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I was very happy with the class. The subject matter and the textbooks and videos were engaging, the workload was not too large, and the tests did a good job of preparing me for the exam. I feel like I learned a lot about political structure and theory, and I feel better equipped now to understand world news and politics.

AP Class Reviews

AP English Literature taught by Lilianna Meldrum Serbicki

by Students and Parents

AP English Literature With Mrs. Serbicki Review posted by Joy Hibshman on May 28 2019 at 14:12:12

This course was very well done and very helpful. Though I have yet to get my scores back, I think it prepared me well for the exam and I felt pretty confident going into it. This was largely accomplished through a lot of practice— discussion questions to get you thinking about the texts or prompts, practice essays, practice multiple choice questions, practice exams— along with helpful tips, information, and live practice during lectures. Mrs. Serbicki is very good humoured and was more than willing to answer any questions, whether during lectures or seperately in an email (and I must say that she was very prompt about responding to emails).

As far as work load goes, I think I spent about 1-2 hours on the class Monday, Wednesday, Thursday,  and Friday, and I occassionally did a little more on Tuesdays (which is the day I have co-op) or Saturdays if it seemed necessary. (So maybe about a total of 7-8 hours a week). It wasn't a super light amount of work, but it wasn't too heavy or unmanageable either and none of it feel like busy work to me.

The poetry module I particularly enjoyed and I think my appreciation and interest in poetry grew as I understood what goes into it a little better.

I think this course can grow and enhance a competent writer and analyist of literature but also covers enough of the basics and moves at a slow enough pace for a less fluent and experienced writer to track with the course and be able to benefit and grow in their skills.  I think more than anything else, this course really helps you (or at least me) to become fluent and comfortable with analyzing a passage, picking out devices and how they are used to the advantage of the author's message, and then either to answer questions about it or to write an essay that analyzes excerpts of the work, involving a given device, and then always, always tying to theme. I think writing essays like that (and answering mcq's) was already something I could do, but this course helped me to become more comfortable and efficient in this kind of essay writing while mainting (and even expanding) excellence.

So overall, this is an excellent course that I would highly suggest!

(side note- student discussion was fun, too— whether in the "study" group that was more of a debate group, or during lectures- kept to minimum, though, so as not to be too distracted- or in the discussion, vocab, or dinner party prompts.)

posted by Ruby on May 23 2019 at 03:42:39

When I took the AP Lit exam, I could not have felt more prepared. The work we did throughout the year helped so much, and Mrs. Serbicki's feedback and classes were really informative and made me feel comfortable on exam day. For every section (including the suggested essay times), I finished early, giving me enough time to check my answers/work. For the free response essay, I was able to use my preferred book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and wrote about Tom Robinson. Overall, this class has been a great experience!

AP Lit 2018-19 Student posted by Dawn Redd on May 22 2019 at 17:34:47

Yes! Although I ended up not taking it because I wasn't getting credit for it at my college, I was more than ready, and got GREAT scores on all the practice exams we took for class. I saw a huge amount of improvement from the beginning of the year to the end thanks to Mrs Serbicki.

I usually put in about 4-6 hours a week. Of course, there were some weeks that were longer (like the midterm project weeks) and some shorter (like the end of the year review period, when assignments became suggested rather than required lol), but overall it was pretty chill. Each of the assignments we did was focused and specific and provided a tool or practice for the exam - as well as being really interesting on their own!

The fact that we did so many essays and short discussion questions was great! Although I complained about it a lot lol, I really appreciated that we did so many essays and DQs. By the end of the year, I felt solid on every type of essay.

Absolutely. I've had a long interest in English, but it was always pointed more towards argumentative type essays. Mrs Serbicki's AP Lit class taught me the sweet sweet joy of analyzation!! One really great example of this was the poetry unit. To be frank, I hated poetry, and I had already resigned myself to getting a terrible score on the poetry part of the exam. However, by the end of the poetry unit I found that the poetry analysis essay was actually my favorite of them all!

Yes. We had a private study group outside of class where we had a few good discussions during the year. Also, the weekly live discussions were super helpful! Each Thursday we would go over the homework for the week, which was due Monday, in case anyone had any questions, and then Mrs Serbicki would give a lecture about the material we'd read that week and we would often have a lively argument in the chat!

Yes, I absolutely recommend this course! Mrs Serbicki is a great teacher and she's set up a great course. I would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't shy away from a lot of reading and writing (yes, even if you aren't so good at it! This course will definitely help you improve, you just have to be willing to do a lot of it).

