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I came into this course with very little interest in chemistry, and I exited it making geeky chemistry jokes to my family and teaching my little brother about intermolecular forces during the Christmas Eve service in church (no joke!). 

AP Class Reviews

Neuroscience and the Brain taught by Bonnie Gonzalez

by Students and Parents

MOST OUTSTANDING TEACHER AND CLASS EVER!!!!! posted by Katie on May 25 2019 at 03:37:01

First, to anyone reading this, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TAKE AP PSYCH WITH MRS. G if you haven't already!!! This was my favorite class of all time, and taught by my favorite teacher ever (outside my mom!). As a prior student of Mrs. G's, I'm beyond thrilled to return as a TA this year, and I hope you'll join me for an incredibly amazing year of AP Psych!

I loved every aspect of this class, as it isn't just 'book-learning'; you'll actually see the concepts that you're learning about all around you in your life. The purpose of this class is focused on that, and Mrs. G does a fantastic job breaking down the chapters into very manageable pieces to learn. There is a lot of information, but the structure of this class allows you to soak it all in through live lectures and chats (something you absolutely have to attend!), textbook, paper lectures, videos, a mixture of assignments, and tests/essays. Each week, I looked forward to the lectures and chats as they provided an excellent framework for the week's material, and it is really fun to see how everyone else sees the information in their lives. The most meaningful assignments to me were definitely the self-improvement projects and the gratitude letter. It was truly wonderful to see the reactions that people had when I gave them their letters!

Thanks to Mrs. G's excellent preparation over the course of the year, and especially from the 'Boot-Camp Review' that she conducted in the weeks leading up to the AP exam, I was able to walk into the testing site confidently. I was surprised at how many of the MCQs I knew without a shadow of a doubt, and the FRQs I was able to answer without difficulty. This class was the best one I've ever done, and I really hope you'll come along for an absolutely amazing year of AP Psych! One last note, if when you decide to take this class, make sure to get to know your classmates; the interaction is always full of fun and puns, and although it can be distracting, the friendships you'll build will be amazing. Thank you so much Mrs. G for the best class of my life - because of you I have my heart set on taking psychology classes next year from the local community college!

Great Class!! posted by David Brodsky on May 20 2019 at 12:35:55

Yes! I felt very confident about the AP exam, except for a couple tricky MCQs. Mrs. G is really enthusiastic about psychology, which is obvious during her lectures and chats. All the important topics were covered in detail. 

I'd say I spent about 6-8 hours per week on this class. Every week we had 1-hour live lectures and 1-hour chats (which often went overtime), and then we had lectures to read, videos to watch, and assignments to complete. We had tests once a week or once every two weeks, depending how much time we took to cover a chapter. 

Of all the assignments, I particuarily enjoyed the Summer Book Review and the Research Project. There were also two group projects, but don't worry, Mrs. G makes sure everybody contributes.

Definitely! Before this class I was interested in psychology, but I knew very little about it. Now I can understand myself and other people better. 

For sure! Discussing psychology topics with other students during live lectures and chats was fun, as was participating in group projects together. We also had a Google Hangouts chat for occasional study sessions and chatting about psychology.

I'd recommend this class to anyone who is passionate about/interested in psychology and who is able to stay on top of this class. I personally am a STEM person who was mainly interested in the subject. There was a touch of memorization which I didn't enjoy, but that's just me. Lots of the material is fairly logical and down-to-earth. It's definitely less time-consuming than some other APs (i.e. APUSH in my case).

Please, please, please, take this class!!

My favorite class ever! posted by Danielle on May 28 2018 at 01:57:46

This class is amazing! Thank you Mrs. G and all my classmates for making AP Psych such a memorable class for me.

Overall, I felt very prepared for the AP exam. There were a couple MCQs I was not quite sure about, but I knew almost all of the terminology. In the FRQs, I recognized all the terms and was able to answer them comfortably.

On average, I spent 6-10 hours a week on this course. I’m a slow reader, so I spent around two hours reading the text every week. I spent one hour participating in the live lecture and another hour in the live chat (both of which were very helpful). I spent 1-2 hours studying/reviewing the weekly material for the chapter tests and then about one hour on the actual chapter test. In the 2-3 weeks leading up to the AP exam, I spent about three hours a day reviewing, doing practice FRQs and MCQs, and attending the live review lectures hosted by Mrs. G.

I loved working on the project for the APA competition. It was a way for me to put together and synthesize what I had learned so far in the class and also introduced me to new information that piqued my interest in the field. It was also my first time making a video, so the project itself challenged me to go above and beyond my comfort zone. Throughout the entire project, Mrs. G was very enthusiastic about helping me improve and better understand the competition topic.

This course definitely enhanced my interest in the subject. Before taking AP Psych, I had a vague idea of what psychology was, but this course introduced me to the deeper and much more interesting aspects of it. It also encouraged me to look more into social and clinical psychology and possibly anthropology.

The communication with my classmates was definitely valuable. The live lectures and chats were always entertaining and educational. My classmates would share interesting stories related to the material we were studying and raise challenging questions that prompted me to think more deeply about the topics. Working with them also encouraged me to work harder (social facilitation, anyone?). It was a great experience communicating with them and exchanging ideas.

Any student who is willing to put full effort into the class will do well in this course. The workload is not too heavy and Mrs. G always presents the material in a way that is easy to understand. I enjoyed being part of this class and would highly recommend it :)

Best Online AP Psychology Class posted by Nate Kovscek on May 26 2018 at 24:53:40

This class was stupendous! Thank you Mrs. G for being such a wonderful teacher!

Mrs. G's class prepared me very well for the exam in May. Amidst all the class lectures and chats and the like, I was given a lot of concise information about the course material. Mrs. G is very quick to respond to any questions you have and always has a great answer. She gave great attention to each of us and was eager for our questions. I think the wonderful thing about having Mrs. G as a teacher is that she teachs the course material with a passion and from experience. That made the class so much more engaging and enjoyable. Mrs. G really flows when she teaches.

I probably spent an average of two hours per day for this class. Mrs. G held two different lectures each week. Each was an hour long. I also had a group with which I would study with. Those can be...distracting...sometimes, but it makes the class so much more fun.

For the chapter on memory, Mrs. G had us make a memory map. We were supposed to map out how we form memories and how they are stored. For example, you first have to have some sort of data to put into memory. This sensory information is first stored in sensory memory which lasts only a very short amount of time. A lot of information is then sifted out from sensory memory and the remaining information reaches stage 2 which is short term memory. Then, if rehearsal is practiced, the information will be placed in long term memory. We had to map this and all the details of it and give a description of what it was. I would like to point out that all the assignment Mrs. G had us do were very fun. It was hard to choose. They were all very interesting and made remembering the material so much easier.

Yes, my interest in psychology has hightened after taking this class. There are so many fascinating theories of how we experience emotion and what motivates us. Of course that is only the tip of the massive iceberg of pyschology. 

I found the interaction with the other students to be very valuable and very interesting. It was very valuable because hilarious stories would be told that we could relate to the course material, and it was very interesting to meet so many different people with different world views. If you decide to take this class, do NOT hurt yourself be working on it alone. It makes the class so much more fun to have a group you can talk about the material with (OK, and a bunch of other off topic things, but that is part of the fun.)

Anybody who is willing to work hard will do well in this class. Just don't procrastinate like I did sometimes... It really is a fun class. You will be self motivated to learn the material.



Wonderful class! posted by Nina on May 18 2018 at 24:01:32

This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam. There were multiple times during the exam where I heard Mrs. G saying something in my head, or remembered a clip of a video she gave us. Those memories really helped me on the exam, and made me feel more confident in my answers. 

I put about five hours of work a week into this course. Two+ for the required lecture/chat, one+ for reading the textbook, and an hour to two hours for the test, essay, and any other mandatory and optional assignments.

My favorite assignment was the research project we did. I found it interesting and incredibly useful. It was just so hard to choose a topic...:)

This course definitely enhanced my interest in Psychology! I wanted to learn more about Psych after reading some behavioral economics books, and this course made me realize that Psychology is not a) an easy course, or b) a psuedo-science. Instead, I learned much more about Psychology and the various psychological perspectives, along with the studies that've been done to back up the concepts.

