and you had to fill out your answers in an electronic answer sheet. That was it. I liked this the most because I got to study for a day or two, put my effort and focus into the test, and then see how I did when it was graded a day or two later. I also liked the format of the FRQs assigned throughout the year. You were given a PDF, but instead of an answer sheet, you got a Webassign electronic version of the FRQ to study from once you were finished. You inputed all your answers, and the ones that you made mistakes on you got to correct based off of the hints that popped up when you made a mistake in the electronic FRQ. I found both of these methods very useful to me, as they really helped me keep my focus and learn the information. 

- I can't say anything about my future career yet, but I certainly am more interested in the subject. I'm still a freshman and I have very little idea as to where my interests lie. However, I can say that I started AP Chemistry very badly, struggling on all of the tests, not understanding any of the information, and filling up teacher's inboxes with help requests. I had taken chemistry before, but the way the year started, I might have well have just picked it up. However, by the end of the year, Chemistry had become one of my favorite subjects, because I understood the basic... flow of how it worked. I knew how to study it, and I was very familiar with how to solve problems I did not know the answer to. Would I consider a career in Chemistry? I don't know, but I certainly would consider it, based off of my experiences this year. 

- The way we communicated on this class was through a "google groups" program. I did find this form of communications valueable because, instead of having a website forum that is very easy to forget, not visit, or ignore, you were sent emails every time someone posted in the google group. So, if I was wondering how the heck I was supposed to solve some problem about electrochemistry, I could just look at my email, and bam there was some question from some student that at least related to electrochemistry. Even if it wasn't about the same problem, I would still read it, and then already be on the google groups page to post my own question. Overall it was very useful and convenient. 

- I would say that anyone who is resilient can pass this class. If you are willing to take hits to your pride (what you thought you knew of Chemistry), your time (even 10 hours a week is a decent bit of time), and your patience (I'm a very cool person, but I became very regularly frustrated throughout this course), you can be successful in this class. Also, you have to be willing to ask questions. I don't care how good you think you are in Chemistry, but unless you've gone through college chemistry already, you are going to run into questions you simply have no idea how to answer. Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs were very encouraging and helpful, I would have spontaneously combusted without their help. So, to conclude, I would encourage anyone willing to be resilient and ask questions to take this class. Even though I struggled through it, it taught me a LOT of things, and left me much more aware of how focused I should be when working, versus how much time I need to spend working. 


Just to end my review, I'd like to thank Mr. Moskaluk and all of the TAs for their help this year. I made many mistakes throughout the year, in both study habits and planning, but they showed me a lot of consideration and were genuinely helpful to me, even when the problem I couldn't solve was an easy solution that I was obviously overthinking. If you're going to take this class, be ready for a firestorm of difficulty in the beginning, but remember that Mr. Moskaluk and his TAs are there to help you, and you can most certainly do it, if you are willing to slog through it. Eventually the sea of mud turns to a paved road, if I could pull this year off, anybody could. 

Parent Review- CHEM ADVANTAGE posted by Moira Novack on May 29 2012 at 17:01:06

As a homeschoooling parent I have used 9 different online providers. I am very careful when choosing online courses and do quite a bit of research before commiting to one. I read a lot about Chem Advantage but none of what I read or heard about this course prepared me for the most shocking part about it. On top of providing a truly complete, rigorous, and interesting currciulum Mr. Moskaluk and his team are literally willing to assist students nearly 24 hours a day. My son found this class particularily challenging. He had many questions and needed quite a bit of extra help. He could ask a question at 11 pm on a week night or 8 am on a Sunday or anytime in between and I can't recall a single time he waited more than an hour for a detailed, helpful, response.  Often the responses were nearly immediate. The dedication and sincerity of Mr. Moskaluk and his team of assistant teachers served these students beyond any reasonable expectation. I could not laud their effort in higher terms. They were great, beyond great!

The work load is immense but countered by the fact that it is organized perfectly, builds systematically and manages to be engaging. There is no busy or passive work assignments and no wasted time. Every single week was a challenge but the curriculum, the efficiency of the computer programs and the team manages to help the student not get overwhelmed or too frustrated. Every tool is readily available to the student who is willing to work hard. I have not seen the AP test result yet and although they matter to me and my student nothing will change the fact that he learned a tremendous amount. He has never learned so much from one class.

The course will demand at least 10 hours a week (for us it was much more). The entire course is so fined tuned that I would have to rank every important factor with the highest possible rating. I have never done that before! I expected Mr. Moskaluk to provide a good course based on my research but I was absolutely shocked by his sincere dedication to the success of the student. He and his team do every single thing in their power to help the students succeed. This is by far the most dedicated teaching team available. The materials provided are organized, complete and easy to use. If you have a student willing work hard (dedicating not just time but real focused effort). This is not a course for the lackluster student!  I recommend and endorse this course and this team with the most enthusiasm and encouragement possible. You will end the year very proud knowing your student did an incredibly amount of learning. Best of luck!

AP Chemistry Review posted by Anatole Wiering on May 26 2012 at 17:45:44

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, I felt quite prepared. The assignments, practices, and multiple choice tests really helped out on the multiple choice section on the exam. Even more important, Mr. Moskaluk had more than 30 FRQ assignments for us to work on in the course. Those were especially helpful to me on the FRQ section.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I usually spent about 1.5-2 hours a day, around 12-14 hours a week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The Labs were one of my favorite, especially the ones involving reactions. As I mentioned before, Mr. Moskaluk had a lot of FRQ practice questions and quizzes. Those were especially valuable to me. Without those I would've done terrible on the FRQ section. I also liked the fact that he has so many practice questions, it really drills the material into you. Without those practice questions I probably wouldn't have gone very far. I tried the Chemistry book before I started the class, and it made no sense to me. With Mr. Moskaluk's outlines, the material became a lot clearer and easy to understand.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

No, it hasn't enhanced my intresest, but it has satisified the curiosities I had about chemistry. One of the fun things to do is taking an everyday process and seeing how chemistry applies to it.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Mr. Moskaluk has a email study group set up for the students, where students can ask questions and talk about subjects with other students, the T.A.s, and Mr. Moskaluk. It was very helpful, and just reading questions that I understood already was interesting, to see what other students do to solve the problem.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

The course is definitely not easy. It's time consuming, but those who are curious about chemistry or like learning about science should take this course. If you aren't willing to work hard, I wouldn't take the course. I loved the course and learning about chemistry.

AP Chemistry review posted by Michael Thompson on May 24 2012 at 19:09:57

This is a great course! Mr. Moskaluk quickly answered all of my questions and was very patient with me if I didn't understand something the first time. The assignments, quizzes, and tests were all extremely applicable to the AP exam and they really prepared me for the exam. The class is challenging enough to make chemistry interesting, but not frustrating. The amount of time I put into the course varied a lot, but it would probably average out to about 7-8 hours a week. We finished the textbook fairly early which gave us a lot of time to do practice AP tests. Overall, this is a great class which will prepare you really well for the AP test. 

AP Chemistry Class Review posted by Abby Bray on May 24 2012 at 13:58:38

Dear Prospective AP Chem students, 

Mr. Moskaluk's class is awesome! It is certainly not easy, but the challenge is well worth it. Mr. Moskaluk is great at answering questions, explaining difficult concepts, and giving helpful tips. He has obviously done an incredible amount of research on the AP Chem Exam, and the advice and preparation he gave was invaluable. We were practicing for the exam within the first month of class!

There is a fair bit of flexiblilty with the schedule, but it works well for homeschoolers. I never worked more than 2 or 3 hours per day for this class, but I did have to work on the weekends somewhat.

We had an amazing google stude group, where we could ask questions and share advice. I really felt like I got to know other students in the class this way, and also found a lot of help with tricky concepts.

I am interested in medicine, and this course has encouraged me in pursuing that career. The at-home labs, while sometimes time-consuming, were interesting and helpful for understanding the more theoretical concepts in a physical manner. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the sciences and looking for a challenging, enjoyable course. 

