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The best experiences I had in this class with regards to interaction with other students were the Dinner which students assume the characters of major historical figures and discuss and debate the issues of the day.

Using Data to Solve Problems

Intro to Computer Science, Rebekah Lang


Using Data to Solve Problems

Unit 5 of Intro. to CS is all about using data to solve problems. We learn about big data and how companies, governments, and individuals can use data to solve problems. (We also talk about data privacy in connect with this unit and our website design unit). We worked together as an entire class to develop a culminating project for this unit. We developed Google Forms survey questions and learned to analyze the data using tables. Then, we individually developed algorithms based on our interpretations of the data. Students then used the data to create their own versions of a Career Recommendation App on Everyone might have started with the same data, but their end styles were unique based on their creative decisions and data interpretations.

Here is the worksheet that guided our process.

Here is our class-created data gathering form.

Here's an example of Noble's Recommendation App (shared with permission). If you click on the "View Code" button in the right hand corner of the screen, you can see his point algorithms and how the app decides what career to recommend.

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