I found my interactions with other students to be very valuable. I was in a Psych study group with some other students, and "we" collaborated on the Quizlet (I didn't actually help with the Quizlet, I mooched off my more dedicated, note-taking classmates), as well as having various discussions, psych and non-psych related. All were usually hilarious, particularly when we began competing to see who could answer the most MCQs as we approached the AP exam.

 Anyone who's interested in Psychology and willing to put in a reasonable amount of work will do well in this course. Mrs. G is a wonderful teacher, responding rapidly to questions and giving you some flexibility if you have other obligations. Her lectures and chats were fun and entertaining, as well. I'd highly recommend this course!

Absolutely fantastic class! posted by Joshua Hoye on May 26 2016 at 24:04:20

Absolutely. Although of course I was going into the test, I found that I was very well prepared for virtually all material on the test, and experienced enough to write the essays with ralative ease thanks to Mrs. Gonzalez exelent teaching style and exercises.

I cant say for sure, but probably 1-2 hours a day on average. However, I work and read fairly slowly.

There are are a couple that are especially memorable, the first being the assignment regarding classical conditioning where I got to anoy my siblings by blowing air in their eyes with a straw and they couldnt stop me because it was all in the name of science! (Just kidding :P) And the assignment regarding the gratitude letter, because although it was difficult it turned out to be pretty meaningful.

Exponentially! Going into this class I didnt have all that much interest in psychology (or at least what I thought was psychology), but through this class I have learned that the field of psychology is a very far reaching, interesting, applicable, involved, aaaannd occasionally strange (*cough*Freud*cough*) field of science.

Yes, especcially in the chats and live leccures commmunicating with other students and Mrs. G was encouraging, helpful, and often quite funny.

I think that any student who is willing to work hard would do well in this class thanks to the exelent teaching, design, and flexible structure, and i would recomend this class to anyone who likes to know more about how things work, how the brain functions, and why we act and think the way we do. 

Overall this class is just really amazing, mostly thanks to Mrs. Gonzalez who  really knows and loves what she is talking about, and is flexible, understanding, and will work hard to make sure every student really grasps what they need to get an exelent score on the exam and develop an enduring love for the diverse field of Psychology.

Thank you Mrs. G!!

Amazing class!! posted by Maddie Zobrist on May 24 2016 at 13:53:55

I absolutely adored this class!! It was by far my favorite!  I would highly recommend it to every student looking for a fun but challenging class!

Review of AP Psychology posted by Virginia Hudspeth on May 23 2016 at 13:23:13

This is my favorite of any class I have ever taken!(and that's saying something because I've taken a lot of classes) Mrs. G is a very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful teacher. The chats and live lectures she hosts really helped me in this class. This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam, so much so that I didn’t even need to use a review book to do well on it. I probably spent around 10 hours on average on this course, but it didn’t feel like that long because I really enjoyed learning the material. My favorite assignment was the research project. That really helped me understand more about the components of a research paper and was just plain fun to do. Prior to this class, I was not particularly interested in psychology but now I’m reading psychological articles for fun I find it that interesting. This class showed me how interesting psychology can be. I liked interacting with the other students over the chats and live lectures and participating in their research projects. This class requires a student to be motivated and work hard but the effort is worth it. 18 out of 10 would recommend this class.

AP Psychology Review posted by Helen Cook on May 17 2016 at 17:06:14

Mrs. Gonazalez's AP Psychology course was very fascinating and engaging! She did an excellent job of making the material interesting and fun to learn while also requiring a high level of interaction with other students! Mrs. Gonzalez also taught in a manner that made the material easy to learn and retain, making it very easy to review and study for the AP exam. Compared to other AP courses, the courseload was refreshingly light, with maybe five to seven hours per week of studying, lectures, chats, and tests. One particular assignment that was especially valubale was the research project during the second semester, which helped me to understand how to conduct research, calculate statistics, and write up my results in a formal research paper. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am planning on majoring in Psychology now during my undergraduate years! 

Highly recommend this course! posted by Zara Moss on May 15 2016 at 21:50:55

I loved taking AP Psychology with Mrs. Gonzalez. Before taking the course, I was mildly interested in psychology, but didn't have a good understanding of all that the field entails. I now have useful knowledge about psychology and its various subfields. I also have a better understand of myself and the people around me. On top of that, I am now driving my friends and family crazy by spouting psychology terms at them for anything they say or do. 

This course, and Mrs. Gonzalez, prepared me excellently for the AP exam. I went in feeling confident in my knowledge and ready to tackle anything the test threw at me.

Out of all the assignments over the year, my favorite was the research project, hands down. I think it is valuable to have experience designing and carrying out research experiments before college. I also loved that the research could be on any aspect of psychology that interested me, and it was great to hear about and participate in all of the different projects other students came up with.

One of the things that made this class stand out from other APs I have taken was the live interaction aspects. It was great to be able to attend lectures with other students, as well as Mrs. Gonzalez, and be able to build relationships with them. The personal aspect of a class can be lost when it’s taught over the internet, but Mrs. Gonzalez did an excellent job making sure that wasn't the case in this class. 

Lastly, I would recommend this class to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!!! It is so valuable to learn about the human mind, development, and all of the other amazing topics covered in this course. Mrs. Gonzalez is an excellent teacher who instills a bit of her love of psychology into every one of her students. I am so glad I took this class and quite honestly, I wish I could take it again next year!

Great Class!! posted by Alaina R. on May 13 2016 at 19:36:28

Yes, yes, and yes! Did I mention yes? We took tests in semi-AP format the entire year and then spent the last two weeks of class reviewing for the test. We reviewed practice tests, released questions, and strategies for test day.


I would say it took about 7 or so hours a week.


The research project was especially valuable. Each step required learning a new set of rules, gathering/processing information, and keeping the end goal in mind. This was a valuable experience in personal development.


Yes, most certainly.

The group projects went very well; everyone in the group was willing to work their fair share.


I would recommend this course to other students. I think an interest in the subject is a definite plus, but this course would be great for anyone. This is a good introduction to APs. It was neither overwhelming nor too easy.

Awesome class and teacher posted by Abigail Stutzman on May 12 2016 at 24:07:02

AP Psychology was by far my favorite class that I took this year. I can confidently say that it was largely due to Mrs. Gonzalez’s teaching, explanations, and positive attitude. She is a wonderful teacher and prepared us well for the AP exam. The assignments were not overbearing, and I typically spent 7-10 hours a week on this class. When I first signed up for this course, I was excited but also a bit skeptical of whether or not it would be interesting or if I would enjoy it. I soon found that the brain is absolutely fascinating and the concepts and theories could be so easily related into my life. It has broadened my thinking and reactions as well as some of my interests! Talking to other students was a valuable part of this course. As we were all studying for the midterm or the AP exam, students would post encouraging messages or answer questions that other students had. I believe that any student would do well in this course as long as they are willing to work hard, participate in lectures and chats, and learn new things. 

Mrs. Gonzalez's Psychology Class posted by Angelia P. on May 11 2016 at 17:17:44

Did you feel that the course prepared you for the AP exam?

I felt that the course prepared me incredibly well for the AP exam. When I opened my exam booklet and saw the questions I felt perfectly capable of answering all of them. Out of all 100 multiple choice questions I only encountered three or four that I did not feel confident on.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generaly put into the course?

During the general school year I would say that I put in one to one and a half hours a week for reading and videos, about forty-five minutes for the mandatory assignment, a half hour for the optional assignment and two hours for the live chat and lecture each week. In total I would estimate about 5 hours a week for weeks without tests & essays (every other week). Adding those in would increase the total to about 6 hours for the school year. I put in more time before the exam and in the week reviewing for the midterm.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

The most valuable part of the class to me was the two weeks of review before the AP exam. The live lectures and chats helped me so much in preparing for the exam. During the chats, we practiced multiple choice questions, and during the lectures we worked through FRQs. I think that botarly favorith of these were incredibly helpful to my understanding how to answer the questions both efficiently and correctly.