A Phenomenal Class and Experience posted by Stephanie Yates on May 11 2019 at 16:42:31

Absolutely! Having done several practice tests for both the MCQ and Essays over a month before the exam really made taking the test a familiar experience. Mrs. Serbicki gave us detailed feedback on any MCQ questions we had trouble with and on all the essays we submitted. I had confidence in tackling most of the exam.

It depended on the week. The reading you just have to pace yourself a little each day, and the discussion board questions usually took less than 30 minutes to answer (unless you really wanted to go all out). The beginning of the semester is fairly light until the midterm, I never spent over 4 hours each day even when we had the essays. Second semester increased the material, but it's more about blocking large amounts of time to practice tests and exercises versus various assignments. I'd generally have set days where I say down for 4+ hours and did the harder work, then spend the rest of the week doing light review. While sometimes the essays were a pain and I admittedly procrastinated them and stretched them out over several days, if you just sit down and do them it's not too bad.

Definitely the practice tests towards the end, combined with the discussion questions we had about the workds during the year. As we were getting prepared for the exam, pulling from those past discussions and incorporating them into the essays made that section of review much less stressful.

I'd say so. I've had some english courses in the past where the analysis was mediocre and nothing was explained well; it was the complete opposite with Mrs. Serbicki. She was very clear and articulate about all the analysis and inference, so I feel like I really gained a deeper appreciation for reading a book and looking for meaning. 

Yes! At the bginning of the year we formed a study group and though it wasn't super active is was nice to be able to talk to everyone in the class about the material. Towards the end I also met online with one of the other people for weekly study sessions, which really helped as far as tackling weak points and gaining a new perspective on trouble areas. It's also just fun to chat about the books in general and what everyone thinks about them, we had some fun discussions.

I'd also like to note that Mrs. Serbicki responded very quickly to any emails. I would usually get a response back within a day (usually within the hour) and that really helped throughout the year. Same thing with the live meeting, if you take this class don't be afraid to ask questions! While she might have given general tips in a handout I found that asking specific questions can really help you overcome your weak points.

AP Literature Class Review posted by Meghan Philcox on May 11 2018 at 17:54:13

I felt thoroughly prepared for the AP exam, and I was confident with the test format because Mrs. Serbicki had assigned 2 practice exams and multiple practice essays beforehand. I was much more prepared for the exam than the students from the school that I took the exam from were.

I spent around 8-10 hours a week on this course. Typically, an hour and a half each school day and two to three hours over the weekend.

I loved reading and discussing full-length novels. I felt that doing this greatly increased my literary comprehension and improved the way I approach a novel. I also felt that this increased my analytical skills, which, in turn, helped me work on my AP exam essay skills.

I have always loved literature. This class helped me to strengthen my knowledge so that I could further enjoy reading because I now recognize many nuanced aspects of books that I had not realized before this class.

I loved reading discussion questions and essays written by other students and learning the different ways my classmates analyzed a particular work/question/prompt.

Any student who is passionate about learning should excel in this class. I think even someone without a love for literature could take this class and gain a better appreciation for literature. This class is wonderfully set up so that the student determines how long they will take or how in depth they will go with their homework, so a student that is motivated and driven will greatly succeed in the long run. I will definitely be recommending this course to others.

Mrs. Serbicki was an incredible teacher for this course. She was very organized, enthusiastic, and kind. She made all of the assignments and expectations for homework clear. She was a strong motivator and was actively invested in our progress. Her live meeting discussions were very helpful. She was always prompt in responding to questions or concerns.

My Favorite Class posted by Elizabeth Hardt on May 11 2018 at 13:27:42

I just want to start out by saying that Mrs. Serbicki is an amazing teacher. This is my third year of having her as my English teacher, and she has encouraged my writing in a way that I would receive nowhere else. While her class is challenging, she has many flexible and fun assignments, and is always there if you have a question or need some help. By signing up for her class, you will get to read books across a wide range of genres. This is excellent because more often than not, you will know a few of the books on the Free Response Essay on the AP Exam. 

This course more than prepared me for the AP Exam. While I definitely did not nail every question, I felt I was able to analyze each question in relation to the passage and to write my essays well.

It depends on the assignment for how many hours per day and week I spent on the course. If it was something like a vocabulary prompt, then I would spend about five minutes. MCQs would be about half an hour and essays would typically be 60 minutes to more.

