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Now I can open up the Washington Post and actually understand an article on the science behind new cancer treatments, or estimate how much of a seed’s energy eventually reaches a hawk. 

AP Class Reviews

AP Physics C taught by Dr. Jack Kernion

by Students and Parents

Great class, fantastic teacher! posted by Owen Johnson on May 24 2020 at 24:10:33

Let me put this first. Dr. Kernion is an incredible teacher, one of the best I've had! He is great at guiding students towards understanding, and teaches with a passion for the subject. Because of this passion, each presentation is engaging. The last presentation of the course--Maxwell's equations--was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat at several points out of excitement for the topic presented! Look forward to Maxwell's equations when you take the class!

I didn't take the AP exam due to several factors in 2020 for me, but I feel that I would have done well given how thoroughly we covered the exam in live sessions and with the available worksheets and tools.

I probably put in an hour or two of work a day for this class. Be ready to do the work. If you do, you shouldn't have any issues. I highly recommend taking any bonus point opportunities; they were very helpful and not too difficult.

I don't remember any assignments that really stood out from the rest, but the all the labs are really well done. Most are done online using lab simulators, all offer great opportunities to see real applications and get a good feel for the concepts.

I'm definitely more interested in physics after taking Dr. Kernion's courses. I've decided to do engineering in college, but I'm very excited for my physics courses, and I hope to incorporate lots of physics in my future studies. I feel the class has prepared me very well for my future!

It was very useful to be able to talk with other students online. There would often be breakout rooms in the live sessions, so we could discuss problems in small groups with classmates. On top of this, the discussion forum was very active with many questions asked and other students often jumping in to offer help. Finally, several students organized a skype study group, so it's definitely possible to learn a lot from your classmates in this course.

Anyone who is interested in physics and is excited to learn, you'll do well! Be ready to study hard, learn from your mistakes, and continue growing in your understanding of the material. I had gotten a poor test score at one point, but was able to rebound by continuing to strive for understanding, and not giving up on a topic even if the test had finished. Dr. Kernion was very willing to answer any questions and offer tips and encouragement, so if you ever struggle, you'll have plenty of resources! I highly recommend any of Dr. Kernion's classes. As someone who took and loved physics C with Dr. Kernion, I can't recommend it highly enough!

Highly Recommended posted by Ben Campbell on May 24 2020 at 15:47:54

Physics C Mechanics and E&M was one of the most rewarding classes of my high school career. I chose to take both classes with Dr. Kernion because his course organization, lectures, labs, and other materials.




Dr. Kernion has refined this course into a well optimized machine to get motivated students a 5 on the AP test while also gaining fundamental physics knowledge for engineering in college. He divides the course into units and has a pacing guide for each. I never had a pacing guide before, but in this class it is a must because of its fast-paced nature. The pacing guide tells students what they should be doing on a daily level. The course is organized almost like a college course because due dates are around every two to three weeks, and you can have work pile up. But as long as you are diligent about getting the work done close to the schedule if not exactly on schedule, you will have a good time.




I was able to preview what some of Dr. Kernion’s lectures would look like by going through Unit 1 of both courses, which are made available for free. I liked his style because he would explain concepts to just the right level for me. And if I didn’t get something, I could pause the video and ponder for as long as I want. I would also usually pause for important diagrams so that I could get them into my notes. While physics involves a lot of math, diagrams were super helpful to get visual representations of concepts like Gauss’s Law and manual integration.




Doing a scientific lab based course may sound strange to be done at home, but in practice it works out. Dr Kernion has us perform 2 labs each unit. Some of them are virtual labs and some are physical labs. Don’t be worried that you won’t have the materials for the physical labs because most of them are common items you can find around your house. If you don’t have them, they are usually inexpensive to buy. The mechanics part of the course had more physical labs because the materials are easier to acquire and no expensive equipment is necessary to take measurements. The E&M labs were mostly virtual. My favorite lab was when we built circuits with lightbulbs and observed how changing the connections had an effect on the brightness of the lightbulbs.