In terms of assignments throughout the year, I think that the research project was especially valuable for my understanding of several concepts in psychology. I loved that it was a hands-on project, and also felt that it helped me learn about designing experiments, carrying them out, writing a paper on the experiment, and developed my passion for psychology as well as helping me learn about the subject that I was studying in my project.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes, this course greatly enhanced my interest in the subject!

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students?

I think that any student who has a passion for learning, is self-disciplined and is not afraid to work hard would do wonderfully in this course. I would DEFINITELY recommend this course to other students!

Thank you Mrs. G for all that you did for us this year!

A Wonderful Class and a Highly Accessible Teacher posted by Meghan Bonneville on May 10 2016 at 21:41:10

My experience in Mrs. Gonzalez's AP psychology class was definitely a postive one, and it made me wonder why anyone would ever consider self-studying for an AP exam.  In addition to preparing us well for the exam, Mrs. Gonzalez made the learning process exciting through her lecturing and unique assignments.  Even though the class was extremely large this year, she interacted with students a lot and was very willing to help whenever I asked her questions. 

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Yes, it definitely did.  There were very few topics mentioned on the test that the course did not cover.  I felt very comfortable with my knowledge of the concepts on the test since we discussed them in detail throughout the course of the year.  Learning the material through many different sources (the texbook, written lectures, recorded lectures and chats) got repetitive at times, but I probably learned the concepts more solidly through this process.  The essays I wrote for the tests during the year also prepared me well for the free response questions.  Although they were slightly different than the essays on the test, the emphasis Mrs. Gonzalez placed on relating terms to the situation made it very easy to transition into the essays for the AP test during the review weeks.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? I generally spent between two and three hours each day - sometimes more while I worked on my research project during the winter semester.  The amount of time spent on this class can vary slightly depending on whether you decide to complete the optional assignments and attend the chats.  When the workload became heavy I would often skip these assignments. I still attended the chats since I found the websites we visited to be very helpful.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? I would have to say that my favorite assignment was the dinner party near the beginning of the year which involved researching a famous psychologist and presenting their theories through a class discussion (well, it might have also helped that I picked a rather controversial theorist from the 1930s who conducted unethical experiments on monkeys).  This assignment was a very engaging approach to learning about specific theories in detail.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?  I was interested in the subject of psychology before taking this class, so I can't really say that it increased my interest.  Since this is an introductory psychology class, we did not cover some of the topics in as much depth as I would have liked, but it did definitely help me to determine which topics in psychology interest me most.  Mrs. Gonzalez's teaching made the topics that I don't enjoy quite as much to be more interesting since she includes many specific examples and reasearch studies in her lectures. 

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? It was a pretty big group of students the year I took this class (over 50), so this made student interactions a bit more difficult.  Still, I did find it helpful to be able to discuss some of the material with other students during the weekly chats and live lectures.  The questions students post on the class board also help with the learning process.  I also found Mrs. Gonzalez to be very accessible when I asked questions even though the class size was so large.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students? Yes, I think that anyone who has an interest in psychology and has some experience with answering essay questions should do well in this course.  A good memory for terms can also help, since psychology is full of them.  Having never taken an AP course before this class, I found it to be a good one to start with.

A satisfactory class posted by Althea Wimer on May 09 2016 at 23:38:52

This class did a good job of preparing me for the AP exam.  The weekly reading, lectures, and chats reinforced my knowledge of the psychology terms which paid off when it came time to take the exam.  I felt confident in my understanding of the psychological terminology for the test.  The concepts we learned throughout the year were fascinating and also very practical.  I would often learn about something in class and then see that phenomenon in myself or my family and friends.  I spent about 10 hours a week on psychology.  I think the least I ever spent was 5 hours and the most was 13 hours.  My only caution in recommending the class is that it seemed a bit disorganized, which was sometimes frustrating.  I would recommond the class to someone who is patient and willing to be self-disciplined in learning the concepts--Mrs. Gonzalez will not hover over you to make sure you get done, you must make personal effort.  You also may wish to be aware that there is a required research project in the spring which does take some extra time apart from the regular class time.  It is certainly manageable, but you may wish to plan accordingly.  Best wishes!

One of my very favorite classes with an amazing teacher!!! posted by Sarah Hutchinson on June 02 2015 at 20:25:23

Definitely! Nothing startled me on the AP exam and I feel that this class prepared me extremely well. I felt very confident and at ease the entire test! Mrs. G is very helpful the "final two weeks" of class and offers live chats and Q&A's to prepare for the exam. I found this extensive review very helpful and it really helped me feel calm. 

About 10 hours a week, not including chats or Q&A's. 

The research paper. A lot of the AP exam essays focus on designing and conductioning an experiment, and the best way to learn about doing experiments is to do one! It was also facinating to write and research about a psychological topic that I personally found interesting (although everything with pyschology is facinating). :)

Absolutely! I found myself applying psychology principles to my other classes, espcially those on memory. I'm pretty sure I drove some of my friends crazy by constantly talking about pyschology stuff. 

Yes!I found the converstations during the chats particularly beneficial. A lot of the students brought up some really stuff - from questions to memory tips to funny stories. 

Obviously, someone who is willing to give 100% effort will do well in this class. I know AP Psych is considered an "easy" AP class, but don't let that get to you. This class requires a lot of memorization and participation in order to do well. If you are willing to give all your effort, then you will do well. 

I would absolutely recommend this course to other students! I had little to no knowledge of pyschology before this course, and now (a month after the exam) am still thinking about the concepts I learned. This was definitely my favorite class of the year. Also, Mrs. G is a GREAT teacher. She genuinely cares about her students doing well and is very nurturing and kind. 

Mrs. G is an amazing, kind, and engaging teacher! I LOVED this class!! posted by TessaJoy Olson on May 24 2015 at 16:29:30

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

                Yes! Everything that we did in this class was very helpful and applicable to the exam. Especially after the 2 weeks of review that we did leading up to the exam, I felt prepared and ready to walk into the test room.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

                Any AP class requires quite a bit of time, but this class wasn’t too overwhelming. I mainly spent more time on this course because I enjoyed the material and wanted to really study and understand every topic that was covered. On average, I’d say I spent between 9-12 hours a week on this class (not including the weekly chats and Q&A sessions). During the weeks of the research project, I spent a few extra hours working on that. A couple of weeks out from the exam, I spent significantly more time studying and reviewing (and we had chats/Q&As almost every day). All of the hours that I put into AP Psych were worth it, though!

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

                While the research project wasn’t necessarily geared toward preparing for the actual AP exam, I did really enjoy doing it. It did help to solidify some of the statistics and research methods that do come up on the exam, though. I also enjoyed doing the gratitude letter and the classical and operant conditioning experiments.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

                Yes! This class confirmed my desire to study psychology in college in the fall. Mrs. G also inspired me to later pursue a degree as a marriage and family counselor. Everything about this class was interesting, fun, challenging, and exciting.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

                Out of all of the online AP classes that I have taken, Mrs. G’s AP Psych class definitely had the most beneficial, valuable live chats! One of my favorite parts of this class was the lively discussions with other students and with Mrs. G. I especially found the live Q&A sessions helpful, as Mrs. G would be on a webcam talking to us and answering our spontaneous questions.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

                Whether or not you are interested in psychology, I can guarantee you that you will love it after this class! In order to feel prepared for the exam and do well in this class, you do need to be responsible and self-motivated. Those who were most involved in the class (those who went to the chats regularly, turned in assignments on time, commented on other students’ essays, participated in discussions by asking questions and giving suggestions, etc.) probably got the most out of the class and did the best on the exam. I absolutely recommend this course to any student!!

I truly loved this class. Mrs. G is an AMAZING teacher! She is friendly, warm, and engaging, and it is obvious that she cares about her students and wants to help us learn. This is a wonderful class!!!