One of my favorite assignments was writing a poem for an extra credit assignment. I love writing and reading poetry and had a lot of fun writing it. I also loved writing all the essays. Analysis essays can be really tricky and getting tons of practice was very helpful.

I already had a huge love for English Language and Literature, but whenever I take any kind of English course it always enhances my love for the subject.

I always love talking to the other students and seeing what their interests are. Often we have a lot in common with each other.

I would definitely recommend this course to any student who loves writing and reading. I was to personally thank Mrs. Serbicki for an amazing class. I will miss her.


A Wonderful Class! posted by Noel Archer on May 18 2017 at 21:19:01

I really loved taking AP English Literature with Mrs. Serbicki. This was my first online class so I can’t really compare it to other classes. However, I will say that it was incredibly fun and, at the same time, incredibly educational. By the end of the exam, I felt like I had done enough practice to know the AP Lit exam inside and out, and because of this test day was really a breeze. An especially important part of the course is the wide range of books we read, which meant we had ample material to draw from for the third free-response question on the exam, for which you need to write about a piece of literature you’ve read.

One of the most fun assignments of the class was when we had a ‘dinner party’ where we got to take on the roles of characters we had read about throughout the year. This was a nice way to review all the books we had read in an engaging manner. It’s much easier to remember a character if you’ve held a discussion with them, after all! Additionally, the discussion questions posed to us throughout the year were a very valuable resource that taught us what to look for when reading literature. When reviewing books, I found myself looking back at them often. Despite learning so much, I never felt overwhelmed by the work we did. I don’t recall ever spending more than a few hours a week on the class, not taking into account the reading and occasional practice exams we did.

As someone who enjoys reading, I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has a love of the English language. A lot of the time the class was almost more enjoyable than it was rigorous. And for anyone who hopes to develop a love of reading and writing, I am confident that this class could help accomplish that.

Coming into this class, I was worried. The AP English Literature exam seemed daunting, and I was concerned if an online class could fully prepare me for it. After taking the class though, these ideas seem ridiculous. Mrs. Serbicki’s English class made the exam much less stressful, and showed me that an online class could be of the same quality as any other—it could even be a lot better. Thank you for a wonderful year Mrs. Serbicki!

Wonderful English Class posted by Srishti Kumar on May 15 2017 at 16:02:04

For me, one of the most useful parts of the course was the poetry analysis. I haven't had much poetry experience, and our poetry discussions really taught me how to read and (most importantly) understand them! The Discussion Qs were one of my favorite parts, as it really made me think deeply about the texts we were reading.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in taking an English class - Mrs. Serbicki is a wonderful, passionate teacher, and works hard with all of her students - even if this may be someone's first English class. The student environment is also wonderful - my peers are very welcoming, and I have learned so much from them. Thank you Mrs. Serbicki! (And PA Homeschoolers)


A Wonderful Class posted by Annika Clark on May 14 2017 at 19:38:33


AP Literature & Composition with Mrs. Serbicki was simply a joy.  This class proved to be my favorite course of the entire school year and an incredibly enriching experience.  By the test day in May, I felt well prepared for the exam and walked into the room confident in the skills Mrs. Serbicki had equipped me with throughout the year.  Not only did she instruct in the specifics of the AP exam, she made sure to emphasize the importance of literature in the context of history and our daily lives.  The plays and novels I read during the year were at my disposal come test day, and I was prepared to discuss any of them in depth.  I felt incredibly lucky to walk into the test room knowing Mrs. Serbicki had been my teacher!  I started the year a little timid about writing literary analysis, even with a whole week to write the first draft of an essay.  By May, I was confident that I could write about anything the test threw at me in the two-hour essay section.    


I believe this AP Literature course would be a great fit for a range of students.  If you are looking to step up a level, whether you’re already advanced in English or intimidated by an AP course, Mrs. Serbicki will meet you where you are and help you thrive.  In observing my fellow classmates, I don’t think there is a single one of us who did not grow immensely throughout the year.  Mrs. Serbicki is a teacher who inspires you to do your best and reach your highest potential.  She creates a classroom atmosphere that takes away the fear and insecurity I know many of us feel about academic essays, especially those involving complicated literary analysis.  


As an already avid reader, this class expanded my knowledge of classic and modern works alike.  I read everything from Jane Austen to Billy Collins, Shakespeare to Flannery O’Connor.  While not every reading assignment was my favorite, I feel I gained specific perspectives from each new work that broadened my overall understanding of literature.  Students should be prepared to step out of their comfort zones in this AP Literature class, no matter their previous experiences.  The wide range of styles, eras, and themes were truly challenging to master, but ultimately, enriching.  


