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My favorite assignment in AP Psychology would definitely be the research project. We had to design our own scientific study to investigate some aspect of psychology and create, carry out, gather data, and write a scientific report about it.

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AP Micro-Economics taught by Daniel Burns

by Students and Parents

Great class! posted by Zubin Narayan on May 07 2022 at 17:20:13

AP Microeconomics with Daniel Burns is a top quality class. It is well organized has a mixture of assignments between homeworks, tests, projects and research papers which kept the class engaging. I had no knowledge let alone interest in economics prior to this class and left highly interested in the topic. Finally, this class prepares you VERY well for the AP exam. I felt very confident both walking in and out of the exam. 


Thanks Mr. Burns!

Awesome AP Microeconomics Course posted by Joshua Schiller on July 09 2021 at 18:00:59

Absolutely. When taking the exam, I felt completely confident in my answers and projected score.

I put in approximately 10 hours of work per week for this course.

Participating in the discussion board was one of my favorite parts of the course. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and learning from others.

Yes, it did. Taking this class, along with Mr. Burns' macroeconomics course, sparked my interest in economics; I plan to major in econ for university.

Yes. A significant part of the course involves participating in the discussion board. Other students' posts provided plenty of interesting commentary.

A student who wants to get new perspective on how the world works and enjoys circulating different ideas with others will particularly enjoy this course. I would 100% recommend this course to other students.

Really enjoyed this class! posted by Elisa A on May 19 2021 at 01:49:01

I loved taking Mr. Burns AP Micro class!! Before this school year, I hadn't really had an interest in economics and didn't know much about it. Now, I'm eager to take AP Macro next year and I want to study economics in college. I felt very well prepared for the AP Exam. We did a few full length practice tests towards the end of the year, and there weren't any surprises for me on test day. I probably spent an hour on this class each day, but it varied depending on which assignment(s) I was doing. If you spread out the workload throughout the week, it really is very manageable and I never felt overwhelmed by the homework. Additionally, I thought that the weekly quizzes were really helpful. I usually took them on Friday, so it was a good way to review what I had learned that week. They also made for great refreshers at the end of the year, so I would study them in preparation for the AP Exam. I enjoyed interacting with the other students, both in discussion posts and also with special assignments like the Pasta Wars game, where we were separated into groups and had to try to anticipate what the other "firms" (groups) were planning to do. It was insightful for me to see my classmates' views on how economics played into our everyday lives in weekly discussion posts. I would 100% recommend this class to other students looking for an AP Microeconomics course. As long as you are willing to plan out the week's work and understand the economics concepts, you're going to do great! :)

Sparked interest in more advanced study of Economics! posted by Eesha B on June 27 2020 at 17:50:08


Mr. Burns' AP Micro course definitely prepared me for the AP exam. Even though it was online and the format was drastically different this year, we practiced many FRQs over the semester and I felt completely prepared when it came to the exam! Even if the exam had been full-length, I would have been very well prepared in terms of both my understanding of course content and the exam timing.

During the course, I generally spent about 1-2 hours a day on it depending on which assignment I was working on. If I had one tip to give future students, it would be to use the whole week to read the material and complete the assignments instead of leaving it for the last few days. I found that spreading the work out over the full week maximized my productivity and understanding. Here's how I structured a typical week:

Monday: Textbook reading

Tuesday: Videos, PPT, Independent Discussion Post

Wednesday: Lab (these usually took me around 2 hours!)

Thursday: Assigned Discussion Post, Making summary notes for the week's course content

Friday: Review, Chapter Test

Personally, I think the discussion posts were especially valuable because I had really interesting discussions with my peers and we started to recognize aspects of what we were learning in the real world. I always love seeing the practical applications of what I'm learning in a course, and it makes me more motivated to really dig into the material and understand the details. All of our discussion threads were very active, and I had lots of fun playing the economics games with my classmates! I also enjoyed the labs because they helped me understand the relevant graphs and formulas for each unit through practice and interactive questions.

I would recommend this course to any student willing to put in the required time and effort, even if they aren't already SUPER interested in economics. Trust me, you'll gain interest through this course! I had a previous experience learning economics with a teacher that almost made me lose interest in the subject, but after taking this course, I'm considering studying more advanced economics in high school and later, college! Mr. Burns was really supportive through this process, and always there to help me understand a topic or question I was confused on or wanted to dive deeper into.