Amazing, interesting, and applicable information and class! posted by Megan Pollon on May 21 2015 at 18:08:14

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes!  All the information was thouroughly covered and I feel confident that I did well.

How many hours of work per week did you generally put into the course?

I put in about 6-9 hours.  It depended on the the type of assignment due or whether or not there was a test.

Are there any particularly favortie assignments that you found especially valuable?

The research project was very fun and interesting!  You get to explore a topic that you're interested in and see how it relates to psychology.  It also helped me better understand some important concepts.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

Yes!  The topics (especially at the end of the year) were fascinating.  I am considering majoring or minoring in psychology now.

What sort of student would do well in this course?

Someone who is interested in psychology!  Since it is kind of an "extra" subject it would be good to have an actual interest in it.  A few things that I would recommend doing from the beginning of the course are:

1.  Make flash cards.  You will not regret doing this.  You will die if you don't do this.  Don't start the class thinking you don't need them and then figure out that you actually do once you're at chapter 6.  Then you will have to go back and catch up when the midterm comes around and that is a nightmare.   (Yes, I made this mistake.)  There are alot of definitions so just know that from the beginning you will be doing a lot of memorizing.

2.  Don't expect the class to be easy.  This class is a lot of work.  It is easier than most other AP's, but it is still work.  Don't take it lightly.  Then if it turns out easy you will be pleasantly surprised.

3.  Know that the most interesting topics are at the end of the year.  There are alot of biological concepts at the beginning.  These are interesting, but hard to get through.  Just know that the most interesting topics come at the end.  The best is last!

One of the BEST classes I have EVER taken! posted by Janelle Naegele on May 20 2015 at 01:41:30

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?  
I felt very prepared going into the exam.  Mrs. G spent the two weeks before the test solely on review.  She sent out many lectures, practice multiple-choice tests, and essays and held numerous chats and QA sessions (none of these things were mandatory to do/attend).  After reading over the lectures and reviewing terms I didn't know, taking the practice multiple-choice tests and essays, and attending the chats and QA sessions, I definitely felt prepared to take the AP exam.  But if I had not done these things, I don't think I would've felt prepared for the test.
How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
I would say that I normally spent about 1-1/2 hours a day (5-7 hours a week) on this course.  This includes the time I spent attending chats/QA sessions, which are both optional.  I definitely could have spent more time studying and such, but I felt like 1-1/2 was a good amount of time that worked well for me.  
Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? 
Mrs. G gave us plenty of optional assignments throughout the year that were a lot of fun, but at the same time taught us more about the subject we were studying.  For example, she might send us a quiz about how addicted we are to the internet, a survey about what stage of development we are in, or a test about how stressed we are.  I really enjoyed taking those fun quizzes/surveys/tests.  
Another assignment that I really enjoyed was the big research project we did during second semester.  Mrs. G let us do a study about nearly anything we wanted to (as long as it pertained to Psychology).  I decided to do a study about something I'd been wondering about before: Is there a correlation between the love languages of parents and children?  In the end, I had over 100 participants and found I had a positive correlation.  I really enjoyed doing this research project and don't think I would've had the opportunity to do it if it hadn't been for this class.  And of course, Mrs. G was there to help me every step of way, happily answering any questions or concerns I had.  
Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?
Yes, without a doubt!  Before we signed up for this class, I remember thinking about how not-interesting this course sounded.  I didn't really know what Psychology was and I didn't really have a desire to find out.  But after taking this class, I am absolutely fascinated by the field of Psychology and hope to learn more about it in the years to come.  One of my favorite parts about Psychology is that you can learn about something and then see it play out in real life; it's not a vague subject that you'll never see it's application.  Throughout the year, I often found myself watching someone do something and thinking, "Oh, he said that because of 'hindsight bias.'...When she does that she's exhibiting the self-serving bias!...That company is trying to persuade me with the foot-in-the-door phenomenon."  Just ask my friends; they'll tell you that I talked a lot about the various Psychology terms I learned about during the year!  
Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? 
I communicated with the students the most during the chats.  I attended the same chat almost every week, so I got "close" with a number of the students that attended that same chat.  Other than that, I didn't communicate a whole lot with other students.  We did have one group project, which helped me get to know a few of the other students.  But I did have access to all the student's email addresses, so if I had wanted to, I could have contacted any of the students if I had a question/comment.  
What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?
A student that has a desire to learn and that is initiative in their studies would do very well in this course.  Many things in this class are optional (chats/QA sessions), so it is up to the student to determine how much/little they want to involved in those activities.  (I believe that both the chats and QA sessions were valuable, so I would definitely recommend attending them as much as possible.)  And as said before, most of the two weeks of prep before the AP exam was optional, so it is mostly up to the student to make sure that he/she is prepared for the exam.  
And YES, I would definitely recommend this course to other students.  This was one of my favorite classes I have EVER taken.  One of my favorite aspects of this class was the high level of contact between the student and the teacher.  I am a person who enjoys a class much more when I feel like I get to know the students and especially the teacher.  I’ve taken other classes in which I never got to see the teacher apart from pictures; and though the class was very good, I didn’t feel like I made a connect with the teacher.  But by watching the recorded videos and attending the live chats and QA sessions in this class, I felt like I had made a personal connect with Mrs. G, which made me enjoy the class much, much more.  And Mrs. G is a whole lot of fun.  The humor she'd put into her emails and chats and the happy and positive attitude she display in her video lectures/QA sessions made me feel like she were a friend who was eager to share interesting information, not just a teacher lecturing me about various subjects.  In summary, I highly recommend this class.  If you take it, I don't think you'll be disappointed!  

One of the most interesting courses you will ever take posted by David Ezana on May 19 2015 at 18:11:25

Absolutely! As long as you complete the assignments, participate in discussions, and do a lot of practice essays/multiple choice questions, you will do well.

I put in about 7 to 10 hours a week between discussions, assignments, and reading.

The discussions and practice essays were absolutely invaluble to me as practice for the actual AP exam essays. The discussions were great in helping me understand so many complicated concepts that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. The practice essays helped me actually hash out those concepts into the important ideas. Both helped me with multiple choice and free response questions. 

This course really opened my eyes about the complexities of human behavior. I could not believe how much there was to know about why we do the things we do - I cannot wait to take more psych classes in college. 

Absolutely! The discussions helped me really understand complicated concepts, which is absolutely vital for the essays on the exam. The ability to participate in discussions about certain phenomenon will make it much easier to do well on the essays. Furthermore, there is was much insight I gained from my interactions with my classmates! I learned a lot from the readings and assignments of course, but the discussions helped me make connections between our everyday lives and the course material. 

Students who are interested in the subject of psychology and willing to put in the correct amount of time and effort will do very well! The content is pretty straightforward, so if you study correctly and utilize all available resources, you will do very well! I have, in fact, already recommended it to several other people interested in the class!

AMAZING CLASS and an OUTSTANDING TEACHER!!! posted by Benjamin Moy on May 18 2015 at 01:38:23

Mrs. Gonzalez's AP Psychology class is awesome, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of whether or not you are interested in "science" or neurology. Although psychology seems like a science or unknown, abstract field, the concepts and phenomena that are learned from the study of the mind and behavior are crucial to understanding that world that exists around us. From individual behavior to group conformity to intelligence and cognition, psychology encompasses nearly every aspect of human life; I have seen very frequently how various psychological concepts such as the door-in-the-face phenomenon, social loafing, Barnum effect, tip of the tongue phenomenon, etc. all have relevance and pertinence to everyday life. 

This course definitely prepared me for the AP exam. I was very confident in my testing abilities, thanks to the extensive involvement of Mrs. Gonzalez, participation by other classmates, and attendance of the weekly chats and Q&A sessions. All sixteen chapters of psychology were covered extensively; I found the review segments at the end of the school year to be especially helpful in preparing for the May exam.

I spent approximately 8-10 hours per week on AP Psychology every week, with increased time (10-12 hours per week) as May approached.