AP Chemistry Review posted by Megan Meyer on May 24 2012 at 01:23:20

Did you feel the course prepared you for AP exam?

Yes, the WedAssigns and Mr. Moskaluk's handouts were extremely helpful. They were the best form of memorization for me. Whenever I finished the WebAssign Assignments for the following week I knew I had a clearer understanding of the present concept. I could tell the knowledge was being ingrained in my mind rather than just being memorized for a short period. Also, the MC questions were very helpful! They were asked in the same format as the AP exam so it helped me become familiar with the different ways the exam addressed each concept. It made me feel more confident about being able to answer most of the questions within the time limit. :)

How many hours per week did you generally put into the course?

I usually put about 12 hrs a week into this course. The labs took more time for me to complete. But they were worth the time. I espically enjoyed the labs relating to electrolysis and titration.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes! Before I took this class I had taken a general chemistry course. This course was more indepth and it explained the reasoning behind the concepts which made memorization easier. I am considering taking advanced science courses in college, and I am certain this course has well prepared me for that.  

What sort of students would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students(if they are willing to work hard)?

I would recommend this course. :) I definitely leared a lot from it and feel confident that it gave me a solid chemistry foundation.  Anyone who does not put things off to the last minute and can pace themselves will probably do well in this course. All of the assignments for the week are posted at the same time, and it is up to the student to pace themselves accordingly.

AP Chemistry Review posted by Julia C on May 23 2012 at 23:20:52

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, definitely!  Mr. Moskaluk had us do many MC tests and Free Response Questions throughout the year as we learned each different topic.  When we started review, I was really worried that I would have to go back and relearn everything from the beginning of the year, but I discovered that most of the concepts were very solidly in my head already.  Of course, I did have to review some things in depth and make sure I remembered details.  But it was not the painful process I had envisioned.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Probably about 8-10.  It was a lot of work, especially reading through the chapters.  Definitely keep Mr. Moskaluk's outlines with you as you read.  He highlights the details, points out things you don't need to read, and often explains concepts more clearly than Chang (at least in my opinion).  He often includes helpful flowcharts and diagrams, and offers helpful tips for remembering confusing but important facts.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Not in particular, although I did find that I really enjoy organic chemistry.  Overall, I really found every assignment to be valuable.  Many times I would read through the chapter and outline and only understand things about halfway.  Then I work through the assignment and, by the end, understand what I was doing much more thoroughly.  When you make an error in an assignment, he usually shows you immediately and allows you to redo it, which is very helpful: not only do you know you are doing something wrong, but you can figure out the right way with a little trial and error!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I had some ups and downs.  I loved high school Chemistry in 10th grade.  This course was much harder and, at times, I didn't feel like doing it.  *However!* By the end, I really did love it.  And, although I was glad to have the exam behind me, I felt a bit of a let down when I realized that meant no more frantic Chemistry studying. :)  I have chosen a major in college that will definitely include Chemistry, and this course solidified that I will enjoy the Chem classes my future holds in store for me.  I feel well-prepared and excited for more Chemistry!

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes!  My one regret about this course is that I did not make further use of the Chemistry study group we had on Google Groups.  I wish that I had taken a little more time to involve myself in that.  Whenever I had a question, students, TAs, and Mr. Moskaluk raced to give me the answers I needed - and I always fully understood my problem after hearing what they had to say!  If you are taking this course, please do use the study group a lot: both asking and answering questions.  It will help you along in your understanding and you will have more camaraderie, instead of feeling you are doing the class on your own.

What sort of student would do well in this course?  Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would definitely recommend this to a student ready to take on the challenge!  You have to be independent enough that you can spread a week's assignments out.  If you procrastinate, you will have a very crazy, Chem-y weekend.  You should be ready to do a lot of reading and working on your own.  But the setup of the class is very good, and you will have easy access to help when you need it.  I felt well-prepared for the test without having to do a lot of outside test-prep.  Mr. Moskaluk prepared us all very well through the assignments he gave us.  I don't have my AP score yet, but I felt very good about the test.  I hope you will consider taking this course!  I highly doubt you would regret it. :)

Review--AP Chemistry posted by Michelle Kim on June 04 2011 at 19:52:04

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, completely. By the end of the course, I had truly learned the concepts, not just memorized patterns.


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 8-10 hours per week maximum.


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

No, I don't have any favorite assignments. However, each assingment was important. Usually I would be a little confused after reading the chapter, but each assignment helped to clarify the concepts learned. There is no busy work -- I kept learning as I completed the assignment.


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes. I disliked chemistry before taking this course. It seemed to be random rules that didn't make much sense. Mr. Moskaluk has taught us the logic behind chemistry and I enjoyed learning it!


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Yes, immensely. Since it is an online course, the online correspondance proved to be priceless; often other students had similar questions.


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

You don't have to love chemistry to do well -- and learn a ton -- in this course. If you are willing to work hard, think, and learn, I would whole-heartedly recommend it. It is rare to find such an amazing teacher as Mr. Moskaluk.

A (long) review for a flat-out amazing course posted by Georgia Murray on May 28 2011 at 16:00:30

Hey prospective AP Chemers!  Okay, this is yet another review for Mr. Moskaluk's awesome class....

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I’m a freshman and this was my first AP, so I was pretty nervous.  I could not have been more prepared.  Period.  We took past MC's and FRQ's like our lives depended on it, and we did a couple of full tests too to build stamina.  I consistently scored secure fives on the practice exams, and while I don't know what I got on the actual exam, I'm not worried.  Although geared to the AP, the focus of the class is understanding, and Mr. Moskaluk also prepared us for the SAT 2 and the Chemistry Olympiad (for those of us who were interested).  I just learned that I got an 800 on the SAT 2.  I also took the Olympiad, which really helped me when the AP came around.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Hmm, I'm not really sure...Maybe 10 hours a week, counting labs.  Probably less in the beginning but about that toward the end.  In March/April I was also studying for the Chemistry Olympiad, so that was another reason I spent more time with chem.  The assignments *never* contain busy work, but they are time consuming and the text is really dense.  I would suggest spending a decent amount of time with each text reading to make sure that you understand the topic and aren't just plugging in equations. Also, READ THE CHAPTERS WITH MR. MOSKALUK’S OUTLINES IN HAND!!!  They are MUCH easier to understand than Chang (the text), and are a nice, condensed version of the material.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

Not in particular; all the homework helped a lot with understanding.  Sometimes after reading Chang (our text), I would be ridiculously confused.  But I’d trudge through the homework and by the end, I didn’t usually have any questions at all.  The lectures by Chem Guy (his actual name was Rod Lederer, I think…) were hysterical and helpful, and really made the class fun.  The labs are not wimpy or uninteresting at all.  We did precipitation, titration, calorimetry, and (my personal favorite) electrolysis, among others.  But be warned, the labs take a lot of time!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Well, I was already pretty interested in chemistry coming into this course, but yes, this course did increase my interest.  I hope to do something with chemistry in college (maybe chemical engineering), and regardless of what I take for science next year, I plan to keep doing a little chemistry on the side at least.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Absolutely!  This year we used a Google Group, and that might have been the single most helpful part of the course, excluding Mr. Moskaluk’s outlines.  Besides getting quick and thorough responses both from other students and from Mr. Moskaluk, answering other students’ questions really helped me to grasp the concepts more completely.  I would definitely suggest a lot of participation in the group.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Any student who is willing to work hard will do well in this course.  Some previous knowledge of chemistry might be helpful, but I only had one year of middle-school chemistry coming into this course and did just fine.  Some of the concepts are pretty abstract, but Mr. Moskaluk provided handouts and outlines of the chapters that were really helpful and explained things in concrete terms.

So…my final advice would be just to read the text and the handouts, work the problems, and ask any questions you may have.  If you do that, Mr. Moskaluk will steer you to a great year; I promise.  Oh, and about a week or two before the AP, start reading through the outlines again.  That helped me a lot as a quick, easy review.

Have fun!