Other materials:


Dr. Kernion fosters a lively discussion board. There were always interesting conversations going on, even on topics outside of the class but related to what we were learning. If I could go back, I would have spent more time contributing to the discussion board. Contributing helps out your fellow students and if you can explain a concept to someone, you are practicing the concept yourself. Win-win.


I really liked the organization of his website. The units are clearly organized, the problems are right below the accompanying video, and quiz/test multiple choice are input into a google form so you can get your results instantly. If the practice problems aren’t enough for you, he has extra practice problems that can be found in the free online textbook for the course. Personally, I used the textbook when reviewing for the midterm and the final. While the textbook did have solutions to the odd-numbered questions, they had no explanation. I would suggest having a strong grasp of the material before trying out the textbook so that you can diagnose where you made a mistake. Going back and doing practice problems again is also a good way to get practice.


His live-meetings happened every two weeks and they were super helpful to go over concepts that most students struggle with. They are all recorded but I would suggest going to them live. I didn’t do this, but I always watched the recorded session.


Each unit Dr. Kernion has a review section where there are some practice tests for the unit. I would highly suggest doing these to make sure you understand the big topics.


My experience:


I had previous calculus experience coming into the course, and I would say this helped a lot with understanding. I didn’t have to worry about calculus and could focus all my energy on understanding the physics. I learned a lot of calculus techniques in this course which weren’t heavily emphasized in my calculus courses. It was especially rewarding to do the integration by hand to find the center of mass, electric field, electric potential, and rotational inertia. You can get by without calculus knowledge, but you may have to work a decent bit harder and spend more time on calculus concepts.


The overall workload was moderate to heavy. Some weeks there wasn’t that much, but others had me working four hours a day on this class. I would put in around sixteen hours of serious work into this course on average. You may need more or less depending on how comfortable you are with the concepts because Dr. Kernion gives a good amount of practice problems, but then it is on you to do more if you still don’t understand the concepts.


Working with the coronavirus wasn’t that difficult as a homeschooled student. Dr. Kernion made sure the transition to a new testing format was smooth. I think I was well prepared for the test, and I’m crossing my fingers for 5s in July.


Reach out to me at (trying to prevent bots lol) if you have any questions.

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Excellent Class-Highly Recommend posted by Garrek C. on May 22 2020 at 23:08:43

I had an amazing experience taking AP Physics C Mechanics and E&M with Dr. Kernion this year! The material was full of challenging concepts, but what sets this course apart from many of the other challenging science classes I’ve taken is the structure and thoroughness of Dr. Kernion’s explanations. For each unit, Dr. Kernion provides a day-by-day “pacing guide” of the assignments, tests, or quizzes to be completed. Because the syllabus was so well organized, I could plan ahead, complete assignments, and arrive prepared for the weekly live sessions. For each topic, Dr. Kernion has helpful video lectures where he demonstrated experiments, walked through the calculations, and explained in depth some of the more challenging topics like rotations, electro-magnetic fields, and oscillations. The videos really complemented the readings from the textbook!


Dr. Kernion is always super responsive. Whenever there was a challenging concept, I would pose a question, and Dr. Kernion would provide insightful explanations. By the time the AP exams rolled along, I felt quite prepared because built into the pacing schedule are some weeks of dedicated review time where we discussed past tests. As the AP exams neared, I formed a study group with my fellow classmates where we worked through FRQs together. This is something I highly recommend: the material may be challenging, but when I explained and debated concepts with my peers, I gained a better understanding. I also appreciate Dr. Kernion’s flexibility in adapting the course material and providing resources as the school year progressed. This year took a turn none of us expected. Dr. Kernion was able to pivot quickly and help us prepare for the new exam format. I highly recommend this course to any student who is prepared for a challenging course load!


I want to thank Dr. Kernion and my fellow classmates for a great year!

