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I really went out of my comfort zone with this course and wrote two papers over a 1000 words long, plus wrote smaller papers almost every week. I really enjoy writing now.

App Prototype Projects

Intro to Computer Science, Rebekah Lang


App Prototype Projects

Throughout our Unit 4 on The Design Process, students work individually and in teams to create prototypes of apps. 

First, they learn to create an "unplugged" paper prototype. After they create paper prototypes of their app ideas by drawing individual screens on separate pieces of paper, they link them with arrows and verbal explanations. Then they test the prototypes with family and friends and then improve upon the app prototype. Some students created digital posters for their final form, while others created physical posters. Both turned out well!

Here is an example of a Ted's finished paper prototype project (shared with permission).

Here is Owen's finished video presentation of his paper prototype (shared with permission).

After our paper prototypes, we move on to develop digital prototypes in teams. Students learn to create a basic user interface on and use buttons and simple functions to link the screens. They complete this work in teams and I was blown away by the end results. Here's a video presentation from one of the teams: Sagaberena (used with their permission, and edited for privacy).

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