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The teacher was great, the material was interesting, challenging, and helpful for the exam. The videos that we watched provided extra information on many political topics. The discussions with the other students were thought-provoking and a good exercise in expressing opinions on political matters.

Team App Design Project

Intro to Computer Science, Rebekah Lang


Team App Design Project

The final project for our app design unit is a Team App Design Project. Students work in groups of 3-4 to develop app prototypes. First, they brainstorm ideas and create paper prototypes. After testing the paper prototypes, they develop digital screens independently. Then, they combine their work to create app prototypes and test some more. After much revision, the final apps are incredible! They then must reflect on the design process and develop a presentation to share with classmates.

Here is an example from Sara, Gabriella, and Serena (shared with permission).

Here is Sara's presentation video (edited for privacy).

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