An Exceptional AP Physics Teacher posted by Josiah Brinson on May 19 2020 at 01:45:47

Hi everyone! I'm sure you are reading through these course reviews to get a better feel for what Dr. Kernion is like and how good his classes are. Well let me start by addressing that topic directly: Dr. Kernion is amazing!!! I have taken all my homeschool courses online for the past seven years, and Dr. K is hands down the best online teacher I have ever taken from. He might seem like any other physics teacher based on his bio and course description, but I assure you he is everything but that. I liked him so much that I took Physics 1, Physics 2, Mechanics, and E&M all from him in high school, if that's any indication of the quality of his courses. Many other students have described the courses themselves, so definitely check out their comments. In this brief post, I want to focus specifically on Dr. Kernion himself. I could provide a number of reasons why I would highly recommend Dr. Kernion, but let me share two in particular:

1. Dr. Kernion is very knowledgeable and well grounded in physics. It's true... we've all had "that teacher" who taught a subject as if they had no clue what they were teaching. That's not Dr. Kernion. Having watched a couple hundred of his video lectures over the years, I have been incredibly impressed by his depth of understanding. He teaches so clearly, so passionately, and so accurately. Although his presentations cover very complex material at times, he carefully and methodically breaks it down into manageable parts and really helps to the student to *get it*. I have never even once had to consult the internet or other external sources because I could not understand what he was teaching. He presents the material better than any other teacher or any other source that I know.

2. Dr. Kernion makes every effort to help his students succeed. Although he teaches very well, it is inevitable that some of the complex material might go over your head. That happened to me plenty of times. But that was no problem when all I had to do was put my question in an email and send it off. I would always be promptly met with a clear and helpful response. Dr. K is so good at answering questions and helping students understand confusing concepts. He also does an excellent job preparing students for the AP Physics exams. I can't be more grateful for the way he helped my class adjust to all the major changes that occurred with the AP exams this year. He was on top of everything, even when the confusion and anxiety were greatest. I am happy to report that the AP Physics exams went excellently, not only for me, but for many of my classmates as well. If you want an incredibly caring and supportive teacher that fosters diligence and a strong work ethic, you've come to the right one.

Thanks in large part to Dr. Kernion's excellent teaching, I am headed to Wake Forest University this fall to major in (you guessed it) physics. Dr Kernion laid the foundation for what I hope will be a long and exciting journey in physics. I eagerly invite you to follow my path, to give one of Dr. Kernion's physics courses a try. I promise you will not regret it. And even if physics isn't for you, there is still so much you will take away from the course. Yes, you will learn physics principles, but you will also learn motivation, perseverance, dedication, collaboration, ingenuity, scientific practice and argumentation, problem solving, and so much more. Approach this course with eagerness and an open and mind and I assure you your efforts will pay off. Physics with Dr. Kernion will set you up to succeed in any academic area. I would feel personally honored if you were to take from Dr. Kernion. He has meant ever so much to me over the years, and I know he can do the same for you. 

Thank you so much for reading this, and for considering Dr. K to be your AP Physics teacher :)

AP Physics C Mechanics and E/M with Dr. Kernion posted by Nathan Young on May 18 2020 at 18:18:55

Yes!  The exam really reminded me of the practice tests that Dr. Kernion assigned, and I felt thoroughly prepared on exam day.  Dr. Kernion taught the "Big Ideas," which really stuck once I learned them, so the AP exam was just a matter of bringing out those ideas.

I typically spent 1 to 2 hours per day working on physics.  I took both the mechanics and E/M classes, as opposed to the full-year mechanics class, and the faster pace required me to work on some weekends in the first semester.  Since I enjoyed the class and I wasn't too busy on weekends, this wasn't a problem for me, but may be a concern for someone who has an extremely busy weekend schedule.  Throughout the year, I felt like my time was being well spent learning, rather than being doing busywork.

