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I think Mrs. Follmer's various teaching strategies prepared us well for the exam, especially the thesis quickfire, a contest where the students are given a prompt and five minutes to craft a thesis for an essay. It was very helpful for argument essays, and Mrs. Follmer did a great job adapting it for the rhetorical analysis essay this year. 

AP World History - Historical Heads mini-project

AP World History, Gwendolyn Smith


Historical Heads using Glogster - Students choose a historical figure to research and then create a Glogster which showcases key information about that figure. They summarize their research around the ‘senses’ of that figure - what they would have seen, heard, smelled, said, and touched during the time period in which they lived. Glogster allows students to include images, video and music files in the presentation of their research. This is a fun way for students to present research on historical figures of World History and share it with the class!


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