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I definitely recommend this class. It was one of my favorites this year. The concepts are usually very straightforward and make a lot of sense. Mr. Burns is a great teacher and was happy to answer any question I had. While some math is involved, it is very basic. If you can multiply, divide, draw graphs, and understand exponents, you should do just fine. 

Game Lab Projects

Intro to Computer Science, Rebekah Lang


Game Lab Projects

Our third unit is all about interactive games and animation on's platform. Students use block JavaScript and's Game Lab user interface to code all kinds of increasingly complex shapes and animations work until they're finally able to code games!

Here are two of our final games (shared with permission):

Sara's Apple Gatherer

Serena's Turtle Adventure

Once great aspect of the Intro. to CS course is students who already know how to code are able to develop even more incredible projects. As long as students are able to meet my rubric criteria, I give them a lot of flexibility in how they demonstrate their abilities. (Here's a sample rubric that I used fort the Game Design Project, for example). We have an on-going code sharing discussion that gives students a space to share their creative side work too. I have been amazed by our class's creativity, industry, and attention to detail.

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