My favorite assignment was the very last one in the E/M class, the one on Maxwell's equations.  Maxwell's equations helped me get a more complete picture of electromagnetic phenomena.

Definitely!  I found myself being much more interested in physics than I was before.  One of the reasons for this was that Dr. Kernion's Big Ideas, along with the use of calculus, gave me a full understanding of some facts that I had previously learned by rote. 

Yes, I did enjoy discussing problems with my classmates.  It really helped me organize my thoughts when I communicated my physics ideas to others.

To succeed in this class, one would need to know how to differentiate and integrate functions using u-substitution.  The topics covered in AP Calculus BC but not in AB, like integration by parts and infinite series, are not needed in Physics C.  A knowledge of physics would be very helpful, but not absolutely essential.  I feel this way because I had forgotten some of what I learned in my previous physics class before I came to Dr. Kernion's class and I had to relearn some topics, but I was still able to succeed in the class.

I found Dr. Kernion's class to be very high quality and thorough, and I would definitely recommend it!  Dr. Kernion's live Zoom meetings every other week and willingness to answer questions really show how much he cares about his students' learning.  I really appreciated all he did to help me and my classmates succeed.

Physics E&M review posted by Nathan D'Silva on May 16 2020 at 22:50:19

I just took the second semester E&M course, not the first term mechanics course. It was a great course, I really enjoyed it.

This course prepared me well for the exam. Dr. Kernion had plenty of help sessions and videos that I could review, which I found to be super helpful.

I put about 7 hours a week into this course. It was very well paced. The video lectures explained topics thoroughly and gave plenty of examples, so I never felt lost.

I didn’t have any favorite assignments.

This course enhanced my interest in physics, and clearly showed me how closely integrated physics and calculus are. It was well structured, and I feel like I have a much better understanding of physics now rather than when I went in.

Although I was unable to attend many of the live lectures (due to my schedule), I did find that the other students were very active in setting up study groups and helping solve tech problems. I was able to watch the recorded lectures later.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to do well at the AP Physics C E&M exam and has a strong foundation in calculus.

RECOMMEND - great, challenging course! posted by Gavin George on May 14 2020 at 19:34:16

-Did I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?

Yes.  I felt well prepared for the exam, and believe I did well on it.  Physics Mech is a very challenging course, but if you put in the work that Dr. Kernion suggests, you will have a solid understanding of the major concepts (which he emphasizes heavily).

-How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?
I generally spent anywhere from 13 to 18 hours a week, depending on if there were labs (which I found took a while, 2-4 hours including the write-up).  I found the course challenging, and so I ended up putting in a lot of time.

-Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

While they were time-consuming, I think the labs were enjoyable to actually perform, and they helped illustrate some concepts that otherwise may have been difficult to conceptualize.  Considering the heavy weight on the AP test this year in particular on lab work, I'd say these assignments were all the more valuable.  

-Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

Absolutely.  Dr. Kernion had two ways that we could interact with other students - one, the online class board, where you could post questions (that students or Dr. Kernion would answer quite expediently), and two, the bi-weekly meeting that Dr. Kernion held to go into depth about the current topic being covered.  These chats were held on Zoom, so the entire class could ask questions and talk about the material along with Dr. Kernion, which was very useful. 

Dr. Kernion was also very open to answering direct emails about course content.  Whenever I sent him such an email, he responded expediently and answered my question very thoroughly.

-What sort of student would do well in this course?  Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Working hard and long is exactly what you need to do well in this course.  It is very challenging, but hard work pays off in the end.  Dr. Kernion has designed his program with the content and support that you need to do well in AP Physics Mech.  I definitely recommend this course to other students if you have those traits and you want a very solid understanding of the workings of Physics Mechanics with calculus.  

Amazing teacher and great course material! posted by Caleb McIrvin on May 12 2020 at 23:40:43

Both Dr. Kernion's AP Physics C Mechanics and AP Physics C E/M courses were very well taught. I feel like they both prepared me in the best possible way for the AP Exams. While the course was rigorous (I spent 1.5 to 2 hours a day on it), I was never overwhelmed by the amount of course material. While taking the course, I especially liked the lab components, as they allowed me to see firsthand physics in action. I believe that taking this course has really made me excited about physics!