AP Micro Review posted by Blake Chen on June 04 2020 at 18:12:53

In general, I did enjoy the micro course. I'm interested in economics especially as it relates to public policy, and this course definitely helped me with my economic understanding of topics. The micro course does require effort; I had to put in about six hours each week, even though I did almost all my work on Fridays, because of all my other courses. I would definitely recommend future students to spread out the courseload as Mr. Burns recommends. I think the course did prepare me well for the micro exam; though the textbook is quite dense, the labs and the quizzes really help you with your understanding, though they might be tedious at some times. I think the practice AP tests that we did nearer the end of the course were really helpful; one of my suggestions is to spread more "real" AP review throughout the year or semester. I think any hard-working student would be able to do well in the Micro course--you just have to plan your time well, and make the most of your resources, especially as the online classroom format demands a lot of independent study. Thank you again to Mr. Burns--he works hard to answer all your questions and organizes the website really well! 

great microeconomics course posted by Ishaan Singh on May 30 2020 at 20:49:56

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I definitely felt that the course prepared me for the AP exam! I really enjoyed all the past FRQ that we did throughout the year on tests and through discussion questions. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

About 7-12 hours of work per week. I was able to split up the work evenly over a week, and I felt that this helped since I was able to space out what I needed to accomplish.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The weekly supplemental discussions were really exciting! I got to discuss current events with my classmates. Even if they didn't always pertain to microeconomics (because of COVID-19 we talked a lot about economic plans and responses) I still had a great time discussing with my classmates and seeing different perspectives. 

I also found the tests we did every week to be very valuable. Though certainly not my favorite assignment, I thought that these tests were great review for the exam and helped to solidify concepts that we had learned throughout the year.

Also, the Pasta Wars game was very fun! In that game, we got to apply the concepts of game theory to a larger matrix and got to deal with oligopoly in order to make our decisions. It was really fun to see how collision can impact the decision making process and how independent decision making is so different from collusive behavior. It also showed how hard can be (sometimes) for certain teams to cooperate and choose the common interest over their own interest, as our game constantly had a team that was not willing to cooperate.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

I definitely grew more and more interested in microeconomics as the year went on. I had taken macroeconomics in the fall semester, so this was a great next course to take as it really built off of macroeconomics and explained the forces at work at a much smaller level, which then combine to create change at the larger level. I'm able to understand now how many economic policies will affect different types of businesses...and I'm also able to better play the boar game, monopoly! Just the other day, I was playing monopoly, and I instantly started tying back economics to the game (for example, the law of diminishing marginal returns by the rents you receive based on the number of houses you have, the marginal utility per dollar rule to help me maximize where I bought houses and also the fact that the players are price takers, the economies and diseconomies of scale, and that the competition is probably monopolistic competition as each player is a price taker).

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

I did! the discussion board was fairly lively with common discussions about economics taking place thanks to the supplemental discussion questions. I really enjoyed hearing different perspectives. Also, anytime I had a question I would post on the board and get a pretty quick response from someone else passing along. Everyone in the class was able to help each other out through the year.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Definitely a student that works hard would do well. I'd recommend taking macroeconomics before this course, just because some of the concepts in this course come from macroeconomics, and this course made a lot more sense after taking macroeconomics than it would have if I had come in blindly. The course does move fairly quickly, and it's assumed that you understand some basic economic rules before taking the course.




AP Microeconomics Review posted by Ilinca Drondoe on May 26 2020 at 14:57:05

I enjoyed AP Micro and thought it was a great class to take, especially in conjunction with AP Macro. I felt prepared for the AP exam, however I did feel the need to utilize preparation books as well as external sources (I found Jacob Clifford's Youtube channel and the Crashcourse AP review books to be particularly helpful.) I definitely think that without the external review, I might not have been as confident as I was heading into the exam. Although I have not received my scores yet, I feel great about how the exam went overall and was able to answer the FRQs without any difficulty.

In general, I put an average of 2 hours a day, if not more, into this course. However, this definitely varied based on what homework I focused on each day and whether the week was at the beginning, middle, or end of a unit. I found the readings and labs to be the most time consuming, but they were the sections that truly taught the concepts. We also had discussion questions, quizzes, tests, and games as part of our coursework. I particularly enjoyed the focus on class participation through student-initiated discussions; it was very fun to peruse the news with an economics lens as well as start/answer discussions based on current events. It was interesting to hear everyone's perspectives, and I found our discussions to be especially relevant -- there was a lot to delve into this year due to COVID-19. 