I loved this class! posted by Stephina Didde on May 21 2011 at 23:14:51

Hello, prospective AP Chem students! :-)

     Here's a little about the course itself. AP Chemistry is a very difficult course; all the laws and little exceptions may be a bit hard to grasp at first, though once you have them down, everything becomes easier to understand. One thing's for sure: you do NOT want to take this course without having taken highschool chemistry first. As it is, the material is pretty tough, and you would have to have some background in the subject before you start. Also, I would not suggest this course if it'll be your first AP course. The workload can be overwhelming. But if you're willing to work really hard and have taken highschool chemistry, then go for it!

    I really enjoyed working through AP Chem with Mr. Moskaluk. His method is always thorough and AP-exam-targeted. Never did we cover a subject without learning its significance with relation to the AP Exam. As to the workload, it was heavy at times, but the constant drilling and practice proved invaluable on the real exam. By test time, I felt quite well-prepared.

   As to Mr. Moskaluk himself, he is a very patient and dedicated teacher, always ready to clear doubts and answer questions. I remember one Saturday when I sent him a question. Mr. Moskaluk had spent all day composing handouts for the coming week, but he still took the time to respond immediately.

   I guess I could go on and tell you about all the fun labs, the invaluable practice exams, WebAssign, and all the other little treats about this course -- but perhaps it would be best to let you discover them for yourself! I hope you'll enjoy it all as much as I did!

If you want a 5 on the AP Chemistry exam... posted by Allyson Lim on May 18 2011 at 22:24:48

...You should take this course!  I felt that this class really equipped me well for the AP Chemistry exam.  Generally speaking, I spent roughly 5-8 hours a week on the assignments (depending on how well I understood the particular concept that was being taught that week).  However, if I didn’t understand something, Mr. Moskaluk was very helpful in answering any question I had about chemistry and would guide me through problems that I had no idea how to answer.  I really liked and appreciated the outlines that Mr. Moskaluk prepared for each chapter of the chem book.  These outlines were extremely helpful in summarizing the topics in each chapter, highlighting what was or was not important for the AP exam, and explaining the concepts a little deeper.  Also, Mr. Moskaluk gave us many practice FRQs and MCQs to do as assignments.  Doing these FRQs and MCQs gave me an idea of how well I understood the various chemistry concepts and was extremely valuable in preparation for the AP exam.  I also liked the chemistry cartoons periodically posted on the chem site.  The cartoons probably didn’t contribute much to my chemistry knowledge, but I did get some good laughs out of some of them. :D

If you’re thinking about taking this course, don’t be afraid to ask Mr. Moskaluk and your fellow classmates for help.  The help you get from others will only benefit you and help you understand chemistry better.  Overall, this was an extremely valuable course, and if you take it, I’m sure you’ll do great on the AP Chemistry exam. =)  

The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 13:34:49

Let me start by saying that this is the best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple of months in AP Chemistry that I learned in a whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level. Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responed very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give great instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for different programs that I applied to. Mr. Moskaluk really cares about his students, and that care shows in his instruction.

Do I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?

How many hours of work per day or per week did I generally put into the course?

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that I found especially valuable?

Did the course enhance my interest in the subject?

Did I find my communication with the other students to be interesting or valuable?

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would I recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 12:35:38

Let me start by saying that this best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple months of AP Chemistry than I learned in the whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level.  Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responded very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give great instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for summer programs that I applied to attend.  Mr. Moskaluk really cares about his students, and that care shows in his instruction.


Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


The BEST Course You will Ever Take posted by Dakota Bottomlee on May 18 2011 at 01:21:44

Let me start by saying that this best course that I have ever taken.  I learned more in the first couple months of AP Chemistry than I learned in the whole year of Honors Chemistry.  This is a very rigorous course that took my chemistry comprehension to a whole different level.  Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher.  He has a way of explaining complicated topics in a way that everyone can understand it.  Whenever I had a question, Mr. Moskaluk always responded very quickly.  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk give invaluable instruction, but he also took time out of his busy schedule to write me recommendation letters for programs that I applied to attend.  He really cares about the students in his class, and that care really shows in his instruction.


Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?


How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?


Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?


Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?


Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?


What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?



Take AP Chemistry! posted by Constance Chan on May 13 2011 at 01:03:27

-Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

-Yes, I felt pretty confident the day of the exam. Thanks to this course, I was much more prepared than some of the public school friends I know!

-Hiow many hours of work per day did you generally put into the course?

-I usually put in 2 hours a day, but I would put in more studying time the month before the exam.

-Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

-Doing the practice AP tests were extremely valuable assignments- they really gave me a feel for what was coming up in the actual exam. Lab work was very interesting as well.

-Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

-YES. I initially took this course just to get credit, but in the end I realized that it had made me so much more interested in science than I had been. I'm a very poetry-and-fine-arts minded person, so science doesn't usually appeal to me. By the end of the year, however, I was making geeky chemistry jokes and having fun with it.

-Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

-Yes, the study group was extremely helpful.

-What sort of student would do well in this course?

-To do well, you would have to work hard at finishing assignments on time, as well as trying to get your mind around some difficult concepts. At first, I had some difficulty in understanding concepts such as acids and bases, quantum numbers, and complexes, but if you really try to do your best, you'll be fine.


I really recommend this course to other students. Mr. Moskaluk is such a great teacher, and even if you're not interested in science right now, you will be! ;]

Mr. Moskaluk's Outstanding AP Chemistry Course posted by Philip Bonneville on May 12 2011 at 18:14:02

Definitely!  I have taken three other AP courses up to this point, but none of their exam preparations even compared to this course’s.  Mr. Moskaluk assigned nearly 100 free response questions and more than 1000 multiple choice questions.  With this sort of preparation, nearly ever AP Chemistry alumnus should be able to score of 5 on the exam (or even a 6 if a new category were added at the top).

Additionally, Mr. Moskaluk is very familiar with the sort of information tested on the exam.  For each section of the textbook we studied, Mr. Moskaluk provided several pages of studying tips to allow students to better focus on material that would most likely be covered on the exam.


Excluding labs, I generally spent 3-6 hours a week for this course (with the higher end later in the year when there were more timed assignments in preparation for the AP exam).  Each lab (there were twenty, high-quality ones in total) took me between 90 and 120 minutes.  However, I have heard that some students spent much more time on this course; the time required really depends on the amount of previous familiarity you have with the material and the rate at which you grasp new concepts.


Just about all the assignments were extremely valuable.  Personally, I found the numerous Free Response Questions very useful, as I have trouble hand-writing quickly.  These practice assignments forced me to make up for that struggle with an extensive and flexible knowledge of the material.


Probably not.  However, that is not at all Mr. Moskaluk’s fault.  I went into the course enjoying chemistry less than mathematics and came out the same way.  But that fact is entirely attributable to my extreme love of mathematics.  If anything would have made chemistry my favorite subject, it would probably have been Mr. Moskaluk’s fantastic course.


From what I have read of reviews from previous years, Mr. Moskaluk keeps increasing and improving student-student interactions.  He set up a Google study group for answering chemistry questions.  Very often, after a student posted a question, a fellow student would answer it before Mr. Moskaluk could, and he would write something like, “I was starting to respond to your question, but ____ gave an explanation I couldn’t improve on.  Very good analysis ____.”  Of course, Mr. Moskaluk was also very approachable and willing to answer any question directly asked him.


With Mr. Moskaluks excellent explanations, as well as the lectures by another instructor he gives students access to, any student willing to put in the necessary work would do well in this course.   I would definitely recommend this outstanding course.

Amazing Course! posted by Matthew Nyhus on May 12 2011 at 18:00:45

This was my first AP course, and I have to say, I was a little nervous at first.  However, the experience was totally worth it!

Firstly, the course was very well organized, with little to no bugs on the website.  (I find that to be really important for online courses.)  Also, Mr. Moskaluk was very understanding with due dates, giving me time to catch up because I started the course late.  That being said, it was still a difficult course, requiring hours and hours of time a week and lots of dedication.

