Pay Tuition for Summer Classes

After realizing that many students have been dismayed to find that the special summer programs or internships or classes they had hoped to attend this coming summer had been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, our program of dedicated teachers began brainstorming. We wanted to fill this gap in summer opportunities with a full series of classes-- some as short as 3-weeks, some as long as 6-weeks-- that students can complete fully online. There is a choice here to fit all interests and all time-frames, and all teachers are developing ways for students to interact with one another. You won’t feel like you are just ‘learning by yourself’-- you’ll have a special summer community!

Our dedicated teachers have truly gotten excited as they have developed these new classes-- and we know your students will really benefit from these unique ways to approach a full range of subject areas in engaging and active ways. They’ll have a chance to explore new topics not always covered in standard high school classes-- and very often have the chance to develop a major hands-on project related to their learning.

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