Overall, I think this class in particular is best suited to students who are fine with a very self-guided approach to learning. This class is asynchronous and without any live meetings; time management is important when it comes to distributing the coursework into your week because it is very tough to complete it without spreading it out and approaching it systematically. We were given the class materials, but then we had to essentially teach ourselves the concepts based on them. I would have preferred having a live class time to help teach us the content, or regular teacher office hours for asking questions. As I mentioned before, I genuinely found the time I spent using extra resources to be the difference between doing well in the class, and doing very well/truly understanding the concepts. In conclusion, I certainly recommend taking AP Micro and Macro, especially if you also have an interest in politics, international relations, public policy, or any related area (as I do!) I think the course material is so valuable and applicable to everyday life! This class is best if you are fine with asynchronous online learning and are willing to work hard to understand the concepts, as well as do some supplementary work to solidify your understanding. 

Very good class! posted by Leon Rapoport on May 23 2020 at 19:44:51

Yes, it did. I'm not 100% sure if I got my desired score, but that is mostly because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

I generally put in around 7 hours per week.

I really liked the virtual labs, they made me use my microeconomics knowledge in real life situations.

Yes, it did.

Yes, the other students were pretty helpful, and the conversations were always interesting.

Yes, I would recommend this course. I'm not sure if this course is for everyone though - you need to be willing to be up for the challenge.


I just wanted to say that Mr. Burns is a great teacher, but I definitely wouldn't have made it through the class without the TAs. Erik and Kendall were insanely helpful and supportive, thank you so much guys!

Micro is an amazing class for a motivated student! posted by Rachel Shey on May 22 2020 at 04:05:34

I did not take the AP exam; however, I felt like the prep in this class was sufficient and am confident that I could have passed if I'd taken it.  There was not as much prep as other AP classes I have taken, but overall it was good.  

I would say about 5-7 hrs a week.  The lab assignments took me about 1-3 hrs a week, and the videos, quizzes, and readings usually took about 1-2 hrs.  Games took about an hour or two as well.  

The games and the current events discussions were particularly enjoyable!  I was especially excited by the epidemic game and the airline game.  A few weeks before the end of the class I convened with a few of my classmates to play some games, which was a super fun and educational way to spend an afternoon.  

Yes, although the Macroeconomics class had already made me pretty interested in Economics!

My classmates and I didn't really discuss very often, so I feel like class discussion was not as valuable or interesting as in other classes I have taken.  However, this class definitely has a social aspect in the games, which I enjoyed very much.  

This class feels similar to self-paced courses I have taken before.  While it is not entirely self-paced, it isn't the most interactive course, and Mr. Burns doesn't have live classes, so I think self-motivation is particularly important in this course.  In addition, most class instruction is in Khan Academy videos or reading powerpoints, so if you learn well on your own, this class will work well for you!  

Economics, pasta, and more posted by Erik Brodsky on May 23 2019 at 22:45:59

This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam, and I felt very confident when I was taking it.

I probably put in around 5 hours of work per week.

I especially liked the games (Pasta Wars and a stock simulation), since they were good real-life examples of what we were studying. Fortunately, the stock simulation was a simulation, as my investments went rather... poorly.

This course definitely made me more interested; I knew next to nothing about economcis before I took this course, but now I think it's fascinating.

My discussions with other students were definitely valuable. Every Friday, one of the TAs would run a 1-hour study session where we would cover the topics we learned that week.

I would recommend this course to any student who's interested in learning about economics.

Review of AP Microeconomics Course posted by Ryan Sowa on May 18 2019 at 18:39:02

The class was well run and I learned a lot! Thanks so much!

Great Class! posted by Joshua Anumolu on June 05 2018 at 02:13:24

Absolutely, this class prepared me for the AP exam. It covered almost everything I needed to know for the AP exam. Do note: There are a few things on the AP exam this class does not cover, but they are very minor and you can easily study them yourself.

I put about one hour per day on average into the course.

