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Mrs. Richman really fostered a sense of community in this class. Reponses to classmate essays and other projects are a required part of this class. When it came time to take the exam, I was so glad that I had had experience reading exemplary essays and other work throughout the year. I was also part of an excellent small study group that really supported and encouraged me. 

A Sample Unit Lesson Plan

AP Environmental Science, Molly Olsson


A solar cooker made from 'found' objects

Lesson 1: Nonrenewable Energy Resources (11/26-12/5)

Nonrenewable energy resources (fossil fuels) account for most of our energy use.

1. Read Ch. 12 p. 314-339

2. Complete Reading Checkpoints Ch. 12 p. 314-339.

3. Complete Assignment #1: Do the Math Your Turn p. 321

4. Complete Assignment #2: CAFE Standards

5. Complete Assignment #3: Caldwell Power Plant

6. Complete Assignment #4: Coal

7. Complete Assignment #5: Oil and Natural Gas

8. Complete Assignment #6: Fracking Part 1

9. Complete Assignment #7: Fracking Part 2

10. Complete Assignment #8: Tar Sands

11. Complete Assignment #9: Nuclear Energy: Chernobyl

12. Complete Assignment #10: Nuclear Energy: Population Density and Plate Tectonics

13. Complete Assignment #11: Do the Math Your Turn p. 336

14. Complete Reading Quiz Ch. 12 p. 314-339

15. Participate in Forum 1: Preparing for the AP Exam p. 339-340

Lesson 2: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources (12/6-12/17)

Improving energy efficiency and utilizing renewable energy resources are necessary to transition to a more sustainable energy future.

1. Read Ch. 13 p. 342-372

2. Complete Reading Checkpoints Ch. 13 p. 342-372

3. Complete Assignment #12: Energy Use Calculations

4. Participate in Assignment #13: Released AP Test Questions-Energy Efficiency

5. Complete Assignment #14: Do the Math Your Turn p. 348

6. Complete Assignment #15: Biomass

7. Complete Assignment #16: Producing Electricity from the Water Cycle

8. Complete Assignment #17: Saved by the Sun

9. Complete Assignment #18: Build a Solar Cooker

10. Complete Assignment #19: Geothermal Energy

11. Complete Assignment #20: Wind Energy

12. Complete Assignment #21: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

13. Complete Reading Quiz Ch. 13 p. 342-372

14. Participate in Forum 2: Preparing for the AP Exam p. 373-375

Unit Review (12/18-12/20)

1. Participate in Assignment #22: FRQs

2. Complete Geology, Natural Resources, Nonrenewable, and Renewable Energy Resources Unit Quiz (Pre-test)

Test (12/21)

1. Complete the Multiple Choice Test

2. Complete the FRQ Test



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