Overall, the course definitely succeeded in preparing me for the AP chem test, and in the process was fascinating and engaging.  It was an amazing course, and would definetely recommend this course to anyone willing to put in the time to learn a difficult subject.

Great class! posted by Hannah Huynh on May 12 2011 at 15:31:33

I really liked AP chem with Mr. Moskaluk.  The class moved at a moderate pace, so it was easy to keep up!  The work load was not overbearing, and Mr. Moskaluk was always ready to help when I had any questions.

I was very prepared for the exam for I had conquered every previous FRQ and answered hundreds of MCQs.  However, I do want to say that chemistry is one of my favorite subjects, so it came very easily to me.

I spent around five hours a week during the year, and around six hours when the exams got near.  I honestly did not feel like I put that much time into the class, but that is mostly because I picked up on the chemistry concepts rather fast.

The assignments I found most valuable were the practice MCQs and FRQs that Mr. Moskaluk gave us when we neared the exam.  This really gave me a perspective on how the exam will be and what I will approximately score.

This course did enhance my interest in chemistry, for I realized that this subject is one of my strongest.

I liked the communication system Mr. Moskaluk set up for the students.  When we had a problem, we would just post it on a board, and another one of our classmates could help us out.  It definitely helps when another student explains it to you because he/she tends to use easier, more comprehendable words in comparison to the textbook.


Honestly, I believe this course was rather easy to me because I am so strong in chemistry.  But, I still believe any student can conquerer this course, he/she just needs the initiative to ask Mr. Moskaluk or his/her classmates for help.  There is nothing in this course that would prohibit someone for excelling.  I would recommend this course for all students, especially science whizs like me.  :)

Awesome class!!!!! posted by Hannah Pawelczyk on May 25 2010 at 24:01:39

Hi Propspective AP Chem students,

I couldn't recommend this class more.  Mr. Moskaluk is a fantastic teacher that is always available to answer questions or explain difficult concepts.  His class is very well organized, and I really liked the set-up online.  Also, the website WebAssign where you do your chemistry homework is easy to use.

I definitely felt very well prepared for the AP exam.  In fact, I don't think that there is any other class around that would prepare you better (given that you do the work).

I really enjoyed taking AP Chem, and it is both a rewarding and very challenging course.  I put about 10 - 12+ hours a week into the course. 

If you are dedicated and willing to work hard, you will do well in this class and be happy that you took it.  I highly recommend this class!


A tough but absolutely fabulous course posted by Elisha Keenan on May 23 2010 at 04:38:28

I should start out by saying that I took this course last school year (2008-2009).  For some reason I forgot to write a review then, so I am now making up for lost time.

One word of warning:  If this is your first AP course you will be amazed by the workload, and you will also be spoiled rotten by the end of the course and think other AP classes are quite unimpressive.

So this course is tough -- really tough.  I spent 2-3 (usually 3) hours a day 5-6 days a week on it not counting labs and occasionally getting stuck on something.   But it is absolutely, totally and completely worth it.  By the time you complete the course, you understand chemistry at a level that is simply amazing.  Even a good high school chem course really just teaches you how to work chemistry related math problems.  This course teaches you the why and the how and that’s when chemistry gets fun. 

Another thing about this course is the teacher.  One time I sent Mr. Moskaluk a question on Christmas day.  Despite the fact that Mr. Moskaluk was away from home visiting and didn't have access to his usual student inquiry response accounts, he still answered my question the same day.  I don't know of any other teacher who would even check if a student had sent them a question on Christmas day.  Mr. Moskaluk on the other hand, went online, found a website that had a video explaining the answer to my question and then sent me the link and a detailed email telling me how to go about solving the problem.  You just aren’t going to find a better teacher than Mr. Moskaluk.  Now Mr. Moskaluk does have a tendency to work his students pretty hard, and I for one was tempted to complain about it.  But when I sat down to the test I realized that there was a reason why the workload was so heavy – an “easy” AP chem course will get you a flunking grade on the exam.

And then the labs.  They were simply great.  Quite a few home school science programs really don't cut it when it comes to labs.  The lab component of this course, however, had us doing real labs.  No “add food coloring to water and watch it spread.”  Instead we actually did college level labs at home.  Furthermore, Mr. Moskaluk was willing to work with individual students who wanted to expand to other more complex experiments.  I personally took great advantage of this and kept asking Mr. Moskaluk questions about ideas I had for experiments long after the course was over.  In fact, I will probably continue to do so through college.  The great thing is that Mr. Moskaluk doesn’t just dump you after May 12th.  He’s still more than happy to help you figure out questions even though he is teaching a new batch of AP chem students.  Dedicated is an understatement.

Finally, the AP prep component of this course was simply without a par.  By the time you sat down to take the test you had done so much practice that it was almost impossible for there to be any surprises.  Without meaning any offence to my classmates, if you didn’t get a five you could rest assured that it was entirely your fault.

By now you probably think that I am a somewhat romantic AP Chem alumni who is nostalgic about my favorite AP course.  Regardless of whether that is the case, what I say really is true – if you doubt me sign up and see for yourself!

If you're wondering what AP Chemistry course to take, TAKE THIS ONE!!! posted by Ruth-Anne McLendon on May 17 2010 at 11:46:36

I have always loved science, but this course went above and beyond my other courses for several reasons:

- Our wonderful teacher Mr. Moskaluk: My previous experiences with online teachers haven't been that great - they were hard to get in contact with, they didn't put out a great effort in grading, and they didn't really answer my questions. I wasn't sure what to expect this year, especially since it is a science class with labs, but I was really impressed! Mr. Moskaluk is a great teacher - he will make sure that you understand everything, and answer your all questions (even if you are like me and send him gazillions of questions). He wrote outlines to go with the textbook chapters that are very helpful - they clarify/prioritize/explain the topics in the chapters. And he puts a ton of effort into grading free response questions and other problems so that you understand what you need to improve. 

- WebAssign: WebAssign is the website where all the assignments are completed - it's really nice because it's set up in a way that you submit answers to exercise questions individually, and it grades them automatically. If you didn't get it correct the first time, you have several more chances to try again. I found this very helpful because it allowed me to keep working on a problem until I got it right. 

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I think it really prepared me for the AP test, partially because of the depth and breadth of material covered in the course, and partially because of the tons and tons and tons and tons (okay, you get the picture) of free response questions and multiple choices questions that we did in preparation for the test. As well as several full-length AP tests from previous years. It's not easy - I spent between 1 and 3 hours per day working on the material - but if you take it, you are not going to be struggling through it without help. 

So, as I said before, if you are wondering what AP Chemistry course to take, TAKE THIS ONE!!!!!

BEST AP CHEMISTRY PREPARATION YOU ARE GOING TO GET PERIOD posted by Nathaniel Pawelczyk on May 17 2010 at 09:04:15

There are AP Courses.  And then there are AP Courses Taught By Mr. Moskaluk To Ensure That You Do Awesomely On The AP Test Period.  I would totally recommend this class!  I really enjoyed it.


I feel that this course 100000000% prepared me for the AP exam. We did tons of MC and FRQ tests that gave us great practice.
About 2 hours per day.
Some labs were interesting, and the course material was generally intriguing.
Yes, sometimes I did chemistry experiments for fun!
If you want to get a great AP Chemistry score but are willing to work for it, take this class!  It is totally worth the work.

A.P. Chem Review posted by Dorrit Zeigler on May 14 2010 at 10:16:14

My experience with A.P. Chem was one of those love-hate relationships you always see between people in those cheesy romance movies. :P I have always been the type to be able to get straight A's without even trying. So going into this course, I thought it would be easy. I will warn you now, it wasn't easy. For a while, because of that my grades in this course suffered. But once I learned that you have to try harder in order to challenge yourself, and not just get a good grade, they started to go back up again. A grade is just a letter or number. Sure it does mean something, but what you actually learn is more valuable than that. This course taught me to do my best even if my best was better than an A or B.

