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Mrs. Newman put just the right amount of work so that I was understanding the topic but wasn't going overboard.  I have to admit, I wasn't that interested in WHAP when I enrolled, and I did it because all my friends took it, but it's so much fun and I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Unit 2: Digital Information

AP Computer Science Principles, Rebekah Lang


File Format Showdown Entry: PDF

During our Unit 2 work with digital information, we learn about different file types, lossy and lossless compression and how to encode images.

We have a "File Format Showdown" in which students must select their favorite file format (within the categories of text, image, audio, video, or "other") and argue for it with an infographic, a one-pager written response, and an in-class debate. 

One excellent infographic example is displayed here with the student's permission.

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