While I was not very active myself on the discussion forums, I really enjoyed the accessibility of the professor. Every time I had a question, he would respond within a few hours. I have taken several online classes through various sources and Dr. Kernion was the most accessible (and the best!) teacher I have had. Even when I had a question about physics not directly related to his course, he responded with an in-depth explanation to my question!

To succeed in Dr. Kernion's AP classes, students must be willing to work hard, take notes, and always strive to be a better student. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about physics (or hoping to get a 5 on the AP exam!)

A wonderful online AP class with a fantastic teacher posted by Trevor A. Babb on May 31 2019 at 23:53:01

Mr. Kernion is an amazing and kind teacher who was very accomodating of my difficult schedule in my senior year.  I ended up spending about an average of four hours per week on the course and I felt well prepared for the AP exam.  The practice questions are especially helpful because they are very closely related to the questions that are on the AP exam and this allows you to study for the test all year long.  I would definetly recommend this course to a student who has the discipline to get work done even if it starts to pile up.

AP Physics C Mechanics and E&M posted by John Beckmann on May 31 2019 at 20:19:05

I took both Mr. Kernions ap physics C mechanics and E&M course. The course was helpful and prepared me for the AP test. It is very well organized; I knew what I had to do and when. After taking the courses I became more interested in physics. Furthermore, it helped me decide what I wanted to major in college.

I would recomend this course to anyone who likes science and is self-motivated.   

Two Great Classes!! posted by David Brodsky on May 27 2019 at 21:44:40

100%. I took both the mechanics and E&M courses, and while I had heard that Physics C is really difficult, I found it to be very doable. The classes covered all the important topics for the AP Exams in sufficient detail, and we had several old AP Exams to hone our skills on.

I think I put about 10 hours a week. I found the mechanics course to be easier, but ironically I spent more time on it as there were more assignments. 

The course was split into units which usually took 2-3 weeks to cover. In each unit, there were two quizzes and an exam to take and labs to complete. Everything in a unit was due a week after we were supposed to have completed the unit, which allowed for plenty of breathing room for catching up.

Definitely! Before the class, my knowledge of physics was more or less minimal, and I learned so much!

We had an email discussion forum where students could post questions, and Mr. Kernion was fairly quick to reply. We also had live sessions every two weeks to discuss the course material and go over a few practice problems, which was valuable.

I'd recommend that you have a solid grounding in math, especially in calculus, before taking this class. I took AP Calculus BC last year, and I think it'd be really difficult to be applying calculus when you haven't fully learned it yet. Having taken previous physics courses would help, but I think being good at math is more important.

If you're not sure if you want to take mechanics and E&M or just mechanics, you have until mid-November to switch from half year mechanics to full year mechanics if you find the pacing to be too intense. I know several students did switch. 

AP Physics C Mechanics and E&M posted by Lizzie C on May 14 2019 at 15:45:03

I took both mechanics (first semester) and E&M (second semester). First of all, Mr. Kernion is an excellent teacher. He explains thing very well in both the recorded presentations and the live sessions, and he is great at answering any questions that you might have. I will say that this class is quite intense and time consuming. Among all the APs I've taken, including AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP Calc BC, Physics C was by far the most difficult. That being said, Mr. Kernion definitely does a good job of preparing you for the AP exam.

I spent on average 10-12 hours a week on this class, more if there was a time consuming lab. When it came time for the end of year review, I probably spent at least 3 hours a day reviewing including weekends. I'm sure some people could get the work done faster. I personally needed to go over material multiple times to truly grasp it.

I definitely learned a lot in this course. I have a new appreciation for the laws of physics that govern our world, and I would say that this course enhanced my interest in the subject.