My favorite assignment was the weekly assigned topic discussions. This is because it it enabled me to engaged with the economic theory I was reading about, and provide my own opinions, spiking my interest and engagement and helped me truly understand the material. I also liked the discussions we had on the "general discussion board," because we were applying economics to real-life current events.

The course definitely enhancced my interest in the subject. In my opinion, microeconomics is the more interesting part of the two parts of economics, as it delves into individual human behavior (including behavioral economics!) much more deeply than macro.

Yes -- my fellow classmates often pointed out a novel idea or reason that I had missed, brought up fresh examples, and helped to answer questions I had.

Students interested in economics (duh); students interested in any social science; and anyone who is intellectually curious about the world around them and why people behave the way they do.



AP Micro-Economics Class Review posted by Lucy Eyre on May 15 2017 at 24:07:29

1. I felt the course prepared me well for the AP Exam. Our textbook was clear and easy to read. The labs helped us to apply the information we had learned in the textbook. The quizzes helped me to realize which areas I was weak on. Whenever I had a question, I could ask Mr. Burns for help. When we got closer to the exam, we had to review FRQs from past exams. This really helped me to get used to the types of questions they would ask on the test. We also took four practice exams. I got a five in each one because Mr. Burns had made it clear what would show up on the test! 

2. I generally put about an hour or an hour and a half per weekday into this class. 

3. The labs we used allowed me to apply the information I learned in the textbook, so they were very valuable. The practice exams were very valuable as well, since I was able to get used to the exam format. When I got to the exam, I didn't panic because I knew what would be on the test and what it would be like. 

4. Yes, this course did enhance my interest in microeconomics. It was my favorite subject out of all my other school courses! 

5. Yes, it was very interesting to communicate with other students on our forums and discussion boards. We were able to discuss concepts and ask questions if we needed to.  

6. I would definitely recommend this course to other students. Mr. Burns was a great teacher! He was always available to answer questions. Our assignments were clear and easy to find. The textbook, labs, and quizzes all helped me to learn a lot, and have fun at the same time. I felt very prepared for the exam. This is an awesome course, and I would encourage any student that is willing to work hard to take it!

AP Micro Review posted by Stephen Wolf on May 15 2017 at 14:13:44

Definitely.  Mr. Burns was very thorough with all of the material he assigned, and I felt really confident the whole way through the AP Micro Exam.  

I particularly enjoyed the flour game, where Mr. Burns put us into groups and we became our own flour mills.  The idea of the game was to help us understand Nash Equilibrium and how oligopolistic firms HAVE to make their decisions based off of their competitors' decisions.  I also enjoyed this game because my team ended up winning!

Oh yes!  I really appreciate both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, and how they are basically the study of human choices.  I think I would want to continue learning along these lines, although I don't know where they will take me.  

What was interesting about this class was that we were all REQUIRED to have at least two substantial posts every single week.  They had to be related to microeconomics somehow, so simply wishing people luck on the exam wouldn't count.  But because of this requirement, I got to learn a lot from my classmates.  Many of the other students would post about some current even and then we would all respond to the post and have discussions about what our opinoins and views are, and it was all really cool!  

Really, the material is not that hard to understand, and it doesn't take too long to complete the required work.  In my book, any student who is curious about economics and who wants to learn should take this course.  

A fantastic class! posted by Chris Kuo on May 15 2017 at 03:29:51

This course prepared me really well for the AP exam! In the final two weeks before the exam, Mr. Burns had us take practice tests, review the content, and watch interesting Microeconomics youtube videos.  These activities helped me to get a good grasp of the material.  By the time exam day came, I felt very confident! 

I probably put in about 9 hours per week on this course.  The workload is very manageable, and Mr. Burns also adds in some fun activities like a stock market game and a game theory simulation.  

One awesome aspect of this course was the discussion forums.  This is one thing that I really appreciate about Mr. Burns's classes (check out his AP U.S. history class as well!).  He introduces an assigned discussion topic on some aspect of economics each week.  Besides this, there's also a general discussion forum where students can get to know each other or talk about topics in economics that they find interesting.  Finally, there's also a "economics in the news" forum where we can discuss how economics applies to current events.  These discussions have sharpened my critical thinking skills and also given me a better understanding of how economics relates to the real world.  

I highly recommend this class! Mr. Burns is a great teacher and microeconomics is a great subject! 

