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This has truly been my favorite class I have taken yet in all of high school. I cannot recommend it enough! I’ll often find myself reading something lately and realize I’ve started subconsciously analyzing the rhetoric for the author’s strategies in conveying the message (no, self, this is not school work)! 

Thesis Quickfire Challenge

AP English Language and Composition, Rebekah Follmer


Thesis Quickfire Challenge


One of the most difficult aspects of the writing portion of the exam lies in time constraints. Students receive prompts and must not only formulate a concrete argument but also convey their thoughts with sophistication. I have found that some students jump to facile arguments rather than the complex claims that will earn them higher scores. Thus, throughout the year, I challenge students to respond quickly and articulately to argument prompts in a tournament format I call the "Thesis Quickfire Challenge." Here are the rules:

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