I met many delightful classmates in AP Literature, from all kinds of backgrounds and locations.  Making a social connection through an online course can be difficult, but my classmates were always eager to chat with one another and have fun on our social board.  I found brilliant, diverse, and kind friends through this program, who I hope to keep in touch with beyond the school year.  


One assignment, in particular, showed off the great classmates I had in AP Literature.  In the spring, we did the “Dinner Party,” conversing as the characters we had studied throughout the year.  It was a blast!  Everyone really got into character (by that time, we were truly a bunch of literary geeks) and displayed our in-depth knowledge of the course texts.  Outside of the everyday pleasure of reading for class, the Dinner Party was my favorite assignment.  As for the most valuable assignment, I found the two practice exams at the end of the year to be beneficial in gauging how far I’d come and solidifying my preparation for the exam.  


Finally, I cannot stress enough my admiration for my teacher, Mrs. Serbicki.  From her excitement and wonder at the topic of literature to her thoughtful feedback, Mrs. Serbicki has been a highlight of my school year.  With every assignment, I wanted to work hard because my teacher inspired me to be my best.  She never hesitated to provide extra help with difficult topics and was the teacher I could turn to while applying for summer programs.  She brought joy, expertise, and richness to every live discussion, and organization, preparation, and purpose to all weekly assignments.  


Overall, I had a wonderful year and am extremely glad I got the chance to be a part of this class.  As Mrs. Serbicki would say… “Bravo!” 

Fantastic Class posted by Christopher Page on May 31 2016 at 13:49:18

I took AP Lang with Mrs. Serbicki last year, and this year I took AP Lit. My review for either of these classes would be very similar, as both were wonderful classes. For me, my main priority was preparing for the AP exam, and this class did a great job of preparing me. Many AP classes are filled with other material which seems off topic or unnecessary, but this class was filled with content directed towards preparing students for the AP exam. As a result, while I was nervous before the exam, I felt very competent and prepared to handle the test when I took it. 

I probably didn't spend as much time as I should have on this class due to my crazy senior year, but I found the time requirements very manageble. I would have a hard time giving an hour estimate, but I can say that the work for this class is very efficient. I never felt like I was wasting time (how I feel for the work for some classes) when I was working. So I would say the time requirement is certainly manageble. In addition, like many classes, to a degree you get out what you put in. So the harder you work and more time you put in, the better you are likely to do on the AP exam. This class provides plenty of extra optional material for anyone who wanted more work in particular areas, which I think is great. 

My favorite assignment was reading the books. I really enjoyed some of the novels in this class. Also I think the practice multiple choice sections were great because they didn't take too long and were great practice for the AP exam. 

I personally am a STEM oriented person, so while I don't have a crazy interest in literature, this class made it much more interesting for me than usual 

Communications with other students were valuable in the commentary on other students' posts. It was nice for me to see other people's perspectives on the discussion questions. Students would bring up insightful points I had not thought of. 

You should certainly be prepared to work hard and take this course seriously, but also don't be scared of it. I absolutely would recommend this course to anyone who is looking ahead for their future and aims high for achievement. 

AP Literature with Mrs. Serbicki posted by Amanda Chang on May 31 2016 at 04:26:38

I really enjoyed learning from Mrs. Serbicki through AP Literature. Her passion for and knowledge of literature really helped me develop an interest for exploring the texts and poetry offered through this course. She more than adequately prepared us for the exam with several tests and multiple practice essays throughout the school year. I generally put 1-5 hours of work into this course a week, and I would highly recommend Mrs. Serbicki as an instructor who cares for her students and teachs with enthusiasm and insight. 

Exceptional course, complete AP preparation posted by Emma Ladwig on May 28 2016 at 14:02:18

Mrs. Serbicki's AP Literature and Composition course was one of the best courses I have ever taken! It fully prepared me for the AP exam. I felt very comfortable while taking the test, and finished every part before the time allotted had passed.

The course requires attention to detail and hard work, but it is definitely doable! I spent about an hour to an hour and a half each day on the materials, depending on the projects each week.

I particularly enjoyed the Dinner Party in the spring, where everyone interacted as a character or author and answered questions that helped to analyze each person's motives, quirks, actions, and emotions.

Through this course I was able to foster a deeper appreciation for literature and writing, so much so that I now aspire to pursue a career as a screenwriter.

The in-class discussions and the feedback from the other students was also helpful, since everyone is offering their opinions and views, making it easier to gain a broad appreciation and understanding for each piece of literature.