Good Microeconomics Class posted by Yahya Tayyan on May 12 2017 at 22:04:19

I definitely felt that this class prepared me for the AP test, I was confident of all the answers that I wrote. It's not a very heavy workload, only perhaps 3 hours a week or so. There are several fun economics games that we played over the year that were rather enjoyable. Also the Khan Academy videos that were posted were very helpful. Before I started this class I didn't know much about Economics, but this class definitely piqued my interest.

I think any student who wants to understand the general concept of economics and topics such as supply and demand would definitely do well in this course.

A Good AP Micro Class posted by Cedonia Peterson on May 18 2016 at 15:34:58

Note: I took the year-long version of this class along with three other AP classes. Including this year's classes, I've taken eight total AP courses through PAH.

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? - Yes, I do. I struggled a little bit keeping all of the graphs straight during the school year, but once I really sat down to study I found the material all came together neatly in my mind. The end-of-year studying basically consists of watching ACDCLeadership videos and taking full-length released exams, which is the absolute best way to study for an economics exam. That's how I studied for Macro last year and got a 5, and I'm pretty confident I got a 5 on Micro this year, too.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? - Hmm, it's hard to say. I usually did the entire week's worth of work in one day (I found that compartmentalizing each class into its own day was the most efficient way to get through all of my AP classes). Micro was usually my second easiest class time-wise, so I would guess I spent about six hours a week working on it. Every week we had a few videos to watch, a chapter to read, a quiz to take, and some practice problems to work; all together, it was really very manageable.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? - My favorite assignments were when we were assigned ACDCLeadership videos to watch. I really can't express how much I love that YouTube channel! There's no better way to cement economic concepts into your brain. Whether you take this class or not, definitely watch those videos whenever you wind up taking an economics course.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? - Not really, no. After taking Macro last year I thought I might major in economics, but Micro has convinced me that's probably not something I really want to do.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? - Yes, to a certain extent. Every week we were required to post twice on the discussion boards, so throughout the year we talked through a variety of topics. Most of the time, though, I was only posting because I had to and not because there was anything I really felt the need to share.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)? - As long as they're willing to work, then anyone can do well in this course. It helps, of course, to have already taken Macro - and I highly recommend Dr. Richman's awesome class! - but that's not an absolute necessity. This isn't the most innovative of classes (it mainly runs like a brick-and-mortar class just moved to an online format), but it's a solid course for anyone who is interested in learning about microeconomics. Of the four AP classes I took this year (the others being Calc AB, English Lit, and Computer Science), this was probably the one that I was most apathetic about: I did the work, and I made good grades, but I very rarely thought about the material when I wasn't actively working on the class. I just didn't, well, care about Micro the way I did my other classes. If you're more of a business-centric person, or you plan on being an entrepreneur someday, then you'll probably find the class a lot more absorbing than I did.

Awesome Microeconomics Class! posted by Thomas Borgese on May 16 2016 at 23:57:13

The course was rigorous and well-organized. I felt that it really prepared me for the AP exam and future economics coursework. I would highly recommend this course to any student who is interested in learning how the economy works and is willing to put in good effort to master the concepts.

Great Class posted by Happy Economics Student on May 16 2016 at 20:10:44

• Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, this course definitely did. I felt very prepared going into and during my exam. My one comment is that the course covered more than just the exam. We were not assigned busywork, but we covered economic content that was not directly relevant to the test. That being said, this extra content definitely furthered my understanding of economics and was interesting.

• How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I generally put in 6 to 7 hours a week. I would encourage future students to first watch the week's videos, then read the chapter, then complete the FLYX lab, study the material, and finally take the week's test. 

• Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Each week all students were expected to submit two posts on the discussion board. While these posts were sometimes interesting, I found it to be a bit of a boar toward the end of the year when we had run out of topics. The group games and activities were fun though. I would definitely look ahead in the syllabus to see when these will occur because they require extra time and precise scheduling. 

• What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

I definitely recommend this class. It was one of my favorites this year. The concepts are usually very straightforward and make a lot of sense. Mr. Burns is a great teacher and was happy to answer any question I had. While some math is involved, it is very basic. If you can multiply, divide, draw graphs, and understand exponents, you should do just fine. 