I found the research study to be the most fascinating of all the assignments. In November, Mrs. Gonzalez begins to instruct students about creating a research study that is due in March. During this five month period, students brainstorm psychological concepts, formulate a hypothesis, conduct research/experiment/study, organize data, and compose a research study write-up. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience not only because it was hands-on and interactive; it gave me a deeper understanding of the subject which I was studying as well as an increased interest into the aspects of human behavior that very often go unnoticed. I performed my research study on Recall vs. Recognition: Why Do We Forget and Remember?

This course definitely enhanced my interest in psychology. As stated previously, almost all aspects of psychology are applicable to life and are observed in human behavior. I am considering a major in neuroscience because of the skills and knowledge that I have gained from this course.

As Mrs. Gonzalez will probably tell you, participation is definitely integral to success in this course. The weekly chats and Q&A sessions are crucial to fully grasping the material. Though weekly meetings sounds hectic or undoable, Mrs. Gonzalez usually schedules multiple chats per week and records sessions if students are unavailable to attend. I am an independent learner; to be honest, I was hesitant about attending these sessions at the onset of the course. However, as I began to interact on the online web board and read through the psychological concepts, the urge to join these chats was irresistible. Quite frankly, these weekly meetings are essential and significant to a student’s success in this class. While it does take time out of your schedule, if you are dedicated to doing your best and doing well academically, these meetings won’t even be “time of your schedule.” You’ll wish the chats were longer :)

AP Psychology is not an easy class, nor is it inexplicably difficult. It is certainly doable for juniors and seniors in high school. While it may not be suitable for high school freshmen, I think accomplished sophomores are able to do well. This course requires participation and memorization of many theories and concepts. While it can be challenging at times, Mrs. Gonzalez does an excellent job to ensure that students understand various concepts. The most important thing to remember about psychology is not to overthink it, a very wise AP Psychology teacher once said :) If you think too much about it, you will end up not understanding it. Go with your gut – stick with it. If you’ve learned your material well, interacted with others, followed Mrs. Gonzalez’s lead, attended meetings, finished assignments, and most of all, enjoyed this marvelous study of the intricacies of the mind and human behavior, you won’t have a problem in AP Psychology.

I do have to interject before ending – Mrs. Gonzalez is one of the best teachers that you’ll ever meet. She responds to emails promptly and sends out reminders on a weekly basis regarding material that will/is being covered. Her wealth of knowledge as well as her dedicated experience in counseling prove her to be an accomplished educator. One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Gonzalez always possesses an optimistic attitude and gladly shares her life, time, experiences, and knowledge with students. If you haven’t considered taking this class, I would highly recommend that you consider taking AP Psychology because it has been such a benefit to see how this study has enhanced my understanding of the world around me right now as well as the significant implications that it will have not only on my future education and career but also on my life down the road as well.



die hard psycho-gist (aka i would love to be a psychologist) posted by Hannah Montague on May 13 2015 at 18:16:30

good preperation?

I did, very much so, and the feedback and tips I got from teacher and TA's alike really boosted my confidence (read ego, lol) so that I felt really excited and relaxed and optimistic but realistically so when I went to take the test.


hours studied

Oh... phhshshhhhhhh I don't know.  I studied until things were done, but probably upwards of 6 hours a week.  Closer to nine, if you count listening to lectures and doing chats.  (-shrugs-  thats totally a guess I really have no idea)


Favorite assignments

-all of it?- the quizzes, because I got instant feedback for what I did right (operant conditioning) and when I got somethnig wrong I could learn from my mistake because it was clearly spelled out, and that was really nice.  I really liked playing cash cab for the reviews.

(and the dream diary was fun)


enhanced interest?

can I become a psychologist already?  no?  I have to do college and maybe grad school for that?  Oh well.  It'll be worth it!!!

so yes.  I took this course to see what psych was like and I loved it and I really want to pursue it-- heck, I AM going to pursue it.


student communications?

Yea, mostly because I could kind of cheat off their notes ^^  I learned, don't worry :)  It was fun hearing opinions and thoughts on chats, and hearing questions and veiws I hadn't thought of but learned from.  It definately gave the class a life of its own.  I didn enjoy it (because it was fun to watch)


What kind of students would do well?

Those with a thick hide (some of te stuff in class was sad, some disturbing, like Milgrams stuff.) who have an open mind, and a desire to learn for learnings sake, not just for a grade.  Someone discerning, I would say, but mostly someone who wants to take psych so that they can learn it.  someone forced to take this course probably won't do too well (until they warm to the fascinating subject material!!!)

I would definitely reccomend this to everyone, certainly in part because I enjoyed the teacher and her methods.  This class needs to get out there, it's amazing and I feel really lucky to have discovered it!!!

die hard psycho-gist (aka i would love to be a psychologist) posted by Hannah Montague on May 13 2015 at 18:14:27

good preperation?

I did, very much so, and the feedback and tips I got from teacher and TA's alike really boosted my confidence (read ego, lol) so that I felt really excited and relaxed and optimistic but realistically so when I went to take the test.


hours studied

Oh... phhshshhhhhhh I don't know.  I studied until things were done, but probably upwards of 6 hours a week.  Closer to nine, if you count listening to lectures and doing chats.  (-shrugs-  thats totally a guess I really have no idea)


Favorite assignments

-all of it?- the quizzes, because I got instant feedback for what I did right (operant conditioning) and when I got somethnig wrong I could learn from my mistake because it was clearly spelled out, and that was really nice.  I really liked playing cash cab for the reviews.

(and the dream diary was fun)


enhanced interest?

can I become a psychologist already?  no?  I have to do college and maybe grad school for that?  Oh well.  It'll be worth it!!!

so yes.  I took this course to see what psych was like and I loved it and I really want to pursue it-- heck, I AM going to pursue it.


student communications?

Yea, mostly because I could kind of cheat off their notes ^^  I learned, don't worry :)  It was fun hearing opinions and thoughts on cats, and hearing questions and veiws I hadn't thought of but learned from.  It definately gave the class a life of its own.  I didn enjoy it (because it was fun to watch)


What kind of students would do well?

Those with a thick hide (some of te stuff in class was sad, some disturbing, like Milgrams stuff.) who have an open mind, and a desire to learn for learnings sake, not just for a grade.  Someone discerning, I would say, but mostly someone who wants to take psych so that they can learn it.  someone forced to take this course probably won't do too well (until they warm to the fascinating subject material!!!)

I would definitely reccomend this to everyone, certainly in part because I enjoyed the teacher and her methods.  This class needs to get out there, it's amazing and I feel really lucky to have discovered it!!!

posted by Bethany Gardner on July 17 2014 at 18:45:31

Definitely. The material was covered in depth and with a variety of media (textbook, written lectures, video lectures, articles, youtube videos). This was also the easiest exam I've taken (compared to Lang, Lit, Comp sci, and Spanish): it's only two hours, the multiple choice is simple if you can memorize the terms and concepts, and the essays applying concepts are also very easy if you have the material memorized (though I was already used to timed essays).

About 1.5 hours a day. I probably could have done less, but I loved it so much.

The research project. My career goal is to do research in cognitive science, so this project taught me a lot and confirmed my desire to keep doing this. Here's my abstract, which summarizes what I did and how it went:

People think in a mixture of words and images and consider both reason and emotions, but most have some degree of preferences. Although a key aspect of autism is difficulty processing emotions and Temple Grandin’s work describes the visual thinking common to many autistic individuals, anecdotal evidence suggests a correlation in non-autistic people between thinking in words and processing logically and thinking in images and processing emotionally. A survey assessing preference for thinking in words vs. images and processing logically vs. emotionally was given to 109 people, many of whom were homeschooled, high school aged students on the east coast. Each participant received a score between -20 and 20 for the words-images and logic-emotions spectra, and the scores were graphed on a scatterplot. Due to the flawed nature of surveys, especially when analyzing thinking patterns, results showed no correlation. Despite inconclusive results, the study was educational and built interest in the ideas to be explored after taking more advanced coursework and connecting with the resources to conduct better research.