Mr. Moskaluk is an amazing teacher. If I were him, I would have probably dropped myself from the course around mid-November (haha). Mr. Moskaluk never gave up on me and encouraged me to do better. Therefore, if you are a drama queen/king who loves student/teacher rivalry there will be none. So sad for you. :D

So around mid-April, I had about a million of makeup assignments to do. And it was only 3-4 weeks from the exam. With Mr. Moskaluk's help and pulling a dozen all-nighters, the day of the exam came. And you know what? I actually felt prepared. I don't know if I got a 5. Chances are, I didn't. But that's my fault.

So, if you're thinking of taking this course, go ahead, take it. But know it's not all roses, cookies, cake, etc. It's going to require a lot of hard work. You have to be willing to give it.

AP Chemistry rocks! posted by Mark Heimann on May 13 2010 at 14:20:40

Although I've pretty much tended to do well in "mathy" subjects throughout school, I admit I was somewhat nervous about taking on AP Chemistry in my junior year.  First, I never really considered myself an experimental sciences sort of person--my first-year chemistry and physics courses as a sophomore had done a little to overcome my aversion to them, but still, we're not talking overflowing love here.  Which was sort of odd since I liked math, but there you have it.  The other thing is, I had heard some horror stories about the AP exam from friends of mine who had taken it at a local homeschool co-op. Plus, I wasn't sure how a purely online course, without any lectures or class labs or anything, would work.  On the bright side, I had read some of Mr. Moskaluk's credentials, and they were impressive, both as a chemist and as a teacher.  

And, I would say that having taken the class I can see why Mr. Moskaluk earned all the credentials that he did.  Although there were no lectures, the class outlines were great--thorough enough to actually be helpful, not too detail-packed so as to be practically a rewrite of the textbook.  There were enough problems to help students become comfortable with the concept, but not so many that they became just busy work (which is good because I don't like busy work, as I'm sure most students don't).  If I asked a question about an assignment or concept using the "Ask Your Teacher" button, Mr. Moskaluk would always get back to me with a helpful response amazingly quickly.  (The record time was 12 minutes after I asked the question!)  Just in general, he really went above and beyond with student help.  Once, we scanned in answers to some free response questions that dealt with the material we were covering.  For each student, Mr. Moskaluk made a video of him grading the FRQ and explaining his thought-process through--why he took off points where he did, etc.  My dad, who is himself a teaching-award-winning professor at a Tier 1 university (so I have exposure to good teachers!), was quite impressed with this, I must say.  

Moreover, not only did the outlines and assignments help me learn the material, but they also helped me study effectively for the exam.  I liked reading stuff like, "Every exam in the past 15 years has asked about ___, so know it!" or "Don't bother with ___; they haven't tested students on it since 1991", and many more test-taking tips.  Five full-length tests meant that I felt comfortable that I knew what was coming when I actually took the test.  I took five AP exams this year.  Ironically, I feel more comfortable about my performance on AP Chemistry than on either AP Calc BC or AP Statistics, which I also took.  (Not that I'm necessarily going to become a chemist instead of an economist or a statistician--although who knows?--but as far as test prep is concerned, I think that this course made all the difference.)  I don't know if I got a 5, although I'm at least feeling fairly optimistic.  If I didn't, however, I have absolutely no one to blame but myself!  (I told this to my mom a few months before the exam, actually.)  

The other great thing was, I didn't have to wreck my schedule by spending several hours a day cramming for the exam.  I don't have hard numbers, unfortunately, but I would estimate (I'm not the greatest estimator, but hopefully it'll be fairly accurate) that I probably spent five to seven hours a week total reading the textbook and outlines, doing labs, and completing assignments.  Your mileage may vary, of course, and someone else will probably post on how he/she got A+'s working two hours a week, and another person saying how he/she had to bring the textbook to the movie theater to get some studying in.  Again, I think an efficient course helps quite a bit in prepping adequately (or, actually, far more than adequately in this case) while keeping the workload manageable.  

So, if you haven't guessed, I would highly recommend this course to most people.  If someone absolutely can't stand chemistry, then maybe he/she shouldn't take this or any other AP Chemistry course.  Then again, I didn't exactly love chemistry, and still wouldn't say it's my altogether favorite subject (sorry Mr. Moskaluk!), but I enjoyed the course and even the subject matter far more than I had thought I would.  Also, with no live lectures, students have to pace themselves somewhat more than in a traditional classroom.  I will say I sometimes ended up doing all my due-Monday assignments on Thursday, Friday, or even later, and that's one thing I would not recommend.  :D  With all that said, if neither of these are a concern for a potential student, then I would wholeheartedly recommend this course. I'm not an exactly effervescent person if you know what I mean, but if you could say I have ever raved about a class I've taken, this one would be it.  Now I have to work at convincing some of my friends to drop out of public school so that they can take this course (I mean, they'll thank me later...)

If you're a student, your reading this far probably means you are interested in chemistry and are fairly motivated about your education (at least, enough that you've suffered through my rambling writing), so do yourself a huge favor and go sign up!  

Great Class posted by Randall Kidd on June 02 2009 at 11:27:26

I think the thousands(6,000+, seriously) of AP questions we did in this course speaks volumes for how challenging it was and how well-prepared we were for the AP exam. Despite all the attention to the exam, Mr. Moskaluk made sure the focus was on understanding the subject.

A great AP Chem course posted by Richard Clark on May 30 2009 at 02:57:33

I really enjoyed this chemistry course. While it was very challenging, it was compregensive, beautifully put together, and prepared me excelently for the AP exam. There were no surprises in the exam, and no topics that hadn't been covered. I feel that I have grown a great deal academically, and the knowledge I have gained gives me new insight and appreciation for what's behind the many seemingly ordinary things that occur around me daily. I think that any student who is willing to work hard and keep pushing him/her self will find this course highly rewarding. I highly recommend it.

Great Class for Hard Workers! posted by Katherine Leclair on May 28 2009 at 11:43:36

Overall I think the course is excellent and very challenging. I think students if interested in taking the class should be prepared to devote a decent amount of time to studying; it's not a class one can do the night the stuff is due. I tried to spend about two hours per day on the class. I particularly enjoyed performing the labs, Mr. Moskaluk provided a complete lab kit for each student and it provided invaluable experience. Mr. Moskaluk's love for chemistry was infectious, while I went into the class unsure about how interested I was in the subject, I left the class planning on taking chemistry again in college. I enjoyed talking to several other people in class, but chemistry is not a very cooperative driven course. I would definitely recommend this class to any students who are willing to work hard, and devote time to a challenging subject.

Highly Recommended posted by Sarah Piraino on May 27 2009 at 20:47:36

This course covers the concepts you need for the exam thoroughly and clearly. It is challenging at times, but Mr. Moskaluk replies to questions quickly with great explanations. He is a witty and helpful teacher. The concepts covered in the textbook, the practice questions, the reviewing, and practice exams gave me confidence walking into the exam.

This course is for a student who is willing to work hard and can dedicate 2-3 hours per day. Even if your passion is not for the sciences, this course will give you a new appreciation for that field which will come in handy for college. It definitely spurred an interest in me. The labs were fun; working with actual chemicals and lab instruments was a great experience. My siblings still call me ‘Frankensteina’ as a result of my chemistry work in our kitchen! I am considering a major in something chemistry related as a result of my experience in this course. I truly enjoyed the course and would like to give a big 'thank you' to Mr. Moskaluk for giving me an appreciation for Chemistry!

So this is what the best feels like posted by Robert Switala on May 25 2009 at 21:07:50

This course was an amazing experience! Out of all my courses this year, this was by far the most fun and engaging class.

On average I spent 2-3 hours per day on the reading and assignments, not including the Labs. The Labs I usually reserved for the weekends, and they took about 3 hours. While at times this seemed like a heavy load, the wit and guidance from Mr. Moskaluk gave me confidence throughout the course, and the hours I spent were swallowed up very quickly.