Anyone who wants to do well in this course needs to be commited and diligent. Particularly if you take both Mechanics and E&M in the same year, the workload is intense and if you fall behind it's nearly impossible to catch up. It would also help if you have a strong math background. Previous physics experience is somewhat helpful but not super important; good math skills are a must. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an aptitude for physics or is a very diligent worker, preferably both.

AP Physics C Mech/E&M with Mr. Kernion posted by Caleb Godbold on August 07 2018 at 23:57:20

Before I actually write the body of my review, I just want to say that I highly recommend this class. The few issues I had were related to me and my personal difficulty with the material. The teaching quality is excellent, Mr. Kernion answers questions within a couple hours of them having been posted, and the lab activities are superb. 

I waited to write this review until after I got my AP scores because *cough* I thought I did really badly on both exams. However, I ended up getting a 4 on both (by the skin of my teeth, I'm sure), which is still better than I was expecting. 

That being said: this was the most difficult course I have ever taken. Calc BC was worlds easier. And, I had already taken a HS physics course prior to this. I am hesitant to say that the course material itself is super hard because there were many (very smart) people in my class who had a vastly better understanding of it than I did, and I was coming from a background where I hadn't ever taken a class that was particularly hard, up to this point.

All this to say, if you are not a physics person, I would recommend doing as many extra problems as you can. It takes a while but the more you do, the better your understanding will be. Mr. Kernion emphasizes this for a very good reason. The lab activities are also your friend here. They are even better than the problems for reinforcing the concepts, in my opinion, and play the same role that discussion does in a history or other humanities course.

Did I feel the course prepared me for the AP exam?    Yes. It did. I would have liked to have started the timed AP tests from previous years back during Mechanics, and I do think that the test-specific prep (e.g. FRQs and MCQs from previous years) should be backed up and spread out over the entire course year, but an intensive review works for many people. I just prefer to start practicing the test material as soon as I possibly can so it is easier to identify my weak areas well in advance of the exam.

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?     This is the one course for which I consistently worked on weekends. I put in 15-18 hours of work per week-- which was a lot more time than I am used to.

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?    Actually, it did the opposite, and was just as valuable for that. I thought i wanted to do STEM when I started my Jr. year-- specifically mechanical engineering. After the difficulty I had with this course, I intend to pursue my interests in the humanities instead, at least until further notice.

What sort of student would do well in this course?     Well, judging by my possibly abnormal experience, you need to either be a very hard worker or brilliant, to be perfectly frank. I am neither (sadly). I guess it would also depend on how much of a science person you are. If you love physics and have an aptitude for it you'll probably breeze right through. Expect to work at this course if you aren't, though.

Finally, I want to re-emphasize that my experience with this course is solely due to my difficulty with the material. The pacing, Mr. Kernion, the labs, and everything else about this course are excellent. If I had tried to do this course on my own I have no doubt that I would have gotten a 1 or 2 on the exam. All in all, I am happy to have done this course. It was a valuable use of my time (the knowledge that engineering is probably not my thing is worth the purchase price of the course alone), and it greatly furthered my general physics knowledge. 

AP Physics C Mechanics and E&M posted by Sam Hodges on June 01 2018 at 14:53:48

I took both of these classes in the same year (Mechanics first semester and then E&M second semester). The work load is high if you choose this option. Be prepared to have lessons almost every day and to be taking quizzes and tests on the weekend. The lessons generally require 1-1.5 hours of work, the quizzes 1 hour, and the tests 3 hours (including studying). Be sure you are keeping up with AP practice problems as well throughout each course depending on how important the exams are to you. The class is rigorous (it pushed me way harder than any other high school class has) and a great preparetion for anyone looking to major in STEM fileds. Overall, it is a great class nad Mr. Kernion does a great job with it. He is very responsive and has a good community with which to discuss and answer questions.