Mrs. G was a huge help: I was apparently the most ambitious student she'd had in spreading my survey, and I started getting people questioning whether I had IRB approval (I now know that's EXTREMELY important. It regulates research on human subjects to make sure they are confidential and ethical). Mrs. G did a lot of research with me to confirm that since our goal is only to learn how to conduct reseach and we aren't publishing our work, we're exempt. Although this was the most notable instance, Mrs. G has been a very connected, helpful, and encouraging teacher.

Absolutely! I'm going to University of Rochester this fall to major in cognitive science (with a double major in English and a minor in computer science), which is interdisciplinary study of the brain using psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, and philosophy, so this course was fascinating and great preparation.

Yes, and this has been true for all my PAH classes. Group projects are actually group projects, not just one person being excpected to do all the work. My classmates here have been motivated, interesting, and talented, and so in our interactions we learn much from each other (in contrast to just "Can I copy off you?").

In addition to general motivation and time management, AP Psych does require a lot of memorization. If you struggle with memorization or are not interested in the topic, studying and test-taking will be torture. If you enjoy, though, you can cite a psych concept or famous study for practically any life situation :)


Overally, this has been one of my favorite classes, and I am excited to return in 2014-2015 as TA!

AP Psychology 2013-14 with Mrs Gonzalez posted by Adrian Liu on June 03 2014 at 23:34:08

Mrs Gonzalez's AP Psychology class was a pleasure to take and gave me a great understanding of fundamental psychology. Each week during the course, Mrs Gonzalez would direct us to readings in the psychology textbook (Exploring Psychology by David Myers), and provide us with a number of lectures written by herself. Additionally, she recorded video lectures every week that consolidated all the material in the other media (written lectures and textbook) as well as adding new information. Myers' psychology textbook was interesting and not difficult to read, but not always comprehensive, especially in regards to the AP curriculum. Mrs Gonzalez's written and video lectures filled in the gaps of the textbook to ensure we had a complete understanding of the material.

Mrs Gonzalez also held online text chats via Gmail chat, wherein she would provide us links to online information relevant to the material we were currently studying, and we would discuss the information. These sessions were very useful for clarifying and deepening understanding of information. Mrs Gonzalez repeated these chats multiple times a week, making accomodating a chat in my schedule easy. 

In addition to multiple choice quizzes and exams, Mrs Gonzalez had us write essays from the very beginning of the course. The prompts of the essays were interesting and often involved application of psychological knowledge to a hypothetical real-life situation. The large number of essays I wrote during the course of the class prepared me well for the Free-Response portion of the AP exam. 

After we had covered all the material, Mrs Gonzalez led us through a comprehensive review of the material. She sent us review sheets she had written with overviews of the material, as well as practice free response questions and an entire practice test. She also held multiple chats on Gmail to help us test our knowledge. This review helped me ensure that the material was fresh in my memory when I took the AP exam.

When I took the AP test, I felt adequately prepared for all the questions. 

AP Psychology with Mrs. Gonzalez posted by Noelle Chow on May 30 2014 at 20:46:46

I really enjoyed AP Psychology. I'd been interested in psychology, so this class gave me a clear perspective of what studying and being a psychologist is like.

I felt very prepared to the AP exam. Mrs. Gonzalez is very good in summarizing the important points that appear on the exam. Our biggest project, which was to conduct a study and write a paper on it, helped me with questions on the exams (because I knew the terms and process) and also gave me the experience of being a psychologist.

I'll definitely continue studying psychology. I really enjoyed the class. I'd especially recommend the class for students who are interested in psychology and want to understand if it would be the career for him or her.

AP Psych 2013-14 posted by Tabitha Smelser on May 27 2014 at 03:27:25

I haven't yet recived my scores, but overall, I would answer yes. Although, as is the case with many classes, a lot of the preparation for an exam comes from personal motivation on specific term and such, but Mrs. G also helped us a lot! In our frequent chats and Q/A sessions, we went over key terms and principles. She also often asked us if we had questions.

This depends on the day. I'd say you would have to spend maybe half an hour (give or take) to read half of the chapter from the textbook, and then also 30 minutes to an hour for an essay of it's due that week (the time for the essays would lessen as it gets closer to the exam). Plus, two one-hour group sessions per week plus other things related to the course would generally add up to maybe 4-6 hours per week. This would increase for special weeks where we had bigger assignments (like the research project).

I enjoyed the powerpoint presentations we had to create with our team. I did my slides on the amygdala, and from then on, I felt like I had a good remembrence of how it functioned. The research project was also great. I enjoyed it mostly because it took a lot of initiative, and required follow-through and dedicated work.

Absolutely. I'd say that out of all of these questions, this is the one I can affirm the most. This course *defintely* sparked an interest in me in the field of psychology, and although I may not specifically go into it as a college career, I am highly impressed by the subject as a result of this class. The material is fascinating. 

Yes, to an extent, but we didn't communicate all that much, at least from my point if view. We worked together to create powerpoint presentations, and weekly participated in chats and Q/A sessions, but largely I felt like we were not neccisarily involed with eachother much other than in those things.

A student who would do well in this course would be a student who is ready to learn, retain, memorize, and retrieve (all of which are psycholoical terms!! :) ) fascinating and incredible information. As long as they are ready to perform at a college level (which is not to intimidate anyone!) in this course, I think they will learn things about the mind that sparks curiosity and causes them to appreciate the intricacies that comprise the study of psychology.

Thanks to Mrs. Gonzalez for being a helpful, lovely, and knowledgeable teacher.

So Happy I Stuck With It! posted by Abigail Opst on May 24 2014 at 22:49:10

In the end--when the CLEP exam was over and the class had ended--I was so happy I didn't quit in the middle of the year (something I was seriously considering). I've been able to apply the information learned in this class to much more than just the exam questions.

posted by Natalie Sampsell on May 13 2014 at 13:39:46

First of all, I will say that this class was definetely my favorite of the year. I was already semi-interested in psychology before I took the class, and afterwards I am even more interested in the subject. As this was my first AP class, I was a bit worried about the exam at the end of the year. I found myself happily surprised as I felt completely prepared for both the multiple choice and essay portions of the test. I really enjoyed the wide variety of assignments that we were given in this class. A lot of my other classes fell into the same rhythm of reading, questions, test, repeat, but this class wasn't like that. There were a few things that stayed the same throughout the class - paper lectures and textbook reading every week, video lectures, and a test and essay every other week, but there was also some variety. Weekly assignments varied, from taking online personality tests to designing intelligence tests to participating in lively debates. While I enjoyed most of these assignments a lot, my favorite assignment was definetely our research project. It was a lot of work, but I learned so much from it that I definetely feel it was worth every bit of the effort. From designing our study, to gathering a population, to analyzing results, to writing up the final report, this project was awesome and extremely rewarding. 

As far as the time I spent on the class, I spread my work out throughout the week, so it is kind of hard to figure out about how much I spent on it. Also, as the class progressed, I found myself completing the work a lot quicker (especially the essays!). For a hardworking and efficient student, this workload should definetely not be a big challenge. I never felt overwhelmed by this class (except maybe when I had procrastinated and spent an entire day working on my research project or studying for the exam!).

After taking this class, I have to say that I am very interested in minoring in psychology. I had been hoping to pursue a career in engineering (most likely majoring in computer science), and am glad I took this course to pursue my interest in psychology so that I know I am interested in it for college.

As far as recommending this course, I would do so wholeheartedly! Mrs. G. is an amazing teacher and was always there to answer questions and give assistance. Hardworking students that are interested in psychology should definetely take this course!

FABULOUS introduction to psychology! posted by Sarah Becker on May 09 2014 at 21:09:17

Yes! Mrs. G's class was very thorough; we covered many, many topics, and I felt very well-prepared and confident as I began the AP exam. The textbook is very good, and Mrs. G supplements this with paper and recorded lectures. We practiced essay writing and I felt very familiar with the material on the test.

Mrs. G has each student do an independent research project during the year, and this is a great way to be able to learn how to do psychological research! Mrs. G also gave us various worksheets and smaller assignments that gave me a great, broad overview of psychology's different aspects. 

