AP English Language Reviews

A Frustrating Experience

Posted by Wei En Leo on 05/17/2023

Did you feel this class prepared you for the AP exam?

Unfortunately​, no​, because of a variety of reasons​. ​Firstly, ​​Mrs. Reed is very slow with grading and it can take her months to grade our work. This lack of feedback/grading made it difficult to figure out how I was faring and what I needed to improve on to prepare for the exam. There was also a lack of exam preparation. We were supposed to have a 3-week-long boot camp with (recorded) live sessions but the recordings were never posted and when I emailed to ask about it, I never received a response. Moreover, we were never actually taught how to write the different types of essays for the exam. (No practice, no assignments etc.)  The only opportunity we had to practice was during the boot camp, which was just three weeks before the exam, and even then, the practice was insufficient. We were only assigned to write 2-3 essays of each type during that time, and it was the first time we were shown what the actual exam questions would look like. To make matters worse, we had to grade them ourselves using the scoring rubric despite this being the first time we've written these specific types of essays. As a student writing this for the first time, I was already struggling to write the essay well. How would I have the knowledge to grade it myself? What's the point of signing up for an AP Lang course if we're not being taught how to write the essays for the AP Lang exam? Instead, I had to rely on external sources on YouTube like Coach Hall Writes and Garden of English to understand the exam format, exam tips and how to write the essays. 

How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into this class?

I put in a lot of work into this class, but it was frustrating to do so without much support ​or guidance from Mrs. Reed. It can be summarized with this one quote by Taylor Swift: "You're on your own, kid."

​​​​What sort of student would do well in this class? Would you recommend this class to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?

Based on my experience, I think that this class did not add any value, and I feel like I wasted my time, effort and money. I wouldn't recommend this class to anyone and I think that you will be better off looking for another class with a more supportive and engaged teacher.