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I created a study group with 2 classmates, and I found that very helpful.... The course definitely enhanced my interest in history and my understanding of American history and culture. 

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AP European History taught by Meredith Noah

by Students and Parents

An incredibly fun, interactive, and thoroughly well-taught class! posted by Aidan Quinn on May 14 2020 at 18:35:22

History is probably my favorite subject of all, but this class really made me enjoy it even more, gain a greater understanding of how important history is, and learn far more than I would have thought I could learn in nine months. Throughout the course, I participated in fun, engaging and challenging assignments, particularly the Victorian tea party and Enlightenment Salon group assignments, which allowed me to learn in depth about the historical figure I would accurately (and at times amusingly) portray. Environments like this really allowed for an open setting that encouraged interaction with Ms. Noah and fellow classmates. Being able to communicate and work with other students helped to make this class more fun and beneficial. Additionally, this class allowed for some flexibility. Even with travelling and unexpected changes, I was able to complete assignments and feel accomplished.  

I can't overstate how well-taught this class is, and going into the exam, I felt capable and prepares, and perfectly able to get a 5. Even with Covid-19 and the changes it brought, Ms. Noah was perfectly adaptable and continued to prepare the entire class for the exam. Though parts of the class were time-consuming, ultimately they helped me learn the content I needed to excel on the exam and retain this knowledge through interactive learning exercises. Enjoyable and active assignments mixed with comprehensive feedback and encouragement allowed me to become a strong and prepared student, and my teacher, Ms. Noah, is fully to thank for this. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is willing to put in some hard work and develop a greater love of history. If you didn't like history before, I think this class will really change your mind on the subject, and if you already loved history, then this will only add to that love and interest. The historical knowledge and writing skills of this course will stay with you and continue to be valuable.

Ms. Noah is an extremely knowledge teacher with a passion for encouragement and productive educating, and the assignments she institutes are super fun and helpful. This is a great class and you'll be really glad to have taken it! 

Somehow, this course made me love history even more! posted by Christy Bartel on May 12 2020 at 24:50:48

I've always loved history, but if it was possible, this course made me love it even more! The textbook was engaging, the assignments were fun, and my teacher (Ms Noah) was so attentive to all of my individual needs! The course was able to adapt to the unique challenges of Covid-19, which changed the exam within months of the final exam. Even though there was a big change, I felt confident going in to the exam because my teacher and my classmates helped me prepare for the new format. If you love history, and you love a challenge, you should totally take this course!

I love European History thanks to Ms. Noah! posted by Aislinn Niimi on May 12 2020 at 22:27:59

I feel that this course prepared me very well for the AP exam.  In fact, I felt Ms. Noah was especially capable in navigating us through this year's special exam format, given her experience as a DBQ reader.  She led many DBQ practices and gave numerous tips.  

I spent about seven hours per week on this course.  

I loved making a virtual Escape Room!  It was about World War II, which we didn't get to cover this year, and not many students did it as a result, but it was still very fun!  I also love the "Rescue Packs" that we used for review at the end of the year.  They were long and tedious to complete, but they were a great way to review all of the content we had learned earlier in the year.  

This course absolutely enhanced my interest in European History!  In my application to this class, I told Ms. Noah that there was a "gap" in my knowledge of history.  I'm a Classicist and Ancient History buff.  I actively study Greek and Roman culture and history for competitive tests and Certamen, a Latin quiz bowl.  I took APUSH with Mrs. Richman, so I have a deep knowledge and love of U.S. history.  Thanks to AP Euro, that gap in my knowledge (and interest) from the fall of the Roman empire in 476 AD to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 has been significantly narrowed.  I also really like that AP Euro focuses on one continent for a limited period of time.  I'm sure I would have loved AP World, but I liked that were able to go deeper in AP Euro.  This year I also happened to be taking a British Literature course and an Art History course, so often my studies just came together perfectly, and I just love the feeling of understanding a historical event, like when I could connect a political event to an artistic and literary movement.  

My communications with other students were very enjoyable.  Compared to the PA Homeschoolers sites, Schoology is an inherently less social platform.  However, Ms. Noah definitely made it a much more social atmosphere than other classes that I've done on Schoology.  The introductions threads at the beginning of the year started the year off with fun class interaction, and the tea parties/salons/dinner parties we did throughout the year made class interactions lively and fun.  

I would absolutely recommend this course to other students!  To do well in this course you just have to do the assignments and listen to Ms. Noah (she gives great advice!).  A love of history helps, but I'm sure any hard working student could do well in this course and on the exam.  

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