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I found the short-range (mostly every day, sometimes weekly) deadlines stimulated me to keep on track and work consistently every day; the intensity and bite-sized organization helped me manage my workload and thrive in the course. Discussion between students was at the heart of this course - nearly all of our daily assignments involved posting in whole-class or group forums.

Payment Options

Once you have been accepted to a class by the teacher, you have five options for payment:

1. We have a 1% discount if you pay by check!
To get it, go through the following steps:

We will send you an email receipt and a snail-mail receipt when we receive your check. 

2. PayPal or Credit Card. You can submit your payment using our credit card over the Internet by entering our Online Store. We are NOT able to receive credit card orders by phone. We will send you an email receipt and a snail mail receipt when we process your order, usually within 24 hours of your payment.

3. Tuition Payment Plan. Here is our payment plan procedure: the family mails in a *packet* of checks, totaling the whole tuition fee (early bird fee applies if payment is mailed before July 1, 2021) — one check should be dated for the current date, and the rest can be postdated over the following several months, with no check dated later than December 15, 2021. Special NOTE for families hit hard financially by the COVID-19 economic challenges: if your family could benefit from a *longer* timeframe for payments, we are ready to EXTEND the date for the final check payment to April 15, 2022-- please add a note with your payment packet to indicate if you prefer this option). There is a $10 handling fee per course added when payments are made, to be included with the first check to be deposited. Special note:  it will REALLY make both YOUR bookkeeping and our bookkeeping much *easier* if you make out payments in simple *round numbers*, like 5 checks for $125 each, *rather* than seven checks for $97.38 each ;-). Let's keep life *simple* here, while helping you organize your family budget in a helpful way!

NOTE: We request that families use a *separate* set of checks for each course-- for example, if Rebekah is registering for both AP Psychology and AP MacroEconomics, using our payment plan, a full series of checks should be made out first for AP Psychology, and then a second series of checks made out for AP MacroEconomics. PLEASE PUT STUDENT NAME AND COURSE TITLE ON EVERY CHECK on the 'memo' line!!! This way our deposits will be accurate-- and we'll save much time in handling your payments. Also be sure to include all needed info from #2 above-- especially both the student and parent EMAIL addresses, AND a family's phone number. AND the name of the teacher, and full name of the course.

Make  checks payable to AP Homeschoolers, and snail mail to the following address:

AP Homeschoolers
105 Richman LN
Kittanning PA 16201

4. Charter School tuition payment-- We do work with *some* publicly funded charter schools, especially in California. Please email us to verify if we are registered 'vendors' with the charter school you are enrolled with. We do ask parents to send in a CHECK for $10 (analogous to the 'payment plan fee'), with full info on the student and family as noted above under Checks. This way we can enter your student into our class rosters, and let the teacher know that you have registered-- and then you of course need to follow through with all needed steps with your charter school, so that we receive a *purchase order* from them for the course. You must let us know, when mailing in this initial $10 fee, which charter school you are working with, giving us contact information for the program.

5. ACH Transfer from your bank account to our international bank account-- You start by sending us an email (, Subject: Invoice Request - Class Tuition) in which you include all of the info for each class, including:

In return we will email you back an invoice which will include all of the information that you will need for making the ACH (Automated Clearing House) money transfer from your bank account to our bank account (at Wise Bank, which has offices in the U.S. and Belgium). After you make the payment, Wise Bank will email us a notice, and we will email you a receipt.