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely! After taking this class, I now want to major in psychology (with another degree(s) if possible). I knew very little about psychology coming into this class, but now that I've taken AP Psychology, I love the subject and really want to know more. Mrs. G knows a tremendous amount of information about psychology, and is willing to share so much of that with her classes! She's always willing to answer questions, find you more information, etc. This class has sparked my interest so much in psychology, in a way I couldn't have imagined! 

I did! We had a couple group projects throughout the year. I've really enjoyed getting to know Mrs. G and what she does with her knowledge of psych, but it's also been great to get to know people who are similarily interested in psychology. 

The bottom line: This class is absolutely fabulous; it's an AMAZING introduction to psychology! I enjoyed this class so immensely, and I wish it wasn't over, but it's sparked my interest so much that I'm excited about the possiblity of diving deeper into this subject in the futue! This class will help you learn more about people, about yourself, and about the way the world works. 

Fascinating AP Psychology Class posted by Hank Meldrum on June 04 2013 at 18:43:02

This course left me feeling incredibly prepared for the exam, and gave me the confidence to perform smoothly on test day. All the preparation I did in class really paid off in the exam. 

Yes, very much! There are so many different aspects and opinions of psychology that I hadn't known about that now fascinate me. If this is a subject that interests you, be ready to learn all about the inner workings of the mind, and how it interacts with those around it!

If you are willing to put the time and effort required into this class, you are sure to do well and learn a lot. I'd recommend this to anyone who thinks they would enjoy the subject matter, and is a hard-working student.

Highly Enjoyable Class posted by Michaela Miller on May 13 2013 at 16:49:21

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Yes. The lectures that were sent out were extremely beneficial when it came to understanding concepts that the textbook was sometimes a little bit fuzzy on or didn't mention. Weekly quizzes and tests made sure that I studied the course material regularly and that I understood it well. There was also at least one essay to be completed with each test, which was an enormous help when it came to understanding how to write the essays on the AP Exam. Weekly chats and lectures were also good for answering any questions I had and learning in a more interactive way.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? I probably put an average of five hours into this class per week, including studying for tests and quizzes, completing any class work, and attending chats and lectures. In the latter part of the year, about the last three or four weeks, I put much more in as review for the AP Exam kicked into high gear.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? Every assignment in this class helped me a great deal, but I think my favorite was the Nature Vs. Nurture debate that we had in class. I had many friends in the public school system who were very vague on this concept, but because of this assignment I understood it very well.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? I've never taken a psychology class before and I'm not going to pursue this subject in college, so I'm not sure that it would be appropriate to say that the class enhanced my interest in this subject; however, this class and the subject matter itself was very interesting and I greatly enjoyed it. This was one of the only classes I took this year where I was actually excited to read the textbook, attend lectures and chats, and generally learn more in the subject.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? There wasn't a great deal of individual communication among the students in this class simply because many of the topics needed to be memorized and there wasn't much to discuss about them. The discussions we did do for chats, lectures, and a few assignments such as the dinner party assignment and discussion questions were very enjoyable. Other students could often offer simpler ways to remember things that stuck well, thus making studying and remember these terms much easier.

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)? I think any student willing to work hard would do very well in this class. There isn't a great deal of skill or aptitude required for this class, just an interest in the topic and a dedication to learning the material (though a student with a good memory will have a far easier time in this class than one who has to work very hard to memorize things). I would definitely recommend this class to other students!


Mrs. Gonzalez is a great teacher who truly loves Psychology. She made my studies this year very enjoyable by always explaining any concepts I was having difficulty understanding and presenting examples of topics instead of just definitions of them. The beginning of the year felt a little bit disorganized and chaotic as schedules for chats and lectures were finalized and students adjusted to the way assignments needed to be completed. This feeling faded quickly though and the class ran smoothly after the initial set up. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in the topic or wanting to take on some extra studies.

Fun, educational class! posted by Priya Stepp on May 17 2012 at 18:14:11

AP Psychology is a great course!! It was never boring and I learned so much. One thing I loved about the course is that I can apply so much of it to my own life. A lot of people think about schoolwork, “But I’m never going to use it in REAL LIFE! It’s just not applicable!” but this course is a break from that. So here’s my “real” review…

Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? Oh goodness yes, it definitely did! I’m the kind of person who is always nervous over huge tests and will spend the last 15 minutes before it reviewing random concepts haha, but for this AP exam I was only a little apprehensive. The two-week (SUPER INTENSIVE!) review Mrs. G led was so valuable (though be prepared to spend at least four hours a day on Psych) for the exam, and the bi-weekly essays we wrote were very similar in style to the AP exam’s FRQs. We also had weekly quizzes that kept us on top of our work. ;)

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? I usually spent about an hour and forty-five minutes on Psychology per day. That probably sounds like a lot, but I reviewed as I went and took my time reading since there’s a lot stuffed into each chapter. That also includes a weekly assignment which varied each week and weekly psychology chats. Also, that time includes studying for the quizzes/tests that we had each week. I did psychology on weekends too to get everything done and understood well, but for probably only half an hour both days.

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? My favorite assignment would definitely be the research project. We had to design our own scientific study to investigate some aspect of psychology and create, carry out, gather data, and write a scientific report about it. Not only was it very interesting (and time-consuming), but it also taught me a lot about what to do – and what not to do – in designing a study and it felt pretty neat doing a semi-professional writeup at the end. :)

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? Haha yes it did – before this course I didn’t know anything about psychology principles except reverse psychology (which we didn’t even study haha). While I’m not going into psychology, I absolutely loved learning about it – it was NEVER boring, there was always something new and interesting – and I enjoy applying psychological principles to my family’s behavior now – and making my little siblings crack up when I say they’re showing the foot-in-the-door phenomen or the door-in-the-face phenomenon (and yes, those are actual things haha). It’s really quite fun. :P

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of classmate interaction in this class. Those of us who came to the weekly chats interacted and had a good time, but there wasn’t a lot in the class overall. We would post on the class wwwboard and hold little discussions but I can’t say that I know my classmates well. However, one of my other APs was AP English with Mrs. Inspektor and by the very nature of the class it’s SO interactive, so perhaps I’m comparing it to that!

What sort of student would do well in the course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they’re willing to work hard)? I would definitely recommend it. I learned so much, and Mrs G is an amazing teacher. She really cares, will respond to any questions – whether they’re about a concept or an assignment – usually fairly quickly. Oh, and while I spent a lot of time per week on the class (probably 12 hours, and about 28 per week for the 2 weeks before the exam) you definitely don’t need to spend that much time on it. You could probably do quite well with just an hour a day or so. The only thing I’d say about the class is that toward the beginning I was a little confused about what I needed to do and Mrs. G seemed a little disorganized, but that faded quickly as I realized what was expected and as the first month wore on. And of course, when I wasn’t sure about things, I wouldn’t hesitate to email Mrs. G and she’d patiently answer my questions.

GREAT class! :)

A Great Psychology Overview posted by Andrew Rock on May 14 2012 at 19:45:33

Overall, this is an excellent class. I was very ready for the exam, and learned so much over the course of the year. If you decide to take it, be aware that Psychology does take lots of time-expect to spend at least an hour a day on the work, not counting extras such as the Web Board and chats, along with random assignments. If you are a student who enjoys reading, and can learn well from this medium, you are a good fit for this class. Should you find that you do better with face-to-face interaction, obviously an online class such as this one is not for you.

Mrs. Gonzalez has, overall, been a very good teacher. She will reply promptly to any questions you have, and help you work through any difficulties you encounter. Her lectures are interesting and informative. However, at the beginning of the year, the class was not organized or consistent. It was very frustrating trying to figure out what to expect, and the assignments would sometimes change without warning. This did not last however, the class became more organized, and you will learn to enjoy it.

All in all, if you are interested in Psychology, this is a great opportunity to learn it in an fascinating way.

