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I plan to major in economics based largely on the strength of this course.  I also applied for a full-tuition + yearly stipend academic scholarship in economics at a top university... [and] I ended up getting the scholarship.  Before my senior year, my knowledge of economics pretty much went as far as a rudimentary understanding of supply and demand.

AP Class Reviews

AP Studio Art - Drawing taught by Amber Kane

by Students and Parents

AP Art (Drawing) Review posted by Carynlee Berry on May 16 2017 at 12:54:23

This question is worded a little misleadingly! While there is no exam for this course, at the end of it, you must submit 24 pieces to the college board website, and send in 5 of those pieces physically to the college board. I think this class prepared me very well for this. The prompts Mrs. Kane gives are designed to push and improve you while meeting the college board requirements.

I spent approximately 20 hours per week on this class. I would recommend keeping track of your schedule and NOT leaving pieces to the last minute. I did this very many times and it left me feeling very stressed and angry with my work, but on the weeks I paced myself I felt much better about what I created.

My favorite assignment was the “continuous linework” assignment! This taught me to be looser, but also more careful with my work. My other favorite assignment was the “markmaking” assignment, which resulted in a piece I am very proud of and I have received much praise from it.

I took this class to determine whether or not I wanted to study art in college. Although I have decided against this now it is in no part due to a lack of quality in this class! This was an excellent course and Mrs. Kane is a brilliant teacher, but revelations in my personal life have made me uninterested in an artistic career. However, many of my classmates are thoroughly interested in further artistic studies, I am definitely the exception here.

I found my classmates work and comments on my own pieces to be very inspiring and uplifting!

This is not a beginners art class. However, Mrs. Kane is very kind and understanding and will not fault you for falling a little behind or messing up an assignment, and you can choose not to submit your work to the college board if you don’t find it satisfactory. HOWEVER, this is not a very difficult class if you are willing to work hard and aren’t afraid to mess up sometimes! Mrs. Kane provides time in the schedule for remaking or replacing pieces, and at the end of the class I had more than enough pieces to fill my breadth and concentration. This class is perfect for anyone who wishes to improve their art rapidly.

AP Art Drawing posted by Josie Wing on May 08 2017 at 18:04:08

I feel like this class prepared me very well for the AP Exam, as well as giving me a lot of tips and new ways to improve and refresh my art style and compositions. I spent around 3-6 hours per week working, making 1-3 art pieces per week. I enjoyed being assigned to complete art using various creative materials. I found communicating with fellow students very educational and inspiring. Any student with a strong passion for art would do well in this course.

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