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Viewing the world through the comparative framework is something that has already brought me great benefit just in reading news articles and keeping up with current events. Mrs. Reed was an excellent teacher. She was very helpful and engaged in the class, and she is also very passionate about what she is teaching.  

"Encode a Scene" Group Project

AP Computer Science Principles, Rebekah Lang


Unit 3's "Encode a Scene" Group Project

 To see the code for this scene, click here!

This project was a chance for my AP CSP students to show off their mid-year JavaScript programming skills as well as their ability to collaborate!

They worked in small groups of 2-4, using top-down design, to create digital scenes. They used's AppLab environment and each designed individual elements of their group project that would cohesively work together in their scenes.

They had to use abstractionsloops, functions and parameters, top-down design, the incremental and iterative design process, AND they had to be able to write about it!

This was great practice for the upcoming AP Exam's Create Performance Task.

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These showcase pieces were used with students' permission.

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