The assignments themselves are very good and prepared me very well for the APChem Test. On the normal assignments you have multiple submissions, so if you miss a question you can check your work and understand why you made that mistake. On the tests and quizzes, you usually have limited submissions, but the preparation from the other assignments is more than enough to tackle these tougher ones. I was one of the lucky students who got to take the Late Test, which by popular opinion is considered much harder than the normal test date. Even then, I found I was prepared for most of the questions.

The Labs serve to solidify the knowledge learned in the textbook, as well as learn lab techniques that sometimes appear on the AP Test. These labs were really entertaining. Since this is an online course, we have to work off of written guidelines from Mr. Moskaluk, but they are so clearly written that this didn't pose any problem. A memorable lab was Le Chatelier's Bloody Hand, in which we used a indicator-infused paper that turns red when it reacts. I will forever cherish the look on my sister's face as I surprised her with this experiment! :)

I have never had a teacher so dedicated or passionate as Mr. Moskaluk. I am very lucky to have studied under such an incredible teacher. He puts in an immense amount of work into the course, writing Lab guidelines, chapter outlines, and answering questions. Whenever I had a question I would usually get an answer within the hour, and he would make me truly understand the solution. Mr. Moskaluk also keeps the course enjoyable through his humor. I loved the variety of comics that he would take the time to edit to include chemistry jokes. :) The Calvin and Hobbes were my favorites!

I felt that I thrived in this course because I analytical and detail oriented. However I think any student will be able to do well in this course. If you are even considering any branch of science, I heavily recommend Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry course. Thanks so much, Mr. Moskaluk!

Robbie Switala

Great Class!!! posted by Nathan Huynh on May 25 2009 at 01:34:31

The AP Chemistry class is definitely a challenging but rewarding class. I personally spent at least 2-3 hours a day studying and an additional 3-5 hours doing the labs. Although the class seemed nearly impossible at times, I felt at the end of the year that I had learned and achieved a lot. Some minor details that make the class superb: 1) Excellent chapter outlines! These outlines really, really helped me as I was studying and preparing for the AP Exam. 2) The extensive Web Assignments and AP questions. Mr. Moskaluk provides you every AP multiple choice question and most of the FRQs that were released in the past to give you the maximum amount of practice. 3) His use of comics. There are comics ranging from Calvin and Hobbies to Foxtrot. Although they serve little educational purpose, they allow you a brief laugh before you continue on with you work. Nathan H.

AP Chemistry posted by Melissa Ciandella on July 30 2008 at 24:51:14

I'd have to say that this course was one of the best that I've ever taken, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone considering the AP Chemistry exam. While the material itself is definitely challenging, Mr. Moskaluk is VERY helpful and will walk you through any tough areas. He also gives very quick feedback; I usually received an answer to whatever question I had within the hour!

However, this class is certainly a considerable time committment. I usually spent about 2-3 hours a day reading through the textbook, and working on the online problems. This makes it difficult to catch up once you fall behind. Having a dangerously overloaded schedule myself (due to some unexpected situations mid-year), I faced frequent days of cramming before deadlines, and several times realized that I needed extra help finishing an assignment...just hours before it was due! If you do decide to take this course, do yourself a favor and put aside 2-3 hours per day for this class. You'll get SO much more out of this class if you give yourself ample time to read through the chapter, and complete the assignments. As long as you keep that in mind throughout the year, you can look forward to a challenging, rewarding experience. The labs that Mr. Moskaluk assigns are fun and interesting, and daily quizzes posted on the site check your comprehension as you work through each section of the chapter. Anyone willing to spend a sufficient amount of time on this course will do well in it, and enjoy it too!

Superb prep for the exam! posted by Thomas Atmer on July 30 2008 at 16:06:13

This is one hefty course. Don't take AP Chem if you don't want to work hard. It is serious college stuff, but if you want to do it, I can't think of a better way to prepare for the exam than taking this course. Dr. Moskaluk even makes it fun, with cartoons and cool comments. I made the mistake of falling behind from time to time, don't do that. You end up having a ton to do if you don't do everything on time. Also, if you are stuck, shoot an email to Dr. Moskaluk, he is very accessible and helpful. I probably put in 6 hours/week, but I had more chem going into the course than probably most, so budget 10 hours/week or more. I am thinking of chem as major in college, so yes, it did enhance my interest. (I got a 5 on the exam) The course wasn't set up with communications with other students, it was very well structured assignments and truly helpful feedback on all questions from the teacher.

AP Chemistry Review posted by Meg Robertson on May 20 2008 at 16:21:18

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely! I don't think I could have been any more prepared. We practiced multiple choice tests and free response questions from past tests all throughout the year. The AP test was just like any other we had taken and I feel very confident about my score.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Usually around 12 hours each week.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The labs were very good and really helped me understand the material. The WebAssignments were also wonderful! I can't imagine a better way to work chemistry problems out.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes. I'm much more interested in chemistry, and science in general, now.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

There was very little discussion but I don't feel it hindered the course.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants an excellent advanced chemistry class! The workload is very heavy so you need to be organized and responsible about committing time to each assignment. You also need to be conscientious when doing the labs which often involve working with delicate equipment or hazardous chemicals. Finally, it’s very important to ask for help when you need it. Mr. Moskaluk was a wonderful teacher and he not only answered my questions within a day or two but he also explained his answers in detail to ensure I understood the material.

AP Chem with Mr. Moskaluk posted by Carla Atwi on May 19 2008 at 15:35:04

Dear Prospective AP Chemistry Students,

I highly recommend Mr. Moskaluk's class - it is the most thorough online AP Chemistry prep course you can find! Mr. Moskaluk is an excellent teacher. His course is well-organized, and he responds quickly to questions. I really enjoyed performing some of the labs, especially the Alkaline Earth Reactions lab. This is a difficult course, but if you are willing to work hard, and certainly if you have a passion for the sciences, go for this course!

Carla Atwi

A Excellent Class! posted by Madeline Dowling on May 18 2008 at 19:47:32

The AP Chemistry Course by Mr. Moskaluk is excellent. Mr. Moskaluk is an awesome teacher who is very helpful with any questions that I ask, and usually answers questions within the day. The Webassigns are my favorite part of the course. They always contain pictures that relate to the questions, and Mr. Moskaluk usually adds something funny or cool to make them more interesting. This class has definitely enhanced my interest in chemistry. I'm going to minor or major in it now; before it wasn't even on my top ten school subjects list! While my class didn't communicate with each other too frequently, the classroom situation was a new and very good experience to have, and I knew that I could discuss the assignments with very intelligent classmates if I needed to. It was also motivating to me to be working in a class with such bright and accomplished students. A student will do well in this course if he is prepared to work hard, to study hard, and to like chemistry. I would DEFINITELY recommend this class to other students. It has been the best class that I ever took.

Time consuming, but extremely good posted by Ian Sturdy on June 21 2007 at 21:27:15

The course took me the most time of any of my PA homeschoolers classes, but not sizeably more than stated. I would estimate 2-3 hours a day, but it varied strongly based on the assignment for the week.

Most of the work was done through online assignments that could be completed at leisure, often open book, and often with multiple submissions. I found this an ideal way to learn the material as you learned by doing, rather than trying to memorize procedures and then test your memory on quizzes. Backing this up were many quizzes, mostly sections from past AP exams. Consequently, when I got to the AP exam I had seen all of the question formats and topic areas many times before.

Labs were also very well done--even though this is a home course, Mr. Moskaluk managed to get some very interesting labs into it, without stressing the availability of space or using unusual materials or equipment not included with the course. Even though we were working with dangerous chemicals, I felt that the safety instructions given where sufficient to avoid danger if followed properly.

There was little off-topic communication with other students, but I did not feel that this hindered the course as a whole.

I would recommend this course to all students, especially if they prefer to memorize by doing. There is a lot of memorization to AP Chemistry, but little of it will need to be memorized strictly by memorizing it off a page.

