Emailed Transcript Request

Use this page to request that a PA Homeschoolers AP Online transcript be emailed to you, to a college, to a scholarship program, or to anyone else.

If you want to request more than one transcript using this page, then after you add one to your cart, click the "back" button on your browser to request the next.

If you want to request a Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency transcript, this is not the right website at all! Go to to order PHAA transcripts.

In the blanks below, fill in the following:

  • Student Name: The student's name
  • Most Recent Year: The most recent year in which the student was enrolled in PA Homeschoolers AP Online classes. If 2016-2017, write 2017. If 2017-2018 write 2018.
  • Email Address: The email address to which you want the transcript sent.
  • Common App Number: If this student has a Common App number, then include that number here, so that we can add it to the transcript.

Please include courses taken: During the checkout process there will be a box where you will be asked to "Add comments about your order." In that box, specify all courses, separated by commas, that have been taken or are being taken, so that we don't leave any of them off the transcript by mistake.

Available Options:

if 2017-18, write 2018

where it will be sent