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You will observe population, topography, GIS, mapping, and economy in an entirely different light. You should find yourself fascinated with the methods used to keep track of our current world.

Showcase entry which demonstrates what a week would like like in my class

AP English Language, Emily Mulvihill


Showcase entry which demonstrates what a week would like like in my class

 Below is a brief outline of the assignments and coursework that is due over the course of a week.  The class is set up on a Monday- Sunday timetable with the majority of assignments due on Friday or Sunday of a particular week. In addition to specific guidance and interaction throughout the week with me, each assignment in the module contains extensive instructions, content and resources. There are deadlines throughout the week and the occasional online meeting, but students can login throughout the day/week to interact with me, their peers, and to work on their assignments as their academic and family schedule allows. A detailed syllabus is given at the beginning of the year, and students are able to access that week’s syllabus and calendar through our course website. When planned throughout the week, the assignments and curriculum will challenge students but are manageable. I would be happy to provide more specific information as to a particular assignment within a week’s module if contacted.


Sample components of a typical module/week:

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