Great class! posted by Haley Harrison on May 27 2015 at 13:04:06

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?
I feel pretty confident about it; independent study is definitely required for this course.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
I generally spent 1-2 hours a day, depending on the topic and assignments.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?
I found out that, while I like economics, Macro is easier for me than Micro. I had been told that you either like Micro and hate Macro or vice-versa. As the course progressed, however, I liked both more and more. While this was a challenging class, I enjoyed taking the AP exam and found that I retained more than I had realized.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?
A sudent who puts the time into this class can succeed. Economics is definitely good to understand, regardless of a student's chosen career path. I would recommend this course to other students.

Any last tips?
Watch the ACDC YouTube economics videos with Mr. Clifford. These are great resources to get a different perspective, and they are concise. You can succeed in this course!

AP Microeconomics Review posted by Hope Harvey on May 21 2015 at 13:00:38

Mr. Burn's AP Microeconomics class was excellent in every aspect! I did not know anything about economics before I started the class. However, at the end of the class I felt prepared and ready to take the AP test. All the quizzes, games, videos, and review work helped me to not only retain the course work but also realize the real-life applications in it. The practice tests Mr. Burns provided closer to the test date were a huge help in building confidence and readiness.

This class would be perfect for any diligent student interested in learning economic concepts and taking the AP Microeconomics test.

Microeconomics posted by Joshua on May 21 2015 at 12:29:32

I took Microeconomics Daniel Burns and really enjoyed the experience. We had an indepth course and great interaction. Mr. Burns also prepaired us excellently for the AP exam and gave us all the studying material and advice we needed.

Microeconomics Review posted by Kate Balcom on May 19 2015 at 16:03:27

Mr. Burns' Microeconomics class was great because it not only taught me basic economic concepts that everyone should know, but it also prepared me extremely well for the AP exam. I felt very confident in the material heading into the test because of the extensive review work that Mr. Burns gave us. Even though the Microeconomic exam was on the last possible AP test day this year, I felt like I could have taken the test two weeks earlier when other AP tests were starting to be administered since I retained the information I had learned throughout the year quite well because of the various readings, videos, activities, and quizzes Mr. Burns assigned us throughout the year. On average, I spent about 8 hours a week on economics homework.

I would definitely recommend this class to any hardworking student, no matter what their interest level in economics, because the concepts you will learn in Mr. Burns' class help you even if you do not plan to major in this field. Learning economics will positively affect your decision making and help you view the business world with a different perspective. This year, I found myself constantly writing about economic concepts in my AP English papers to help back up my arguments. The variety of ways to utilize economics is just one of the many reasons this class is worth taking. 

Mr. Burn's Microeconomics course posted by Donald Quinn IV on May 19 2015 at 12:22:28

Although I only took the spring semester of Mr. Burn's class, I feel it covered a lot of material in just a few months and really prepared me for the AP exam. If you decide to take just the spring semester I would definitely make sure you just took Macroeconomics with Dr. Richman, because spring Micro moves very fast. 

I probably put in 2-4 hours a day for this course, although I'm sure it wouldn't be as much for the full course. I would totally make sure you don't miss the fun and educational games Mr. Burns has in this course, like the stock market game, and the Pasta Wars game. I also found that engaging in frequent discussions and debates with my classmates(many of whom I had just worked with in Macro) to be very helpful in the learning process. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in business or economics, although I think everyone can benefit from an understanding of economics. This course also makes a great combination with Dr. Richman's Macroeconomics course. This is a great course and Mr. Burns is a great teacher, so if you are interested in income inequality and monopolies, or are just a hardworking student, I would highly recommend this class. 

AP Micro review posted by Jared Cochrane on May 17 2015 at 03:53:33

I would strongly recomend this class to anyone who enjoys detailed economic analysis and its application to the real world. If the student devotes the necessary time and work into this class, he will not only learn fundamental economic concepts, but he will also learn how to truly think like an economist, a skill that is necessary for success in anything from business, to government, to every day living. In terms of the AP Microeconomics exam, I felt that this class prepared me well for the topics that were tested. I spent approximately 6 hours studying Microeconomics per week, and throughout the duration of the course my interest in the subject continued to grow because, no matter where you go, microeconomics always plays a part in decision making. Even if the people making decisions don't realize it, the concepts presented in this class have significant impact on the way the world opperates. This class gives you the benefit of knowing what specifically goes on behind the scenes of a seemingly simplistic decision. 

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