Difficult, but Super Satisfying posted by Daniel Lisle on May 30 2018 at 23:49:13

I took full-year Mechanics, and absolutely recommend Mr. Kernion's course. While this class was never easy, working through it was an extremely valuable experience and it greatly increased my interest in physics.

The biggest reason for this is that Mr. Kernion teaches with immense style and skill. A wealth of information is packed into each lecture, but in a way that is surprisingly easy to understand. When I had difficulty with a unit, just watching the Wednesday lecture would quickly get me back on track.

Make sure to take advantage of all this course has to offer. For me, doing this meant a huge improvement in my knowledge and skills in physics.

Highly recommend posted by Jennifer John on May 28 2018 at 19:42:03

Note: I took AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism only (not Mechanics) with Mr. Kernion.

Yes. Although the exam was difficult, I had a strong understanding of the material covered. Mr. Kernion tailors the course to the topics expected by the College Board, and he provides many practice tests during the last few weeks of review.

About 8 hours per week, sometimes more if there were time-consuming labs. In the ~3 weeks of review leading up to the exam, I spent much more time on the course (including doing FRQs beyond those Mr. Kernion required), maybe about 15 hours/week.

The quizzes (roughly weekly) were very helpful for assessing my comprehension of the material.

Definitely. I hadn't previously taken any physics beyond an extremely basic middle school class, and this course made for a fascinating introduction to physics.

The live sessions (once every two weeks) provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the material with like-minded peers.

Students need a fairly strong math background, but it isn't necessary to have previously taken physics to do well.

Excellent AP Physics class! posted by Kyle Fang on May 24 2018 at 06:29:01

Students learn by reading the textbook and watching videos made by Mr. Kernion. Mr. Kernion is a great teacher who understands all the important things students need to know for the AP exams. In his videos, he utilizes many graphs, drawings, labs, and pictures to help explain difficult concepts.

The class is very organized, and the website instructions are very easy to follow. You learn each concept, complete some virtual activities, and practice questions provided by Mr. Kernion and from the textbook. I also appreciate the live sessions Mr. Kernion provides every other week. Even though the time conflicted with my math class, I was able to watch the recordings. Mr. Kernion is also very responsive to our questions and understanding when I occasionally need an extension. I enjoyed taking the class and learned a lot about Physics!

AP Physics C Review posted by Michelina Hanlon on May 16 2017 at 04:08:28

I really enjoyed this class! I did feel prepared for the AP exam, but you have to put in a lot of work, especially in the weeks leading up to the exam. I generally would spend 1-2 hours a day on this class, but sometimes more before tests. Mr. Kernion's presentations are extremely thorough and well done, and the content is very well organized. If you liked calculus, I think you will definitely enjoy this class! 

Great course if you're motivated posted by Matthew Kenigsberg on May 15 2017 at 17:21:07

This course was thorough and covered all the material you need to know on the APs. I would definitely recommend it if you're motivated! It's primarily self-paced, and the work load is pretty heavy if you're doing both Mechanics and E&M in a single year. At a minimum, expect to spend 1-2 hours on it a day, but it can take longer if you're struggling with a concept.

If you like to have a little more independence and are willing to put in the effort, this is a great class!

Definitely a class to consider if you are up to the challenge! posted by Christian Simpson on May 15 2017 at 05:56:01

Mr. Kernion does a great job at presenting each key concept of the class in detail as well as supplementing his presentations with practice problems, labs, and class-time discussion. This helped to engrain the concepts into my mind and helped on test day where I felt very prepared.

This was one of my most time-consuming classes I have taken in my high-school education but well worth it for someone who wants to go into engineering and other Physics-based careers.

I encourage any prospective students to be active in the live sessions and glean wisdom from both Mr. Kernion and their fellow classmates.