Excellent Class posted by David Bales on June 16 2007 at 02:06:28

Mr. Moskaluk’s AP Chemistry course was exceptional. I found the work challenging, though not frustratingly difficult, and spent about 1-2 hours per day reading, writing notes, and doing assignments. The assignments were structured very well, and because most homework was graded instantly I was able to learn from my mistakes easily. Mr. Moskaluk responded very quickly to my questions, and always gave detailed explanations. I feel that this course prepared me for this exam very well, as I had covered all the topics on the test. And also, though not a purely academic note, Mr. Moskaluk always tried to bring humor and other interesting facts into the lessons, which was a nice break when doing problems. I would advise any student who is willing to work hard to take this course.

My experience in AP Chemistry posted by Alexander Knecht on June 05 2007 at 23:14:59

This year, my sophomore year, I took AP Chemistry from PA Homeschoolers. I felt very well prepared by the end of this course, which I was not at all at the beginning. The AP exam was objectively pretty difficult, but I did quite well on it.

The students in the class were very bright, and we got to know each other on the online forum. It was quite active throughout the whole year, and we discussed various things, the majority of which were chemistry-related. We also asked the teacher questions on the forum, and in private, through a feature in the website. He was very good about answering our questions.

At the beginning of the year, we worked very hard to cover the basic concepts, and did a ton of problems on stoichiometry, gas laws, and basic calorimetry (Hess's Law). I spent over 15 hours a week.

Then we covered atomic and molecular structure, bonding, and hybridization. That was the foundation of everything we studied, and it was good to get a basic understanding of why the rest of the things we learned in the course were true. That was not as labor intensive, but it still took about 15 hours a week.

We also covered freezing and boiling point changes in solutions (road salt), vapor pressure, and some similar things in the first semester.

There was a break for Thanksgiving during the first semester, and a longer one for Christmas. After Christmas, we studied reaction rates and then reviewed for the semester exam (mostly on our own, of course).

The rest of the course from then on was mostly about chemical equilibrium (most of our work on acids and bases was just an application of this). This could be tedious at times, but at least we covered it thoroughly. There are always lots of questions on it in the AP exam.

I probably spent at least 12 hours a week in this part of the course, not counting the lab experiments, which took several hours per week. However, towards the end of the course the workload got lighter and lighter. I'm a very slow, thorough, and thoughtful worker, so I'm sure I took longer than most people to get through everything. It probably only took most people about 12 hours a week, as an estimate.

At the end, we covered some basic stuff about electrochemistry (gold plating, for example). It was only early April when we finished, and we had a month until the exam. By then, the work was essentially over, and it was just a few simple lab experiments and some review. We were thoroughly prepared for the AP exam. The AP exam on May 15 was objectively pretty hard, but I sailed through it.

There was a huge amount of work. We did lots and lots of problems on everything, and at times the work could seem endless, especially on chemical equilibrium, stoichiometry, and gas laws. There may have been some overkill, although all the problems did help to solidify things. The web program where we did most of our assignments could be a pain sometimes, since it would mark some answers as wrong with small rounding errors or when an answer was case-sensitive. It also had two little bugs that sometimes erased the answers I was trying to submit. However, it was simple and efficient, and usually worked pretty well.

The teacher was helpful, and always answered questions, although occasionally the style of his explanations was a little different than what I was looking for. The teacher was helpful, but since this is an online course, the ability to teach oneself was very important. I actually learned most of the stuff in the course from the textbook, rather than from the outlines he gave us for everything.

After we had covered some basic material, we got our lab equipment kits mailed to us later in the first semester. We did lots of interesting lab experiments. Some were tedious, but they were all fun, and it was a valuable part of the course. Some of them were things that I had done before as homeschool science projects, but it was all real chemistry. It wasn't safety-paranoid, baking-soda-and-vinegar chemistry for kids. We did a lot of real, quantitative experiments.

The most elaborate one was where we decomposed hydrogen peroxide and collected the oxygen gas from it to measure the rate of reaction. Then we laboriously analyzed the data to determine the rate constant, and even the activation energy. We worked with a lot of toxic or unhealthful substances, and used strong acids and bases extensively. In another experiment we collected gas from a cigarette lighter (I bought it, since I don't smoke), determined its molecular formula, and burned it in a spectacular explosion. It was actually quite safe, but still fun.

In summary, it was a very comprehensive course that covered everything thoroughly in a timely manner and prepared me well for the AP exam. The teacher was quite competent and experienced, and the students were bright. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get college credit for General Chemistry, is a self-learner, and is a hard worker.

This is an absolutely fabulous course! posted by Natalie Webb on June 04 2007 at 18:53:24

The class was very thorough and I felt very well prepared for the exam without any outside material. It is a very challenging course that makes the exam feel like a breeze. It was also very helpful that Mr. Moskaluk included lots of practice tests so I was very comfortable with both the multiple choice section and the free-response section. Mr. Moskaluk was extremely helpful in answering my many questions, often getting back to me within the hour. Once he even made a spreadsheet to help me on one of the assignments! He has a very funny sense of humor, often including chemistry poems, cartoons, and pictures in the weekly assignments. The lab component was great! Mr. Moskaluk sent us huge boxes of all sorts of lab equipment and chemicals. He gave us very detailed instructions on how to use the lab equipment accurately (or was that precisely?) and was careful to give us advice in using the chemicals safely. It is such fun to look back in my lab notebook and see how much we did. One day when I was working on a lab, my dad picked up my lab notebook and was glancing through it. He said it was so much better than anything he ever had in college. He got good grades in chemistry because he could remember things for the test, but he was always lost in labs! Mr. Moskaluk's labs always made perfect sense after I had "chewed" on them for awhile, and they illustrated well the material we were learning in the textbook. All in all, if you're willing to work hard, this is a really fun course! Natalie Webb, Junior, Oklahoma

Excellent class! (lots of work) posted by Brittani Russell on June 04 2007 at 18:33:46

I really enjoyed the AP Chemistry class taught by Peter Moskaluk. I learned far more chemistry than I ever thought possible in one year, and felt very prepared for the AP test weeks in advance. The material was presented in an interesting way. Most of the assignments were online, so you can know immediate whethere or not you were doing the problems correctly and have a chance to find the holes in your knowledge of the material and correct them. Also, everything was assigned well in advance, so I always could fit the work into my busy life of college visits, work, and other activities.

The class was definitely intence, there were many days when I spent three or four hours on this class. However, if you are ready for this and feel confident that you can grasp the material after reading a textbook I strongly recommend the course! (I have always taught myself science, so this was not much different than usual, but it definitely is a must!!!) Peter Moskaluk is an excellent teacher; he really knows what he is talking about. He responds extremely quickly to any questions you might have on any of the assignments, no matter what time of day. This class not only prepared me well for the AP test, but also for any other chemistry classes I might be taking in college.

ooeey gooey goodness posted by Lillian Johnson on June 03 2007 at 23:47:03

This class is excellent. I have a couple of special praises, a caveat, and one displeasing thing to report. I felt that it was very easy to get help from Mr Moskaluk despite the online format, which was a little surprising for me. He explained things very clearly and the online assignments were usually just enough practice without becoming too long; it seemed like some of the AP-exclusive topics really weren't too difficult after we covered the topics in this class. A warning: it is easy to get behind in this class, and the coarse-load can very to the extremes from week to week, so be aware that slacking off any one week will come back to haunt you later on. And, my one problem with the class... it seems like we waited too long to start on the labs (several months) and had to crunch some of them in at the end. Also, several of the experiments are quite tricky to figure out without a teacher physically in the room. Overall, I highly recommend this class and feel that it is good for AP preparation.

