Honors Biology


Online for the 2023-2024 School Year

Teacher: Ivonne Heapy

Email: ivhose@yahoo.com

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New Honors Biology Course:

Join me every Thursday 8:45-9:45AM EST for a "live" class for Honors Biology!

This lab-based course covers the foundational principles of modern life focusing on molecular processes. Course content will include the studies of biochemistry, cellular processes, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Technological, historical, political, and environmental aspects of biology will also be addressed. Content learned in a physical science course is built upon and expanded on in a biological context. 

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How is it different from AP Biology?

Course is intended for middle to high school level students with an eagerness to learn about the fundamentals of biology that AP Biology will build upon. This course curriculum follows NGSS standards which is the standards recommended for all science courses across the USA. Exploring the topics at a rigorous level and focusing on projects, understanding science processes, inquiry into solutions to world problems and using engineer related topics as they apply to the biological sciences. Using some graphing and learning basics in data analysis will also be covered, so confidence in math would be beneficial.

Course Outline:

Classes require regular chapter reading and lab style assignments to interact with the topics. Students must be organized and stay on track with lessons to get the most of the lessons. Labs are hands on and virtual.. Students will be provided with pre recorded videos to support the reading and assignments. Lessons will be based on an online textbook. Live class will be used to go over the weekly material and answer questions. The course offers creative assignments, labs and encourages collaboration for projects. Attendance is highly encouraged but recordings of live lessons will be available. Students are graded on projects and labs. Worksheets are offered throughout the unit to support the learning. 


High achieving grade 9+ students with prealgebra and or equivalent grade 8 Math. 


Students will be graded on worksheets, labs, projects and unit tests. 

Topics Include:


Price: $660

Course Materials:

Online Openstax Textbook (free)

Biology Kit (TBD approx. $30 per family)

Microscope (to be purchased by student)

Ability to print worksheets and access household supplies for creative projects.

Subscription to Online Virtual Labs (TBD approx. $50 per family)


Class Commitment: 8-10 hours per week

“Live” class to be held once a week for 60 minutes.


For more information contact Mrs Heapy at ivhose@yahoo.com

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