I think any student could do well in this course, as long as they understand the work ethic needed and are willing to challenge themselves for an entire school year. It sounds like a tall order, but the benefits reaped are unquestionably worth every minute of reading, writing, annotating, and testing.

Thank you to Mrs. Serbicki and to the PA Homeschoolers for providing such worthwhile courses for homeschoolers!

AP Lit Review posted by Max Dragan on May 24 2016 at 24:07:30

This class was extremely helpful both in preparing me for the AP Literature exam and in helping cultivate my further interest in literature—especially poetry. My writing skills improved greatly, and I have become a much more efficient writer than I was when I began the course. To put that in perspective, the first essay assignment we were given took me several days to write. By the time I took the exam, I was able to write a much better essay in under 40 minutes. Additionally, I grew a deeper appreciation for poetry as I learned how it was structured and how to analyze the different themes contained within poems. My favorite assignment was the midterm essay, as comparing two novels gave me a much deeper appreciation for both and finishing the long essay was extremely rewarding when it was finally finished. Communications with other students were helpful and often enlightening as well, and the point system for discussions helped ensure that I benefitted from that. I would say that this course is for persistent students who like a challenge. At first it will seem daunting but as you learn the ropes it becomes more and more natural, while still retaining a high standard of quality for the work you turn in.

AP English Literature Class Review posted by Ethan Hoffman on May 06 2016 at 17:26:14

I loved taking AP Literature with Mrs. Serbicki this year! The class was fun, informative, and not full of unnecessary busy work either. We had plenty of easily accessible materials which made our preparation for the AP exam much less stressful and very comprehensive. The class discussions both online and in class were also helpful for hearing other students' perspectives and tips for working on essays/MCQ's. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants a great literature learning experience!

Great Class! posted by Olivia Fish on May 27 2015 at 15:59:37

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes.  I felt very confident and prepared on exam day.  Each assignment was so valuable in preparing me for the test, and while it was difficult for me to complete timed essays at the beginning of the year, I finished them with plenty of extra time on the day of the exam.      

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I generally spent about an hour per day on this course.  It would sometimes take less time or more time.  It just depended on what assignments were due that week.  As the exam got nearer, I would spend closer to two hours on this class, so that I could complete the assignments but also study for the exam.  One thing I really appreciated about this class is the amount of homework.  It was never overwhelming but always enough to keep me busy.  

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I really enjoyed every assignment in this class.  I loved every work that we read, and the various extra credit assignments were extremely valuable.  For example, the weekly vocabulary prompts helped me to retain all the definitions of the terms.  Also, I liked the weekly discussion questions.  They really helped me to analyze and comprehend the texts we were reading, and it was interesting to read my classmates answers and see their interpretations. If I had to choose a favorite assignment though, it would probably be the dinner party.  It was a really fun way to review the works we had read throughout the class and to interact with other students.  

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Definitely!  While I already loved English, this course definitely enhanced and expanded my interest in literature.  I especially enjoyed studying poetry, as it wasn't something I was very familiar with before this class.   

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I would most definitely recommend this course to other students.  Mrs. Serbicki is a fabulous teacher.  She is very encouraging, helpful, and organized.  I always knew what was due each week.  The assignments were always very clear, and if I ever had any questions, Mrs. Serbicki was always quick to answer them. If you are willing to work hard, I know that this course will be not only enjoyable, but also beneficial.  This is, by far, my favorite class I have taken throughout high school!  Now that it is over, I wish I could do it all over again. 

AP English Literature: The Best Class I've Ever Had! posted by Hannah Socolofsky on June 03 2014 at 14:06:11

AP English Literature with Mrs. Serbicki was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.  When the class ended, I found myself wishing that I could take it again!  I can't say enough good things about the course and its teacher.  

Mrs. Serbicki made herself available to answer any questions we students might have, and yet she also gave us the opportunity to mingle with other students online and during class lectures.  The discussions I had with my fellow students were fantastic ways to understand specific concepts as well as to introduce new ideas and perspectives found in the works of literature we read.  The famed Dinner Party was a hilariously fun assignment--you'll have to take the class yourself to understand what a blast it is.  

One of the aspects of this class which I loved most was that Mrs. Serbicki focused more on quality of homework than on quantity.  She didn't pile on assignments every week just for the sake of giving her students "more to do"; rather, she assigned specific essays, quizzes, etc. that she knew would help teach a particular concept we were learning at the time.  Because Mrs. Serbicki understood the busyness of her student's schedules, she ensured that this class would rigorously prepare us for anything the exam could require. . . while still giving us plenty of time per week to work on other school subjects.  