Inside the Human Mind posted by Laura Gagliano on May 17 2010 at 14:46:48

  • Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam? - Definately, it was easy to remember key concepts and the chats were especially helpful.
  • How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course? - It depends, in a normal week maybe 4-5 hours, but towards the end of the course when the test was around the corner I was studying maybe 7 hours a day!
  • Did the course enhance your interest in the subject? - Definately, it's amazing to learn these things and realized that it explains phenomena and every day occurances you would never even have thought to question.
  • Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable? - The essays are very very helpful so you go in knowing that you don't need to focus on a well-thought out intro and conclusion and literary flourishes, that the graders are more interested in straight psychological knowledge and application of said knowledge in practical life.
  • Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable? - Yes, it was good to collaborate and challenge other students during the chats.
  • What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?  - Someone who has an interest in the way things work or how we think would love this class, and yes, I'd definately recommend it to someone who has their goal in mind and has an internal locus of control. You'll learn what that means if you take the class ;).
  • Enjoy AP Psych!

    AP Psych is a great class! posted by Nina Lanctot on May 14 2010 at 11:44:23

    AP Psychology is a great class.  Mrs. Gonzales is a very committed teacher who cares a lot about each of her students.  She is easily available to answer questions, offer encouragement or clarify material.  She also is great about scheduling weekly chats that highlight supporting websites and concepts.  The text book used for the class is excellent.  It is one of the more readable texts I have ever been assigned and I always really enjoyed reading it.  The work is nicely managed—I didn’t ever feel overwhelmed by the work load, although at times, it did seem there was quite a bit of memorization.  I enjoyed the subject a lot and I learned many practical applications that I have constantly seem to use in everyday experience.  Mrs. G. also provides almost daily lectures to supplement the reading.  Sometimes I did find it difficult to keep up with those and maybe wish they could be condensed to more of a weekly guide than daily; however, the content of these lectures were always pertinent.  I would recommend this class to everyone!  Psychology should be a required course for all high school students as the material it covers can be beneficial in developing healthy relationships with others, as well as with yourself!  =)

    Mrs. G's AP Psychology posted by Noemi Hormann on May 11 2010 at 17:52:12

    Did you feel the course prepared you for the AP exam?

    Yes I did. I believe that the class covered the material very well and thoroughly. I was acquainted with all of hte material on the exam.

    How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

    I spent an average of a little less than an hour a day on this class

    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

    Although I did not enjoy them, the tests and quizzes that we had to take every week were very good practice for the exam.

    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

    Yes. I knew hardly anything about psychology when I started out. This course was basically an introduction to all the different areas of psychology that are out there, and it certainly piqued my interest.

    Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

    Yes. There were many times throughout the course when we needed to provide examples, ask questions, tell stories on the main forum. I learned a lot from the other students, and it was certainly an enjoyable part of the class.

    What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

    The sort of student that would do well in this class is someone who is willing to interact with the other students and the class regularly. You definitely have to keep on the ball, because our homework is sent to us on a day-by-day rather than week-by-week basis. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone, but especially those interested in psychology.

    Great class! posted by Melanie Bertotto on May 26 2009 at 11:24:12

    1. How well prepared did you feel you were for the exam?

    I felt like the reading, chats, quizzes and essays, as well as the various other assignments prepared me for the exam.

    2. What might have helped you be more prepared? More quizzes? More practice essays? Different assignments?

    The weekly quizzes and essays were great preparation for the exam and although I wouldn’t add any more I definitely wouldn’t take any away. The research project and various assignments (medieval brain) were beneficial as well.

    3. Do you have any suggestions for improving the course for next year?

    A little more web board interaction and more DQs.

    4. How helpful were the chats and extra assignments (questionnaires, abstracts on the articles, web board questions)?

    The chats were especially helpful and should be a part of every AP class!!

    5. Were there any particularly meaningful assignments, ones that were your favorites?

    I enjoyed working on the research project.

    6. Is there anything else you would like to share with respect to this class: value of friendships, value of responses to the essays, value of the input from other students or from me?

    My classmates were kind and helpful, I valued our interaction in the chats and was glad to share this class with such interesting people. Mrs. G is a wonderful teacher with a passion for pyschology. Thanks!

    Lovely class! posted by Emma Manning on May 13 2009 at 13:41:22

    Did I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?

    Oh yes. Through lectures, activities, and weekly chats, Mrs. G makes sure we know everything pretty thoroughly :) We also finished the book a few weeks before the AP exam, leaving plenty of time to review.

    [skipping next question because I didn't really keep track of how much time I put in, sorry.]

    Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

    Am I allowed to say all of them? Well, the weekly chats were wonderful, though I don't know if they count as an assignment...Basically, a standard week would consist of reading half a chapter, doing an MCQ quiz, and writing an essay, and then Mrs. G would also often come up with some other assignment related to the material we were covering, which could be quite fun. One of them, for example, involved buying a bag of M&Ms, which we later got to eat ;)

    Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

    Hmm...Well, I went into the class thinking psychology would be fun, so there wasn't much room for enhancement, but...yeah, I think it managed it :)

    Did you find your communication with other students to be interesting or valuable?

    YESYESYESYESYES. I know I've already mentioned the weekly chats, but I'll say again, those were great both for learning and for interacting with classmates and having fun. This class's website is also unique in that, in addition to the WWWBoard they all have for discussion, there is also a "Social Board" where we enjoyed arguing about everything from politics to philosophy to Twilight ;) I definitely became closer to my psych class than I have to any other online class I've taken.

    What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard)?

    I would definitely recommend it to any student even vaguely interested in psychology. If you're very social, this is a particularly good pick for you. If you're not, though, you'll still do just fine, as the extra socialization is by no means required.

    Ok, I know I've spent a bit too much of this review talking about the socialization and the fun, so I'll just repeat in conclusion that that's not all there is. Educationally speaking, it's also a wonderful class, and I've learned a lot.

    Great class! posted by Anna Eichner on May 18 2007 at 17:02:55

    One of the best things about this class was Mrs. Gonzalez’s timely feedback. She always graded assignments quickly, and had great comments. I definitely felt prepared for the AP exam, particularly because of the couple weeks of solid review beforehand. The bookwork finished in April, so we had plenty of time to remember what we’d learned!

    I usually spent between one to two hours per day doing the assignments. The workload was not overwhelming at all, but it didn’t let me get bored either. My favorite part of the class was designing a research project and administering my own survey.

    Great class!!!! posted by Jami Acker on May 18 2007 at 11:59:34

    I really loved this AP psych class, and I would highly recommend the course to anyone willing to work hard and wanting to interact online.

    Mrs. Gonzalez did a thorough job preparing us for the AP exam. Anytime I had trouble understanding a concept, she immediately worked with me, sending me questions and examples until I felt confident.

    Mrs. G also was very encouraging throughout the year with positive feedback on papers and kind words in her emails and psych outs.

    Because the material is so interesting, I read the text as fast as possible, but with psych outs, essays, and projects, I probably spent 1-2 hours per day on Psychology.

    My favorite assignment was constructing a brain website to aid myself and the other students in reviewing this part of the body. This course definitely enhanced my interest in the subject particularly because Mrs. G's love for psychology was so apparent and consequently contagious!

    A superb class! posted by Brittany Weigle on May 17 2007 at 23:32:59

    I would highly recommend Mrs. Gonzalez's AP Psychology class to anyone who is looking for a challenging and thorough course. Mrs. Gonzalez was always available if I had any questions and she made sure that I understood all the material.

    You will enjoy the on-line “Psych Out” sessions because they show how the material that you learned in each chapter could be used in "real life". My favorite assignments were the experiment/interview project and the diagnosis paper. Now that I have completed both papers, I find myself reading and interpreting news articles from a different perspective.

    To get the full benefit of this class, you must participate in every Psych Out and review session and answer each set of web-board questions: each helps to cement in the new (and old) information. You also must set aside at least 1-2 hours on the weekend to review the chapter, take the chapter test and write your timed (27 minutes) essay.

    With all that said, I felt very confident and calm when I took the AP Psychology exam yesterday. I am convinced that Mrs. Gonzalez’s thorough teaching, reviews, special test preparation and guidance throughout the year helped me immensely. Thank you, Mrs. Gonzalez, for making this such an interesting class!!!

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