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Mr. Kernion is a remarkable teacher that truly cares about all of his students. His live lessons are very engaging, and his deep understanding of chemistry made the difficult concepts in AP Chemistry easy to comprehend. He records his live classes, which is beneficial if you are absent or if you want to review. His pacing guide is thoroughly thought out.

AP Class Reviews

Pre-Calculus taught by Amelia Chan

by Students and Parents

100% recommend taking this class! posted by Kendall Calhoun on April 17 2022 at 21:08:37

I cannot rave enough about how wonderful Ms. Chan is. She is a patient, brilliant teacher who wants nothing but for all of her students to walk away with a solid foundation of math. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into the course?

I worked about 1 hour a day in this Pre-Calculus course. Sometimes it would be a little more or less depending on the specific weekly assignments. While this course has challenging topics, the work load is very doable if you put in effort!

Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I did not have a favorite assignment because all of the assignments Ms. Chan assigned were SO valuable. She does not just give busy work. Each assignment has a purpose that will prepare you for the chapter test, final exam, and AP Calculus!

Did the course enhance your interest in the subject?

This course 100% enhanced my interest in Mathematics. I am now planning on majoring in Mathematics in college because I have such a sound understanding of how numbers work.

Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?

I personally did not communicate with many students, but this was due to my extremely busy schedule. However, there are MANY opportunities to connect with classmates. If you are a person who wants to have friends to learn with, I suggest reaching out on discussion boards!

What sort of student would do well in this course? Would you recommend this course to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Diligent and determined students would succeed in this course, no doubt. I recommend this course to any student who is willing to put in effort. I have been with Ms. Chan for two years now and every second has been valuable. You will not go wrong taking this course, or any of her other courses!

Honors Precalculus Review posted by Colton Frank on January 25 2022 at 24:17:32

Yes, take this class! posted by Grace Hahn on January 02 2022 at 20:34:13

Mrs. Chan is an amazing instructor who prioritizes your learning and will make sure you have what you need in order to succeed, if you put in the time and work for the class. Live classes are held so that you can ask any questions about what you have just learned for the week. These sessions are very helpful as she will work through each problem individually so that you understand not just the problem but also the concept. I usually struggle with math, but this course made Pre-Calculus less scary and clearer to understand! 

Good things come to those who wait....or do they? posted by Grace Hahn on December 31 2021 at 09:43:06

I would 100% recommend this course to someone who is looking to be challenged in an AP Statistics course. Mrs. Chan creates detailed videos with careful instruction to help you overcome the obstacles you might come across in AP Statistics... and trust me there will be a lot. She hold weekly study sessions at the end of the week. This makes it important that you do not procrastinate on the work for the week so that you can ask all your questions during the live lecture. If you are unable to make it, all it takes is an email to reach out to Mrs. Chan. She is always ready and willing to help. I didn't end up communicating too much with other students during this class, but you can always reach out to your peers in order to set up separate study groups. As my title of this review states "good things come to those who wait... or do they?", it serves as a reminder that while that might be the case sometimes, for this class it is vital to stay on top of the work given to you. This course definitely challenged me, but with most things in life, if you set aside the time you need for the course and pay attention to learn the various aspects and equations, you will do well. Don't procrastinate and do great!

Pre Calculus posted by Bernard Huang on December 29 2021 at 08:23:03

This Pre-Calc class is well paced and has a reasonable amount of material each week. There are usually two new concepts introduced each week with corresponding problems for practice. The weekly zoom meetings are also really helpful where Ms.Chan goes through problems step by step. Ms.Chan is quick to respond to emails when I have questions and there are also forums where students can help each other. Everything is available that is needed to do well if the work is kept up with weekly.

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