Because of Mrs. Serbicki's teaching style and the assignments she gave, I've realized that I want to study English Literature.  Mrs. Serbicki was so kind and encouraging, making us understand that she loved us both as students and as people.  I credit Mrs. Serbicki for giving me a passion for reading and analyzing great literature.  I've discovered that the discussions such as we'd have in her class are essentially my life's blood!  =)  

I highly recommend Mrs. Serbicki's AP English Literature class for anyone who yearns to improve their essay writing, to understand the ins and outs of analyzing literature, and to recognize the beauty of writing as a means of expression.  It's a class you will never regret taking!

Great Teacher and a Great Course posted by Julie M. on May 16 2014 at 15:09:56

Mrs. Serbicki is one of the most patient and open-minded teachers I have ever had, and her AP Lit course provides first-class exposure to all elements on the AP Exam. She prepared us very diligently throughout the entire year, and she seemed to be almost always available to answer a question. Mrs. S gave me, and I'm sure everyone else in the class, the impression that she really cared about each of us, not only as her students, but as people. And I wouldn't be able to thank her enough for her encouragement and support throughout the year :-).

This course is very fluid in the amount of time it requires. Some weeks, when we had long novels to read, I could spend up to 10 hours in homework and designated reading; when spring semester dawdled down, I found myself having only about 2-3 hours a week of homework (and, thus, was afforded spare time for studying for the exam). The weekly live chats were a great addition to this class, and I participated in almost all of them. They were a time for discussing numerous aspects of a novel or poem we were studying (aka applying critical concepts on the AP exam), and it was an excellent medium for expanding my analysis skills. 

What I suppose is most fascinating about this course is Mrs. Serbicki's use of subliminal learning. Now that I think about it, she never really made "learning" seem like "learning," if that makes sense. Rather, she instillied important concepts in us with each novel/play/poem until, finally, we came to notice things like imagery, tone, metaphor and theme on our own. This, in the long run, was genius; by test day, I was breathing analysis like oxygen, not even really thinking about it. It would be an understatement to say that Mrs. S "prepared" me for the AP exam; she instilled so much confidence in me that I felt over prepared for the exam - I almost found the exam (dare I say) easy. 

Thank you, Mrs. Serbicki, for an amazing course and for all of your time and attention! And for all you prospective students out there, go ahead and take this course; you really won't regret it!

Must Take AP Lit Class posted by Maia Paddock on May 13 2014 at 17:38:51

1. Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I absolutely felt prepared for the AP exam. I wrote plenty of essays throughout the year and was very familiar with the essay formats and expectations by the time of the AP exam. The timed essay practices during the second semester were especially helpful. We also had AP style multiple choice quizzes on all of our reading throughout the year. Towards the end of the year we also did MCQ practice using questions and passages from past exams. 

2. How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I generally put between 1 and 1.5 hours of work into the course per day. Some days it was longer, especially around the midterm essay. There is lots of extra credit available if you feel like you are not doing enough work.

3. Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I really liked the midterm essay, even though it was a lot of work. I loved writing an in depth analysis of a single literary work. Additionally, it really helped me on the exam - the book I wrote my midterm essay on fit perfectly with the free responce essay prompt!

Overall I really liked this class. Mrs. Serbicki is a wonderful teacher and gives very helpful comments on all assignments. The class was stuctured well with a manageable workload and definitely prepared me for the exam. I highly recommend this class!

A Fun Challenge posted by Taylor Scott on May 20 2013 at 20:31:48

This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam.  We practiced multiple-choice questions almost every week that we did not have to write an essay.  In addition, the optional vocabulary assignments helped me to learn and review literary devices.  You are very comfortable with figurative language, both using it in your work and analyzing it in someone else’s, by the end of this course.  We also practiced timed essays the entire second semester.  Mrs. Serbicki did an excellent job easing us into a timed format by slowly decreasing the amount of time we had to write until we reached the forty minutes you are allotted per essay on the AP exam.  She also had us practice a couple essays from each category on the exam (Prose, Drama/Poetry, and Free Response).  By the time I took the actual test, I felt confident in my ability to write effective timed essays and solve the puzzle that is the multiple-choice section.

I put about nine hours a week into this course.  Non-essay weeks were less hours and essay weeks were more but that is about the average.  It is not necessary to put that many hours into the class; however, I learned much more by participating extra on the discussion board and doing extra credit assignments.  I also had more fun because I felt like a bigger part of the class community.