AP Physics C posted by Luke A on May 12 2017 at 24:31:15

This course does prepare the student for the exam. As with most ap courses one must put in a significant amount of study time before the exam. I had already taken AP Calculus BC and  High School phyisics courses before taking this class. Not taking these before this class could make it more difficult, but I still think that it would be very doable. The course is designed with the assumption that you have not taken calculus or physics before. Depending on how much experience in physics and calculus you have you may be able to skip some lecture videos. I skipped most of the homework (which was not graded), but can usually get with that because of the way I learn. I do not know how much time I spent on the course, but the description said 10-12 houres a week which is probably about right when you do both Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism. For me the labs took the most time. I have always liked physics and always will, so I can not say the course enhanced my interest in physics, but it is a very fun course. The students who take AP Physics C are some of the more advanced students which is really neat. The type of student that would do well in this course is one who is wants to do this course. If you are going to do this course just to look good on your transcript, or have to do it in college but just want to get it out of the way, than it is probably not the best idea at this point. This is a freshman to sophmore college level course and requires commitment. That level of commitment is not difficult at all if you enjoy physics. If you have not taken a physics course before, research what the course is about before signing up. I think that anybody that enjoys calculus would do well in this course. The AP Physics C test is harder than AP Calculus, but there is a generous curve. If you are interested in physics I highly recommend Mr. Kernion's phyics class, he is an experienced teacher and knows what he is doing. If you like physics and want to get a deep knowledge in it than this class is for you. Most likely if you are reading this than this class is for you. It is not an easy class, but doing something challenging is very rewarding. This was one of my favorite high school classes.

Testimonials from former students posted by Jack Kernion on February 18 2016 at 11:57:43

Since this is my first year on the faculty of PA Homeschoolers, I thought I might post a few testimonials from former students.

"Mr. Kernion is truly an amazing physics instructor! He makes usually difficult concepts seem very straightforward with many examples and practice problems."
-Former student, Lily Z., Harvard University

"Mr. Kernion promotes a deep comprehension of the subject material through his incredibly detailed lessons. His teachings gave me a genuine appreciation of physics as well as fives on both AP Physics C tests! He is a master teacher whose passion for physics has helped his students succeed on the AP tests for over a decade.
-Former student, Nick S., University of Pittsburgh

"Many physics instructors lose the big picture by getting tangled up in calculations, but Mr. Kernion maintains his focus on the important aspects that make physics so essential. I was lucky enough to have Mr. Kernion as a teacher, and his website conveys the same enthusiasm and insight that he brought to the classroom every day. The road to physics success is never totally frictionless, yet Physics Prep is an ideal way to undertake the journey."
-Former student, Tommy M., Yale University

"This course is a detailed and engaging instruction that provides the methodology for answering any AP Physics test question. Because of Mr. Kernion's extensive knowledge of physics and superb grasp on language and technology, the class left me with a deep, long-lasting understanding of the big ideas in physics so that no cramming was necessary to be successful on the AP test and that stayed with me in college classes."
Former student, Katie S., Penn State Honors

"We had Mr. Kernion for AP Physics C our senior year, and we can't imagine a better teacher! He made difficult concepts easy to understand with his clear explanations and interesting analogies. The way he organizes his lectures makes it so easy to take good notes that are easy to review during test time. What's also really nice is that Mr. Kernion has a genuine passion for physics, and he always manages to transfer that enthusiasm to his students. Tests are very fair, and his course prepared us very well for both the AP test and college physics courses. We were very lucky to have a physics teacher like Mr. Kernion!"
-Former students, Anjali P., CalTech and Carol W.,The University of Pennsylvania

"Mr. Kernion's ability to present difficult concepts in an accessible way gave me a very solid foundation in physics over my two years in his classes. He is able to instill deep understanding of topics through clear explanation, contextual information, and abundant examples. A large portion of the credit for my three AP 5's goes to Mr. Kernion's class."
Former student, Michael M., from Carnegie Mellon University

I really think that this course will be able to help a lot of students prepare for the AP Physics exams, whether they use it as the primary source for the course or as a supplement to traditional schooling.
-Former student, Mike B., from Penn State Honors

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