Exceptional Teacher and Course posted by Michael Dowling on June 03 2007 at 23:40:11

* Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Absolutely. I felt like I received a VERY thorough knowledge of Chemistry. Mr. Moskaluk uses actual AP tests from previous years to prepare you for the AP, and I feel very confident that I scored very well on the AP exam. * How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

Typically 12-14 hours per week depending on the difficulty of the week's assignments. (Labs for me took anywhere from 2-4 hours apiece, and there was approximately one lab per week.) * Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I loved the labs. They really worked, and I was able to learn many fundamental lab techniques, having fun at the same time. * Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Absolutely yes. I had previously been only interested in the Physics/Engineering side of science, but now, I am seriously considering Chemistry or Chemical Engineering (or double majoring). I absolutely loved this course! * Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Interesting, yes. Valuable, no. However, since my main communication was with my fantastic teacher (Mr. Moskaluk), this was not a drawback whatsoever. * What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who:

1. Wants one-on-one personal attention and a teacher who genuinely wants to see them succeed. 2. Wants the best lab situation I believe is currently available in home-school chemistry. 3. Wants to learn chemistry out of a very well written and interesting textbook supplemented by very fun, interesting exercises provided by an excellent teacher, Mr. Moskaluk.

Anyone who does not take Mr. Moskaluk's chemistry has really missed out on one of the best courses available anywhere. I know that you will enjoy it!

Outstanding course posted by Jenny R. on June 03 2007 at 20:31:04

* Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

YES. And at the same time I was prepared to ace the AP Chemistry exam, I received an excellent college-level chemistry education.

* How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? 10.

* Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? All the Webassigns (online worksheets!) were absolutely invaluable, and especially the Free Response Questions from past AP exams. Also, this course has a LIVE lab component, instead of "virtual" labs that many other online Chemistry courses use. Mr. Moskaluk provides students with the chemicals and equipment (which is returned at the end of the school year) to perform the labs that I might not have been able to obtain working on my own.

* Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? Absolutely. I went in expecting boring lessons about atoms and electrons... and while I DID learn about these things, there was so much more!

* Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? Yes. While I did not communicate directly with the other students, I frequently browsed the class forum when I had a question about an assignment. Often another student had asked the same question and I was able to learn from the responses.

* What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)? You must be willing to stick with it even when the going gets tough and put in the time for daily study and memorization. I highly recommend this course to any student who wishes to take an AP Chemistry course.

Finally, Mr. Moskaluk is an excellent teacher who always responded promptly and thoroughly to my many (and sometimes kind of blonde) questions.

Parent Review AP Chemistry posted by David Campbell on July 03 2006 at 14:30:42

Peter Moskaluk did an excellent job preparing his students for the AP Chemistry exam. They worked hard, but were very well prepared for the exam. What made this class most exciting was that Mr. Moskaluk included many applications of the concepts in the class to real world applications. For a subject like Chemistry it is difficult to make the subject matter fun, but he was able to include some "chemistry" cartons, poems, and fun facts. I would highly recommend this class to college bound high schoolers.

Parent Review AP Chemistry posted by David Campbell on July 03 2006 at 14:30:06

Peter Moskaluk did an excellent job preparing his students for the AP Chemistry exam. They worked hard, but were very well prepared for the exam. What made this class most exciting was that Mr. Moskaluk included many applications of the concepts in the class to real world applications. For a subject like Chemistry it is difficult to make the subject matter fun, but he was able to include some "chemistry" cartons, poems, a fun facts. I would highly recommend this class to college bound high schoolers.

Great preparation! posted by Joann Boston on June 09 2006 at 16:12:39

This was my toughest course all year, yet one of the best. I highly recommend that interested students have a good basic chemistry course first, and good math skills. I had to spend about the recommended amount of time for the course each week, and students should plan accordingly.

That being said, this course is perfectly suited to the AP exam. Throughout the entire year, Mr. Moskaluk distributed old exams, practice questions similar to the exam, and even two full actual AP Chemistry exams. By the time May arrived, I knew exactly what I was doing and felt confident that I would receive a good score. Sometimes you may feel as if you have no idea where you're going or how something is applicable, but if you have the courage to keep going, everything eventually falls into place and you will gain a good understanding.

Even if you are having trouble, Mr. Moskaluk is always willing to help and accommodate your needs. Whenever I had a question, it would almost always be answered within the same day.

In addition to the AP preparation, I found the lab parts of the course very valuable, especially for homeschooled students with limited resources to equipment. Though it's not exactly a real lab, you receive some basic tools and equipment and get a good idea of how they work and how to perform good experiments.

All in all, this course definitely got me ready for the exam, and though it was hard at times, it could also be enjoyable and interesting. If you feel ready to take on the challenge, this course will be perfect for you!

AP Chem posted by James Pang on May 28 2006 at 19:10:14

Mr. Moskaluk was a fine teacher, and the course and his teaching definitely helped me to feel prepared for the exam. There is, however, a lot of work involved, and it takes alot of organization in order to take the course itself, let alone prepare for the test. In the beginning of the year, I had quite a hard time with handing in work on time because I did not organize the workload during the week. But as the class went on, the course became much easier, just because I organized better.

As mentioned before, the type of student that should take this course is one who enjoys chemistry and organizes schoolwork well. He/she must be willing to work really hard, because this is one of the harder AP courses I've taken.

Excellent Course! posted by Elizabeth K on May 28 2006 at 17:51:47

This class was a great look at advanced chemistry. Even though a lot of people think of chemistry as a dull subject, Mr. Moskaluk made the class very fun and actually kept us laughing enough to absorb all of the information we needed for the test. Mr. Moskaluk always responded to my questions quickly and the Web Assign portion of the assignments worked very well. I want to study chemistry in college, so I enjoyed the subject already, but this class was thoroughly enjoyable and very rigorous. I self studied one other advanced chemistry course last year, and this one was far more in depth. Great explanations, lots of laughs, and excellent assignments--I can't imagine a better chemistry course.

Excellent Course posted by Elizabeth K on May 28 2006 at 17:48:01

posted by Jessica LeClair on May 24 2006 at 12:35:09

Dear Brave Souls,

(The length of my comments is a reflection of my deep attachment to this course.)

I embarked on my AP Chemistry adventure with trepidation. However, my concerns were unfounded. While I admit the material was challenging, I found a very supportive and helpful guide in Mr. Moskaluk (and his lovely wife). Mr. Moskaluk always made himself available to answer my countless questions and often went above and beyond his normal responsibilities as teacher. One morning I asked him how he would recommend making flash cards for a particular subject and he answered that afternoon with a complete set of flashcards he had created himself. His enthusiasm and quirky personality made the class (which could have been pure drudgery, as I learned from my previous chemistry class) one of my favorite courses. I was actually excited in the morning to wake up and tackle my problem set for chemistry.

That isn’t to say you won’t have to work hard. AP Chemistry requires a serious commitment of time and energy. The material is difficult and often the concepts are hard to grasp. To really get the most out of the course, you have to be willing to pursue other sources beyond your textbook and keep working problems until you really understand the material.

Although one student and I worked together on occasion on homework assignments via AIM, I had little other contact with the students in the course. While there was a message board on the site, rarely was a forum open where we could discuss problems or just chat. It was disappointing to know so little of my fellow students tackling the course alongside me. In Mr. Moskaluk’s defense, this was the first time he had offered this course. So, some of the kinks were still being worked out. Though, I was impressed at how few kinks there were given the circumstances. Also, in numerous other AP courses, I have also been disappointed by the lack of interaction between students.

Finally, on the topic of course preparation, I think the course prepared me well for the exam. Mr. Moskaluk thoughtfully concluded much of our course work several weeks before the test, giving us extra time to review. His insistence on doing countless practice tests, while a pain, in the end proved helpful. The strength of this course is in its excellent preparation for the FRQ (Free Response Question) section of the test. In this section, you are required to work various problems and show your work. The majority of our homework assignments were structured this way and we were further exposed to the format through the many, many, many practice tests we took. I didn’t feel as well prepared for the multiple-choice section. The multiple-choice questions require you to understand a concept and apply it to a new situation. Again, in Mr. Moskaluk’s defense, applying concepts has always been a difficult area for me.

Overall, the course is excellent. You will have to work hard, but Mr. Moskaluk is always there to encourage, support, and guide you. As a previously chemistry-phobic individual, I can speak to all of those who might shy away from this course. If you are willing to apply yourself and take advantage of Mr. Moskaluk’s expertise, this course is nothing to be afraid of!

Jessy LeClair

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