My favorite assignments in this class were fiction responses.  There was an extra credit opportunity to write from a minor character’s point of view, which I loved so much I completed it three times.  I also chose to rewrite a scene from Macbeth instead of writing an essay.  Personally, I find fiction to be more difficult to write than an essay because there is not set formula; however, I love the creativity of fiction and how much power you feel while writing it. 

The other students in my class were wonderful.  A variety of opinions and ideas came out of our discussions.  I had a blast reading their work and debating with them.  They forced me to defend and expand my analysis of the various works we read. They all helped me grow both as a reader and as a writer.  I wish I was going to take English with all of them again next year.    

If you are interested in taking this course, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to take on the workload.  Particularly in the first semester, it is a lot of work.  However, it is a fun challenge.  If you are a student who loves literature, writing, and discussion, you would love this course.  For students taking this course, I highly recommend doing every weekly vocabulary assignment, answering more than the required amount of discussion questions, and attending an optional live chat.  Also, if there is an extra credit opportunity, take advantage of it.  Even if you do not feel you need to boost your grade, it will only help to give you a better understanding of the material, which is vital for the AP exam.  This is my favorite class that I have ever taken.  Mrs. Serbicki is a wonderful teacher and she is very encouraging.  She is definitely willing to work with you one on one which helped me a lot this year.  You can tell how much she loves the material that she has her class discussing.  If you have that kind of love for literature and you are willing to work hard, I recommend that you register for this course immediately.

A wonderful course! posted by Jamie Wheeler on May 15 2013 at 24:45:58

     This has possibly been the best course I have ever taken. While I have a personal predilection for the subject of literature, Mrs. Serbicki not only encouraged my interest but also helped me to expand my literary taste and improve my analytical skills. She skillfully balanced the reading of high-quality works, the writing of essays on challenging but thought-provoking topics, and the discussion of insightful questions, with a few creative projects thrown in for good measure. I found a new outlet, rigorous and demanding but never frustrating or dull, for my favorite work of reading, writing, and reading some more!

     I felt confident and comfortable taking the AP Exam, and though I have not yet received my scores, I know that whatever success I receive owes a lot to Mrs. Serbicki's well-paced practice regimen and amazingly detailed critiques of my writing. For me, the most valuable assignments were simply writing the essays, both timed and untimed. I received a lot of valuable practice and training not only in developing my thoughts about a work into a clear analysis, but also in expressing those thoughts precisely and attractively with a good prose style. However, webboard discussion was also extremely valuable, and often helped me clarify my thoughts in the writing of the answers and in sharing discussions with my classmates (whom I will miss).

     I generally put about eight hours a week into this course; the required work did not always take me that long, but I often spent additional time on the discussion board or writing essays simply because the assignments were so enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to any hardworking student, especially one who already enjoys reading, thinking, and writing about literature and is ready to take it to the next level.

Highest Recommendations! posted by Kelsey McCleskey on June 10 2012 at 20:48:01

As a student in Mrs. Serbicki's 2011-2012 AP English Literature class, I truly have only good things to say!  Mrs. S was prompt, considerate, and organized, and went over and above duty on many occasions to spark our interest, keep us on track, and help us grow as writers.  The coursework was thorough and challenging, but I never felt overburdened or had any reason to complain about "busywork."  In fact, I had a lot of fun!

Mrs. Serbicki's course prepared me very well for the AP Lit exam.  By introducing multiple-choice quizzes and timed essays early in the year, Mrs. S made sure we had ample practice and time to develop test-taking strategies for each portion of the test.  I purchased a standard AP preparation book to read along with the course, but by the end of the year, I really felt that I hadn't even needed it.  There was nothing in the extra book that we didn't cover!  I'm happy to report that the exam didn't even feel too difficult, and I have high hopes for a 5 when scores return.

As with most English courses, the time a student spends, especially on the writing assignments, could certainly vary depending on the student's level of interest and commitment.  I found myself spending 2-3 hours a day most weeks.  I never found this a burden, however - I found myself enjoying the writing, discussions, and study of materials so much that I often spent some extra time polishing writing pieces, discussing topics on the webboard, or even just rereading the week's piece. 

The variety in the assignments certainly kept my interest.  Far from a coursefull of analytical essays, Mrs. S's included lively weekly forum discussions on questions pertaining to the week's reading, Skype chats (which she kindly repeated twice a week to make sure everyone could attend), frequent chances to choose fiction writing assignments (my favorite!), and a multitude of extra credit opportunities.  One of my favorite "special" assignments was the "Dinner Party," in which each student took on the persona of an author or character in a work we'd studied and "attended a party" hosted by Flannery O'Connor (aka Mrs. Serbicki!).

In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Serbicki's class, and I highly recommend it to anyone who would enjoy learning from a dedicated teacher who truly loves her subject.  Though I came into the course with an already strong love of wordcraft, I left with a much broader appreciation of the tools and techniques that can bring passion to life and turn ink on a page into a living, breathing work of art.

AP English Literature Class Review posted by Jeremiah Lin on June 06 2012 at 18:54:57

  • Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?
  • I felt that the course definitely helped me prepare for the AP exam. The entire year was full of preparatory exercises that accurately reflected the real exam. The timed practice essays and the multiple choice quizzes were especially helpful, as were the other projects that we did during the year.

  • How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
  • I spent about 5-7 hours on the course, per week. Of course, if there were special projects or extra credit projects, I spent much more time.

  • Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?
  • I really enjoyed writing the essays. I think that it was good to reflect on the differing views of the characters and analyze their motives and actions. The varying themes and time periods kept the plots and characters fresh, providing for new ways to analyze and see the author's intent and style. The multiple choice quizzes also were valuable as well as enjoyable. The quizzes accurately exemplified the real AP exam, and they were fun to do at the same time.

  • Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?
  • The course certainly enhanced my interest in composition. I was not a very strong writer coming into this course, but now I feel more confident in my writing abilities. As for the literature part, I wouldn't exactly say that it enhanced my interest in literature, because I came into this course already having great love for reading. However, the course gave me numerous great books to read!

  • Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?
  • I found the webchats to be somewhat disappointing, as there were only usually three people, myself and Mrs. Serbicki included. The other weekly webchat usually had three people as well, Mrs. Serbicki included. I understand that people may have had conflicting schedules with the webchat times, but I wish that the webchats could have had some more opinions and ideas. Not all was disappointing though. I must say that the webchats I that I participated in were fun and very thought-provoking. On the course website, I enjoyed the open-discussion questions, where we got to interact with other students through questions on book themes, character motives, literary devices, and much more. I most enjoyed the Dinner Party project, in which I had thoughtful conversations with other students, while playing the roles of authors and characters in the literature that we had read.

  • What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?
  • Because this is an AP course, diligence is definitely a must. I think that a student who loves reading would do well in this course. Because there is so much literature involved, strong reading comprehension is essential. Although this is a composition course as well, I would dare say that very strong writing skills are not absolutely necessary, as Mrs. Serbicki is very patient and works hard to strengthen a student's writing skills throughout the year. Personally, before this year, I was not a strong writer at all, though I loved to read. Through I am still not a perfect writer, Mrs. Serbicki was constantly helping me to improve and work hard to become a much better writer. I would recommend this course to students looking to improve their writing, as well as reading some awesome pieces of literature! This was a great course, probably my favorite of the year!

    AP English Literature - A Wonderful, Challenging, and Enriching Class! posted by Claire Graja on June 04 2012 at 24:42:44

    Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?


    How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?


    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?


    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?


    Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?


    What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

    Mrs. Serbicki's AP Literature Class 2011-2012 posted by GenevieveB on May 20 2012 at 23:01:47

    Yes, I feel that the course prepared me very well for the AP exam.  The practice multiple choice quizzes and the assigned timed essays gave me a good idea of the workings of the actual exam.  In fact, because to the timed essays, I was able to approach the free-response questions on the exam with confidence. 


    I had very positive experiences with all of Mrs. Serbicki's assignments.  I was able to build upon the essays such that each one fixed the errors of the previous one. This was mostly due to Mrs. Serbicki's fair and timely feedback.


     • Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

    Absolutely! I felt that my ability to analyze literature greatly increased during this class and, consequently, I love literature. 


    Yes, the weekly Skype chats were absolutely invaluable.  Although they were optional and the attendance did vary throughout the year, the chats provided a sense of community that enhanced my experience.  The other students brought up fascinating topics during the chats and were always prepared for the chats. 



     A pre-existing love of literature and/or writing is recommended although a student willing to learn to love literature would probably also do very well.   Mrs. Serbicki's availability was spectacular and consistent: I was always able to ask for advice or clarification and receive a prompt response. Overall, this is an amazing class that is well-worth the time and effort that it requires! 

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